tagExhibitionist & VoyeurObsession Ch. 03

Obsession Ch. 03


Jason was slightly amused by the scenario as he asked quietly, "Do you want to fuck him?"

"Hmmm. Maybe!" He was gorgeous with a light blonde hair hair, piercing blue eyes and an athletic body. "Then do it!!" as he encouraged her. "Invite him to get off at our stop and hopefully, you could find some place to get down and dirty with him."

"You're such a bad influence, Jason!" as she giggled. She got up and sat beside the young man. She flirted with him, her hands grazing his thigh as his finger rested on her leg, casually going upwards and underneath her skirt. Luckily, most of the passengers had left, so they could be more open.

She ventured further, kissing him as she caressed the outline of his bulge, as his hand slipped inside her shirt, rubbing her hard nipple through her bra. She purred as she casually looked around, unbuttoning his pants, digging inside for his thick shaft. "This is what I was looking for," she announced as she pulled out his erect rod. She gazed at Jason as she could tell he was getting aroused again.

"You know, Melissa. You could fuck him right now, if you want?" he suggested, feeling himself getting very hard, wanting to stroke himself. He didn't know how the young man felt about seeing another guy masturbating in front of him, so he decided to wait until a more opportune time.

"Your friend is right. You could ride my hard cock right here. There is no one left on this car." His tall fingers reached to play with her swollen lips, her extreme wetness getting him more aroused. She growled as he rubbed her clit vigorously, as she kissed him, getting herself into position to plunge onto his shaft.

She straddled his legs and watched in a pleasure-filled haze as she took his cock in hand, giving him short, hard strokes as she positioned her hot pussy opening over the tip of his cock. She closed her eyes slightly as she slowly pushed herself downwards onto him, her pussy muscles grasping him firmly. She opened her eyes as his fingers ripped down her shirt, to tease her puckered nipples as her fingers rested on his shoulders as she began to ride him.

His tongue played with her left nipple as she grinded herself on his cock, loving how full he made her feel. She could hear Jason gliding his fingers over his manhood as he couldn't take his eyes off her firm ass cheeks as she plunged back and forth over the young man's shaft. How he wanted to take part in this activity, to slide his prick into her tight puckered hole while the other guy had her pussy but he wasn't sure if Mel had ever had anal sex. He got him much more erect at that thought as he continued to stroke himself. He knew he wanted to explore anal sex with her and he had a feeling that she might enjoy it.

He enjoyed seeing the guy lick and nibble on her light-colored areolas as she pushed herself harder onto him. They moaned, exchanging dirty words of encouragement as he told her to lean over because he needed to take over. She did as she was told, as he pounded her fast with hard strokes, as she cried out, rubbing her engorged clit, sensing herself reaching the point she was going to cum hard.

He pounded her furiously, mumbling her wanted to fill her with loads of cum, asking her if she wanted it. "Oh God! Yes!!" she screamed as he pummelled her hard, groaned as his cock throbbed deep inside as he came, filling her with his hot, creamy cum. Her pussy gripped him tightly, as her juices poured over his cock as he was still cumming inside of her. They rested for a few minutes until he said, "I want to see my cum leaking out of your pussy." She got off of him as she leaned back into the seat next to him, spreading her legs wide to show him the cum dripping out of her.

"Mmm," he muttered as he kissed her. She broke their kiss to clean off his cock with her tongue as he said impressed, "Good girl." His thick shaft was twitching again as he glanced over Jason's direction. He could see his cum flowing over his hand as he took in all that was happening. He looked over almost asking permission if he could fuck her again and Jason answered, "By all means. I'm sure she wants it. Right, Melissa?"

Melissa stared at both guys. "You know what I want? I want you both of you to fuck me at the same time." A big smile appeared on Jason's lips and the other guy seemed fine with it as he mentioned, "It's been awhile since I have done double penetration but I know it will be fun with you."

Jason really admired Melissa for speaking her mind about what she wanted sexually because he knew quite a few women who weren't as sexually open. He checked his briefcase for lube and found a new bottle. "I'm so glad I brought this with me," he thought as he asked Mel, "So, have you tried anal before?"

"Yes, I have and I love having a cock up my ass!" she said enthusiastically. Jason walked over to the opposite side of the train as he and the other guy discussed who was going to do what. "Actually, it should be her choice," Jason said. The other guy agreed as they both turned to hear her decision.

"This is a difficult decision," she pondered but "I want both of you to take turns, if that is possible."

"Really?!" They said in unison. They both were getting hard at her naughty idea.

"Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have said it," as her blue eyes focused on their thick penises.

"Come here, Jason."

He came closer to her as she grasped his prick. She beckoned with her hand for the other guy to come closer as well, so she could hold his cock in her other hand.

"What's your name by the way?" she asked as she casually stroked his cock.

"My name is Brian," he said smiling and moaning as Mel licked his slit with the tip of her tongue and turned her head to do the same to the Jason.

"God, having two thick cocks in my hand is like heaven," she muttered as she began to suck on Jason's cockhead as she gave Brian nice, firm strokes. She alternated between the both of them, sucking and licking them as both guys groaned.

"Get on your knees, like the dirty slut that you are so both of us can have the pleasure of fucking that pretty mouth of yours," Jason commanded.

"Also, unbutton your blouse and take it off. You won't be needing it anymore."

She quickly unbuttoned it, throwing it onto the seat, letting her heavy DD breasts swing freely as she crouched down, her pussy throbbing hotly as Jason pushed his whole length into her mouth and slowly fucked her.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed as he enjoyed seeing her beautiful lips envelope his cock. He needed more as he began to pump into her furiously, Melissa holding onto his legs as he pummelled her willing mouth, she deepthroating him as much as she could while Brian fisted his cock watching them.

"You're a good slut, you know that?" he cried as he pushed deep into her throat.

"Mmm," he groaned pulling out just in time because he didn't want cum in her mouth.

"I want to watch you do the same thing to Brian while your other hand is busy with my hard dick," he demanded.

She complied letting Brian slide his penis pass her lips to settle into her welcoming mouth.

She loved tasting the precum from both men's penises as they facefucked her.

Brian leaned over to twist and pull on her erect nipples as he facefucked her with abandon, as Melissa's finger slipped into her wet pussyhole. She fingered herself hard as he pounded her mouth, feeling herself soon about to come and she came when Brian couldn't hold back, spilling his cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop as he moaned, still sliding his cock slowly in and out of her mouth until he couldn't cum anymore.

She cleaned both men's cocks with her tongue and both of them kissed her passionately.

"Hmm. I need to take a quick break to recharge," Brian said as he sat down in a seat.

"Okay," Jason replied as he told Mel, "I want to see your ass now."

She pulled off her skirt, leaving her fully naked as she positioned herself on the red seat, her pert ass facing Jason. He rubbed her ass gently as he jerked off his cock a few times, getting ready to enter her.

His finger teased her clit as he pushed his cock along her crack.

"Oh Mel," he muttered as he penetrated her fully right to his balls. He was balls deep into her pussy and he gripped her hips as he stroke in and out of her slowly, taking his time to relish in her tightness. She growled each time he would pull out completely and plunge deep into her again, eliciting a deep moan.

"You like that, my slut?" he inquired.

"Yes!" she answered as his pace increased, thrusting hard and deep into her now. He glanced over Brian's direction and saw he was fully hard again.

"Why don't you join us Brian?"

Brian slid closer, playing with Mel's nipples as Jason fucked her hard now.

Jason got more aroused by seeing Brian sucking on her nipples as his thick cock pounded her tight pussy. He felt his balls tightening, knowing he was close as he slapped her ass hard with Mel crying out as he pushed deep into her one last time, groaning as his cock stiffened, spurting loads of cum into her. Brian had her in a deep kiss as she came hard over his cock, her juices intermixing with his.

To be continued...

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