tagErotic CouplingsObsession Ch. 07

Obsession Ch. 07


I had spotted him several weeks ago and thought that he looked quite interesting so this was my ideal opportunity to strike up a conversation with him.

"Hi, do you mind if I sit with you, most of the other tables are taken and I didn't want to sit alone." I said to the older gentleman as I leaned forward to put my drink down on the table and unfolded the plastic wrap on the pre-made sandwich.

"Oh please do." The kind older gentleman said as he eyed my body as I sat down.

"It's a beautiful day outside. I parked in the sun so I hope the cars not too warm when I get back there."

"Do you have air conditioning?" He asked as he eyed my breasts through my thin blouse.

"Yes, but it takes a while to get the car cool enough and I don't have that far to go really. I have the car windows cracked about 1/2 inch, I hope that helps."

"You need one of those little wee fans that are advertised on TV, they fit on the closed car window and work by solar energy."

"Wow, that sounds like a great idea, do you have one?" I asked.

"Yes, I bought one, they do help."

"Neat idea, so what do you do? Are you retired?" I asked.

"I'm kind of semi retired, I just work a few days a week now, I'm a Real Estate Broker."

"Ah that must be very interesting, I'm a Computer Programmer."

"Yes, it has been interesting, I got to meet people from all walks of life, I did a lot of Residential Real Estate then later I started my own firm and finished up behind a desk."

"I see, I bought myself a small apartment about a year ago. I love it really, no outside maintenance."

"Oh, whereabouts?" He asked as I leaned forward and bent to the floor to look in my purse, mainly to give him a good peek down the front of my blouse at my bra less breasts.

"Over on Macintosh. The tall white building, number 400." I told him.

"Oh yes, I remember when they went on sale, very nice little units that were all upgraded and fitted with all brand new appliances. What floor did you get?"

"I got a unit on the 4th floor, #11 that's a corner unit. Where do you live?"

"Well I've got a large detached home on Thompson but it's much too big for me, now that I'm on my own. I won't even go in the pool now, when I'm alone." He said.

"I'm Judy, by the way."

"Oh I'm not very polite am I, my names Bob. Here's my card."

"So Bob, you're on your own?"

"Yes, my wife passed away almost two years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that Bob. It must get rather lonely for you."

"It does Judy, the house is so damn big I could get lost and it sounds so hollow when I'm there all alone. The only time I get visitors is at Christmas when the family gets together for a few days, then it takes me a month to get it cleaned up after they have gone."

"Wow, it sounds like you need to sell it and get yourself a nice apartment somewhere."

"You maybe right, its getting to be a real chore keeping up the outside maintenance."

"Do you come here often Bob, to snack?"

"Just on a Saturday mornings, like today."

"Well I may see you again Bob, I've got to get going now, I have an appointment just over there at the hairdressers in 5 minutes. They are really picky if you're not on time."

"Oh that's too bad, I was enjoying your company Judy."

"Yes me too, Bob."

"Well if you're ever on Thompson drop in and see me at #237 and bring your bathing suit, I have a swimming pool."

"Oh wow, I'm not doing too much today Bob, maybe later I'll stop by then, sorry I gotta run. Bye."

"Bye Judy."


Bob was kind of sweet, he very much looked and sounded like the type of older man that I liked, I thought, as I walked over to the hairdressers and sat down on one of their padded chairs with a magazine.

An hour later I was out in the parking lot looking for my car amongst the hundreds that seemed to have all parked around mine. Damn it was so hot inside the car when I did find it that I opened all the windows and turned the air conditioner on right away as soon as I started the car. But it never even got cool enough, not even when I had reached my apartment building and then I was parked again.

The thought of jumping into a nice swimming pool was simply overwhelming so I whizzed up to my unit and quickly slipped on my little pink bikini then threw on a short skirt and blouse and grabbed some flat shoes.

I knew where Thompson Road was but it was an awfully long road and I must have started off going the wrong way and had to turn around but at least my air conditioner had improved.

There it was #237 with big pillars at the front of the long driveway with the house set quite far back. I pulled into the driveway and just followed it towards the house but there were no cars. Maybe he hadn't arrived home yet I thought and I was about to pull away when the garage door opened and there was a car.

Moment's later Bob appeared and motioned for me to take the empty space inside the three-car garage. I pulled inside and the door closed behind me then I could feel that it was so much cooler inside the garage.

"Your car will be much cooler, when you leave. I'm glad you came Judy, did you bring a swim suit?" Bob said as he stood near my open car door.

"Yes, I popped back home and got one."

"Wonderful, now I can swim too. I don't swim alone anymore when no ones here." He said as he showed me into the house.

"This is a big house Bob." I said as we passed through the kitchen and then into a large living room just off the spacious open front foyer. I peeked out through the patio doors and looked at the huge swimming pool that looked so refreshing on a day like this.

"There are 4 bedrooms upstairs, you can use any on the right if you need to change into your swimsuit, the bedroom on the left is mine. Would you like a drink first or a swim?"

"Oh the swim sounds like what I really need, Bob. Maybe a cool drink afterwards."

"That sounds like a great plan, I'll get changed myself." He said and then led the way to the bedrooms. I was out of my skirt and blouse in a matter of a few minutes and was back downstairs well before he was even finished.

"Oh my, you really look stunning Judy. Shall we sample the pool, now?" He said as his eyes followed me wherever I went. The small bra top showed ample cleavage with material thin enough to definitely show the location of the nipples, once it was wet it allowed the nipples to protrude much more. The bikini bottom wasn't exactly a thong style but it was sharply cut away in the back to show off part of my butt cheeks with just enough in front to cover a girl's pubic area and not very much more. I was already having second thoughts about wearing this particular bikini but then I thought what the heck.

Bob walked under the outside shower and pressed the heavily chromed button then cringed a few times when the cool water came down and then he quickly scurried away. I stepped under and pressed the button and gritted my teeth, then I scurried away towards the pool. Bob was already in the water so I slid in beside him.

"Brrr, why do they have cool water in showers." He said and grinned.

"So you'll get out in a hurry." I said and we both laughed then we both swam the full length and stopped to tread water at the deep end.

"Oh this is great Bob. I love swimming."

"Yes, I do too Judy." He said and we slowly swam another 2 full lengths side by side.

"This is wonderful on a day like today, Bob."

"Are you ready for that cool drink Judy, I've iced tea in the fridge and chilled glasses in the freezer."

"Sure, but I'll get it for you." I said as I darted away doing the crawl at high speed and then climbed out of the shallow end leaving Bob to plod slowly behind.

Minutes later I had a small jug of iced tea on a tray with 2 chilled glasses and laid it out on the patio table which had a nice umbrella overtop that shaded the table and two of the chairs.

"Wow, you move pretty fast in the water." Bob said as he climbed out of the pool and I could see that he either had the better part of an erection or he had a soft giant cock. I knew then that he must have been watching me move around on the patio in my wet bikini I thought.

"Yep, I used to be on the swim team, many years ago." I said as I laughed.

"It can't have been that many years ago, you're still pretty young."

"I'm 26 years old now, so it would have been about 9 years ago when I won the medal for the 200 metres, I was the fastest girl doing the crawl in the 400 metres as well."

"Oh wow, that's pretty damn good." He said and then we just made all kinds of small talk and eventually went back into the pool to do several more lengths. By this time the sun was quite high in the sky and it was beating down on us in the pool so we decided to layout on the loungers and do a little sunbathing.

"Do you have suntan lotion Bob?"

"Yes, I have some in the downstairs bathroom, under the sink."

"I'll get it then." I said and went into the house.

"You find it okay?"

"Yep, turn over let me put some on your chest." I said as I straddled his body and sat down gently over his growing cock. I squeezed the tube onto his nipples and then gently rubbed it over his neck and over his chest. I dabbed a little on his face and then turned right around to put some on his legs all the way up to his thighs.

"Ok turn over." I said as I partially stood while he turned and then sat down over his butt.

I put some on his shoulders and on his back then on the back of his legs and down the top inch or so of his trunks. "There, that should help." I said.

"How about you?" He asked. "Yeah, you better do my back and my legs, please."

I lay on my tummy and undid the tiny strap of my bra top while he applied the lotion to my back and sides. Then he put some on my legs and started with my feet and worked his way all the way up to my thighs so I opened my legs a little more so that he could reach my inner thighs. "Let me turn over and you can do my front." I said.

When I turned over my eyes were glued to his trunks and the hard shaft that was pointing upward inside them and almost peeking out of the top of his trunks. He did the front of my legs and then cautiously did my belly and up towards my breasts. "You better do these too. I usually sunbathe topless." I said as I smiled and removed the loose bra top to reveal my breasts.

"Oh my god. What a beautiful sight," He said with a big smile as he reached forward with the tube and squeezed.

I reached up and held his hard cock then started to ease down his trunks and said: "Take those trunks off, sweetie." He practically jumped out of them and then I had both of my hands on his genitals while he applied the cream to my breasts.

I stroked him gently with one hand and held his balls in the other hand and I could see how swollen his cockhead was, which had turned a mild shade of purple. His eyes were mostly closed but he kept moving his hands on my breasts as he massaged the lotion all over. I continued with the gentle long strokes of his hard swollen manhood until he reached a point where his mouth was gaping out and uttering soft moans that turned into louder ones.

Then it all happened in a matter of seconds and he was violently spurting in rapid succession over my belly and part of my breasts. I kept pumping his throbbing cock gently until he had finished spitting his warm sticky cum at me.

Then I slid down the lounger and lifted my head as I took his wet swollen cockhead in my mouth and sucked him dry. The excitement was simply overwhelming and I slid my hand which I had laden with his warm sticky cum down my bikini bottom and rapidly masturbated myself.

"Wow, that was awesome. I never expected anything like that Judy." He said as he smiled and I smiled back and told him it sure WAS awesome.

"Relax now Bob and lay down for a while, but first I'll make sure you don't get your pecker burnt." I said as I applied some cream to his entire genital area.

We lay there sunbathing and I kept peeking at his cock, which was still stood straight up high like a flagpole and I couldn't help but grin. Moments later I took off my bikini bottom and told him that I needed some cream protection on both the front and back.

He did my butt cheeks first and then I turned over and he had that 'wow' look on his face when he saw my bald pussy.

"Yes, that needs looking after too, Bob." I murmured.

He started slowly and then I took his hand and showed him how to really please me and he did a wonderful job with his fingers at bringing me to an orgasm.

Then I threw the towel on the floor and lay on my back with my legs wide open for him and told him that I needed his hard swollen cock inside me NOW.

He pushed and thrusted like a real champion before we both orgasmed and then I held him tightly over top of me for several minutes until we had both come down off our highs.

"I guess we better shower again, before we go back in the water, Bob." I said with a big smile before we went back into the pool.


It was a great day and I knew that I would be seeing more of Bob as time went by.

Just a note: Bob was approximately the 25th man of about 47 that I had seduced since moving to the city.

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