tagMatureObsession Ch. 03

Obsession Ch. 03


It's been a while since I made a submission here, but a lot has happened to me. Those of you that called me a cheating whore will be happy to learn that Rob found out about Harvey and filed for divorce. My life has turned up-side-down and I just seem to be in a downward spiral now, going from middle-class housewife, to what I now have. More on that later. Anyway, I came in one afternoon and found him sitting at the kitchen table, pictures spread all over it. The pictures were of me and Harvey doing everything imaginable. Instantly sick, He must have hired someone to watch me or something. I didn't even try to explain, just collapsing into a chair, numb and dying inside.

Rob was better to me than I had any right to expect. He didn't just kick me out on the street with nothing. He put the house on the market and gave me three days to get out, but said he'd give me some of the money from the house sale if I'd agree to leave town and not come back. I didn't have family here, so I knew it was the only deal I'd get. More than I deserved.

Rob packed what he needed and drove off in our new Bemmer. At the lowest point of my life, I cried all day. I suppose Harvey saw Rob leave because after a while he came over, just walked in and sat down, watching me cry.

"Hubby find out?" he said, and when I didn't answer, he went on. "Well, it could be worse. At least he let you stay in the house."

That's when I broke down completely. "He . . . (sob) gave me three . . . (sob) . . . days to get out!"

"Wow, bummer."

"What am I going to do, Harvey? I have to wait until the house is sold to have enough money to leave!"

"Shit baby, that's no problem. You can stay with me." He grinned like a wolf.

Sobbing, I practically threw myself into his arms I was so grateful. He just picked me up and carried me right into the bedroom despite my protests, dropped me on the bed, and tore off my dress. Screwing was the last thing on my mind, but when he started licking my vagina lips I couldn't take it anymore. He probed deeply with his thick tongue and I just wrapped my legs around his head and rode it. At least, I could escape what my life had become, if only for a few minutes. We fucked most of the afternoon. Afterward, he helped me move some of my stuff into his place, and then we fucked some more.

For the next couple of weeks he fucked me two or three times a day in every way a man can use a woman. Even when I didn't feel like doing it, he'd insist. I usually gave in, and found myself fucking him back with equal fervor. I found out something else about myself, too. The constant sex took a toll. After a while, I seemed to be growing dependent on it. If he didn't initiate it, after only a day or two I'd be practically climbing the walls! At those times, I found I'd do anything to get his big dick out of his pants. I seemed to be walking around in a constant state of arousal.

Then he suddenly caught the flu bug, which turned into something worse and he was confined to bed for a couple weeks. Sure, I used the big dildo Harvey bought me. Not the same thing. I needed his cock. It was kind of scary, but after having it almost constantly for so long, that was all I thought about.

Desperate one day, I slid into bed beside him and started fondling his limp cock. He awoke and got really angry, telling me I had to leave for a few days until he got better. I told him I had no place else to go, so he called Earl, a creepy old man in Harvey's poker group. He said Earl would pick me up that afternoon and I'd better not piss him off or I couldn't come back after he got better. I remembered Earl from seeing him once, in Harvey's back yard. He was old and skinny, ugly as sin. He'd stared at me like I was a steak sandwich, giving me the creeps. Because I had little choice in the matter, I packed an overnight bag and got into Earl's car when he arrived.

Earl was kind of funny, telling me jokes as we traveled, trying to make me laugh. He lived in a surprisingly clean bungalow at the outskirts of town. When we walked in he said, "I'll put your suitcase in the room, fix us something to eat. I'm hungry."

So, I was to be his fucking maid until Harvey recovered. Great. He had decent food in the place so I fixed a good meal and we ate. When we'd finished, he pushed back from the table and stood. "Come on, I'll show you where you'll be."

I followed him into what appeared to be the master bedroom, where I found my suitcase on the bed. Confused, I said, "Isn't this your room?"

He grinned. "Yep."

As realization sank in, I backed away. "Oh no, not on your life!"

"Okay Baby-cakes. Get your bag and I'll take you back to Harvey's. He probably won't be too happy though."

Near panic threatened to overtake me as I struggled to remain calm. He was right. I had no money, and no place to go. If Harvey kicked me out, I'd end up on the street. I had to do whatever I had to do until the house sold. "Please, Earl." I whispered. "You don't have to do this. I can sleep on the couch."

He just looked at me, all the good humor I'd witnessed in the car, now gone. "Get undressed."

Tears filling my eyes, I began to unbutton my dress as he stared a hole through it with beady little eyes. Lowering my eyes so I wouldn't have to look at him, I held it to me with crossed arms. "Let it drop," he said hoarsely.

I took a deep breath, and dropped my arms, allowing the dress to fall free. I heard him catch his breath all the way across the room.

"The panties."

His voice was closer, but still I didn't look up. After I slipped out of them, he pushed me backward onto the king-sized bed and I scooted away. He was undressing, his legs thin and veined, white as snow. He dropped his shorts next and I saw his purple cock stiffening from a hairy gray crouch. Jeeze, he was almost as big as Harvey!

"Hee, hee, hee," chuckled. "I've never seen a gal as pretty as you, Baby-cakes. I'll make you glad you came. Hee, hee, hee."

I clinched my eyes as I felt his weight shift the bed as he climbed in. Then his breath seared my stomach, and finally my breasts. His mouth closed around a nipple, sucking gently, his teeth pulling slightly as he paid first one and then the other, homage. My tits are my downfall. I struggled, trying to reconcile the feeling I was experiencing, with this horrible old man. He sucked and nibbled for a long time, and yes, I felt it! I fought hard against it, but it'd been almost a week since Harvey had last "assaulted" me. A whole week with no sex, after having it three times a day for weeks. How much is a girl supposed to take?

His mouth trailed downward, across my soft tummy, slowly downward, lower . . . lower . . . oh god, lower! He slipped his tongue inside my slippery pussy lips and I moaned softly, clutching the sheet with both hands. His hot mouth suddenly enveloped my entire vagina as his tongue lashed out deeply. I nearly screamed, grabbing his head, pulling him tighter against my crouch. He simply devoured me and I pushed myself up to allow it! At the last, my arms and legs wrapped around his head, I was riding him and crying. I came like a banshee! Loud enough to alert the neighbors. It just went on and on forever. At last, with firecracker climaxes still shuddering my slim body, he crawled up and placed the head of his cock against my sloppy opening, grunting a little as he pushed inside.

"Oh god, fuck me" I muttered urgently against the side of his shinny neck.

"Hee, hee, hee."

He slammed his cock into me like he was twenty years-old, hammering my hungry pussy relentlessly, giving me what I'd been needing for over a week. Afterward I may feel ashamed, but right then all I could do was hang-on to him and groan with thrill after thrill as his knobby cock slid in and out of me. Old, skinny and ugly, he sure knew what a woman needed. Maybe it was the experience of age, or something. Whatever it was, he was a good fuck! I grasped his skinny ass cheeks and dug in my nails, as his mouth came crashing down on mine. I was so far gone by then that I swallowed his tongue, and then chased it back inside his mouth with my own. We fucked like animals for a long time, until he finally grunted loudly and shot his watery spunk deep inside me.

As we lay there drained, trying to catch our breaths and slow our heartbeats, I clinched my vagina muscles around his thickness, holding it inside me, reluctant to let it go. As his limber cock finally slipped from my flooded vagina, I grasped it in my hand, holding on to it as a lifeline. I knew as soon as I could ambulate again I'd start thinking about it and want more. He was old. Probably his last fuck and he'd given it his best. How long before he could recover? Harvey needed at least a week more to get over the flu. I couldn't wait that long. Harvey had ruined me for anyone else.

I slept with Earl that night, and every night thereafter. He didn't need as much recovery time as I'd assumed he would either. In fact, he was like a billygoat! Anyway, the following morning I fixed us breakfast and Earl left for several hours as I cleaned his small house. He came back and stripping down to his shorts, grabbed a beer and sat on the couch, just watching me work as I walked around in my baggy T-shirt and no bra. It was large enough that it covered everything, almost like a dress. But suddenly I wished I'd dressed differently.

"Harvey asked how you were doing. I told him you had some sweet pussy. Hee, hee."

"Damn you, Earl!"

"You remind me of my two daughters."

"Did you fuck them too?" I said cruelly.

"After their mother got killed, they slept with me. As they got older it was as if they were real women. So yeah, I fucked 'em both right up to when they got married."

"You filthy old man."

"Slut. Hee, hee, hee. You need to show more respect for your elders." After a moment of staring at me, he said, "Go get my pants and bring them to me."

I didn't move, so he said, "Should I call Harvey?"

Defeated, I found them on the bedroom floor, took them into the living room and moved closer to stand a few feet away. I reached way out and handed him the pants. Chuckling lewdly, he removed his belt from them. "You need discipline," he said. "Just like my daughters. Come over here."

"Please Earl. I'll do whatever you want and won't promise I won't talk back any more."

"Get over here or it'll be worse for you!"

I held out for another minute, but I knew I had no choice. Nowhere to go except back to Harvey's, and if he got mad at me I was on the street. Somehow I had to hold out until that damned house sold! Lowering my eyes, I moved to stand next to his knees.

"Bend over my knee."

Silent tears streaming down my face, I did as he said. He raised my t-shirt, and chuckled when he saw I had no panties. I felt his hand caressing my butt for a moment, and him lean down and kiss each globe as he slid a finger inside me. Then, another finger and I fought the urge to squirm. He removed his damp fingers and slowly rubbed them around my rubbery anus. The first slap of his belt made me squeal and try to get up, but he had one leg wrapped behind my legs, and a forearm across my shoulders. I was helpless. The slaps started in earnest then - four, five, six. My ass was on fire, as I sobbed and pleaded.

"Please don't, Earl. Please don't! I'm sorry. So sorry, pleaseeee!"

"Call me Daddy."


The belt fell again, "Call me Daddy!"

"Yes Daddy. I'm sorry Daddy. Please Daddy!"

He let me up and I stood there, vigorously rubbing my ass, tears blinding me. "Take care of this," I heard him say through my tears. I rubbed them away and saw his cock sticking from the pee-hole of his undershorts. He slapped the belt against his hand, and I immediately dropped to my knees. "Do a good job." He admonished softly.

"Yes Daddy," I said submissively as I leaned down and slipped my lips over the large mushroom crown. My ass was still on fire and I wanted to bite the thing off, but it felt so good in my mouth. I licked down to his balls, took each hairy orb into my mouth and gently sucked it, then licked up the purple vein underneath his cock to the crown. I heard him catch his breath, and it excited me. I swallowed it all the way down my throat, held it there for as long as I could, and slowly pulled off again, tasting his pre-cum spurt onto my tongue.

"Ah baby, suck Daddy's cock," he breathed, staring down at me working over his cock. "Suck it dry and make Daddy cum."

I was into it by then, working to do just that, suddenly starving for him to shoot into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and just started fucking my face like it was a vagina. His dick would hit my palate, gagging me, quickly pulling out before doing it again. I held his balls in my hand, urging him on. Finally, he stiffened, held his body rigid and flooded my mouth with slim. It coated my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and then he was buried to his hairy balls again and the rest of it went directly into my gullet to pool somewhere deep inside my warm belly.

As his cock softened, I held it between my lips, mouthing over it lovingly, playing with his balls, trying to get him hard again. I was in great need, but he shoved me away and stood, his soft dick swinging back and forth before my face.

"Be a good girl and I might let you do that again tonight. Hee, hee, hee."

I watched him walk away, hating him with every fiber of my being!

The next five days were a mixture of pure hell and unbridled pleasure, as he alternated between whipping my tender ass, and inserting his huge cock into me whenever and wherever he wanted. Ready or not, wet or dry, it didn't make him any difference. He'd just grab me, whirl me around on the couch, over the back of a chair or at the kitchen table, and fuck me for an eternity.

In fact, he seemed obsessed with making me want to cum, too! To spite him I often would be either unresponsive, or sometimes react with extreme vigor but lacking any pleasure, just to get him off quickly. But I have to hand it to him the old goat has staying power! He'd just keep pounding away at me, or sometimes, stop and lick me for a while, then back at it again. No matter how hard I tried to keep from reacting, it was only a matter of time before he had me sobbing with pleasure, urging him on, and frantically fucking him back. Always, with that nasty little laugh, just to humiliate me.

"Hee, hee, hee . . ."

Then he stopped. And he moved my suitcase into his guest room. My happiness quickly turned to concern and by the third day I was walking around the house wearing practically nothing, trying to get a reaction from him. The fourth day he was gone all day, coming in late at night. I was still awake in my room, my pussy sopping wet of course. He stripped to his shorts, as was his routine, guzzled a beer and turned on the TV. I finally couldn't take it any longer. I slipped into the master bedroom, found his pants on the floor, and removed his belt. I took off my panties, and nude, I walked into the living room, stood in front of him and held out his belt. He took it and I bent over his knees without being told.

I heard, "Hee, hee, hee," just before the slap of the belt.

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Obsession 3

It was a good story. Did she move when she got her share of the sale of the house? What happened to Harve? Four stars

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