tagExhibitionist & VoyeurObsession Ch. 05

Obsession Ch. 05


As Bob hung up the phone, he was practically semi-erect as he got up, stuffing his dick into his pants as he walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower. He glided his hand along his shaft again, remembering how good it felt to be deep inside Melissa's pussy and he almost brought himself to orgasm but he stopped. He wanted to save that for her tonight.

After drying off, he packed up a few things in a bag and threw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt. He drove over to Mel's house and knocked on the door. He checked on his watch and saw he was a few minutes early which was good. He watched as she opened the door and he smiled broadly, his eyes taking in the sight of her.

"You're a sight for sore eyes!" he murmured as he stepped inside, kissing her lightly. She smiled and said, "Thank you!" as she grabbed his hand and took him into the bedroom. She sat down on the bed facing him and he told her to wait here. Before he left, he mentioned, "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

Melissa was excited to see what it was as her hands rested on her lap, her heartbeat almost racing. He grabbed the bag off the table and brought it into the bedroom. He took out a black blindfold and walked quietly over to her. He gave her a quick kiss while tied it around her eyes.

He could see her facial expression change and he was unsure how to interpret it. He could sense she was frightened but a bit excited. "Bob, what are you doing?" He could hear the fear in her voice while she continued. "I don't like being blindfolded." He listened to everything she said and muttered, "I won't hurt you, Melissa. I promise you. Trust me, ok?" To ease her tension, he kissed her neck and massaged her breasts through the thin material of her blouse.

He went on his knees to lick her nipples through the blouse, a whimper coming through her throat. He continued to lick and suck her nipples, pulling on them gently, her whimpering turned into a growl. He was getting very hard, gently pushing her body upwards unto the bed, needing to taste her again. He pulled her jeans down swiftly, as he saw she was wearing black see-thru panties, he could smell her wetness and it drove him wild. He could see her puffy pussy lips peaking through while his tongue lightly licked them. He reached upwards to slide a hand under her blouse to massage her breast meanwhile he continued to lick her pussy lips, hearing Mel sigh deeply.

He got up and removed his shirt and jeans, kicking them aside, now completely naked. He kneeled between her thighs and licked her hard clit with his tongue. She arched her back and pushed the material of her panties back and forth between her wet slit. "Bob," she moaned quietly, her arousal growing and her moistness coating even more of her panties. He tugged on her panties as Mel lifted up her body so he could pull them off. He stared in awe at her pussy, loving how swollen it looked, his erection bobbing between his legs.

He stroked his cock with short jerks, groaning slightly as his mouth made contact with her cunthole. His tongue fucked her slowly at the same time while she whimpered and pushed more of her pussy into his face. He loved how wet she was getting as he slid a finger deep inside her warmth while nibbling lightly on her clit. She cried out, her juices flowing over his fingers and some into his mouth.

He couldn't take it anymore, he needed to be sheathed in her pussy, slowly unbuttoning her shirt, pushing the material aside to give him access to her breasts as he rubbed his cockhead covered with precum on her clit. His mouth latched on her hardened nipple while slipped into her wetness, stopping to feel her clench around him completely. He moved slowly as he sucked on her nipple, feeling Mel run her hands through his hair. She mewled as his stokes were slow and deliberate, relishing in the moans slowly escaping through her gorgeous lips.

Mel was in heaven, her legs wrapped around him as Bob captured her mouth in a kiss, his pace intensifying. Her body moved in rhythm with his, his fucking becoming harder, his hands touching her nipples, rolling them between his fingertips, pinching them hard. He pushed his length completely into her, changing the position, pushing her legs above her head as he pounded her relentlessly, her wetness coating his cock and balls as she screamed until finally both of them climaxed. He pushed in and out of her as he couldn't get enough of her pussy.

"Bob, that was...." She had no words to describe how she was feeling as he laid down beside her, still buried deep in her cunt. "You don't have to say it, Mel," removing the blindfold, running his hands through her hair. He took in her beauty and he liked seeing her afterglow. To Bob, she was absolutely breathtaking.

Mel took in the way his eyes sparkled with merriment as she pushed her body closer to his and kissed his lips. She embraced him, their kissing got more passionate as his cock twitched inside of her. She broke the kiss to ask, "Ready for another round?" He didn't answer her question but instead pushed her onto her back with a devilish look in his eyes planting her legs on his shoulders. He slammed her hard over and over, sometimes the tip of his cock touching her cervix. They kept going like this for the next few hours, fucking in different positions, doing things Mel had never done before.

The one she enjoyed the most was when she was leaning against her bedroom window, gazing up at the stars as Bob was dozing off in her bed. She didn't know how long she was standing there until a pair of hands pushed her tight against the window. He whispered, "Have you always wanted to be taken like this, Mel?" His tall fingers gripped her hips tightly as he pushed his cock balls deep inside with one stroke. She growled when he said, "You like being fucked like this, rough against the window, your naked body on full display for everyone to see," her cries filling the room.

Her attention fixated on someone watching them. It was her next door neighbor, Mr. Wilson. She could see him watching intently each time her boobs got squished tight against the window, her hands fully planted on the glass. Her eyes went straight to the bulge he was sporting, his hand casually touching it, as he delved his hands into his underwear.

Bob looked over her shoulder to see her neighbor fisting his cock while he watched. "You like seeing him masturbate as I fuck you, don't you?" She couldn't answer, his pounding filling her pussy completely as she was entranced by Mr. Wilson's thick cock, standing fully erect as he jerked off in front of her, turning her on even more.

"Mmm. You wish he was in your room, sitting in a chair, jerking off, watching as we fuck, eh?" as he reached around to grab her breasts, entering her roughly. "Oh God, yes, Bob I do!!" she bellowed, watching her neighbor stroking faster, getting more erect as he saw Bob pull her away from the window momentarily, gripping her hair tightly, kissing her neck, as his balls began to tighten while her body was reaching the point of no return. She glanced to her neighbor and she could tell he was about to come too.

"Oh fuck!!" As an intense orgasm hit her, leaving her trembling as Bob bit into her neck as his seed spurted into her pussy at the same time as Mr. Wilson came, his cum coming in spurts over his stomach and hand. He winked at her as he slid his hand over his cock a few more times until he was spent. She watched as he walked away as Bob muttered in her ear, "Baby that was so good."

Bob carried Mel back to bed and he laid down beside her, peering downwards to see his cum flowing out of her pussy. "God! It's so hot to see my cum inside you," he muttered, his fingers trailing along the length of her body. Mel's hand went to his cock and she jerked him off gently, entertaining the thought of tasting their mixed juices. Bob watched as Mel got on her knees and bent over, taking his length into her wet mouth to suck him off. She loved the way both of them tasted together, as she ran her tongue along his length, licking off the remnants of their cum. She stared deeply into his eyes as she did; encircling his cockhead until finally he was completely clean.

He was practically hard again, his thick cock bobbing slightly as his hand gently touched her cheek. "I need to fill you up with more cum baby," he said quietly, gently pushing inside her warmth again. "I don't ever want to leave it," as he fucked her with long strokes as he leaned over to kiss her. He couldn't get enough of her as he felt her body respond to his, meeting his stroke, her hips moving in time with his.

He felt herself tightening around him as his strokes got rougher as they both were nearing orgasm again. He wanted to take his time, so he slowed down the pace, prolonging it, her tight pussy gripping him each time he pulled out fully and pushed deep inside again. "Bob..." was all she could say as his cum begin to spill into her, as he groaned loudly. Rope after rope of cum filled her until he was completely spent as he slowly stroked until he pulled out. The cum was leaking onto her sheets as he kissed her lips again.

"What you do to me Mel," he sighed, pulling her close to him, wrapping her in an embrace, his eyes closing as he dozed off.

He woke up the next morning, his legs entwined with hers, his arms tightened around her beautiful breasts as the early morning sunlight streamed through the window. He couldn't imagine a better way of waking up as his hand went to touch her pussy, rubbing her clit slightly.

He heard a slight response from her as he continued, his cock sliding along her ass, getting harder each time. He parted her legs slightly as he could see she was still wet. He found her entrance and entered her, stopping for a moment. She pushed back on him, taking more of his cock as he began to move, his arm wrapped around waist as he took her there.

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