tagMatureOcean Interlude

Ocean Interlude


It had been a long day but finally, after six hours of riding an old rickety bus filled with locals down the twisting mountain roads, they had come to the sea. To Alicia it was like entering the open arms of a large-breasted, warm-hearted, mother who welcomed her home.

She was traveling light. Her new backpack was giving her trouble and she missed the old one, the smaller one she'd given her kid brother. This one made her feel awkward, off balance. It caught on the door as she stepped off the bus and almost caused her to bang her head. She cursed softly, under her breath.

She was sweaty and dirty. She could smell herself as well as the others around her. Standing on the road, half numb with fatigue, she tried to decide between the sterile comfort of a rented bungalow or pitching the tent on the beach beside the thundering ocean. Her legs moved almost without her volition; she needed the sea. She'd been away too long.

As she followed the path to the beach she looked at the watch she kept in her pocket and discovered that it was four in the afternoon. Still plenty of time to set up camp. Now out of the trees she walked onto the soft sand and looked out over the immense vista of moving water. Her fatigue lifted as she took a deep breath of the pungent air and listened to the crash of the surf. With lighter steps she began heading down the beach in search of a secluded spot.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent putting up her tent, arranging her bedclothes and cooking gear, gathering firewood, and taking a much needed nap. When she awoke the sun was plunging into the ocean in a blaze of red that painted both the water and the sky. Emerging from the tent she stretched and looked around. There was no one to be seen. Alicia unbuttoned her shirt, pulled it away from her full bare breasts, and threw it just inside the tent. A moment later her jeans and underwear followed. After unbinding her long black hair she bent down, picked up her small bar of soap and towel, and walked to the shore.

Dropping the towel in dry sand she strode into the water. It exhilarated her to feel the soft air and cool water on her naked skin, the current pushing against her breasts when the waves surged in. Salt water, she knew, wasn't the best to use for cleaning but she decided she'd at least be cleaner than she'd been.

Rubbing the bar of soap under her armpits, down her arms, across her breasts and belly, between her legs, and, finally, between the cheeks of her bottom, she felt lighter as the dusty grit was washed away.

Collecting her towel, and shaking out the sand, she dried herself off. Once more looking up and down the beach. Again there was no one in sight. She walked back to the tent enjoying her nakedness, hung the towel on the tent rope, and rubbed mosquito repellant over her body. Squatting down she began to assemble her fire.

After eating she lay back on a blanket and watched the dying embers. Then looked up to take in the brilliant parade of sparkling stars as the waves crashed against the sand. This was so different from the day to day stress of running a business. Without giving it much thought she began to touch her body. Alicia could feel herself start to get excited. It felt so good. She opened her legs wide, giving the stars an intimate view of her soft inner lips. She tested the mouth of her vagina with her fingers and found the first traces of dampness. As her other hand began to play with her breasts she gently teased her clitoris, feeling it swell. Testing her vagina again she found a slickness that she transferred to her clit. She could feel her excitement burgeoning.

As her fingers danced on her body she looked into the heavens. She had a sense of opening herself to the cosmos. Of being fucked by the sound of the ocean. Of being made love to by the silky breeze and the thick scents of the earth. Of being truly seen by the stars as she shuddered with orgasm. And minutes later shuddered again. And once more. Sated she climbed into her tent and fell into a deep happy sleep.

Next day she was awakened at dawn by the calls of birds, and the annoying "knock- knock" of a woodpecker that had apparently decided to make its home next to hers. She popped her head out of the tent and looked right and left. There was nobody but a solitary man on a horse coming slowly, still far away. Naked, she sprinted and dived into the sea.

She swam vigorously for ten minutes and stopped to rest on her back. The man on the horse was getting close now. Alicia stood up to take a better look. It was an old man, with white hair and a long white beard. He looked tired and sad. The horse was a dark dirty grey and seemed as sad as his owner.

On a whim Alicia jumped out of the water a couple of times, as high as she was able to. Waving to the old man. He stared hard, trying to make sense of the apparition. A naked woman, with generous breasts bouncing wildly, rich brown skin, and untamed long black hair seemed to want his attention.

The merest hint of a smile appeared in the old man's eyes, he waved back at the sea angel and continued his solitary journey.

Alicia swam for another ten minutes and got out of the water. She was starving. After having a cup of tea and some cheese and crackers, she put on a pair of shorts, a long t-shirt, and grabbed her sandals. She'd decided to do a little exploring.

She hadn't been to this part of the coast in 5 or 6 years, but she vaguely remembered that there was a small river a kilometer or so south from where she had pitched her tent. She wondered about taking her bathing suit but decided not to.

She walked along the beach looking at the crabs running away from the foaming water. She took a deep breath and thought that the decision of dropping everything and escaping from the office for a week had been the best thing to do. The deal was off, but it had not been her fault. Far from it. But she still felt annoyed at herself thinking that if she had tried this or that, maybe Mark wouldn't have made a fool of himself. It was too late now. In a week or so she would go back to the city, pick up the pieces, and start again. Only this time Mark would have to go, she had given him a chance and he'd blown it. It made her head ache to think about the whole mess.

Lost in her somber thoughts it took her a moment to realize she'd found the little river. Well, it was more like she'd stumbled on it. She carefully stepped over a piece of dead wood on the bank and had a good look round her. It was hardly a river, more like a creek. The waters were clear because it hadn't rained in a couple of days. Otherwise the water would be brown, full of leaves and dead branches.

It was getting really hot now, not a single cloud on sight. The sky was deep blue, so bright it hurt to look at it. She blinked furiously and managed to get a few tears to soothe the smarting.

Funny, she thought, the creek didn't look like the one she remembered. But then, the shore line changed continuously on this side of the coast. The tides shaped the sands everyday, like a hand playing carelessly with clay. One day there were trees near the beach and a couple of days later some of them had disappeared. So too was the course of the creek changed by the sand that kept invading it.

She followed the creek inland for a while, trying to get close to a noise she heard. The distance was deceptive, she walked for at least ten minutes before she found a water fall. It was only about two meters high, but the rocks and the vegetation surrounding it made it echo strangely. She got into the water and splashed her face and arms, looking at the blue and orange butterflies skimming the surface of the water.

Yielding to temptation she took off her few clothes and went and stood right below the waterfall. The water was gently massaging her back and she turned round to feel it on her breasts. She turned round again, closed her eyes, and imagined that she was being cleansed of all worries and aches.

She began to caress her breasts gently. Her right hand went down to her pubic hair, playing with it. She rubbed her clitoris ever so gently. She sighed softly, opened her legs wider and inserted one finger in her warm vagina, her other hand playing with her left breast.

Something made her open her eyes. In front of her a boy, of at least eighteen years, was staring at her incredulously, his face turning a dusky shade of red. He had a small net on one arm and the other hand had probably held the now emptying bucket of river shrimps. He wore no shirt, only a pair of very short old trunks and an erection.

He and Alicia stared at one another in stunned silence for several long moments. She still had her finger inside herself. Then the boy looked down at the bucket but without really seeing. He took a deep breath and looked up again. She could see the desire in his eyes. And the uncertainty. She ran her eyes over his body and liked what she saw, half boy softness and half adult strength. Self-consciously she withdrew her finger and stepped out of the falling water. He took a short step back, his eyes on her forest of pubic hair. The intensity of his gaze, as it rose up her body, excited her. When his eyes reached her face she smiled encouragingly.

Alicia reached out her hand. After long seconds of hesitation he threw the net on to the bank and walked to her, taking her hand. She slid her right hand around his smooth young body and pulled him close as their lips met. His hardness pressed against her belly. At first his kiss was tentative but as he felt her tongue reaching out, seeking his, he responded avidly. His mouth tasted sweet and good to her. They were both grunting quietly, sighing with pleasure. With her full breasts squashed against his broad chest they kissed with growing passion.

Almost frantically her fingers found the waistband of his trunks and pushed them down over his firm buttocks. The heat of his cock now burned against her skin. He groaned into her mouth as she wrapped her hand around him. She could feel the trembling warmth of arousal in her belly as she held his rigid cock. Even as she'd fingered herself under the water the creamy dew had begun coating her inner walls but now she knew she must be drenched. Her cunt began to ache to be entered.

He, knowing she was available to him, grew impatient, almost brutal. He was like a young animal lost in rut. She gave herself over and let him half drag her awkwardly to a patch of shaded grass. Then he was pushing her down, spreading her legs. With a loud groan he entered her. The feeling of surrender and the sensations of his cock moving inside her were deeply exciting. She rubbed both hands over the smooth skin of his back and buttocks as he bucked wildly. All too quickly she felt the pulsing of his climax. And his body fell on hers like a heavy rain, in his own surrender.

"Ah, mi amor (Ah, my love)," she sighed, caressing him. "Mi dulce amante (my sweet lover)."

Lying together, her arms around him, they talked quietly. She told him that she was camping on the beach and he asked if he could visit her. She laughed softly and kissed him. Saying she'd like that very much. Almost at once he became hard and she laughed again.

"Ah mi amor, que voy a hacer contigo? (what am I going to do with you?)" She said.

"Puedo pensar en algunas cosas (I can think of some things)," he said, growing bolder now he felt himself to be a man.

"Necesitas pescar mas camarones para tu familia (You need to catch more shrimp for your family)," she said. "Si puedes ven a mi esta noche (Come to me tonight, if you can)."

They dressed and parted after embracing and kissing several times. She felt herself glowing and began to hum an old folk song. It was the middle of the afternoon when she got back to her tent. She found a spot in the shade for her siesta. She had a feeling she would need her rest. When she awoke, the old man from that morning was squatting patiently beside his horse with a bouquet of wild flowers in his hand.

"Toma esto (Take these)," he said. "Le diste a un viejo un dia de felicidad, mi bella mujer de la mar (You gave an old man a day of happiness, my beautiful woman of the sea).

She took the flowers and kissed his hairy cheek. He grinned hugely, showing his broken teeth, and climbed, with some difficulty, back onto his horse. "Tal vez manana temprano abuelo (Perhaps again tomorrow morning, grandfather)," she said.

"Entonces tendré dos dias de felicidad (Then I will have two days of happiness)", he said, and rode slowly away.

She put the flowers in a small pot and then made a fire and fixed herself something to eat. It was nearly sundown, sometime after she'd eaten and washed her dishes, when she saw the boy walking up the beach towards her. He wore a clean shirt and shorts and carried a small bottle of wine. She rose to her feet and greeted him, kissing him but not so passionately as she had earlier in the day. She could feel his eagerness and sensed his disappointment when she restrained him.

"Ten calma querido, tenemos tiempo (Take it easy dear, there is time) she said softly.

They sat and talked for awhile, drinking the wine from her one enameled cup. She made sure that neither of them drank too much. Finally she took his hand and put it on her breast. He didn't have any difficulty deciphering her invitation. His mouth found hers and their clothes seemed to melt away. Once more it was hard and quick and once more she didn't come.

She began to talk to him of love, and sex, and women. She fondled his balls and stroked his half hard cock and talked about her pleasure, her needs. She told him about her secret places. About the place along her rib cage, just below her breasts, where she loved to feel a man touch her as he moved inside her. About the place on top of her head where a man's fingers rubbing her just as she came would make her orgasm so much more intense. For a time she was silent as she took his cock in her mouth, marveling at the smooth sensation of it against her tongue, and then, when it was hard, climbed astride him and took him inside. She rode him, controlling his movements, and talked.

She told him that every woman's body was a little different. That each woman had her own secret places. She sought to communicate to him the rewards that would be his if he cared enough to ask a woman to show him where her secret places were. She revealed to him that many women didn't even know about their secret places. She told him that he and his lover would have to explore together and find them.

She explained to him that some women liked sweet talk at all times. Some women liked dirty talk. Some women liked sweet talk at first and then dirty talk as they approached orgasm. And some liked different talk at different times. He would have to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers.

And she soon learned that he was listening. As she moved above him he reached up and stroked the sides of her rib cage. And then, as she sensed the waves of her climax rising within, and told him so, she felt his fingers at the top of her head. The stars smiled when they heard her cries of joy.

For the next six days they were often together. She taught him about a woman's body. She opened herself and showed him. She shared with him the ways to use his mouth and tongue to give her the deepest pleasure. To her intense delight she found he was an apt pupil. And one who understood the need for practice.

She never saw the old man again. She and the boy slept late. But one morning when they crawled out of the tent she discovered a bouquet of wild flowers. The boy was curious and she told him the story. It warmed her heart to see him smile gently as he thought of the old man watching her. This boy was going to be a beautiful man, she was sure.

"Ah, mi amor," she said on the last day. "Debo marcharme (I must leave)." They were both very sad. They lay and just held each other for a long long time. Finally she pulled away and packed her belongings. After one last kiss she left him sitting on the beach.

She climbed aboard the dilapidated bus and found a seat. She thought of her young lover and smiled. She knew she'd left behind her a boy who'd become a man who would know how to give his women pleasure. Who would know the signs. And who would care enough to make sure his lover was satisfied. Then, as the bus began the slow trek over the mountains, her mind moved forward, thinking about how she was going to handle the situation with Mark. And how she was going to find his replacement. She realized, with calm contentment, that the time by the ocean had changed her attitude.

Her spirit was full and clear again. She was ready for whatever the world might choose to throw at her.

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