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It was early afternoon and the gentle fall rain had slowed almost to a complete stop as I drove across the Potomac into the city. Washington D.C. has always been one of my favorite places to visit. My work still takes me there occasionally and I always try to make the best of each trip. The cookie cutter rental car I was driving from the airport was new and comfortable. The local jazz station on the radio almost served to welcome me to the city, inviting me in. All of it felt good, even the anxious anticipation of seeing Kate again.

Kate and I have been friends for a long time, since college, and as she calls it, occasional lovers for maybe three years. She and her husband used to live in Georgetown. Brian taught at the university, political science, I think. Kate has always been one of the most exciting women I had ever known. Her shoulder length curly brown hair frames a beautiful face with sparkling dark brown eyes. She’s always been athletic which explains her shapely legs and ass, but her upper torso has always been striking to me, her back is strong and tapered extending down from her broad shoulders.

Her breasts are full and firm, I know that for sure, and their nipples brown and rather dark. Kate’s pubic hair is always a surprise. She seems to have done something different with it every time I see her, one time leaving it untrimmed and bushy, the next time cutting it short or shaving it completely. Perhaps that is the most exciting thing about Kate, her unpredictability. I never know what Kate is going to do next. Her eagerness and desire to explore has always made her so damned intriguing, so much fun.

I drove north away from the mall area past DuPont Circle to the Hilton Towers. Kate and I had agreed to meet there. She last said she would leave me a note I would find at the desk when I checked in. I let the valet park the car and carried my briefcase and travel bag inside. As I checked in the clerk handed me an envelope, left for me earlier in the day, he said. I recognized Kate’s handwriting immediately. My name was written in her hand on the outside. I opened it to find a room key card and a note on the hotel letterhead. It said, “John, We are so glad you are here. Please come to room 763 at nine o’clock tonight. Leave your inhibitions in your luggage. Love, Kate.”

I stuck the note in my jacket pocket and grabbed my bags before heading to my room. Who the hell was, “we?” What was Kate doing now? I felt myself smiling inside as I stepped into the elevator.

On the way to my room I knew I had to do something to shake the tension of waiting. I pulled on a pair of black running shorts, an old t-shirt with the sleeves cut-off long ago, and a new pair of running shoes. The health club in the hotel is excellent. I have used it often. Forty minutes on the treadmill running at a pretty good clip can be boring without television or some kind of diversion. But the pace was making me concentrate and I was able to set aside the memory of Kate’s lips, her tongue, her taste, all of it I could put aside for at least a little while. Running on a treadmill has done a number of things for me over the years. One thing is that it has put me on a first name basis with everyone on CNN, ESPN, and the Weather Channel. I’ve yet to figure out though why the Weather Channel has such plan looking people, particularly the women, but hell, who cares really.

After my run and a detailed study of the weather patterns over North America for the next five days I moved over to begin working with the weights. It was my day to work my back and biceps so I began with some one-arm rowing. Again, the concentration helped me set aside Kate. After five sets, I moved on to cable pull-downs and tried hard to concentration on contracting my lats in the down position. Five sets more, super-setted with ab crunches. Then came bicep work, hammer curls mostly. I finished, a hour and a half gone since beginning on the treadmill, and sat down in the floor with a bottle of water to stretch and see if the weather forecast had changed in the last hour.

The clock on the wall read six o’clock. Three goddamn hours until nine.

I had dressed in a pair of jeans, dark denim shirt, and topsiders. No sock, no underwear, a minimalist’s approach. The grilled chicken salad and imported beer from room service had disappeared quickly, the tray sat on the coffee table in my room. I had tried reading and watching television, bouncing again from CNN, ESPN, the Weather Channel, even C-SPAN this time, but none of it worked. I stood at the window and took in the view of the nation’s Capitol. The clock said eight o’clock now and the evening had fallen over the city. My window looked out toward the center of the city. The Washington Monument stood stark in the middle of my view, the nation’s phallic symbol, it occurred to me.

I went back to the book I was near finishing. Concentrate, I almost chanted to myself, concentrate. It must have worked fairly well because the next time I checked the clock I saw the numbers 8:51. Time to go.

The wait for the elevator took a few minutes. The walk down her hall a few seconds. My watch read exactly 9:00 as I slipped the key card into the lock and turned the latch.

The door opened and I stepped inside. “Kate?” I called.

“We’re in here,” I heard her answer, “in the bathroom, John. Please come see us.”

We again, I thought, before stepping inside the open bathroom door.

Kate and another woman sat facing each other in a large oval tub. Candles were lit and sitting casually around the room. Two wine glasses partially full sat on the sides of the tub. The tub itself was full of water, bubbles, and naked female flesh. Their legs were entwined since the tub was really only long enough for the length of one person. I smiled and leaned over to kiss Kate softly. Her arms came up and embraced me through suds and warm water. Her smile warmed me and thrilled me at the same time. I sat down on a stool beside the tub and turned to the woman I hadn’t met before.

“John, this is my good friend Em,” Kate began, “Em, this is John.”

“Hi, Em,” I said, “Very nice to meet you.”

She just smiled a shy smile and nodded.

“Em is an unusual name,” I said, “May I ask where it comes from?”

“My name is Emerald, actually,” she answered in a soft voice, “But I’ve always been known as Em.”

“So then Em it is,” I smiled.

Em’s hair was wet, its color must be blonde, maybe dark blonde, I thought. Her eyes were fittingly green. From a quick survey the only thing Em seemed to be wearing was a tennis bracelet on her left wrist. It was a bracelet of emeralds and diamonds. Very nice. From what I could see of her in the tub, Em was probably a bit shorter than Kate, maybe a little heavier but still all in all a very attractive naked lady.

“Before you eat Em up with your eyes,” Kate laughed, “Let me tell you a few things, okay? John, you and I are here tonight for Em. This is Em’s first time with a woman. I thought you and I might make it a special night for her. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” I answered with a controlled hopefully not overdone smile. “We,” had turned out to be quite nice.

“We were just about to get in the shower to rinse off the soap,” Kate said, “Would you like to join us? There’s a bottle of wine in the bedroom. Help yourself and come back without all those clothes.”

I stepped out of the bathroom as they were getting up out of the tub. I shed my clothes quickly and tossed them onto a chair by the window as I heard the water in the shower come on. I poured a glass of wine, Chalk Hill, I noticed, and took a sip to give them a minute to collect themselves in the shower. I took a second sip and set the glass down. Waiting too long could be unhealthy, I told myself.

Getting back into the bathroom, I took a look at the large walk-in shower for the first time. I could see the two of them through the glass door. It appeared that they were embracing, the two of them close together. I opened the door and stepped inside. The tiled walls were such that we had plenty of room, the three of us now. Kate was holding Em from behind, her arms around her, cupping her breasts, teasing her nipple in the stream of warm water. I stepped up to Em’s front and leaned across her to kiss Kate. My body pressed against Em as I did. I could feel her breasts against my chest, my cock against her stomach, Kate’s hands working to massage Em. Kate’s tongue found mine and flitted away too quickly. “I’m glad you’re here,” she whispered.

Kate turned to kiss Em’s neck as I moved my face in front of Em’s. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her smile broadened before she moved her face nearer mine inviting me to kiss her. I did and in a moment our tongues embraced. Em’s right hand moved down between us and she gently grasped my cock, stroking it slowly, running her fingers over the tip.

I moved back, my cock slipping from her grasp, and bent to take her left nipple in my mouth. Kate held Em’s breasts for me, feeding me, encouraging me to share Em with her. My tongue circled her nipple feeling it harden even further in my mouth. I moved to her other nipple consciously intending to give each equal time. Em’s moan was deep in her throat, a very basic physical release. I moved down her body until I was kneeling in front of her, the warm shower spray splattering against my head. Her pubic hair was light brown even wet. I kissed her then, hugged her hips to me by taking Kate’s ass in my hands pulling them both to me. Her legs spread slightly, an invitation that I didn’t take. I stood again and we held each other, the three of us.

“This is going to be nice,” I told them both.

We toweled each other off without talking, looking at each other, enjoying each other’s bodies. When we’d finished, Kate took Em by the hand and led her into the bedroom. I simply followed. Kate began to crawl onto the bed pulling Em with her.

“Kiss her, John,” Kate said, “Help her feel comfortable.”

I got on the bed with them and eased Em down on her back across the king size, lying not from head to foot but side to side. I moved beside her, took her face in my hands and kissed her as tenderly as I could. She welcomed the kiss and responded eagerly. Kate wasn’t sitting idle. She had moved to Em’s breasts, sucking and licking her nipples. Kate’s body was pressed against Em. I could see Kate pressing Em’s leg against her own pussy, grinding herself slowly. I watched her ass flex as she worked herself against Em’s leg.

“I want to suck your cock,” was the first thing Em said since getting out of the tub.

I moved up and kneeled beside her face. She grasped the shaft in her hand and drew her face to me. Her eyes were closed as she took the head in her mouth. My cock is thick, the head large, her lips were stretched wide to take me. I could feel her tongue twirling around the tip. Kate was moving down her body, kissing and licking as she went. Em knew where Kate was going and she began to work on my cock even more earnestly, waiting for something between her legs she’d never had before.

I thought she might orgasm the moment Kate’s mouth first touched her pussy. I watched Kate’s face dip lower between Em’s legs and I knew she was pushing her tongue into Em’s pussy, spreading her lips, I pictured, fucking her pussy with her tongue. Em did cum then. Her mouth released my cock, her hand still holding the shaft, and began to take in quick, shallow breaths. Her body stiffened appearing to push her pubis toward Kate. For her part, Kate was lapping at Em’s pussy appearing to be drinking in as much of Em’s nectar as she could get.

Kate raised her face from Em and smiled at me. Her face was shining with Em’s juices. She began to move up beside Em on the opposite side of her from me. She leaned over and kissed me letting me share Em’s offering. In one smooth motion Kate moved to straddle Em’s face. In that same motion she moved to the classic 69 position. Over her shoulder she said to me, “Help her eat my pussy, John. Show her, teach her.”

I watched Em’s eyes open to look at the pussy only inches from her face. I moved my face close to Em’s and we both considered the swollen lips, the wet hair, the clit hidden beneath a teasing hood. Em lurched a bit when Kate’s mouth found her pussy again.

“Feel what she’s doing to you, Em,” I told her in a whisper, “And do it back to her. Mirror her.”

Em’s tongue came out without hesitation and began to move in slow circles around Kate’s clit. I moved closer and added my tongue to the effort. Em had her clit, I had her thick, wet pussy lips.

Kate’s moan told us we were doing okay.

As much as I loved the taste of Kate and wanted to continue experiencing her with my tongue, I wanted to give her more. I eased upward to kneel beside Em’s head and moved my left hand to her pussy. I pushed two fingers inside her and began to softly fuck her while Em licked and sucked Kate’s clit. Kate’s hips began to sway and move in small circles. I wet the middle finger of my right hand and slowly but steadily eased it in her ass. Kate moaned louder and mumbled, “Yes.” Em’s eyes were wide open watching my hands work on Kate, my left hand fucking her pussy, my right fucking her ass. Em must have been inspired because she tongue began to move faster over Kate even moving up to licking my fingers from time to time.

Kate’s orgasm surprised us both. I felt her pussy and ass contract on my fingers, gripping them tightly. I stopped moving them and let her hold them there. Em’s smile was beautiful. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Kate’s hips, hugging her to herself.

Kate moved after a moment and said, “John, come fuck her. Let her feel you inside her.”

I didn’t hesitate at all before moving to do my duty.

I was moving to get between Em’s legs when she said, “John, please use a condom. I brought several. They’re on the dresser beside the television.”

I like the sound of the word, “several.” As I stood beside the dresser Kate watched as I opened the condom package and began to roll it over the thick red head of my cock. The condom was tight but finally rolled down my shaft. I stepped to the edge of the bed and watched as Kate, still straddling Em’s face, took both her hands and raised Em’s thighs high, spreading them wide. Em’s pussy was swollen from Kate’s attention, its lips were wet, spread like the petals of a delicate flower. I moved onto the bed and knelt in front of her pussy. I held the shaft of my cock and moved the tip up and down her pussy to let her know I was there. I sight of the head slipping inside her was a delight, the way it felt even better. Her lips stretched wide around me. Kate was watching too. She leaned forward and kissed me as I pushed my cock deep inside Em.

Kate held Em’s legs apart as I began to fuck her. Kate’s eye lids were hooded with passion as she watched me fuck Em and felt Em working on her pussy as the same time.

Kate kissed me, her tongue trying to find mine, searching, wanting.

I was fucking Em harder now, my balls bouncing against her ass, our flesh making that slapping sound that comes from raw, hard sex.

I could feel the cum building, wanting out, wanting release.

Kate broke our kiss and whispered, “God, she’s licking my ass now. She’s trying to push her tongue in my ass, John.”

I came then, exploded into the condom. Em’s hips continued to fuck up against me, drawing it all out of me, taking it from me.

Kate orgasmed again then too. I had no idea whether Em did at that point but I knew it was going to be a long night, a long, passionate night with a view of the Washington Monument. God Bless that good old phallic symbol.

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