tagFirst TimeObsession Ch. 03

Obsession Ch. 03


"What happened to you last night??"

Jess yawned heavily and attempted to focus on her bedside clock. "What time is it?" she asked.

"Dunno, 'bout lunchtime," said Kelsey. "Come on -- spill!"

"Nothing much," Jess said warily. For once she was reluctant to divulge the secret she held tightly wrapped inside - part of her felt that if she told Kelsey, it would become tarnished in some way. Right now it was all hers and she wanted it to stay like that.

It was an alien feeling. They had always told each other everything and nothing was hidden between them.

"Then explain why Neil had a face like a wet weekend and you did a Houdini act?" Something stopped Kelsey mentioning seeing Jess in Daniel's car.

"He's a wanker," Jess muttered darkly.

"Yes...but we knew that," Kelsey sighed patiently. "Did he try it on with you?"

"You could say that."

There was a short silence. "But you're okay, yeah?"

"Yes, I'm fine." And she was. Daniel had erased the sordid memory and now all she could think about was him. Touching him. His fingers on her skin. The taste of his mouth...

All of a sudden she felt sizzling heat despite the chill of her room.


"Ugh huh, what?"

"Oh, nothing. Just you went all quiet and I wondered if you were okay."

"I'm fine."

"Good." This was like drawing blood from a stone, thought Kelsey with irritation. "Aren't you going to ask how my evening went after you ABANDONED ME?!"

"Oh yeah, sorry...go on, tell me..." Jess felt guilt prick her sharply.

"Well, Ethan and I..." Kelsey began to relate everything as Jess snuggled under the duvet with the phone lodged against her ear.

Jess was a little concerned that Kelsey was seeing Ethan through rose tinted spectacles, but she was loath to burst her bubble. She didn't know Ethan all that well, but anyone who was a friend of Neil was not going to be Mr Bloody Wonderful. However, Kelsey seemed pretty smitten and Jess couldn't help but be happy for her. Her friend usually had terrible luck with boys.

"...so he asked if you could come too." Kelsey held her breath and waited for Jess's response. She really didn't want her friend to come along -- it was tempting fate.

"I think I'll pass, thanks," Jess said. The last thing she felt like doing was hanging out with a group of stupid football freaks.

"Oh okay." Kelsey smiled to herself. That left the opportunity for her to spend time alone with Ethan. If Jess didn't show, his mates wouldn't bother hanging around for long.

"Will you be alright without me?"

"Course I will!" exclaimed Kelsey scornfully. She could hardly wait.

* * *

The coffee shop was fairly busy, but Kelsey saw Ethan immediately. She tried to quell the sudden nervousness that swept though her body and walked purposefully towards him. A couple of guys she didn't know were sat with him, laughing at some joke.

"Hey," she said shyly.

Ethan looked up and smiled broadly. "Hey baby, how ya doing?" He looked past her and frowned slightly. "Where's Jess?"

"Jess couldn't make it. She was busy," Kelsey said vaguely.

Ethan scowled. "Damn," he muttered.

"Aw, you promis—"

The boy sitting opposite Ethan was cut off mid sentence by a sharp kick to the shin. He yelped and said nothing more.

Kelsey felt rather hurt. She was beginning to think Ethan wasn't really interested in her at all, despite the fact he had showered her with attention last night.

"Shall I leave you to it, then?" she said huffily.

Ethan looked at her again and smiled. "No!" he said hurriedly. "Sit down, sweetheart, I'll go and fetch you a drink. What would you like?"

"Cappuccino, please."

She felt better now. Relaxing again, she sat down in the empty space created by Ethan standing. His friend leered at her and stared at her tits with great interest. Oh great, she thought crossly, another creepazoid.

Ethan returned with a steaming mug of coffee. He stared meaningfully at his two friends and they immediately shuffled out of the booth and stood.

"Catch you later, mate," the creepy one said. They both sauntered out of the café, eyeing up girls as they went.

"Sorry, 'bout that," Ethan apologised. "They're not housetrained yet."

Kelsey laughed. "Yep, I noticed!" she agreed wryly. "So what's the big deal about Jess being here?"

"No big deal. Anton fancies her and he reckoned he'd be in with a chance if she showed up today."

Her coffee went down the wrong way and she coughed. "Not a chance," she said when she'd recovered sufficiently.

"Well no, I thought not." He drank some of his own coffee and played with the bowl of sugar sachets. "Is she even interested in boys?" he asked eventually.

"Why do you say that??"

"Well, she always blows them out." He shifted on the seat and paused. "A few of us were thinking that maybe she preferred girls..."

"Not that I know of," Kelsey replied shortly. This was beginning to annoy her. Here she was, sat with her dream boy -- and all he wanted to talk about was her best friend.

"Ok, forget it anyway. I would rather talk about you, oh beautiful one..."

Once again Kelsey melted into a pool of syrup. He smiled at her and she felt her pulse quicken. He was so dreamy.

* * *

Jess mooched around the house all afternoon, pointedly ignoring her mother's frequent glances. In the end, her mother went off shopping, and despite the offer of some new clothes, Jess stayed at home. She couldn't face any more questions about her private life. She watched the Mercedes reverse down the drive and wished (not for the first time), that her mother would leave her the hell alone.

Flicking a film on, she made a cup of tea and flopped in front of the television. Daniel had remained elusive since their encounter last night. This annoyed Jess immensely. She didn't like being ignored. Part of her couldn't help but wonder if he'd changed his mind about her. That part was scared.

She'd never felt like this about anyone before. It was unprecedented. But she refused to make the first move and call or text him. She wasn't that desperate. Or at least that's what she tried to convince herself with as she sat on the sofa, eyeing her mobile phone balefully.

When it rang, she almost jumped out of her skin.

"Hello?" she said, not recognising the number.

"Hello, you..." Daniel's smooth voice lifted her spirits somewhere into the stratosphere. "Was everything okay last night?"

She remembered the details and blushed hotly. "Yeah..."

He laughed. "I meant with your mum!"

"Oh right! She was okay. I think she was wondering why I was still up at that time, but she didn't ask."

"Good. I was worried you might have gotten into trouble."

Jess thought about that. If they hadn't heard her mother approach, it could have been very embarrassing. She shuddered at the image of her mum walking in on her and Daniel.

"No, it was fine."

"What you up to now?"

"Not much." She had work to do, but it seemed remarkably unimportant right at that moment.

"Do you wanna go for a walk along the river?"

Jess felt all warm and tingly. "Yeah, that would be nice," she said.

"Okay, shall I pick you up in half an hour?"

"Yeah, cool."

"Bye, Jess..."

Jess was still sat on her bed grinning like an idiot ten minutes later. Then she realised that she needed to get dressed and do her hair. She jumped up and began running about like a crazy woman. What was she going to wear!

* * *

"Wanna watch a DVD at my house?"

Kelsey sat in Ethan's car listening to music and wondering if he was going to kiss her. She turned and looked at him in surprise. Following his brief conversation with Neil ten minutes ago, she had assumed he was dropping her off at her home before heading to Neil's house. "I thought you had stuff to do?"

He shrugged. "Nothing that can't wait -- besides, I'd rather be with you."

She blushed. "Okay..."

He started the engine and drove through town while Kelsey watched the buildings pass by. She half hoped she would see some of her friends so she could wave at them, proud as she was to be seen with Ethan. But she saw nobody she recognised.

Gradually the shops and industrial buildings gave way to residential houses and fields. They turned into a small estate and Kelsey was rather surprised to see that Ethan lived in a modest semi. She had always assumed his parents were well off.

"Will your mum and dad be in?" she asked warily.

"Mum's out and Dad fucked off years ago." He scowled momentarily. "Dunno if Sam is going to be around or not."

Kelsey guessed Sam had to be Ethan's brother.

"Come on, let's go and get comfy." His good humour appeared to be restored once again and he winked at Kelsey.

She climbed out of the car and followed him into the small house. It wasn't all that tidy, but Kelsey scarcely noticed. She only had eyes for Ethan; the way his jeans hugged his athletic body was utterly hypnotic.

"Take a seat." He indicated for her to sit down on the worn sofa and said, "I'll get us something to drink and then we can choose a film."

She nodded agreeably. Frankly she didn't care what he did -- as long as he sat down with her, she'd be happy. She tugged her zip up jacket off and tossed it on to the back of the settee. The top she'd chosen was not only tight - it was also fairly low cut. This meant her cleavage was exposed when she leant forward. She knew he had noticed this as several times she'd caught him staring.

Feeling attractive was something rather alien to Kelsey. Most of the time she felt fat and a Plain Jane compared to Jess. But Ethan seemed genuinely interested in her and she was determined to make the most of it. She wasn't sure exactly what she was hoping for, but she knew she would have to do something to keep his interest.

Ethan reappeared with two large glasses of what looked like coke. "Here," he said, passing her one of the glasses.

She took a large gulp as he knelt on the floor and began to examine a stack of DVD's beside the television. The drink tasted alcoholic and strong. "What's in this?" she asked suspiciously.

"I added some Bacardi - only a splash. But if it's too strong for you, then I'll go and water it down," he said with a mocking grin.

"No, no, it's fine," she replied hurriedly. Taking another large gulp of the drink, she tried to ignore the faint warning bells that were jangling in her head. She had no intention of showing herself up and ruining what might be a wonderful relationship. Of course he would assume she'd want a drink. Obviously the kind of girls he dated all drank loads on a regular basis. She could be like them if she tried hard enough -- a couple of drinks wouldn't do any harm.

"How about this one?" Ethan held up a DVD and she peered at it. The cover appeared to show a naked woman writhing on a bed with two men doing unmentionable things to her.

Oh God, he wanted to watch some mucky film. Suddenly she felt way out of her depth. Trying to quell her nerves, she drank the rest of the drink quickly. "Sure, whatever," she said, her head spinning wildly as the alcohol began to take effect.

Ethan grinned broadly. "You'll love it!" he assured her. "I'll just go and refill your glass before I start the film. It's one of my brother's favourite movies," he added proudly.

In no time at all, Kelsey had another large glass of Bacardi with a splash of coke. The movie had begun and the opening scene featured a young woman dressed as a maid. She was knocking on a hotel bedroom door, apparently with the intention of offering 'room service'.

About twenty minutes passed and Kelsey watched the film with a sense of disbelief. She was relatively inexperienced and her knowledge of sex mostly came from reading her mum's Harlequin romance novels. None of the tender scenes described in those pages were remotely like this film.

The 'maid' was on her hands and knees, taking a huge cock deep in her mouth whilst the other man fucked her from behind. No matter which way Kelsey watched it she failed to see how it could be fun. Surely sex wasn't so...filthy? She shifted uncomfortably on the lumpy sofa and wished she could go home.

"Everything okay, babe?" Ethan asked solicitously when she moved again. One hand snaked around her shoulders and he managed to tear his eyes away from the screen long enough to smile at her.

"Hm, yeah, I guess so."

His gaze slid her face, down into her voluminous cleavage. "I do like that top you're wearing," he grinned.

Kelsey's spirits lifted instantly. "Do you?" she said shyly.

"Oh yeah. You have really great tits."

For a second he focussed back on her eyes and she held her breath, unsure of what was about to happen. Then he moved forward and kissed her. This moment was something she'd been thinking about since last night and now it was actually happening, she was surprised to find it slightly unpleasant.

His tongue thrust into her mouth wetly and she felt the weight of his body squashing her into the soft cushions of the sofa. In the background, the moaning and squelching sounds of the film provided a chorus to the rampant thudding of her heart.

She became aware of a rogue hand sliding up her rib cage and when it reached the curve of her breast she tried to push him away. He was moving too fast and it was beginning to scare her.

"Please..." she tried to say as he momentarily broke away for air.

"I gotta see those tits," he muttered almost to himself, completely ignoring her faint protest.

Kelsey struggled in vain, but he apparently took it as a sign that she was in the throes of passion and hungrily attacked her mouth as his hand groped her tender flesh. A muscular thigh pushed between her legs and she felt a hard ridge of flesh throbbing against her body.

The knowledge that she had aroused him might have been ego boosting if it were not for the fact she wasn't exactly enjoying his attentions. She didn't want molesting -- she wanted romancing like the heroines of her novels. This felt all wrong - just like the porn film he'd elected to watch. If he'd stuck Pretty Woman on, she would have been in seventh heaven by now.

Before she could stop him, Ethan had yanked her top down and her bra was exposed. Eagerly he shoved his hand inside the lacy cup and scooped her breast out from its confines. Much to her mortification, her nipple hardened in the slightly cool air of the living room. He squeezed her tit and she yelped with pain.

"That hurts!" she protested, but he ignored her. He pushed the rest of her top and bra down and paused to admire his handiwork. Against her will she momentarily glanced at the television screen. The woman was on her knees and one of the men was thrusting his cock between her large breasts, a pained expression on his face as she squeezed her tits around his shaft.

Ethan followed her gaze and his face lit up. Before she could react, he had unzipped his jeans and released a thick penis. "You gotta let me do that!" he pleaded, one hand pumping his dick eagerly.

"No!" she said, trying to pull her top back up. Tears were beginning to seep from the corners of her eyes. She felt utterly humiliated, sitting here with her boobs hanging out. This wasn't the romantic scenario she had envisaged.

"Aw come on, babe! Imelda let me do it."

"I'm not bloody Imelda Mackey!" Kelsey finally realised with a sinking feeling that Ethan was not the boy she had thought he was. He was no better than sodding Neil Patterson. With great determination, she shoved him back and stood, trying to control the emotions running riot in her fevered brain.

"No, you fucking aren't," Ethan muttered darkly. He was beginning to look seriously pissed off and Kelsey decided that she ought to make a swift exit. She grabbed her bag and jacket, and headed for the door as she pulled her top back up, hoping that Ethan didn't follow her.

As she entered the hall, a tall lad with scruffy hair came through the front door. He looked at her with surprise and Kelsey had a sudden attack of déjà vu. It was the dickhead from the burger bar -- the one who'd tried to chat up Jess with some ill chosen words of wit.

"Ethan, who's the tart?" he yelled loudly.

"She's all yours, Sam -- she's fucking frigid." Kelsey suddenly remembered that Ethan's surname was Bradley -- hence the reason Romeo here had been called Braddo by his numbskull mate. Evidently charm ran in the family genes.

"Frigid eh?" Sam growled suggestively as he licked his lips. He seemed mesmerised by Kelsey's low cut top and she felt a twinge of fear. It had been hard enough fighting off Ethan. If they both had a go, she wouldn't stand a chance.

"Just let me go," she said nervously edging towards the front door.

"Dunno if I should. You weren't very nice to me last time we met." He rubbed the bulge that was beginning to tent the front of his tracksuit trousers. "Maybe you need a lesson in manners, sweetheart."

They both heard the sound of a car pulling up outside before it backfired loudly. "Oh shit." Sam suddenly lost interest in Kelsey. "Mum's home!" he yelled through the living room door. There was a muffled stream of expletives and Kelsey felt relief flood her veins with oily heat.

"Don't worry, darlin'," Sam told her with a gleam in his eye. "There'll be another time." He reached out and squeezed her breast painfully.

"In your dreams!" Kelsey said with a burst of defiance. Before Sam could grope her again, she pushed past him and flung the front door open. A dishevelled woman with bleached blonde hair stood there with a key in her hand, staring at her in surprise.

"Leaving already, pet?" she asked curiously.

"Yeah, nice to meet you," Kelsey mumbled, her good manners taking precedence over her desire to run away screaming. Trying to look calm and dignified, she walked down the road and headed for what she hoped was a bus stop. She just prayed it wasn't too long before the next bus arrived. All she wanted to do was cry -- but she was determined not to crack up within sight of the detestable Ethan's house. She would be damned before she gave him the satisfaction of seeing her sobbing hysterically.

* * *

The canal path was peaceful in the late afternoon sun. The occasional dog walker strolled passed them, but for the most part, Jess and Daniel were alone. When his fingers brushed lightly against hers, she allowed their hands to entwine and felt a bust of happiness bloom in her stomach.

He talked quietly about his family and aspirations for athletic greatness, while she told him inane rubbish mostly. For once in her life she didn't feel like he was only with her for her looks. He seemed genuinely interested in her as a person, rather than a Barbie doll. Despite the fact she was wearing tight jeans, he hadn't openly ogled her like most boys routinely did. It made a refreshing change.

She felt as if she'd known him forever. It was comfortable being with him, talking and just enjoying the sunshine. Memories of last night were not too far from the surface, but right now she was more interested in his company.

Daniel watched Jess surreptitiously out of the corner of his eye as they talked. Her small hand felt perfect in his large one. He couldn't quite believe that she had agreed to come for a walk with him after the way things had spiralled so quickly out of control last night.

In the cold light of day, when he awoke to the harsh ringing of his alarm clock, he made a firm resolution to take things easy with Jess. He wasn't all that convinced she would be talking to him after the way he'd behaved in her conservatory, but if she was, he was determined to try and avoid jumping feet first into anything sexual. He sensed that she wasn't terribly experienced and the last thing he wanted to do was frighten her.

He liked her too much to spoil things early on. It was obvious she was no Imelda Mackey. Unfortunately his resolve was being tested to the limits. She had appeared at the end of her drive wearing the tightest jeans that clung to her lithe form like a second skin. It was all he could do to control the instant hard-on she provoked without even being aware of it.

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