tagBDSMObsessions Ch. 01

Obsessions Ch. 01


The touch of something soft and light brushing across her stomach and ribs brought her out of sleep slowly, then suddenly brought her jarringly awake as Elyndria realized she could not move her hands to brush away the itch. Her eyes flew open to blackness and as she started to scream, she realized her eyes and mouth were covered as well. She was bound spread eagled on a fur or blanket of some kind, and the air was warm around her as she lay there in naked splendor. How? What? Who? Were just some of the questions that ran through her mind as she fought to drive off panic. Shaking her head rapidly back and forth, she sought to dislodge the bindings, but her efforts were to no avail.

Suddenly, there was a soft whisper by her left ear. "There's no use struggling, my pretty bird, you are well and truly caught. I've been admiring you from afar while you were so haughty and cold, disdaining those around you as if they weren't worthy of your notice. A few gold in the right hands, and now you are here at my mercy."

She struggled against the bindings, but he spoke the truth, and her arms and legs were truly immobile. Her body shivered from fear and terror as she fully realized her helplessness. Small whimpers made their way through the bindings across her mouth as she wondered what her captor was going to do with her. Tales of rape and torture had made their way back from frontier villages and the thought of such happening to her filled her with dread.

The soft voice returned, as if he was reading her mind. "I know you're wondering what will happen to you, don't you my little bird... It's quite simple really... I'm going to break that cold shell that surrounds you and turn that chill haughtiness into something more, something attractive, something alive..." Warm fingers lightly touched her at the hollow of her neck, and began to trace a slow trail down her body. Weaving their way down between her breasts, then brushing along her stomach down towards her waist. Suddenly, just as she tensed anticipating the violation of her body, the fingers withdrew and the voice returned. "Oh no, nothing fast and brutal for you. That would just make you colder and more aloof. By the time I'm finished, you'll be begging for a touch or a caress, begging for a man between your legs." A soft laughter seemed to fill the room. "For now, think about that, pretty bird."

And the room fell silent...


Elyndria's emotions whirled through a gamut of fear, horror, anticipation, questioning... Who was her mysterious captor, why would he do this to her, and what was he planning. She strained to hear any sound, but the room was silent. Not even the faint whisper of a breeze or wall hangings rustling as the air moved or someone passed. Soon she was longing for any sound or sign that would break the silence or lack of sensation. Finally, her head fell to the side as her body surrendered and she fell back into a light sleep.

It seemed like only an instant had passed when she felt a chill. She started once more as a drop of chill water dribbled from somewhere onto her left breast. She could feel her nipple start to crinkle and swell from the cold as the drop slide slowly down the swell of her breast and then down along her chest to rest in the hollow of her stomach. Just as the first drop stopped its motion, a drop of hot water was dribbled onto her right breast, starting its own journey along her skin to join with the first and start the beginnings of a tiny pool of water. She thought she had just dreamed it all, unsure of what she had felt when the next cold drop connected with her tender flesh.

A soft whisper pierced the silence near her right ear, breaking into her concentration as she anticipated the next warm drop to reach her skin. "See how you seek the stimulation already, and such just been a short time since you arrived." A small cube of ice was swirled around her right nipple, startling her with the break in the pattern, and she could feel it as well hardening as her aureole crinkled from the chill. A tiny river of cold water slowly trickled down her body as the contact continued. "You'll learn you can't anticipate what will happen next, little bird."

A warm waft of air moved across her stomach, raising goose bumps as it came in contact with the chill rivulet running along her body. Then the sudden touch of something warm against her skin jolted her awareness yet again. The cold from the ice continued its slow motion as the warm sensations moved in such a way she came to realize was someone's tongue. They were slowly licking the water from her body... making their way up the trail of water coming ever closer to her breasts. Her breathing started to quicken as fear and anticipation warred inside her. She'd never felt the sensations running through her body and yet she was bound and helpless, the subject of someone's insidious attention.

"Feel the sensations, feel your senses come alive..."

Just as the flicking tongue reached the base of her breast, it and the ice cube were suddenly pulled away, leaving her aching for a touch, alone again...

And the room fell silent...


A soft rumbling sound brought Elyndria from her state of sleeping or dozing. She had lost all track of time as she lay bound and gagged. It seemed to rise and fall in volume as it came from somewhere beside her head. After several moments, she recognized the sound as the purring of a cat, remembering such from a time when she had sat quietly somewhere with a friends kitten on her lap. What was a cat doing here?

Whiskers played across her right ear, and then the feel of fur brushed against her head as the cat rubbed along the side of her face. She could feel goose bumps raise along her arms, but yet she found herself trying to press against the contact. The cat slowly walked down the length of her body, rubbing against her elbow, hip and side. The bound girl almost jumped out of her skin when she felt a tiny bite on her toe from the cat's sharp teeth.

She could feel her body trembling, as the cat moved along her left side, then with a tiny leap, landed lightly on her stomach. She could feel the tips of each tiny claw as the cat walked in a small circle once... twice.... and then settled in a warm fur ball against the base of her breasts. She could feel the tail waving back and forth against her skin, the soft fur like silk as it teased her with its flicking motions. The rumbling of the cats purring resumed, and she could feel the catch stretch out its front legs and begin to knead her skin. Each little toe and claw point making impressions in her skin, tiny pricks of pain warring with the feeling of pleasure from the contact of the cat against her, reveling in the sensations and afraid to move for fear the cat would leave her alone again.

Every nerve ending seemed alive as Elyndria tried to memorize each touch and sensation to fill the void when she was left alone. She'd never realized how much she missed the sensations she was denied now, how alone and helpless she felt without the feel of her clothing, the smells and tastes of her food, the sounds of people around her. The purring was like a symphony of music to her now, even the little pricks and kneading against her skin in time with the beat of her heart just made her seem more alive.

She lived! Her head rocked from side to side and the purring stopped, as the cat felt her body move. She let out a soft moan against the gag, willing the cat to stay with silent thoughts as she tried to remain motionless once more. She cried out silently in her mind as the cat rose and started to move, and then rejoiced when the cat simply turned so that it was laying on her chest, nestled between her breasts with its face up close to her own. She could feel the warmth of the cats breath and smell the scent of some kind of fish.

The cat seemed to be pulling at something with its teeth, and Elyndria felt the bindings around her gag loosen. Hope flared bright as she dared hope the bindings would come undone, and she could speak, or cry out for help... or even just whisper to herself and the cat, to hear something besides silence and emptiness.

Suddenly, there was a yowl of surprise and the weight of the cat was pulled from her chest, leaving only the memory of the cat's warmth and soft fur against her skin. Anger and sadness flushed through her body, heightened even more when she felt a warm breath and heard the whispered voice by her ear.

"I see you met..." and the voice paused for a moment, and then continued with a hint of amusement, "Teaser. Such a bad kitty... to be bothering you like that."

She wanted to cry out that she wasn't being bothered, to bring the cat back, but she knew that would just play into her captors hands and she wasn't ready for that. She was strong and determined she'd get through whatever they did to her, and then seek her revenge.

The voice returned once more along the other side of your head, "We'll leave you alone now, to think about what's happening."

The sound of the purring started to fade into the distance as the last thing Elyndria heard was the voice of the man talking to the cat about little birds and then laughing.

And the room fell silent...


Intrigued? Enticed? Let me know what you think, because there's more to come. Do you want to see it?

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