tagNonConsent/ReluctanceObsession Ch. 02

Obsession Ch. 02


Bob helped to clean Melissa up but as he was doing so, he was getting turned on by seeing her still swollen cunt. She sensed it because he was teasing her pussy lips softly, causing her to whimper again. He needed to feel her naked skin against his, so he shed all of her clothes. She didn't stop him as she helped him out of his shirt. Her fingers caressed his chest as her tongue licked his nipple, eliciting a deep groan out of him.

"Come here!" he demanded as he dragged her into an empty stall. He spread his legs and she climbed on top of him, sinking onto his thick cock, taking all of him at once. "Oh Fuck," he murmured, as she began to grind her pussy around his shaft. "Fuck me, Melissa!" he pleaded as she withdrew herself completely and plunged hard on him. She did several times and they both whimpered. She wanted to keep fucking him all day along and forget about going back to work. He grabbed her breasts and sucked on them as she bounced hard and fast on him, the heat rising steadily from her groin, her orgasm starting to take hold again.

Their moans echoed throughout the bathroom, as Jason was once again fully hard. He hissed under his breath at hearing how wet Mel was as she slid up and down Bob's shaft. He began to imagine it was him pounding her as he listened to their breathing getting more ragged, as Bob slapped her ass hard, as she rode him harder now, grabbing onto his legs as an intense feeling of passion worked her way through her body. When he impaled her once with a hard thrust, she screamed, coming all over him as she continued to ride him. He kept slamming upwards into her, causing her to orgasm and cry out his name. "That's right. I want to keep you cumming!" as he pounded her over and over, her cunt clenching his dick, as he pushed up with his hips finally releasing a huge load of cum into her. He swallowed her scream with a kiss, holding her tightly. By then Jason, had cum running all over his hands.

She lay on his chest, covered with sweat as Bob planted a kiss softly on her head. "Melissa, I have always been interested in you. I just wasn't certain I should make the first move."

"Well, we have gone beyond first moves." He chuckled softly at her comment, his voice getting serious.

"I could fuck you all night long. I'm really sorry we have to go back to work."

"How about after work, you come back to my place and we can see if you can?" she winked.

"Is that challenge?" he teased, flicking her nipple, causing a shudder of pleasure.


"In that case, I accept!!"

Jason couldn't believe his ears!! "This is not what was supposed to happen," as he chastised himself silently. He felt himself getting really angry as he came with a plan to humiliate her publicly. "She definitely needs to be punished and it has to happen today!"

Jason knew almost everything about Melissa especially how she came to work. He remembered that she told him her car was in the shop getting repaired, so she had to take the subway. He started to formulate his plan based on this information.

At the end of the day, Jason followed Melissa who was taking her usual route. The train was extremely crowded that evening as he forced his way through the throes of people to situate himself behind her in the crowded train. Melissa couldn't see him as the train rocked a bit, her ass touching his crotch. He saw no reaction from her, as the train surged forward through the tunnel as he decided to make his move. When the train doors flew open at the next stop, he purposely squeezed his crotch against her, as passengers tried to get off.

Melissa looked around as he backed off a bit, trying to see who did it but she didn't see anyone. As the train moved again, he got more brazen, rubbing his hard-on on her, reaching around to grope her breast. She tried to snap her head around to see who was doing it but he stopped her with these words. "If you don't let me do what I need to do to you here, I will tell everyone what you did with Dave."

She recognized his voice immediately as she whispered, "Jason?! Why?"

"Why not, Mel? I think you need to realize that having an affair with Dave is wrong."

His hand unloosened a button in her blouse, so he could reach in to caress her breast. Despite her feeling reluctant, she was getting turned on by doing this in public. Her panties were moistening as he pushed his erect rod up and down against her, a quiet moan escaping her lips.

"This is wrong. I consider you to be my friend. It's not right at all." He heard the slight anger in her voice mixed with arousal.

"Yes, it's wrong but you're wet, aren't you? Didn't you enjoy your time with Bob?" he inquired.

"How did you know?" As she thought more about it, she realized he was in the bathroom listening to them.

"You know, what I really want to do you to right now, Mel? Aww, maybe I should show you." He was glad Mel had changed into a skirt since she was wearing pants before as he rolled up the material, exposing her bare ass.

"Not wearing any panties, I see?! Naughty girl!" he exclaimed, biting her earlobe, as she felt his finger probe between her pussy lips. She was sure saw a man in a seat watching them with a slight smile on his lips as Jason begin to play with her wet cunt, alternating between pumping his finger in and out while rubbing her hard clit. She bit down hard on her lips as her nipples hardened immediately, as she could hear how wet she sounded.

Many thoughts flowed through her mind, reminding her it was wrong to be violated in such a manner but deep down, she enjoyed it. Suddenly, Jason reached around to pull more buttons of her shirt open, to cup her breasts.

"Beautiful," he sighed as he continued to finger fuck her, adding more fingers, feeling herself getting ready to have an intense orgasm. "Oh Mel," he murmured in her ear, as he removed his fingers. She heard him unzip himself as his manhood penetrated between her legs; his thick pole pulsating as she grabbed his angry cockhead, wrapping her fingers around it as he pushed forward. "Mel, keep doing that," he instructed her as he pushed in and out between her legs, as she fisted him.

"Mmm," she muttered, wanting him to fuck her, as her juices were coating his shaft.

He finally dove into her wetness as they both sighed, needing that completion. He grabbed her waist tightly as she held onto the bar above, as he stroked deep inside, stretching her pussy almost to the limit as she gritted her teeth in pleasure and pain.

"So tight," he whispered as he forced all of himself in her cunt, buried now as he stopped.

"Oh God! Please!!" she whimpered as he began to move, pummelling her deep each time as the train rocked through the tunnels. He reached around with one hand, pulling her shirt to the side, to expose one breast out in the open as he pulled her nipple. She gripped the bar tightly as his cock filled her completely. As the train thinned out a bit, she pushed back on him, pumping her plump ass on his rigid shaft back and forth.

"Oh Fuck!!" he sighed, as his fingers brushed her long, black hair to the side, to kiss her neck. "Oh God, Melissa, you're killing me." He took control again, grabbing her hair and wrapping it around his hand. He drew her almost upright, fucking her hard, both of them trying to suppress their cries as he finally spilled into her, feeling her clench around him as she exploded, practically milking his cock with her climax.

They were breathless for the next few minutes, his head resting on her back as she restored herself to decency. He fixed his clothes as they both sat down, not saying anything to each other as they watched the other people around them.

"Mel, I'm just trying to help you to be your true self."

"What do you mean? You mean like being a slut. I'm not a slut. I just enjoy having sex."

"I know and there is nothing wrong with that," he said, resting a hand on her thigh. "I think you have pretended to be something you know you're not."

She didn't know how to respond as her eyes focused on a young guy staring at her. She wondered what had his attention as she followed his gaze and could see some of Jason's cum on her thigh. She blushed, wiping it off with her fingers and slowly, sucking it off. She could see the young man getting a boner as he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

To be continued.

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