tagFirst TimeObsession Ch. 05

Obsession Ch. 05


Apologies for the delay in posting this, the last chapter. Unfortunately, I went on holiday before I had written the final scenes, but now I'm back, so here it is.

Hope you enjoy it - let me know if you do ~ Rach

* * *

Jess's mum looked at Kelsey with some surprise when the front door opened. "Did she leave something at yours?" she asked.

"No, not exactly," Kelsey replied, thinking fast. Of course, Jess had told her mum that she had stayed over last night. "I just need to borrow a text book," she continued with a bright smile.

"Go on up," Mrs Walker said. "I haven't seen her since she came back. I bet you girls were up half of the night again -- she looked exhausted!"

Anxious to avoid further conversation, Kelsey practically ran upstairs before bursting into Jess's bedroom. Jess was lying across her floral duvet with her eyes closed. For a moment Kelsey thought her friend was asleep, but then she opened her turquoise eyes and smiled.

"Hey," Jess said. "What's up?"

Kelsey quickly glanced towards the half open door and listened to make sure Mrs Walker wasn't anywhere nearby. When she heard faint sounds emanating from the kitchen, she knew that Jess's mum was out of earshot and it was okay to quiz Jess.

"Come on, spill!" she said eagerly.

It was obvious from Jess's expression that last night had gone well.

"It was...nice," Jess confirmed nonchalantly.


"Ok, better than nice. Pretty good actually."


Jess refused to say any more. Instead she smiled secretively and Kelsey began to feel peeved. As much as she wanted to feel happy for Jess, she was still struggling to control her jealousy at the way Daniel had taken over Jess's life. She felt pushed out and neglected.

"Well I'm pleased it was nice for you." Kelsey stood and walked over to the window in silence. She was wondering why she had bothered coming over now. It was obvious Jess was far too preoccupied to talk with her.

Jess's mobile phone bleeped loudly and she immediately snatched it from the bedside table. From the dreamy smile that lit up her face, Kelsey assumed it had to be lover boy again. She scowled and glared at her reflection in the window.

"Right, I'm off to meet Mel and Kyle down the shopping centre. Don't suppose you wanna come?" she asked doubtfully.

"Huh?" Jess barely looked up from her phone.

"Nothing," Kelsey snapped. "Catch you later." She stormed out of the bedroom with angry tears pricking the corners of her eyes.

Mrs Walker threw her a curious glance as she stomped across the hallway, but Kelsey took no notice. If Jess thought Kelsey was covering for her anymore, she had another thing coming. Kelsey was tired of playing second fiddle to a stupid guy. Jess was on her own from now on. Sod her!

* * *

The shop windows were filled with enticing displays of clothes, shoes, and home furnishings, but for once Kelsey didn't give them a second glance. She really wasn't in the mood to be mooching around the stores aimlessly, but since she had promised to meet Mel and Kyle, she had decided to go anyway. It wasn't like she had anything better to do with her time.

By the time she had threaded her way through the crowds, Kelsey was on the verge of crying. She still couldn't believe how thoughtless Jess was being. They had been best friends all the way through school. Boys had come and gone, but Jess had always put Kelsey first.

It was all Daniel's fault. Everything had been fine until he came along. Now Kelsey had lost her best friend and she blamed him for it.

"Over here!" yelled a loud and familiar voice. Kelsey jumped, startled out of her reverie. She glanced around, trying to spot Mel amidst the sea of pink shiny faces. Then she saw her, waving frantically with Kyle sitting on the adjacent chair, eating French fries.

The thought of eating a burger and fries was comforting. Deciding that it had to be time for food, Kelsey waved back and then headed across to the counter to order something calorific.

"Where's Jess?" asked Mel eventually as she watched Kelsey demolish a triple burger.

"At home," Kelsey mumbled through a mouth full of food.

"We don't see her much these days," commented Kyle with a faint smile. "I guess she's pretty busy..."

Mel grinned. "Depends on your definition of busy!"

"Is she all loved up now?" Kyle picked at the remainder of his fries half heartedly as he waited for Kelsey to finish her food.

"More like sexed-up," Kelsey snapped before belatedly thinking she probably shouldn't have said that.

But fuck it, why should I show any loyalty to Jess after the way she's treated me?

"Are you saying that the ice maiden has finally been thawed?" asked Kyle gleefully.

"Don't be horrible," Mel said. She turned to swat Kyle but he ducked.

"Aw come on!" he laughed. "You know the lads have had a bet for months! There was loads of money riding on who shagged her, so at least now I can close my book."

Kelsey looked down at the lump of fatty burger still sitting in the plastic tray, and suddenly realised that her appetite had vanished in a swamp of guilt. Jess was going to be pretty mad when she found out, but it was too late now -- the damage had been done. All Kelsey could do await the fall-out.

* * *

"I'm thinking about touching you now..."

Daniel's voice sent hot shivers though her body and Jess squeezed her thighs together helplessly as she curled up on the bed with her phone pressed to her ear.

"I wish you were touching me," she said huskily.

"Then touch yourself and pretend it's my fingers caressing your skin."

Jess obediently slipped her hand inside her tee shirt and found the hard peak of her nipples. She groaned lightly as the sensations flooded her body with warm moisture.

"Imagine my lips kissing you," he whispered in her ear and she closed her eyes, losing all sense of time and place as the familiar walls of her bedroom faded.

"I'm undressing you, stroking your tits and licking your hard nipples," he told her, his voice rough with arousal.

"Ohhh," she gasped. "I can feel this!" She arched her back as she imagined his mouth on her breasts, hot and wet.

"God I'm hard," he muttered in her ear.

Her hand slipped between her legs and she sighed as she encountered wetness. "I want you," she hissed.

"Trust me, I want you too!" he laughed lightly. "But it's late."

"Can't we meet up?" Now that the idea was had blossomed inside her head, Jess couldn't stand the idea of having to wait until tomorrow to see him. She needed to feel him inside her, to taste him, and more than anything she just wanted to be with him.

"Won't your mum ask where you're going, though?" He sounded doubtful.

"I'll find a way," Jess said eagerly. She was already planning her escape as spoke the words.

"Ok, I'll drive over and meet you down the road. Text me if you can't make it."

Jess flipped her phone shut and grabbing a jacket, she hurried downstairs quietly. The sound of the television filtered through from the living room, but nobody appeared as she padded through into the kitchen.

She had told her mum that she was having an early night, so it was unlikely her mum would bother checking her. As long as she took her key and was quiet when she came back, nobody would ever know she had slipped out for while.

Next doors cat briefly appeared from the shadows as Jess jogged up the edge of the driveway. She stopped to pet it, then she heard the sound of a car stop and her heart thudded painfully in her chest. It was Daniel. Her phone lit up and she read his text with a smile. Then the security light came on outside the front porch and Jess dived round the corner just in time as her father appeared with an empty milk bottle in his hand.

"Where shall we go?" Daniel asked as the engine ticked over.

Jess thought about it for a moment. It was a warm night; they could go anywhere really. "How about down by the river again?" she suggested.

"Ok," he agreed.

He drove them through town and out around the bypass. Neither of them said much but Daniel's free hand rested on Jess's thigh for most of the time and she occasionally caught him watching her.

The small parking area beside the river was deserted - hardly surprising at such a late hour. They jumped out and after locking the car they walked towards the trees and some relative privacy.

The night air was sticky and fragrant. The scent of pine needles wafted through the trees as Jess wrapped her arms around Daniel's neck and kissed him hungrily. She could hear the faint sound of a car in the distance, but it barely registered in her brain. Her whole being was consumed with Daniel. The taste of him was an elixir. The feel of his body pressing against hers left her reeling with desire.

Her life before Daniel seemed an eon ago. It felt like they had always known each other; she certainly couldn't imagine being without him now. He had become an obsession - an all-consuming need.

Her body was aching and already so wet for him. When he pulled her skirt high up her brown thighs, she rubbed against him deliriously, desperate for fulfilment. All thoughts of being careful had gone from her head. Nothing mattered but the intense need to feel him inside her.

He lifted her gently and she felt him throbbing between her legs. In one swift movement, he was in her, sending her spiralling into oblivion. The rough bark against her back was painful, but she didn't care. Her fingers gripped his neck tightly and she buried her face in his neck, inhaling the salty scent of his skin as she cried out.

When it was over, they dropped to the floor amongst the dry leaves and held each other tightly.

"I don't want to go home," murmured Jess brokenly. "I don't want to leave you."

"I know," he said. "I know."

* * *

Jess sat cross-legged beneath the trees at the far end of the athletic field, trying to focus on her textbook. The words kept blurring as she scanned the page and eventually she gave up and allowed the book to fall on to the grass beside her. It was no use. She couldn't concentrate on anything.

Some students were playing football nearby, but Jess didn't notice them. Her mind was too busy playing an endless erotic film of the weekend's events. She dropped backwards on to the grass and closed her eyes as the memories washed over her. A slow sensual heat spread through her limbs and she felt the small flickers of desire threatening to explode in an inferno.

It took a few moments for the realisation that she was no longer alone to sink in. Feeling wrong footed, Jess opened her eyes and saw Neil and Ethan heading her way.

"Ooh look, it's the ice maiden," she heard Neil snigger and she seethed.

How dare he be so horrible after the way he'd behaved!

Now that her peace and quiet had been ruined, she began to grab her stuff, intending to head back across the field towards the main building.

"Not any more," snorted Ethan derisively.

Jess froze as she realised what Ethan meant.

"Yeah, true," laughed Neil. "Just as well the smart money was on Daniel."

Jess had heard enough. She felt sick as the thought that she'd been the victim of some kind of prank reeled through her mind and her stomach churned. It just wasn't possible. She refused to believe that Daniel had used her so callously.

She wiped tears from her eyes as she fled up the field. The sound of laughter chased her and she felt shame flood her cheeks with colour at the thought everybody now knew. Faces turned towards her curiously as she ran across the courtyard towards the double doors, but she ignored them. All she wanted was to go home and hide in her bedroom.


The sound of her name echoed across the corridor, but she didn't stop until a hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her into an empty classroom.

"Let go of me!" she hissed as Imelda glared at her with open hostility.

"No, bitch," Imelda spat angrily. "I saw him first -- you should have stayed out of my way."

"Huh?" Jess said as she struggled to work out what the hell Imelda was saying. Then she realised -- Imelda was talking about Daniel. The psychotic cow thought she, Imelda, had a claim on him.

"Oh leave me alone," Jess snapped as she shoved Imelda away. She was in no mood to put up with the mad bitch. No. Not today.

"Don't fuck with me," Imelda said angrily. "You'll regret it," she warned with a mad glint in her eye.

Jess stared at her in disbelief. Who the hell did she think she was? "I'm not scared of you!" she laughed.

Imelda's face turned pale with fury beneath her thick make-up. "You'll regret saying that," she said as she pulled a vicious looking blade from her jacket.

The blue steel caught a sliver of sunlight from the window and flashed brilliantly. For a second Jess was blinded. She tried to move, but she was paralysed as her limbs turned to jelly. She helplessly tried to convince her brain that this was all a bad dream. Things like this didn't happen to her. She was a good girl - a girl who didn't get into trouble.

"Don't be stupid," she heard herself saying in a shaky voice.

"The only stupid bitch around here is you," Imelda taunted her as she swung the blade close to Jess's face.

Jess ducked and tried to escape, but she was blocked by a row of tables. When Imelda slashed the blade across her arm, Jess screamed. She felt a stinging sensation as it drew blood. She was scared now; really scared. Imelda was clearly insane.

* * *

Kelsey walked along the corridor, deep in thought. She had seen Ethan earlier, but apart from a smirk he had pretty much ignored her. That hurt. She was still annoyed that he had played her for a fool. It also hadn't escaped her notice that he was currently back with psycho Imelda.

When she heard Imelda's taunting voice, followed by a scream, Kelsey almost dropped her bag in shock. A sudden premonition propelled her through the closed door of the empty classroom.

Imelda had Jess pinned against some tables and Kelsey's blood boiled in righteous anger. There was no way she was going to stand back and allow her friend to be attacked.

"Leave her alone!"

Both girls turned in surprise when Kelsey burst into the classroom. Kelsey saw Jess try to make a run for it, but Imelda grabbed her hair and Jess stumbled. Without thinking of the consequences, Kelsey leapt to Jess's defence and tried to pull Imelda away.

She felt something slice her stomach and when she looked down, she saw the scarlet blood blooming brightly on her white shirt. Only then did she realise Imelda had a blade in her hand. Time slowed down to a blurry standstill and Kelsey's legs collapsed from under her. The room suddenly turned icy cold as her vision faded. Horrified screaming echoed from somewhere, but it was like a bizarre dream and her mind struggled to concentrate on the sound.

"Kelsey!" Jess was crying.

Why is she crying? Kelsey's mind clouded with confusion as everything faded to blackness.

Imelda dropped the knife and ran. Jess was left sobbing on the floor, cradling her friend's head as the blood continued to seep out in ever increasing spirals.

* * *

Daniel was just leaving the changing rooms when he heard the commotion. Students milled around in excitement as sirens blared loudly outside. It was only when he caught a snatched snippet of conversation that he felt a cold visceral fear cut through him.

"She attacked Jess Walker!"

The young man who had spoken looked shocked when Daniel grabbed him by the shoulder roughly.

"What's happened?" he demanded frantically.

"Not sure," the young man stammered.

"Is Jess okay?" Daniel had a really bad feeling now. The thought of anything happening to Jess made him feel physically sick.

"I think so. It was her friend who got stabbed."

His sense of relief was acute. "But who attacked them?"

A girl who was listening nearby, jumped into the conversation eagerly. "Imelda," she said gleefully. "She's really done for this time!"

* * *

Jess was talking to two police officers when Daniel finally caught up with her. The pale blue dress she wore was stained with blood and her cheeks reminded him of the ghastly white cheese his mother often brought from the delicatessen. As he entered the room, she saw him and immediately jumped to her feet, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I...I...I think Kelsey's hurt bad!"

Daniel could barely make sense of what she was saying. He pulled Jess close, relieved that it wasn't her who had been taken away in an ambulance.

"Shhh," he said soothingly. "She'll be okay."

"But what if she isn't!" wailed Jess.

Daniel couldn't answer that one. He knew even less that she did.

"Don't worry, love," one of the officers said kindly. "As far as we know, she isn't in a life threatening condition."

Jess sniffed and wiped some of her tears away. "But all the blood!" she said shakily.

"Sometimes it looks worse that it is," the officer said sagely. "Anyway, I think we have enough from you for now, but we'd like you to come in and give a formal statement over the next day or so."

"She will," Daniel said on her behalf.

"Come on, let's get you home," he told Jess before taking her hand firmly and leading her out of the classroom.

* * *

Kelsey opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. Somebody had stuck cartoon Disney stickers up there once upon a time and she noted that Goofy was looking rather dejected. Kind of like how she felt really. The sounds of hospital life filtered in through the open door of her room and she wondered how long she would need to stay here.

Her stomach felt tight and achy. When she looked down she could see a bandage wrapped around her middle and she remembered seeing Imelda with Jess, followed by a scuffle.

"Are you a celebrity or something?" asked a cheerful voice from the doorway.

Kelsey turned her head in curiosity. "Huh? No, why?"

A lanky young man in a wheelchair grinned with amusement. "Just wondered why the police keep hanging around your room."

"Suppose they need to talk to me." No doubt they would want to ask her all sorts of questions.

"So what did happen?" The young man wheeled himself across the room until he was seated beside Kelsey's bed. "I'm Aaron by the way."

"I'm Kelsey." She couldn't help noticing that he was rather cute. Floppy blond hair hung beguilingly over startlingly blue eyes and when he smiled there were little dimples in his cheeks. He was like an adorable puppy.

"Hello, Kelsey, very pleased to meet you. So, come on, tell me your story."

"My best friend was being hassled by someone and I tried to help her, but I ended up in here."

"You're the kind of friend I want," Aaron said with admiration.

She blushed at the compliment before she had a sudden insight into what had happened and why.

"No, I'm not," she replied sadly. "It was my fault Imelda was having a go at Jess -- I said something I shouldn't have." Oh God. Why did she tell spill her guts in front of Kyle? Once it came out that she'd told Kyle about Jess spending the night with Daniel, Jess would never forgive her.

Aaron looked at her quizzically. "Way I see it," he said, "is that you put yourself in danger for a friend. In my book that makes you a pretty special person."

"Thanks, but I'm not special at all. I'm just..." She examined the hideous pattern that swirled across the curtains opposite her bed. "I'm just nothing." She knew it was true. Jess was going to hate her when it all came out and then she would have nobody.

"So you don't fancy playing scrabble with me this evening?"

Aaron was smiling at her when she raised her head and looked at him, her vision blurred by bitter tears.

"Don't you have a girlfriend visiting or something?" He was just being nice. She knew that really.

"Nope. My girlfriend dumped me after the accident. Said she couldn't deal with the trauma of having a boyfriend stuck in a wheelchair for a few months -- bad for her image I suppose." He rolled his eyes.

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