These are actually my obsession lately. Obsessions...

Other people's and, trust me, quite a few of my own, seem to be preoccupying much of my intellectual (read: perverted) mind nowadays.

What is it that compels some of us to obsess about certain, uh... things (read: sex, anything sexual, perverted, sleazy, down right nasty and depraved)?

My penchant for "strong, smart men" has taken on a new meaning. It's hit a whole new level. Perhaps it's the writing (stirs up all kinds of badness in me). Or is it this site? Or is it that they are just so fucking irresistible to me...and I'm quite happy to let myself objectify them. I'm a connaiseur. What can I say? They usually don't mind either, by the way. Sexy bastards...if you add a perverted sense of humor to their mix, Oooo I'm in big trouble. Can't resist 'em.

Where I live, there seems to be a disease afflicting many of the men. Not all of them, thank God! Some of them walk around in life with such a God damned politically correct, overtly liberal, forced attitude, with respect to the sexes. (Although I am quite the liberal myself-nothing wrong with that) To complement this, they also carry their heads a little lower than I'd like to see. Seems as though they are afraid to let loose and curse, or look at a pretty woman's ass or tits once in a while. Not sexy.

But, it's not really their fault, is it? Today's society frowns on men that don't reign in all their male, testosterone fueled goodness. Woe to any man that whistles at a girl on the street... or tells a good dirty joke, one that actually makes you howl with uncontrollable laughter... Don't get me wrong, I need to be respected for my brain...but love to be admired for my juicy boobs and beguiling femininity as well. I'm greedy.

Personally, I love when a strange man will go out of his way to open a door for me. I don't, by any means expect it or demand it and many men just wont do it anymore. But again, I don't think it's their fault. There are actually some ladies out there that take offense to men opening up doors for them. They feel like it's outdated or sexist. Me? I love it. Any man that opens a door for me gets a huge smile and "Thank you!" from me, maybe I'll even wink at him, too. And as I walk through that door for him, I only hope he gets a great view of my ass. That's the least I can give him... I think what I love most about a gesture like this from a man is the fact that he's willing to go out on a limb and BE a MAN. He doesn't care if he looks like an old fashioned gentleman. He enjoys his manhood and THAT'S what I like to see. A man who enjoys being a man. Society, be damned!

So, there's one obsession down. How many more to cover? Well, let's see...double penetration has come into focus lately. That's a good one. Has entertained me for countless hours. Now if I could only find a guy that is so well schooled in biology that I could trust him with total abandon to probe my anatomy with total abandon... again smart men tie into this one. Gotta have a smart guy if you're going to trust him not to damage your ass. It's essential.

What else? Spanking...okay spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, whipping, pinching any other forms of punishing this bad girl's backside can take...have given me many more hours of "delightful distraction" ( thanks C. for this much beloved phrase).

Want more? There is more, much, much more...

Being held down. Ah, the feeling of helplessness that I find so intoxicating. Of course, consensually being held down, otherwise....ooo don't even want to say what that is... What happens when I'm being held down? Pretty much anything that the person strong enough to hold me down can manage...and I hope it's a lot.

Does anyone else detect a certain "chocolate" or even "rocky road" flavor developing in me repertoire? Actually, I think it's always been there, just ignored. I choose to nurture this side of me now. Life should be about enjoyment, fulfillment. My thinking, anyway.

I've already detailed my oral fixation for you all before. Now, THAT one is one of my favorites...*sigh* gives me warm fuzzy feelings just thinking about it...

Oh, yes and how could I forget COCKS? LOVE those! But, that's a given.

Sucking cock...kissing, fondling, stroking, smelling, tasting, licking, more sucking...I could go on, and have...

But, enough about ME. Other people's fantasies and preoccupations are quite fascinating as well. No matter how completely debauched the information is. I find it fascinating. It may not be something that I find desirable, but still very interesting. If it's not hurting anyone that doesn't want to be hurt, then what's the harm? I see no reason to be disgusted, or repulsed by what other people get their kicks from. I do however, have a voyeuristic nature about me that makes me want to know what other people get off on. I probably get just as much perverse thrill reading or hearing about other people's sexual desires. Let's me know I'm not so bad...okay I am. But, so are you, if you're reading this. Now aren't you? Come on, admit it. Don't leave me hanging here. I can't be the nastiest young woman around? That doesn't have to mean slut, don't worry.

So would anyone care to detail their own prized sexual obsessions? I'd love to hear about them. Leave a comment or you can send it to me. Ssshhh...I'll keep your secret. It's my own secrets that I get off on displaying.

I'm always looking for ways to corrupt my dirty mind further, if that's possible...and I very much think it is. Life is full of surprises...

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