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Obsessive Desire


Karla would do anything for Brendon the tall handsome man with the wavy dark hair and cold blue eyes who worked in the same office as she did. The buxom woman with shoulder length chestnut colored hair and full voluptuous figure was enamored almost to the point of obsession over her coworker and Brendon knew it. Yet, he turned down her advances again and again stating he wasn't right for her, but that didn't deter the hot sensual woman from trying to get him to see things her way. For several months she persisted using her feminine wiles to convince him that he would not be disappointed in her.

Finally one day, late on a Friday afternoon after being tortured once again by Karla's advances, Brendon agreed to see her at his apartment after work. Karla was beside herself with excitement as she prepared for the evening. She bathed and dressed in a short shimmering gold strapless outfit that outlined her curves to their advantage. She slipped into six inch black stiletto shoes, combed her hair to the side and then turned it up where she pinned it in place. Next she applied her makeup accenting her dark eyes and blush to her cheeks giving them a rosy pink glow. Finally she liberally splashed on her favorite perfume and headed to Brendon's apartment.

Brendon answered the door after the second knock and escorted Karla into the living room and to the sofa where he offered the woman a glass of wine. Karla took it willingly and although disappointed that Brendon had not dressed for the occasion, but chose to wear jeans and a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, she was anxious for the evening to begin. Brendon poured a glass of wine for himself and sat across from Karla in an overstuffed chair and eyed her carefully scanning her from head to toe. He drank his wine slowly much to Karla's dismay and said very little. At first, she thought she would make the first move, but then thought better of it. Brendon was taking his time planning his own strategy and she didn't want to appear too anxious. She watched as Brendon finished his wine and sat the glass on the floor next to his chair.

"My desires and needs sexually are somewhat different," he began slowly as he licked the wine from his lips with his tongue.

"Do tell," Karla say playing coy to him.

"Oh I do tell," Brendon said. "My question is whether you are prepared for it or not?"

Karla pursed her lips. She had come this far and wasn't about to back down now.

"I'm ready for anything you can give me. I can handle it," she replied confidently.

Brendon smiled, "I like that in a woman. Open for anything."

Karla's heart began to pound. She was finally going to get what she wanted from Brendon.

"I'm ready whenever you are," she said smiling.

"Good," said Brendon. "Come with me."

Karla rose from the sofa and Brendon took her by the hand where he led to her his bedroom and closed the door.

"Are you afraid of someone coming in?" Karla teased.

"No, I'm just afraid someone may try to get out," answered Brendon shaking his head.

Karla's eyes opened wide as Brendon came towards her, pulled her into him with his arm around her waist and kissed her hard on the lips. Karla responded in kind by throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him back with all the pent up desire she had for him.

"This is going to be fun," she whispered in his ear.

"We'll see," Brendon said as he pulled her arms from around his neck and turned her around so that she faced the wall.

"What is this?" Karla asked as she heard Brendon remove his belt from his jeans.

"Just a little game I like to play," Brendon began as he led her to the doorway between the bed and the bathroom where a chin up bar had been installed for when he liked to exercise. Once there he took Karla's wrist and bound them together with the belt then laced it over the bar and buckled it into place.

"Hey," Karla began.

"Trust me," he said with his voice growing deep and seductive.

"I'm not into pain," Karla shot back.

"No pain," Brendon said as he unbuttoned his shirt, removed it, and did the same with his jeans leaving him naked with a full erection.

"Then what are you going to do?" Karla asked nervously.

Brendon began to stroke his long hard dick with his hand until it oozed precum.

"I'm going to enjoy you," he said in a matter of fact manner.

"How?" Karla asked.

"I'm going to show you," Brendon answered.

He leaned in to smell her perfume and kissed her neck. Karla could feel his hard cock press against her stomach as he did so. He stroked his cock with one hand as his other hand ran over her breasts hidden under the shimmering dress.

"I need to remove this," he said.

"I can't with my hands tied," Karla cried.

"I'll do it for you," Brendon said.

Brendon circled behind Karla and unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor where Karla stepped out of it. Underneath she wore a strapless red lace bra and matching bikini panties.

"Although those are lovely," Brendon began. "I must remove them as well."

"I can do that," Karla said beginning to squirm.

"Oh no. I must do it," Brendon said as he unhooked the bra and tossed it to the floor. "Now the panties."

Deftly he slowly hooked his fingers in the band of her panties and lowered them where he gently lifted her ankle to remove one leg and then the other. When he had tossed them aside as well, he stood back to admire the beautiful contours of her naked body. The round fullness of her breasts and the curves that slid down her hips to her thighs was erotic to him.

"Hey this isn't fair," Karla began.

Brendon leaned in and kissed the back of her neck, "I'll make sure you are satisfied. Be patient my love."

Karla went silent as Brendon explored her body caressing her breasts, examining the soft mounds as he squeezed and twisted the nipples between his fingers.

"Exquisite," he managed to say between mouthfuls of the succulent flesh.

Karla could feel the warmth of his hand kneading her and his moist lips sucking on her nipple made her catch her breath. She watched as he lowered his touch to her stomach where his tongue licked her navel and his hands slid over her ample hips in a sliding motion down her thighs. When Brendon reached her mound covered in soft chestnut curls he sniffed it then blew on the curls sending her into a whirlwind of desirous need. He didn't seem to notice her legs beginning to tremble as he slid his finger in between her folds letting it slide into the slick wet hole that was her essence. Karla moaned softly to herself as he removed his finger from her wet pussy and licked the juices from it.

"Delicious," he murmured as he continued to stroke himself.

Karla said nothing as Brendon circled behind her and ran his hands down her back to her ass igniting her passion where he squeezed it then pressed his cock into her crack where he rubbed it up and down against her heated flesh then pulled away. Karla took deep breaths to keep her composure and not to let her arousal overtake her. Brendon stood back to admire her with his cock in his hand stroking now with the greater need building inside him. He reached with his free hand and pulled the pins from her hair to let it fall over Karla's shoulders. He brought strands of it to his nose to smell the sweetness of her shampoo allowing it to intoxicate him even further.

"I'm almost ready," he said in short breaths

Karla leaned back and bit her lower lip not knowing what he would do next but eager to find out. Brendon stroked his cock faster and cupped his balls with his other hand.

"It's so good. You're so beautiful," he whispered to her. "It's always so good when their beautiful."

"What now?" Karla whispered back.

"Spread your legs," Brendon said firmly.

Karla did as she was told spreading her legs while balancing on the black stilettos. Brendon leaned down to her pussy and could see it beginning to drip, her musky scent filling his nostrils. He moaned lowly as he stroked his rock hard cock. He stood, released his cock from his hands and reached around to grab Karla's breasts tightly manipulating the flesh between his fingers and she began to pant.

"Stick your ass out," Brendon commanded and she obliged with nervous anticipation.

He lowered his cock underneath her and without warning shoved it deep into her pussy and she cried out. He pushed inside her again and again penetrating the depths of her sweet wet folds. He pulled her to him as he plummeted holding her against his chest.

"Your such a good fuck," he groaned as the cum in his balls began to rise up his shaft.

"Don't stop," Karla cried.

Brendon buried his face into her hair and bit her neck, "Take it all," he growled in her ear.

Karla's legs shook, her nipples hardened as they pressed into the palm of his hands. She wriggled on his cock as he drove into her pussy again and again. Then he stopped.

"No," she moaned.

He pulled his cock out and stroked it madly. "I've got to get it to the top," he replied.

Before she could say anymore he placed his hands on her ass cheeks, pulled them up to him and jammed his cock inside her pussy shooting stream after stream of hot cum inside her. Karla felt his cream burn through her swollen folds like a branding iron and exploded in her own orgasm soaking his cock with her sweet hot juices. Brendon held onto her hips bucking her pussy until the last of his cum had been spent and he heard her cry out with her own orgasmic delight before he released his cock from her. Karla's body quivered before going limp against him.

"Oh my God," she said between ragged breaths.

For several moments Brendon held her against him softly caressing her hair and face, "It's going to get hard again soon," he said.

Karla felt her pussy twitch with excitement.

"Are you going to want it?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

Brendon smiled as he stroked his cock again. He had finally found the one.

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