The sounds of the waves and the motion of the water seem to have ease that I can not tear away from... The wanting of him near me is like the motions of the water... Nears and then suddenly drifts off into the sunset... Lying in the sand only with thoughts of his warmth from his body surrounding me... I find myself not being able to keep my thoughts off you... The peacefulness of being the only sole person on the beach at this time carries me away into a lost world...

I began to imagine that you are here watching my every movement... I began exploring my body as if it is your hands that are touching me... I start by tracing the outline of my face with my fingertips... Then slowly move my hands down my neckline feeling the sensation as I do when you touch me... Working my hands slowly down my body, across my chest then to my breast... Caressing them tenderly... As I gently squeeze them to sense the feeling of them in your mouth sucking on my nipples... My upper body rises from the sand as I began to feel very aroused... The mist of the water begins to excite me even more as the water begins touching the tips of my toes...

My hands began to wonder even further down my body... Feeling the wetness between my thighs and wanting you here to feel it as well... As my fingertips explore into the wetness I feel my excitement rising... Wanting to know the sweetness you taste, I bring my fingers to my mouth... Slowly inserting finger by finger and sucking the taste of them... The taste is so sweet... As one finger remains in my mouth the other hand works its way back into the wetness... As I trace the lips around my pussy lips, I imagine feeling your hard cock teasing my swollen clit... Wanting to feel your hardness in me, I slowly insert my finger inside me... The excitement from pleasing myself in this way has me lost beyond belief, not knowing if anyone is watching or if I am still alone on the beach...

I cant resist any longer, I began to stroke my finger in and out of my wet pussy... My other hand slides down to my breast, teasing and pinching my nipple... I am so wet, imagining you fucking me on the beach... The wetness feels like satin as I glide my finger in and out... Sliding my finger in deeper... Wanting to feel the intensity as it is when you are fucking me... I feel everything inside me wanting to explode but I try not to let it happen as I do not want it to end... I slow down and slide my finger out of my pussy... Gently rubbing my swollen clit... Roaming my fingers all around in the wetness... My body is shaking from the excitement level that I have reached then I decide that I can not wait any longer to feel the intensity of the climax... Sliding my finger back into my wet pussy I began to slide it in and out again... Inserting another finger as I feel my climax nearing... Deeper I penetrate myself... Faster as I feel warmth surrounding my fingers... My body begins to twitch as I reach climax... The wetness is so great that it begins running onto the sand... Curiously I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste the juices overflowing out of me... The taste is awesome... Licking and sucking every drop of my fingers, as my fingers are soaked in cum...

As I am licking the fantastic taste off my fingers I noticed the beach is filled with sounds of people all around me... Not knowing whether anyone was watching me while I was lost in thoughts, I began to sit up and look around... As I since that no one seemed to be paying attention to me, I gather my things and began walking... Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder and as I turn around he is standing before me... With a grin he says " I enjoyed watching you so much"... With a soft kiss we walked off the beach...

Imagination is a wonderful thing... To those who have it never loose it!!

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