tagNonHumanObsession Ch. 04

Obsession Ch. 04


Natalie felt like the luckiest woman in the world as Kyan laid her down against the cool sheets of her bed. She could see the fire in his eyes as he stared down at her. She couldn't tell if he was going to be a gentle lover or an extremely demanding one. The look in his eyes told her that this was about claiming her as his own, but the softness in his smile told her it was also about showing her how much he cared for her.

"I love you, Natalie."

Natalie felt as if her heart was swelling with joy. At many points in her early life, she wondered if mating was really about love or if it was about gaining power and position. Some part of her doubted that her mate, if she could even find one after her wolf had been suppressed, would love her. She knew that she loved Kyan. She loved everything about him, from his physique, to the 'don't fuck with me or mine' attitude he had when they were out in public, and the way that attitude softened when either she or Kyle engaged him. He was the consummate protector and it was time to see if he was the quintessential lover she thought him to be.

"I love you too, Kyan."

"I want to make love to you. And I will, but I'm not sure that this will be one of those times. I'm too desperate to have you and claim you as my own. I can feel my beast crying out to become one with you in the most primal of ways."

"Then what the hell are you waiting for? Take off your clothes and give me what we both want."

Kyan grinned at the cheeky smile that Natalie shot his way. "As you wish, love."

He ripped the shirt from Natalie's body and finished tugging off her jeans. Then he denuded himself quickly. He could smell Natalie's arousal and it only served to spur him on. His beast raged inside of him, urging him on. He tried to be gentle, but between the look of pure hunger that Natalie was giving him and the pure instinct that flowed through his veins, he knew that it was going to be one hell of a fight to stay that way.

He flipped his mate onto her belly, pulling her up to her knees, and growled softly in her ear. "Mine."

She answered, "Always."

And with that, his cock drove inside of her, ripping a scream from her throat, the pain and pleasure mixing, thrusting her head first into her first orgasm of the night. Natalie had no idea that she was so close to the edge, but at the moment, her body had a mind of its own.

Kyan loved the sound of his hips hitting that lush ass in front of him, the lovely moans coupled with the occasional scream. And then there were those growls that let him know that he was not only pleasing her human side, but he was making her wolf's head spin too. His fingers dug into the giving flesh of his mate's hips and he ground his cock in deep, making her soar over the edge again.

He pulled out and flipped her over once more. He immediately dropped onto her, kissing her lips and pushing forward once more. He wanted to watch her come apart in his arms, from his cock, because she was his. He drew her orgasm from her, enjoying the burning trail of her nails scoring his back. Kyan growled low and felt his own completion approaching.

He lifted her legs to drape them over his shoulders and using them to lift her bottom up from the bed, he plunged into her, over and over until all Natalie could do was babble intelligible things. The only words he could make out were in occasional 'Fuck me', 'Kyan! Kyan. Kyan...' and 'Shit,' but those words let him know that he was putting it down right, like a man should.

Natalie could feel her eyes rolling up into the back of her head. It just took too much effort to do anything else but hold on for the wild ride that Kyan was taking her on, so she let her eyes do whatever they wanted to. She had scratched his back to bits and she was sure that there were going to be bruises on his arms and shoulders, but she could tell that he was loving every bit of it; the same way she was loving the feel of his dick scorching every inch of her insides, it was so hot.


"Now, Kyan! Do it now! Make me yours."

"I will make you my own, as I am yours."

He grinned, a hungry smile that made her pussy clench, and with that he leaned forward, bending her in half. His long, hard strokes didn't stop as he opened his mouth wide and bit down on the smooth portion of her neck that she had exposed, tilting her head back and guiding his head to her offering.

Kyan felt his seed burst forth into her body and found himself hoping that it would find a fertile womb, ready to bear his children. It seemed too soon to think of children, but he had years to dwell on it. He wanted children right then. And so, it was decided. He was going to spend the rest of the night and probably the next day, trying to impregnate his mate.

He slowly lifted himself off of his mate. Her lovely brown eyes were closed and her breathing was shallow. He had drunk enough of her blood and now it was time to complete the mating. He sliced his wrist open with his teeth and pressed it to her mouth.

"Drink, my love, and join me."

* * * * * * * *

Natalie could barely believe the whirlwind that had been the past week since she had mated with Kyan. That night he had taken her in almost every room of her house. They had moved from the bedroom to the shower, from the shower to the dresser. When she got hungry, he made her a meal fit for a queen, showing off his culinary skills in order to convince her that he was a good mate and able to take care of her every need. Then after the food had been eaten and the dishes cleared, he took her on the table, stating that his hunger for her had not been assuaged. The couch in her living room, the chair out on her patio, no surface or location was safe, except Kyle's room. Kyan respected the little boy's safe space and would never dare to defile it just to sate his passions. The carpet in the hallway outside of the room would do just fine.

Kyan was an insatiable lover once he got started. Natalie did end up calling in sick the next day, seeing as she couldn't walk properly and couldn't be asked to do much other than eat. Kyan had worn her out. He had told her of his desire to have children and she was more than willing to help him achieve that goal, especially when it was so damn pleasurable.

From the moment Kyan actually claimed her, sinking his teeth into her neck and bringing her to a fantastic end, her world literally becoming black as she passed out from the pleasure his bite induced, she knew that she would do anything for him. She was happier than she could ever imagine being, but there was one thing that bothered her. She could feel her wolf when her passions were at their highest, but other than that, she was still without her other half.

Part of her had been convinced that once she and Kyan had mated that her wolf would return to her. But, it hadn't happened yet. The rest of the week passed without incident. She pulled a lot of strings and owed some large favors, but she managed to get switched to nights for the time being. It wouldn't do to find the man of her dreams, only to be burnt to a crisp by the sun a day later.

The next Friday rolled around and she was expecting Kyle and Mindy. Mindy was going to drop Kyle off and take off for a couple of weeks. Kyan had volunteered to take Kyle to preschool when Mindy was away and also promised Kyle that they could go check on Kody and Jasmine's quads, so he was excited about that. It made his mother leaving him easier to deal with.

When the doorbell rang, Natalie answered it without thought. But as she gazed at a tall man instead if a small boy, she realized it was a stupid move.

"Oh. Hello. Can I help you?" Natalie asked.

She looked up into the crystalline blue eyes of the blond man in front of her and recognized them almost immediately. She was staring at a man that couldn't be anyone but Kyle's father.

He was tall and lanky, but she could tell that he was much stronger than he appeared. His blond hair tumbled carelessly down his back, brushing the top of his rounded bottom. He looked at her down his long straight nose, his plump lips pursed together to add to his overall look of contempt. Natalie only came to about halfway up his sculpted chest, but she wasn't going to allow him to intimidate her. Anyone who could leave her friend in a lurch like he had wasn't worth her time.

"Where is Kyle?"

"Not here."

The man's frown deepened. "I am not here to cause trouble. I just want to see my son."

Natalie frowned back. "You've had over four years to see him. You didn't seem to be in such a rush before. Why now?"

"I have no reason to explain myself to you."

"Then I have no reason to tell you where your son is. I don't know you. I don't even know your name. And as far as I know you might be here to harm my godson. So really, either an explanation or an ass-kicking is in order."

The man regarded her appraisingly. "You would fight me?"

"I would defend Kyle until my dying breath. But, you would take yours long before I took mine. Of that I am sure."

The first glimpse of a smile crossed the man's lips. "You are as passionate and brave as I was led to believe. Thank you for caring for my son."

"I didn't do it for you."

"I am sorry. Let us start over. My name is Alexander Greenberg and I am Kyle's father. I have been away on urgent business since his conception and now I have returned to make sure that my son is safe and no harm will befall him for the role I have played in a number of issues involving my...family."

"I am Natalie Grant, soon to be Natalie Channing. Though to show up at my house and demand to see Kyle, you must already know that...We'll get back to that later. I care about Kyle and I only want his happiness. You coming into his life and then leaving for another four years when you have more 'urgent business' is not what will make him happy."

"I could not contact him because I was in a very dangerous position."

Natalie watched his face intensely. She could tell that he had been telling her the truth and now was faced with either telling her the truth and gaining access to his son or lying and having the door slammed in his face. She would know which decision he had made from his actions as well as his words, and would act accordingly.

Alexander sighed. "I was working undercover when I met Mindy. I was instantly smitten. She isn't my lifemate, but she was someone I was very interested in passing the time with until I found 'The One'. I wooed her until she finally gave in. It was wonderful being with her. But then, my cover was on the brink of being blown. I knew that if I was found out, the first person they would go after was Mindy. So, I decided to leave. It was only a coincidence that the day I chose to exit her life was the one that she told me that she was pregnant with my son. But, it gave me the perfect out. I made her believe that I was just too afraid to be a father. I gave her some money to help with expenses and then I walked out of her life. I hated to leave her in such a position, but I had no choice. I couldn't take the chance that they would harm Mindy and the unborn child she was carrying. So I left."

Natalie could hear the heartfelt emotion in Alexander's voice as she spoke of that day. She wanted to believe that he was genuine, but only time would tell. A man who worked undercover was obviously very skilled in lying. She would have to be very sure before she could trust him fully.

"I kept tabs on Mindy and Kyle through a friend. He sent me pictures and told me what was going on in their lives. He even sent gifts to Kyle on my behalf on his birthdays. I know I've caused Mindy a lot of pain, but this is the first time I've been able to come out of hiding without fear of the repercussions. It does help that your boyfriend is a Channing. That fact gives me great comfort. The Channings are a very powerful and influential family and they can afford you, Mindy and Kyle the safety that I cannot."

"You've been keeping tabs on me as well? "

"You're the main caregiver for my son. Of course I kept tabs on you."

"Fair enough. What makes you think Mindy will let you back into Kyle's life after all these years? As far as I know, she hates you with every fiber of her being. And you know what, you leaving her like that has made things very difficult for Kyle as well."

Alex grinned. "I know Mindy is still upset with me. She tried to run me down with her car yesterday. So, I decided to try something different."

"Look, you can come in for now, but the minute Mindy become uncomfortable and asks you to leave, I suggest you listen."


Natalie ushered Alexander into her home and left him sitting on the sofa while she poured him a glass of water. She also called Kyan to come over, seeing as she had a total stranger in her house and he was some kind of super spy or something.

As she was returning to the living room with the water, her doorbell rang. She dropped off the water and when she pulled open her door, she was swept into a tight hug.

"Kyan? I just called you like a minute ago."

Kyan chuckled. "I was actually turning the corner when you called. I'm a bit early, but I was hoping to catch you before company arrived. But, it seems I was not the only one with that idea."

"Right. Come in and meet Alexander."

Kyan strode purposefully into the living room and measured up the man who stood before him. Kyan's eyes went straight to his ears, which were pointed, and cursed inwardly. He had recognized the man's face, but the ears confirmed his suspicions. He was standing in the room with one of the most deadly elf assassins, who just happened to be the father of his godson.

"Xandros Greenleaf. What a surprise."

"Mr. Channing, it is nice to meet you face to face. Is it alright if I call you Kyan?"

Kyan snorted. "Do not waste your pleasantries on me. I'm not the one you have to convince to let you see your son."

Natalie broke in. "Wait, Xandros? I thought you said your name was Alexander?"

"It is. In this lifetime, I am Alexander Greenberg. As I am blessed with long life, it becomes necessary to reinvent oneself after so long. It was not a lie. Knowing my true name can be dangerous."

"Bad for the reputation to have someone meet Xandros Greenleaf and live, is it?" Kyan asked idly.

"Not anymore," Alex replied.

Kyan raised an eyebrow in question.

"I quit that line of work."

"And how is it that an assassin can just up and quit? I don't think it works like that."

"Which is why I disappeared for a number of years. I was undercover when I met Mindy, but I dispatched my target, let my family know that I was retiring, and I went into hiding. The bounty on my head was recently revoked."

"How recently?"

"Two months ago. I made sure it was real and they weren't just trying to draw me out and then I approached Mindy. She wasn't very happy to see me."

"I bet not. So plan B was to come to my mate's home and harass her about your son?"

"It was to appeal to someone who isn't trying to run me over with her car. Mindy can be a bit unreasonable at times."

Natalie growled softly. "You have no right to speak of Mindy in any way but with respect. She has raised your child the best she could while battling the heartache you left her with. If she wants to run your ass over with a car, I'm all for that."

Kyan hugged her close and whispered, "Down, love. He's trying."

Natalie huffed, but backed down. The knock on the door distracted her from the evil glare that she was giving Alexander. "Remember what I said, Alex. One word from Mindy and you're out."

The blond nodded and stood, waiting anxiously to see his son in person. Pictures weren't enough anymore.

Natalie opened the door for her friend and her godson. "Mindy, just to warn you..."

"He's here, huh," Mindy interrupted.

"Yeah. But if you want him gone, he's out of here."

"Kyle wants to see him, so I'll let him meet his father. But I don't want to see the man. So, let them visit for a while, get his number and see him out. I don't want Kyle going anywhere with him though."


Natalie knelt down and looked into the blue eyes that belonged to both Kyle and Alex. "You sure, Squirt?"

Kyle nodded. "I thought about it for a long time."

Natalie gave her friend a hug and closed the door behind her. She grabbed the small hand offered to her and led him in to the living room.

Alex couldn't help the tears that sprung to his eyes. There he was, Kyle, in the flesh. He crouched down and spread his arms wide. He could feel his heart beating in his chest, hear it loudly in his ears, the wait was killing him.

Kyle slowly approached, reluctantly letting his aunt's hand go. He watched his father smile and knew that all would be okay. He rushed into the open arms and could feel his father's heartbeat against his own chest as the big arms closed around him. He was safe. He belonged. He was happy.

Natalie buried her face in Kyan's chest, the emotion of the moment getting to her. She could feel Kyle's happiness, as if it was palpable in the air. She made the right decision, she was sure of it.

"Hi, Daddy."

"Hello, my sweet, sweet boy. I'm so happy to see you," Alex responded, his voice thick with tears.

"Where have you been, Daddy? I missed you."

"I...Some not very nice people were after me, so I had to go away for a while. But now I'm back. I'm back for you, Kyle."

"Will you take me to live with you? I don't really want to live with Mommy anymore. She always leaves me."

Alex could feel his heart breaking. How could he have left his son in such a position for so long? What could he say? Mindy would never let him have him without a fight. "Your Aunt Natalie took good care of you while I was away, didn't she?"

Kyle nodded. "She's the best!"

"Well, she might have to keep taking good care of you until me and your mommy can agree on what should happen with you and me. But, no matter what, you can feel me in here, can't you?" Alex pointed to Kyle's heart, "So, I'll always be right there."

Kyle grinned. "I can keep you with me, like I keep Auntie Leelee and my Mommy....and Uncle Kyan and Cassie."

Alex was confused. "Who's Cassie?"

"My wife."

All the adults in the room stared at Kyle with incredulous looks on their faces. Alex recovered first. "What do you mean, Kyle? You don't have a wife."

"Not yet, but when I grow up, I'm going to marry Cassie. She'll be my wife and we'll be happy, like Auntie Leelee and Uncle Kyan."

Kyan looked at Natalie, who was still staring at Kyle with her mouth open. He gently touched her chin, as a signal to close her mouth, and chuckled. "At least we're good role models, Natalie. Boy, Kody is going to be pissed about this."

Kyan's chuckles turned into full-bodied laughs when he thought of what his brother's reaction was going to be when he told him what Kyle said. Natalie nudged him hard with her elbow and smiled serenely at Kyle.

"Cassie is Kyan's brother's newborn daughter. I guess it's good that Kyle won't have to go through life wondering who his mate is. He seems pretty sure of it now."

Alex picked up his son and stood. "My son has found his lifemate before I have found my own. And she's a Channing, no less. I would say that he is quite lucky indeed. I did not think I would have to think of mating ceremonies this early on, though."

"We'll give them...oh, about 20 years to make sure that this is what they want. No need to worry about that now," Natalie assured him.

"Twenty years. That sounds good to me," Alex agreed.

"Not to me," Kyle chimed in.

"No? And why not?" Alex asked.

"We'll be really old in twenty years."

"Kyle, Cassie's just a baby now. You have to give her time to grow up and find out what she wants to do with her life before you swoop in and marry her. And you have to grow up too," Natalie explained.

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