tagLoving WivesObsessions of a Married Woman Ch. 02

Obsessions of a Married Woman Ch. 02


Kelly and I had become closer after our first night of enjoyment. The first time we saw each other was the next weekend at the bar. We sat and talked about things and we talked about our night full of passion when were alone at the table.

It is both exhilarating and nerve racking trying to be close to someone else's wife in the brightly lit bar with her spouse not more than 20 feet away. I played footsy with her when time allowed. We danced a few slow songs and she would whisper that she could feel my hard cock against her and then tease me saying she was wet and bet that I would like to be inside her. This girl sure knew how too push a guys buttons; it makes you wonder with a sexual creature like her, how could her husband not show her any attention????

We played darts a few times and we would brush our hands together exchanging darts. It wasn't much, but sometimes simple touches can build a steady steam through out the night. We then moved on to the pool table. I quickly found that I loved watching her gorgeous ass bent over taking her shot, also when she was across the table she would bend more than necessary to give me a view of the tops of her great tits. I told her that I wanted her doggy style so I could be smacking up against her great ass with my balls slapping against her clit........she cooed and said she'd like that.

It was no great surprise when her drunken husband and his buddy Ralph left the bar to go and do god only knows what. This seemed to be his norm, get drunk and totally disregard his wife, and I sure am glad he did, to a horny teenager when opportunity knocks I would play the Fireman from a George Strait song.

The bar was soon closing and there was still no sign of drunken Dennis. I asked what she was going to do and she said he could go and stay the night with his Mom she wasn't waiting for him. We walked out to her car and discretely touched each other as much as she felt safe to do.

She asked if I needed a ride home, I grinned like Cheshire cat, because I sure liked where her rides took me! We jumped in the car and took off, we only went about 5 miles down the road and pulled into a hidden make out spot in the bluffs that overlooked the new county black top road. We quickly reclined our seats and turned the radio up KSHE 95 was playing Journey when we started making out.

She had on a tight little T shirt that really flattered her big C cups. She took off her bra and snaked it out of her sleeve, leaving her nipples obscenely poking threw her little shirt. I couldn't keep my hands off of her great tits. I really wanted to take her doggy style after watching her tease me with that ass during the many shots at the pool table.

It wasn't long and we were both shedding our pants and underwear. She quickly climbed over and straddled me in the passenger seat and my hard cock quickly slipped straight up into her wet pussy. Kelly definitely knew what she wanted and was quickly driving herself down my very wet cock as she neared her first orgasm. I was still playing with her tits when she hit her mark and I pinched her nipples very hard and she yelped with the pain as it sent her into a heavy long orgasm. I was afraid I was hurting her but she really liked her nipples roughed up.

As she slowed her pace she stopped and we kissed deeply and I mauled her neck as she tried to calm herself and catch her breathe. I made a gurgling sound as she asked what the was the matter and I told her of her wetness that was slowly leaking over my balls and achingly slowly making its way down my crack and she laughed at saying it was my own fault for making her come so much.

I leaned her back as she set atop me and raised her shirt to suck her hard nipples; damn she had great tits and nipples. She started riding me again as I sucked and gently bit on her nipples and she very quickly started bouncing faster and faster and came again. I was lucky that I hadn't cum yet and I pushed up into her helping her prolong her orgasm as I ground into her pussy and clit.

She climbed off of me and I was a complete mess I had her juices all over me but I sure enjoyed her getting me messy. She asked me how I wanted to finish and I quickly said doggy style. We tried but couldn't get comfortable doggy style in a Cavalier. I stepped out the door and pulled her to me.

I leaned her over and she held the bottom of the door jamb as I admired her ass. I slid my dick back and forth threw her crack now trying to be the one that did the teasing. Kelly was so wet that I easily slid any where I wanted, well almost anywhere I wanted but that is another story.

I finally slid my cock into her and just made short slow strokes so that I could reach around her and play with those tits of hers. She was eagerly pushing back into me trying to dictate the pace but I was the one with the dick dictating the pace. I would pull my cock out and smear her wetness over her clit making her buck back into me. I teased her for as long as I could and then plunged into her and roughly grabbed her hips and started pounding her pussy while my sack bounced against her excited clit.

I wetted my thumb in my mouth as I was getting closer to my own release and slid it into her ass. She started howling and grunting and pushing back into me and instantly hit her orgasm as I too flooded her with my hot lava cum. I was almost totally done with my orgasm when I realized she rubbing her clit and started bouncy against me and then rolled into another short but satisfying orgasm.

As we dressed and tried to slow our heartbeats she said she had never had anything in her butt before. I am a quick study when the subject concerns pussy and I made mental note for later use. Kelly then drove me home and left me with her panties as she kissed me goodbye.

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