OC Anal


After a long week at work, I got home on a Friday, ready to call it a night when I got an email. It was from a couple who were looking for a play partner in Orange County. They had gotten my number from a guy I had met at an adult party in Southern California. We had tagged teamed a woman and afterwards he had taken my number and said he would hook me up with a gang bang crew.

I called the number and was given instructions to meet at a hotel in Orange County. So, I jumped in my car and drove about 45 minutes into OC. The hotel turned out to be a pretty seedy joint. I parked my car and I walked through the parking lot looking for the couple. The joint looked pretty dodgy judging by some of the people who were hanging out, and I almost turned back. Eventually, I found the room which was on the second floor of the hotel.

I knocked on the door and was soon let into the room. When I walked in I was welcomed by the man. He was a tall, thin Latino dude with a moustache. To my surprise, his wife was already naked. She was white, middle aged with auburn hair and a decent body, which was good. In the swing scene it is not uncommon to meet a lot of overweight women, but this woman had a good body, small breasts and wide hips with a little tummy brought on by middle age.

Ever the gentleman, I introduced myself to them. I excused myself to take a shower and clean up. When I came out the wife had changed into a lacy blue bra and panty set. By then I stripped down to my boxers. I left my clothes on a chair by the side of the bed and sat down beside the wife. I suggested that we kiss and she kissed me passionately. I cupped the back of head and laid her body on the bed, Soon her bra and panties were shed and I doffed my shorts. Her nipples were hard as she lay her back on the bed.

She oiled up her hand up with lube and grasped by thick, black cock. I groaned as she stroked it back and forth and got it hard. While she was getting my dick hard, she reached down and played with her neatly-trimmed pussy. I joined her by reaching down and touching her vagina until I could feel her get moist. I reached down and sucked her rose-colored nipples until they got hard, then I traced my tongue down her stomach and kissed her belly button, she cooed in appreciation.

After a several minutes of heavy petting, I decided to mount her, I slipped a condom on and eased my dick into her dripping vagina. I grunted as I glided into her wet lady parts, she sighed in appreciation as I eased my thick cock into her. I straddled her and flung her legs over my shoulders so I could penetrate her deeply. I soon got into a steady rhythm of deep strokes, thrusting into her wet pussy. She squealed and threw her head back as I continued to fuck her steadily. She looked over her shoulder as her husband watched on in appreciation.

This continued for another 10 minutes of me thrusting into her dripping pussy with me working up quite a sweat. As this went on, I noticed her moans getting louder and louder until I could tell that she was close to cumming. Finally, she arched her back, dug her fingers into my back and came with her face making a silent scream. I soon felt a build up in my groin and nutted into the condom. Afterwards, I took of the condom, handed it to her and watched as she poured the cum onto her nipple. Her husband stepped forward and snapped a pic for their memory books.

We took a break and dried off. Then her husband decided to get involved. He stripped off his clothes and took her from behind. While he was fucking her doggy style, I moved around and fed her my dick. We went at that for another 10 minutes before she sucked me dry and I came in her mouth. Her husband also came in her pussy from behind. Then I casually asked if she did anal and she agreed. This is surprising, because most women I have met say I am too big to do anal.

Not needing to be asked twice, I got a bottle of lube and greased up my cock. I also applied some lube to her ass. When she was nice and wet, I began to slide my dick slowly into her ass. I asked if it hurt, but she said she was fine so I continue to fuck away. It felt nice and tight in her asshole and I soon built up a steady rhythm until I came in her ass. I pulled out of her tight ass with a plop then I stepped into the shower to clean up.

When I got out, we decided to try something really kinky. She wanted to do a DP. She climbed on top of her husband, reverse cowgirl style, and he entered her ass, while I moved forward and entered her vagina. We rocked back and forth like that for a while, but to be honest it was a difficult balancing act and we soon gave up.

We changed positions again and I lay on my back while she mounted me. She climbed on top of me and was soon rocking on my cock while she smiled to her husband. It was a great position to view her body and watch her nipples stiffen and she was ravaged by multiple orgasms. When she was finished she climbed off me and we chilled for a bit.

Then I decided it was time for me to go and I bid them adieu. I had their number, but I ended up losing it and not staying in touch with them. Oh, well. Good memories. She was one of the few women that did anal.

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