tagInterracial LoveObsession: Ten Days of Going Black

Obsession: Ten Days of Going Black


Note: Thanks to Stormbringer and his hot interracial stories that brought this wife some incredibly arousing ideas for her real life.

Wife's View

How was I to know that things would come so far in just ten days? Looking back I wonder if things had been different –if we never got the package- what our sex life would be like? Would I have ever discovered these things on my own? I'm not sure...

"The wrong order"
Husband's View

The order from E&I came by UPS and my wife and I unwrapped the package. There were the lesbian DVDs I ordered! I was hoping to watch them with my wife- there was something really hot about her getting off looking at another woman. I've always fantasized about her with another woman and I enjoyed pressing the fantasy as far as I could with her. I doubted she would ever do anything but it was still sexy. A man could hope, right?

I looked at her as she thumbed through the DVDs and frowned. A whole bunch of them were titles like "My Wife's First Black Cock", "Once You Go Black", and something called "Cuckold" which was an unfamiliar term at the time. I didn't order any of that. I ordered the Lesbian Package, the Toy Package, and the Housewife Package but there was nothing in the descriptions about black guys.

While I didn't really think anything bad was about it, I knew my wife did not like black men at all. I scanned through the DVDs and sure enough a lot of them were interracial. The package also contained a vibrator and a dildo just like I ordered, but they weren't the right size or color. These were black and enormous; bigger than any guy's cock could possibly be and black.

"Well, what am I supposed to do with this? I'm not putting this thing up in me!" My wife said, tossing the vibrator back in the box. "And this one?" she read the label while holding up the dildo. "Is 'Lexcaliber, molded from Lexington Steele's actual cock'." She rolled her eyes and threw it into the box too.

Even the condoms were the wrong size. They were extra large "Magnums" which I didn't even know existed.

They must have sent us the wrong package. I put the contents of the package in a blue colored trunk we kept in the bedroom. It had all of our 'naughty' items like lingerie, a blindfold, some things to tie each other up with, and some older porn movies. We called it the 'blue box'. I was intending to return some of the items to E&I and I really should have returned the package earlier, but I got caught up in other things and forgot. It sat there for a long time untouched until one night when my wife decided to spice up the evening with a dirty movie. She reached in at random (at least I tell myself that now) and grabbed a DVD for us to watch. I suppose that's when I first noticed her change...

Day 1: Saturday
Wife's View
"It was an innocent idea"

We decided to have sex last night and to spice things up I suggested a dirty movie. The lights were out and I fumbled around in the dark in our trunk where we hid all the adult items we wouldn't want anyone finding. The movie I grabbed out of our 'blue box' just happened be an interracial movie and while we were having sex I found myself distracted by the perverse display on our television. The guy on the screen was a Negro and he had an enormous cock! I even let out a little "Wow!" when I saw it flop out of his pants like a big, black snake. I felt a little embarrassed though and mentioned nothing but it had to be ten inches long – almost twice as long as my husband's dick. As we continued to make love I couldn't help but stare a lot at that enormous dick!

I adjusted myself underneath my husband's body, saying that we were moving around to make our sex position feel better. But was I? Or was I just getting a better view of the TV screen? I didn't like black guys. I never liked their clothes or how they talked or their attitudes, but for some reason I couldn't stop watching that monstrous cock plowing into that girl! She must have been a real slut for doing it with some Negro. White women shouldn't be with black guys. Black guys grabbing those white tits with their dirty black hands, pressing their dark skin up against those girls, fucking them with long thick cocks, violating those white pussies. Sometime during the scene my husband finished having his fun with me and got up to go to the bathroom. I just lay there, riveted to the screen, my fingers buried in my sopping wet pussy. I couldn't help but rub my clit with my other hand, cumming while ogling that big, black dick.

I wasn't fantasizing about doing anything with that guy, of course. I would never even consider being with a black man- that would be just gross. Besides a cock that big would rip me in two! When I heard my husband coming back into the bedroom I stopped suddenly and went to go wash up. Did my husband notice me staring at the TV? I hope not! He might have gotten the wrong impression.

Husband's View
"Wow! E&I came through for me!"

I couldn't believe how worked up my wife got last night. When I first got that package from E&I I was a little annoyed. There was a lot of interracial stuff and a couple of giant dildos. My wife doesn't like black guys but the movie prices were really good and she did say she wanted some dirty DVDs to spice things up.

I was hoping that she was going to watch a girl-girl movie but she picked out one of the guy-girl ones instead. That's okay since I don't think she even watched it. She probably just liked the sound of sex in the background and I wasn't about to complain. Besides I think that first scene had a black guy in it and that might have put her in a bad mood. She isn't racist or anything but I know that black guys just aren't her turn-on.

I had been trying to get her to explore some of those lesbian fantasies for awhile now and maybe these movies will do the trick!

Day 2: Sunday
Wife's View
"My Dark Curiosity"

I suggested we have a rendezvous again since the week is starting anew and we wouldn't have a lot of time for each other. But when bedtime rolled around I told my husband I was too tired for sex and wanted to turn in early. He told me he'd be up an hour later after he read some emails on the computer.

After getting ready for bed I realized I wanted a quick cum, so I looked in my drawer and took out my pink vibrator that I typically use to finish the job when my husband is done. But when I went to turn it on I heard it sputter and stop. Crap! I went to the 'blue box' and grabbed the big black vibrator and opened it up, hoping to use the batteries that came with it. Unfortunately it took C batteries and mine were AA's. I turned it on and it vibrated strongly in my hands. It was an ugly vibrator but I was guessing it would feel great. Hmmm. My eyes drifted over to the DVD case from the movie we watched last night. I flipped it over and stared at the back cover – that dick could not be real! I put the DVD away and grabbed another interracial cover just out of curiosity. It was another black actor and he was well hung too! I had time before my husband came up from the computer so I impulsively popped the DVD in the player and began to watch it. I wasn't in the mood before, but the sight of another enormous cock just did something to me and I wanted to cum so bad now.

The black vibrator felt thick in my fist. I started sliding it along my pussy lips. The long dark shaft reminded me of the big cock on the screen. The porn actress was acting like such a whore, bouncing up and down on the Negro guy's dark member and howling like an animal. It must have been the new batteries or the toy or something because I came in less than a minute. Unlike most nights when I masturbated, I didn't stop this time. I kept watching the scene which seemed to go on forever. I counted at least three orgasms from the girl. Only a dirty slut would fuck a black guy like that. His massive dong was punishing her soaked pussy and I found myself wishing I was right there, watching that girl getting used with that big black cock in front of me. I whispered to myself, "Yeah, fuck her pussy! She's such a dirty slut! She needs it bad!"

My hubby came upstairs and caught me playing with myself before I could conceal the evidence. I could swear he heard me talking dirty to myself too! I told him I was just about to come and get him from downstairs. He looked at the TV screen and saw the black guy on top of the girl and his eyebrows went up. I had to come up with an excuse, so I talked about how pretty the girl was and how I chose the scene just for her, secretly hoping he would buy the story. The truth was I had picked the scene for that big, chocolate colored rod, although I could barely admit it to myself at the time let alone tell my husband.

"Maybe you were admiring the male actor as well?" he asked. I denied it, saying that I don't like black guys and how I can't believe those girls really like it. My husband climbed into bed next to me and jacked off while watching me rub my black vibrator on my clit. His eyes were on me but the whole time I couldn't stop looking back and forth from my husband's white dick to the porn star's massive black dick. I came watching the screen, my orgasm shaking my whole body.

Afterwards I felt guilty again, not to mention embarrassed. Now my husband was going to think I like black guys when I really didn't. "We have to get some new movies," I complained, realizing I was gawking at the TV again, my fingers slowly brushing my pussy lips. The girl's moans filled the air as one orgasm after another rocked her body. My husband reached across, grabbed the remote, and turned off the movie, snapping me back to reality. I went and washed my new toy off, wondering how much of it would fit up inside of me.

Husband's View
"Is she ever going to watch the lesbian movies?"

So last night wasn't quite what I expected. My wife and I watched TV till late. I kept waiting for her to suggest we go upstairs for 'rendezvous' as she likes to call it. But as the night went on I got tired and so did she I suppose. Still, I was annoyed with her so I stayed downstairs and worked on some things on the computer that I had intended to finish during the day. Once I was done I got ready for bed and went upstairs.

As I approached the steps to our room I heard moaning and porn music. There was a girl screaming like she was experiencing the biggest orgasm of her life. Was she watching one of the lesbian movies I got? I tiptoed half way up the steps and I heard my wife moaning. Not a loud moan but certainly one of pleasure.

I went up the steps, peaked around the corner and saw her lying on the bed with her knees up under the cover. She noticed me immediately and tried to cover up. Then she told me she was just about to come and get me after she got done "warming up". I looked at the screen and there was a beautiful girl getting it doggie style from a black guy's dick. That thing couldn't be real! I tried not to compare but it was obvious he was way bigger than me. Almost a foot long from what I could see was stroking in and out of the porn girl's wet hole. The sound of the girl orgasming was cutting through the air. Why did my wife pick this movie?

As if she knew what I was thinking, she said, "Oh I saw the girl on the cover and thought she was hot looking." At least she was checking out the girl, not the guy. Or was she?

"Are you sure you weren't admiring the male actor as well?" She denied it. I guess she was telling the truth since she said she didn't want to have sex. Instead she invited me to lie down next to her while she rubbed her vibrator all over her pussy. It wasn't the little pink vibrator she kept in her nightstand however. It was the long black one E&I had sent us in error.

"What happened to your pink toy?" I asked.

"Oh, we're out of AA batteries and this one took C batteries so I just tried it out." She watched me jack off which I knew excited her. I came watching her play with herself and I asked her if she came too. She said she already had come once and was working on her second orgasm. Why was she still playing with herself then? Normally she just gets off and stops but tonight she must have cum and kept going. He body rocked about as the buzzing sound from the vibrator competed with her moans and the screams from the TV. When she was finished cumming a second time she complained that the movies from E&I weren't her style and that we should get some different ones. I suggested we get some AA batteries as well and she readily agreed.

She left to go to the bathroom.

Day 3: Wednesday
"My frustration turns to lust"

I felt bad about snubbing my husband last night so I talked to him on the phone at work about how I was going to 'make it up' to him when I got home from work. "None of that black-guy-porn. Just you and me and a hot night together." I told him to wait up for me for when I get home.

Work ran late for me though and I was hungry when I got in. Not wanting to break my promise I dropped everything, ate a quick snack, decide to forego my recorded soap operas, and made my way upstairs. I grabbed a sexy nightie from the guest room, put it on, and went and spruced up in the bathroom. I admired my body in the mirror, thinking, "I look pretty damn good for a woman my age!" I decided to play with my tits and rub my pussy a little just to get in the mood. I normally wasn't this sexed up but this week I felt more energized. I went up to the bedroom to find him...asleep.

The TV was on – the glowing DVD screensaver bounced around on the screen. I turned on the light. I tried to shake him gently, but he was out cold. After failing to wake him I got frustrated that he hadn't waited for me. Then I noticed the bottle of lube and the remote controls were on my pillow and I glance over at the DVD player. There was a lesbian porn DVD case out and I realize he jacked off without me. "I can't believe you couldn't wait for me!" I said out loud, throwing on my robe. Now I was irritated and horny with nobody to take care of me.

I desperately needed some penetration tonight so I grabbed my black vibrator, the lube, and reached into the 'blue box' to get a large Magnum condom that came with the E&I package. The material from the vibrator had mildly irritated me so I thought a condom would do the trick.

I looked though the movies and realized he had moved them around- probably looking for something special for himself, no doubt. I decide that two could play at that game and started looking for a movie too. No lesbian stuff though. No nice stuff either. I was in the mood for dick tonight. I need something fast. And dirty. "And BIG" I couldn't stop but think. In frustration I grab another interracial DVD and went downstairs. I put the DVD in the player and watched it on the big screen while lounging on the sofa. I started to tingle all over as I watched a pretty white girl sucking on a black dick the size of her arm. The guy was muttering something under his breath but I was engrossed with the scene regardless. Perhaps it was the big screen TV experience of seeing something like that cock as larger than life.

The black guys annoyed me every time I watched them, but they were really well hung. They were bigger than the white guys in the porn movies and definitely bigger than my husband. Now I know the girls are porn actresses but they certainly didn't look like they were acting in those scenes. They moaned and screamed and begged to get fucked harder. How did they take all of that manhood up inside of them? That big dick penetrating all that white pussy made me so horny that I needed to feel some penetration myself. I un-wrapped the extra large condom and slid it over the toy. "My husband can't use these anyway," I mused, thinking how there was a whole product line of these Magnum condoms. "There must be a lot of really well hung guys out there," I thought, trying to imagine a white guy with a big cock. I failed miserably, distracted by the chocolate skinned Negro on the screen with a dick almost a foot long.

The black guy in the movie wasn't wearing a condom but if he did he would have needed a big one like the one I used on the vibrator. I plunged my black toy inside of me. It felt so good, pumping it in time with the black man in the movie, and I had to cum. Thinking about my hubby's missed rendezvous, I said to myself, "My husband's loss is my BIG gain!" I was still dressed in my sexy nightie and I couldn't help but think of myself as a porn actress, picturing my own wet cunt getting filled up while I slid up and down on a thick dark cock. Now I never fantasized about being with somebody other than my husband – I always tried to picture myself watching a scene in front of me. So it came as a shocking surprise that I was fantasizing about this! I rubbed my clit furiously with that rubber phallus buried deep in my cunt, cumming while watching the white girl getting slammed. I watched the movie for a little while longer, amazed at those male specimens, shocked at how much it turned me on, ashamed that I was watching all these black guys again, guilty that I had fantasized about another man – a black man at that.

The spell was broken. "What is wrong with me?" I said to myself. A half hour had passed watching this stupid porn movie. I was all wound up and decided I needed to watch my soap opera before going to bed to purge all the interracial images from my mind.

Husband's View
"What was she doing last night?"

"None of that black-guy-porn," she said. "Just you and me and a hot night together." It sounded good to me despite the fact that I was already super tired. Well, I might have gotten a little bit too excited in anticipation of the evening. While she was at work I decided to stack the deck in my favor.

I went to the 'blue box' where we kept our porn stash. The plastic shell the black vibrator was still in there and I tossed it in the trash. Underneath there was the second big toy that E&I sent us. On the case said it was molded from a real porn star's cock; some guy named Lexington Steele. I didn't believe it at first but from the movie my wife was watching the other night it might have been true. It didn't mean all black guys were big, though. Still, I didn't want her getting any ideas. I buried the toy underneath some of her nighties. Not wanting to take a chance, I shoved the interracial porn to the back as well.

I continued to rummage in the 'blue box' again and selected some of the hot looking girl-girl DVDs. I put those on top so that she would see them first. There was one inside the box that looked particularly hot so I put it on and checked it out. My intention was to just find a sexy scene and have it queued up for her tonight. Watching those girls licking on each other though got me worked up and I decided to take matters into my own hands.

After I was done getting off, the fatigue of the day set in. Yes, I told my wife that I would stay up but now I was zonked. I was hoping she would wake me. She might have tried but I don't remember a thing. When she came to bed finally I could have sworn I heard the 'blue box' open and shut. Did I leave the movie out last night? I couldn't remember. I must have left it out and she must saw it and put it away! Why else would she be going into our porn stash?

The next day she said nothing about it. I apologized for not waiting up and she told me not to worry about it but I couldn't help but feel that something was amiss.

Day 4: Thursday
"Suspicions mount"

When I got home Thursday it was a bit embarrassing. I snuck upstairs after my wife left for work to see if the lesbian DVD I watched last night was still out. It wasn't. so I went to the blue box to see where it was. Not only could I not find it but all of the lesbian porn was gone. Every DVD, every book, every magazine. Yup, she caught me and was mad about me jerking off without her. I didn't bring it up and she didn't ask, but she was definitely mad. Did she throw them away? All of the interracial DVDs were still in the box though.

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