tagFetishObsession of the Mind Ch. 07

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 07


What an overwhelming rush of emotions as I tried to compose myself. I just witnessed my girlfriend experience orgasmic bliss I was unaware of or had ever though she was capable of. Due in part was the guy now removing his enormous eight inch dick from her well fucked pussy.

He kissed her back and began to fiddle around looking for his clothes. Rachel was still lying on the bed face down. Obviously worn out and exhausted from the furious fuck session she just received. I on the other hand; was still hiding beneath the luxurious oversized bed with her on a few feet away.

My dick was now limp and shrinking to its normal yet particularly small state of being. What a small thing I do have compared to what Rachel just fucked, I thought to myself.

How was I to proceed with our relationship now? Pretend to be oblivious of her indiscretions or instigate? I wasn't sure yet, I figured I could sleep on it while of course masturbating over and over again at what I had witnessed.

Rachel finally started to stir as she heard the door slam meaning her ex had left. I saw her stare blankly at her surroundings. Likely trying to comprehend what had just happened at her any likely repercussions. She sat cross legged looking in the mirror. For a moment I was afraid she saw me, but I was paranoid. I was in the dark, so no worries.

She picked her tiny thong from the edge of the bed and began to wipe away at her freshly fucked pussy. I guess she was aware of the amount of semen that would be dripping if she stood up prematurely. She quickly threw her cum soaked panties to the middle of the bed and began to strip the sheets. She went to the laundry room and I wondered if I should take this opportunity to jump from underneath her bed. But I decided against it despite my now growing need to urinate.

She quickly returned and I decided to instigate, well just a little bit. I texted her a message, "Hey, how are you. Miss you."

She opened her phone and I heard a discernable groan as she read it. "God what have I done," she muttered to herself.

"Miss you too," was all she replied back as she began to make her way to the shower to clean herself.

I couldn't help but stare as she walked just a few feet from my eyes. Her beautiful round ass wiggling as she readied herself. I couldn't wait to see her personally. The shower was my perfect escape if only she would get in there soon enough.

As she got the water running and was about to jump in, the phone rang.

"Hello?" she said.

"God you are calling me already? Look it's not right; it's a one time deal. I can't be doing these things anymore."

"Whatever, call me when you make some sense. Bye."

She always had that commanding and domineering way about her. I assumed it was her ex.

She finally got in the shower and I planned my escape.

Was pretty simple actually, I just quietly crawled to the open doorway and hurried to my room. What a crazy relationship we have, with each of occupying separate rooms. Oh well, I thought to myself, I'll take what I can get. I took a two minute shower not wetting my hair as not to give the impression I had been home for long. But I freshened up. Rachel was particular about clean and nice smelling men to be in her presence.

What now? I convinced myself to feign ignorance if she even suspected I knew anything. I really didn't care and I obviously got off on the idea, the concept and the reality of her exploits. I did, however, want to find out if I could ignite a sexual exploit between us. I knew her pussy was just pummeled by a huge cock and I wondered if it would feel looser than normal. I also wondered if she would be too reserved to fuck me anticipating I might find out something was different down there.

I liked the idea she was so powerfully ambitious in her quest of satisfying her personal sexual needs. I had decided I didn't want her to stop. I considered the idea of watching her again. I was already sporting a hard on when the shower turned off.

Moment of truth; if I could just get through the next awkward minutes, life will be easy again.

I made a purpose of making the door slam so she would be aware I was home. I then proceeded to make my way to the refrigerator and prepare my lovely girlfriend the drink I promised her. Vodka and tonic I decided and I called out for her.

"Hey babe, I'm home. Where are you?"

"Out in a minute, just got out of the shower," she replied.

I turned on the TV and flipped around not finding anything worth watching. She came out of her room looking absolutely stunning. Oh how I do love tight sexy clothes that can accentuate a tight sexy body. She did however manage to play it off as though it were normal everyday clothes for her.

Her breasts were definitely on display as she chose a tight simple tank top. Accessorized by simple shorts that were obviously two sizes two small. She did love to show that great ass off every chance she got.

"Hey you," she said as she entered the living room to sit next to me.

I acted nonchalant and replied, "Hey,"

I had a million things running through my mind but I decided it best to keep it simple. We sat quiet I had yet to find a channel to stop on.

"How are you feeling?" I asked. "Pretty crazy night last night." I said as I offered her a drink.

She laughed, "Yeah I can't remember anything."

"Really?" I inquired.

"Bits and pieces,"

Oh how I love her. She was giving me a free pass, whether or not she may or may not have remembered any of our absurd conversations the previous night. Though I do recall her conversation with a friend in which she divulged was well aware of my proclivity and fascination about penis size and her experiences.

Today is a new day.

"Well you did have a bit much to drink," I laughed.

"Yeah I know," she said as she swallowed the rest of her first drink.

I was bold and said fuck it. I put my hand on her knee and kissed her cheek. "I miss you," I said.

She laughed but was kind enough to allow my hand to remain on her knee. "I know." She took the remote from me and started to look busy. I'm certain she was unsure of whether or not to indulge my proposition.

So I had better play my cards right. I gently massaged her knee and said, "Let's fool around."

"God you are such a dork," she laughed. "You know it takes more than a pat on the knee and a stupid line to turn a girl on."

"Oh?" I replied as I slid my hand up her thick fit thigh. "What does it take to turn you on?"

"Hmm, making progress," she laughed lightly with her closed eyes. "I don't know if tonight is such a good night. Maybe if I gave you a special kiss." She replied as she took her left hand and patted my little erection.

"Oh really?" I replied. "I think a kiss would be lovely. Would you be so kind and show me?"

She then lowered her head and mouth to my jeans and kissed the bump where my small penis made its impression. The same mouth that had only previously been sucking on an enormous cockhead. She had never sucked me off, or ever given me the slightest impression that it might be conceivable. Was she offering this as a consolation prize as not prevent me entering her glorious pussy?

Was her glorious pussy aching and swollen and not ready for a new dick even a small one?

I had to instigate.

"Maybe I could return the kiss?" I said marveling at her thighs and where the fabric of her thin tight shorts accentuated her great thick pussy lips.

She knew what I was up to. But hadn't readily a good response to keep me from pursuing as she knew I loved sucking her pussy only half as much as she enjoyed the experience herself. "Hmm, maybe," was all she could muster as she searched for another drink.

I was fascinated by her pussy it was gorgeous and tight but at the same time thick and meaty. The female vagina is such a magnificent thing. One moment it is stretched to capacity by that of a newborn, the next it has returned to a conceivable normal state.

Only an hour ago was her pussy stretched to the max by a thick giant dick. I hadn't much time before her pussy would return to normal. I just wanted for some reason to feel it for a moment as it had been stretched. I wanted to feel my small dick and know she would acknowledge as even smaller than before after my clean yet sloppy seconds.

She continued to nurse her drink and parted her legs slightly. Her great pussy lips her visible as the white fabric was terrible at disguising her beautiful mound. Oh I was in a trance. I had to suck on her pussy if only for a moment. I found myself more adventurous by the moment.

I knelt and kissed her knee. Giving more kisses each one more deep and sensual as I worked up her thigh. I positioned my self on the floor and held both my hand at her waste line ready to pull her shorts off. I began to pull them down when she the fucking phone rang. It was always something. She jumped up to retrieve it.


"No, I'm busy"

"I don't care."

"Good for you."


She laughed, "You better not."

"I can't talk right now."

"I'm not going to talk about that."

She looked at me to see if was listening which I'm sure she knew I was. I glanced down and fumbled with the remote, more or less giving her an okay to keep talking.

She laughed, "We'll talk about that later."

"So what are you doing?"

"You're such a per----"she interrupted herself knowing she was talking too much.

"A person, a stupid person," she laughed.

"No, I'm fine. Thanks anyways."

"Maybe tomorrow."

I knew exactly what was going on. It was Nathan calling her inquiring about when he would have a chance at her ass. She was discreet but I was clever enough to know. I thought almost for a minute if I should excuse myself. I loved the idea she was talking to some big dicked ex lover and enjoying the tease. Fuck it.

I walked to the restroom.

"If you are good," she said.

I heard faintly as I entered the restroom, "yes, you were good today," she laughed. I closed the door and desperately wanted to stroke my little dick. I leaned against the door. I loved the raw futility of my situation. I wanted to hear more.

"I told you earlier, I don't know if we can keep this up."

"Tonight? No way. Chris is here, retard."

"Don't say that or I am seriously hanging up the phone."

"You are nothing without it." She seemed irritated.

"Fine, call me later. You can't keep calling me though."

"Alright we'll see what happens; call me at midnight, my phone will be on vibrate, so I might not answer right away."

"Okay bye,"


I flushed the toilet and returned to the living room. Fuck it. "So who was that?"

She looked up at the ceiling not making eye contact. "Nobody."

"Nobody?" I asked.

"I swear you guys only think with your dicks."

"Whoa? What?"

"Yeah, where are the nice guys? Where are the guys that can just be happy to be in love and not have to stick their dick in something every chance they get?"

I was befuddled but stood their and with a look of confidence said, "Hello?" as I pointed at my chest.

"Mhmm, that's why only a minute ago you tried to take off my shorts," she laughed.

I couldn't argue with the logic but still kept my poise. "Yeah because we were having a moment that you instigated."

"I instigated", she laughed.

"Yes you kissed me on the lap I would say you instigated it," I laughed.

She laughed, "Whatever"

I sat next to her and looked her dead in the eyes. "Want to finish what we started?" I massaged her thigh.

"Alright but make it quick I want to get to bed early tonight."

Get to bed early so you can continue talking to whomever, I asked myself. I didn't really care. I was so turned on from morning until night. I was in ecstasy this whole day. It was so overwhelming. I poured her another drink and then stripped from my clothing.

I removed my boxers. I could tell her eyes here fixated upon my presentation. My little dick sprung into view and she giggled turning away.

"What the fuck?"

She turned back and said, "nothing, sorry."

"Did you just giggle at my dick?" I laughed.

"Sorry, don't be mad."

"I'm not mad, just curious why you would laugh as I'm trying to put on a show," I laughed.

"Well you know," she smirked.

"Still about that?" I interjected.

"Yes, it's really small," she laughed.

"I guess you remember last night." I laughed.

"Yes, somewhat, I do remember you talking about size all night and asking me about my sex life."

"Oh," was all I could muster.

"It's fine but honey, your dick is really small, love you and all but seriously," she laughed.

"Love you too," I laughed. I was getting bold. "Wish it was bigger?"

She laughed, "You know I do," she started teasingly removing her shorts.

I laughed, "Its fine, I love that you are so honest."

"Oh am I?" she asked.

"Yes, you are very upfront. I guess I knew that from the start."

Her shorts were now on the floor as she played with her lovely breasts.

"Want to jerk it for me?" she smiled.

"No I want it inside you," I smiled.

"Un uh..." she waved her finger. "I think you want to jerk it for me and let me watch your little dick cum."

I did. But fuck did I want to feel her pussy. So I wasn't giving up so easily. I began to jerk off as she removed the last article of clothing. Worst part was she kept her legs together I was dying to see her fantastic pussy.

Motherfucker. The phone rang again. Here I am jerking off to the pretty image of my dream girl as she turns around to pick up the damn thing.

"Hello?" she was more inviting this time.

"Umm, nothing, just watching TV."

She put her shorts back on and sat on the couch. I got up and fixed her a stiff drink. I was naked the whole time.

"Maybe I'm going to right now," she laughed.

I acted disinterested as she continued.

"He doesn't want that," she smirked giving a subtle glance of acknowledgment of my voyeur ears.

"Brenda, shut up. I'm not in the mood."

"Call me tomorrow."

She hung up and lifted her thick thighs on the coffee table as if to put them on presentation for my angry, horny, confused dick.

"What did she want?" I asked.

"I don't know she was being a perv," she said.

"Perv, like how?" I asked.

"Wanting to know if was being bad."

"Bad like what?"

"Like fucking."

"What did you mean when you said 'he doesn't want that'?"

"Oh, she was asking about if you were going to fuck me finally."

"Wait what?" "You girls talk too much," I subsided.

She laughed, "Yeah she's a perv"

"Well am I going to fuck you finally? It's been weeks," I laughed.

"If you are lucky, but like she said, you might be happy enough just jerking off looking at me."

"I might be, but I surely would love to feel your pussy again. But that wouldn't do much good for you," I smirked knowing what I was instigating.

"No but either would you fucking me do much good for me."

I found that I was readily jerking off my little wiener in front of her. She had just pulled down her shorts again this time she didn't hold back. She sat across on the recliner and went spread eagle. Her pussy was glistening in all its wetness. Her folds were parted as she mildly stroked at her engorged clit.

"Wait, what? Fucking you doesn't do any good?" I asked while stroking myself.

"Don't get upset I was just teasing."

"No, that's not teasing."

"Sure it is, look at you," she laughed.

"Whatever I said and I tried to stop playing with it.

Then she hit me with a bomb.

"Does your itty bitty dick get turned on knowing it's not big enough for me?"

I started coming all over. She played with her clit enjoying the scene and then the phone rang again.

To be continued....

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