tagBDSMObsessions Ch. 02

Obsessions Ch. 02


While this story can be enjoyed alone, your experience will be much richer if you read Chapter 1 first.


Elyndria awoke to the sound of a soft giggle, and the twitching of her left foot. There was the hint of a light touch, almost imagined along the sole of foot, then teasingly brushing across each of her toes in turn. She tried to jerk her toes away from the touch, but the caresses continued no what way she moved or twisted her foot. Then the touches began to move... lightly up her foot and then slowly and tantalizingly up along her left leg. There was another restrained giggle as a second series of touches moved up along her right leg. Sometimes in concert, sometimes in discord with the first, the continued their slow advance up along her skin.

Her mind worked feverishly to try and figure out what was happening to her. A cold pit formed in the hollow of her stomach as she realized it was feathers that were caressing her skin. Somehow whoever had captured her had found out her fear and dread of being tickled, something her brothers had done to her without remorse whenever they wanted to tease or taunt her. Yet this was different somehow... the touches teasing and tantalizing, not brutal and uncaring. The feathers continued their slow advance, brushing lightly across her inner thigh and then back out along her hips, moving ever higher along her body with excruciatingly slow progress.

Another soft giggle wafted through the air as someone swirled the tip of the feather around her naval, and then trailed lower down her body across her skin as the other swirled up across her stomach towards her breasts. One lightly brushed across her nether lips and then raced down along the inside of her right leg, flicking and fluttering across her skin. The other began a series of slow, taunting circles across the soft skin of her breasts. She could feel her body responding involuntarily to the caresses. A slow seeping of moisture forming between her legs as her nipples started to crinkle and swell. The lower feather teased across her feet, and then raced back up her body along the other leg, then teased her once more as the upper began another slow advance up along her chest, tracing patterns along her skin as it moved up the side of her neck, then across her face.

"No, No. No." Her mind was screaming as her body gave her away, her arousal becoming more evident by the swell of her breasts, the blood rushing to her nipples making swell and harden for any to see, the pace of her breathing growing faster, and the slow rocking of her hips as if chasing after the feather to draw its caresses closer once more.

Suddenly, it felt as if a hundred feathers caresses and teased her. Every inch of her body tantalized and stroked with butterfly kisses with those soft, gentle touches. She squirmed against her bonds, her body struggling to get free, struggling for a firmer touch against her skin, struggling to hide her body's reaction to the caresses. The seeping was starting to grow to a flood, as she tried to move her thighs together while her lips slowly parted in arousal, growing swollen and wet. Her nipples strained towards the sky, begging to be suckled or stroked by more than this barrage of feathers. Her hips began rising against her will, the crescendo of the caresses and her arousal growing faster and faster, her breath growing ragged and frantic. She could feel the glistening wetness against her skin as her nectar began to flow in greater measure, as she neared that point of no return...

Nothing... The feathers and their touches disappeared. Elyndria's struggle against her bonds redoubled, this time not to escape the touches and caresses, but to welcome them... to launch her over the heights she had come so close to. But there was nothing... no touch... no sound... no movement... just her own panting breath, and her own wild thoughts.

After an eternity, there was a soft whisper, just loud enough to hear. "Soon. Soon you'll be ready. Remember what I said when I spoke to you that first time." A soft chuckle beside her ear punctuated his jostling of her memory. "For now, think about that, pretty bird."

And the room fell silent...


Elyndria lay in the darkness wondering how much more of this she could stand. She found herself trying to focus her hearing or her sense of touch for the slightest stimulus. The craving to be able to see, to be touched and held, to be able to move again was slowly becoming more and more unbearable as she lay there helpless and alone in silence. Her thoughts were filled full of feathers and frustration as she finally drifted back into sleep and dreams.

She awoke with a shiver and a tingling sensation running through her body. She wasn't sure how long she had slept, but she felt a cool breeze blowing across her upper body, focused on her breasts. It seemed to flow across her skin for 15 or 20 seconds, and then stop for a moment, then begin again. Sometimes the waft of air was fast, sometimes slow, and she could feel her nipples begin to swell as it continued.

Ste tried to turn her head from side to side to try and sense some trace what was causing the breezes, and finally she could hear a faint "wooooooooooooooooooo" as if someone was blowing the air through pursed lips. The thought of someone standing over her, blowing across her kin started to arouse her even more, as she remembered the first day with the drops of ice and hot water, and the lips that sucked and licked at her soft flesh.

Elyndria's nipples started to harden and swell even more, the aureoles starting to harden and crinkle as her arousal suddenly grew more heated; her body beginning to flush lightly as her breathing quickened. Perhaps today... today would be the day she'd find release and be let out of these restraints... hopefully today they wouldn't leave her on the cusp of pleasure and wanting...

Without warning, the wafts of air stopped and the sounds disappeared. "Oh no!" she thought as she moved her head from side to side, seeking any sort of sound or touch, arching her back as she strained upwards hoping to come in contact with something or someone.

Suddenly, there was a little nip against her left ankle, followed by a long sensual lick along the side of her foot by a warm wet tongue. Warm breath across her skin as a series of kisses, nibbles and caresses teased her and tantalized her. Then she could feel the little toe of her left foot being slowly engulfed in a warm wetness as it was sucked into someone's mouth, the tip of a tongue flicking across and around it. There was a popping sound as the toe was released, and then she felt the mouth and tongue descent on the next toe. She wanted to scream out in pleasure and violation at the same time, her head whipping back and forth as her leg tensed and her back arched high, pressing her breasts into the air. But all that came out of her mouth through the gag was a high pitched whimpering sound as she lay there helpless before the tantalizing seduction of her body.

The hot, wet lips tongue and mouth continued the slow, teasing progress along her body, each toe in turn, and then along the top of her foot. Every inch was covered with kisses, nibbles and caresses, her body responding as the sensations raced through her captive flesh. The first hints of her nectar started to seep from her nether lips, betraying her arousal too clearly for any to see. Hardened nipples could be from the chill, but this... this was an unmistakable sign of her body's desire for more. She almost cried and wanted to scream when the lips left her, only to rejoice when suddenly her right little toe was engulfed in that warm wetness and the process started anew on her right foot.

Up along the inside of her ankles, then along her calves... slow, inexorable progress reaching higher and higher up her legs, like the lava flowing down from a volcano... slow, hot, wet caresses, nibbles and licks and she was helpless... her chest heaving now, breasts swollen and full, nipples straining towards the sky, hips rocking back and forth as the lips reached her knees... and worked their way up along the inside of her thigh. Elyndria's legs were spread wide as she could make then, her knees bent slightly as she took up the slack in the bonds holding her legs in place. She could feel her own wet juices building inside, flowing out of her and dribbling down into the crack of her taut ass, her lips swelling and slowly parting as the caresses grew closer and closer to that molten core of her center.

Suddenly fingers pinched her nipples, twisting them tightly between a finger and thumb as the tongue reached out and ever so lightly ran along the length of her tender sex, parting the lips and causing a rush of her nectar to flow. She gasped in pleasure, lightning running the length of her body and back again, her body starting to writhe in the bonds, coming so close to reaching that peak of pleasure.

Her mind was a jumble, thoughts racing through her mind like a runaway stallion... "Oh gods don't stop, oh please don't stop, don't stop, just a little more... sooooooooo close... please don't stop... oh gods why is this making me feel this way, but don't stop... just a little more..."

Then... nothing... The fingers and hungry mouth disappeared. Elyndria's struggle against her bonds redoubled, trying to move her body to launch her over the heights she had come even closer to than before. Showing her captors that she wanted more, hating them for stopping so tantalizingly close that her body ached with desire and need.

But there was nothing... no touch... no sound... no movement... just her own panting breath, and her own wild thoughts.

After an eternity, there was a soft whisper, just loud enough to hear. "Soon. You're almost ready, pretty bird. Think about that until I return."

And the room fell silent...


As she stirred in her sleep, Elyndria felt something strange in her mouth. Actually, it was the absence of something strange that suddenly seemed abnormal to her. As she awoke, she ran her tongue across her lips and realized that the gag that had kept her silent for so long had been removed. Hope rose quickly, only to be abruptly dashed by the feel of the leather straps still holding her arms and legs in place. Still, the sensation of cool air against her lips and tongue, the caress of her tongue against her skin and teeth, no longer constrained by her captors.

There had to be a reason, and a chill ran through her body as she wondered what her captors had in store for her now. They must not be worried about her crying out or screaming or they wouldn't have removed the gag. She wanted to speak or cry out, her fear of punishment and the unknown battling the desire to hear someone, anyone, even her own voice to break the silence that surrounded her as an enveloping shroud.

Finally, she tried to whisper... a faint "Hello?" in a voice that cracked and broke at first. Wetting her lips once more and swallowing deeply, Elyndria tried again. This time, she was rewarded as her voice sounded like her own. "Hello?" she spoke again, just a bit louder as she sought out some contact with another person. She repeated herself over and over, each time listening intently, trying to discern any sound or movement in response to her queries. "Is there anyone there? Please answer me... anyone?"

Sinking down inside herself once more, she couldn't decide which had been worse – not being able to speak at all, or being able to speak and communicate only to be answered by more nothingness. She drifted back in and out of sleep, her body and mind numb from the lack of stimulation, alone and silent in an empty room.

"Hello, pretty bird."

She felt like she was in a dream, and she tried to drive herself deeper into it but the voice wouldn't let her. The VOICE! Suddenly every nerve was taut and she was vibrantly aware, seeking out the voice again, to assure her it hadn't just been her imagination playing tricks on her again, deluding her that someone else was there with her.

"Hello, pretty bird." The voice repeated itself softly from somewhere above her head. Are you happier with your gag removed?"

"Yes" she replied in a voice that was almost a whisper.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you... and if I can't hear you, then there's no point in leaving you ungagged, is there?"

"Yes, I am happier without the gag..." she managed to get out in a voice that almost sounded normal.

"And...?" The undertone of threat or menace was thick beneath that one simple word, as her captor awaited something more from her.

Her mind raced frantically as she tried to figure out what he wanted her to say. With a flash of insight, she blurted out, "Thank you. Thank you for removing the gag."

"Much better, pretty bird. Much, much better. I was beginning to think I'd have to start all over with your instruction."

"No... you don't have to start again. Please... What do you want? What do you want me to do?"

"From this point... you'll remain ungagged, as long as you do as you're told. You will not speak unless directed to, by me or one of my servants. Is that understood?"

"Yes, but..."

A strong hand reached out and gripped her jaw, snapping her mouth closed so abruptly she almost bit her tongue. "There are no 'buts' permitted. There is only obedience. Or there is punishment." The hand released its tight grip but she could still feel the fingers underneath her chin. "Do you understand?"


"Yes, what?" Once again the tone of underlying threat and menace returned to the question, dripping from those two brief words.

"Yes, I understand." She trembled as she spoke the words, but at the same time, there was a strange tingling running through her body as he held her, and spoke to her in such a way.

"Very good, pretty bird... think on your lesson until I return."

She could hear the sound of footsteps walking away from her, and the silence once again wrapped its arms around her.


There's more to come... (grins wickedly) Do you want to read it? Comment and Vote!

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