tagSci-Fi & FantasyOdd Awakening

Odd Awakening


It was a night just like any other. Once again I'd gotten the shitty duty of being door guard on a Saturday night. While my friends had gone out, there I was, back at the barracks. I didn't mind to much, since I wasn't much of a partier anyways. But still, it would be nice to have the option.

I paced around the hallway to keep myself awake. It was always odd to be a guard on the weekend. During the week soldiers filled the barracks with life at all hours of the night. During the weekend, the place felt dead.

Around 0120 or so, I finally sat down. I was on the verge of dying from sheer boredom. I amused myself with thinking about all the trouble my buddies would be out getting themselves in. I ran down through the group, coming up with more and more lucrative situations for them to be getting caught up in.

An icy blast of wind blew down the hall, snapping me out of my daydream. I jumped up from my seat and looked around, startled. It felt like I'd be doused with a bucket of water. My heart was racing, and I felt my body tensing, like it was preparing for a fight.

I walked into the hall, and glanced around, to make sure no one was there. As I turned back towards the door, it slowly opened. Opening just far enough to admit a single person. As I watched him the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I instantly felt like something was off, and I wanted to know what.

First I noticed his appearance. He was wearing standard issue fatigues, minus a unit patch on his shoulder. His cover was pulled low, and his head ducked, shrouding his face in shadows. Second he moved with a strange flowing motion, almost like he was dancing.

"Excuse me," a quick glance at his collar showed no rank "Private, I need to see some I.D." I said, trying calm my the uneasy feeling in my stomach.

Whoever it was, tried to ignore me completely. He glanced towards the door to the Supply Sergeants office. He stepped off towards the door, not even bothering to answer me. Replacing my uneasy, was anger.

As the stranger moved to step past me, I grabbed his arm, planning on stopping him. His arm felt like iron in my grip, and I suddenly felt that I had made a dire mistake. He tore his arm free of my grip, and spun with his other hand clenched into a fist, aiming for my gut.

I barely managed to turn my body to avoid the blow. His knuckled scrapped across my abs, and I felt a lance of pain shot through me. God forbid if he had actually hit me. I grabbed his wrist, and twisted it back towards him sharply, planning on putting him on his ass, and my boot upside his head.

But as I twisted, he flipped backwards. I held my grip though, as I watched him land nimbly on the balls of his feet. He crouched down, and sprung forward in the blink of eye, driving his shoulder into my gut. The force doubled me over, and threw me back into the wall.

I bounced off the wall and fell to my knees, refusing to fall any further. My head was spinning and my vision was too blurred for me to even see my attacker. I saw a dark blur spring forward, and felt a vice grab me by the throat and lift me from the ground.

'I'm going to die, and I can't do anything to stop it.' I thought to myself.

I awaited the final moment, but it didn't come. Slowly my vision cleared, but the grip still held tight on my throat. Finally the world snapped back into focus, and I saw my attacker. I soaked in his features, hoping I would live long enough to fuck them up.

He had a pale thin face. Not sickly though. Strength and power showed in his almost delicate features. His skin looked like he needed to get outside more than once a month. His body features shocked me even more. He seemed to be about half my size, but yet his arm didn't so much as twitch as he held me.

"Not yet little brother, for now you shall live. But I can't have you talking about this." He said in a voice that held no small amount of contempt for me.

Suddenly his face filled my vision. I couldn't see anything else. He filled every inch of my eyes, filled my mind. His voice thundered and shook my skull tell I felt like I would die.

'You got in a fight at the bar with 3 men, and got hit in the ribs with chair. You came back and passed out soon after.'

Then my world went black.


I shot up with a start. Instantly I wished I hadn't, as my world almost faded back to black. I felt my entire rib cage throb with pain. My head was spinning from the pain. Slowly, the room stopped twirling, and I became aware of another person in the room with me.

"Yeah, don't try to much of that. You're pretty fucked up." John, my roommate said. He was sitting at his desk working on his computer.

It wasn't until then I realized that I was back in my room. I was in my bunk, still in my fatigues, minus my top and boots. Very carefully I swung my legs out of my bunk, taking great care to put as little strain on my ribs as possible.

"What happened?" I asked groggily.

"We're not sure. A few of us came back early this morning to find you passed out on the stairwell, bruised up like you took on the only damn town. I was hoping you could tell me what happened." John said, turning to look at me.

I thought back, but my head was still so jumbled. It was like looking through muddy water. I saw myself sitting at a bar, three men, a struggle, a chair hitting me. Then nothing. No matter how hard I concentrated, I could recall no more.

"I was at a bar last night," I started to say slowly "and I got in a fight with three guys, and one of them hit me with a chair. Then I some how got here." I finished, realizing how false it all sounded.

John looked at me with unconcealed doubt.

"Drew, you don't drink, and you had Door guard last night. Why would you be at a bar?" John asked.

Everyone knew that Door guard on the weekend was more or less ignored, unless it was a punishment. Most guys didn't even do their shifts, but I always did mine. Plus John was right, I was strongly against drinking, so it made no sense for me to be in a bar. But try as I might, I couldn't remember anything else. It was like I had holes cut in my memory, and filled in with some 10 cent story.

"I don't know John, but that's all I remember. Honest to god," I replied after a minute of thinking. Suddenly another thought dawned on me. "What time is it?"

John glanced at his computer, "About 1100, why?"

I jumped to my feet and instantly regretted it. Pain shot through me like fire. I felt myself start falling, but luckily John was there. He supported me, while my vision cleared, and the world refocused. My breathing came in short gasps.

"Don't worry, I already covered for you at formation. You need to go to sick call, or preferable the hospital. Whatever happened, you got fucked up bad man." John said concern.

"Sick....call. Not...the...hospital." I replied in-between gasps.

John shook his head, but didn't argue. He helped me get into a clean pair of fatigues. It was a slow process, but in a few minutes we where ready to go. We walked slowly to the sick call building. John continued to ask questions, trying to probe to the truth about my activities.

His questions just frustrated me though, because it didn't make any sense to me either. Nothing added up, but I couldn't think of anything else that had happened. I was still chewing it all over when we arrived at the sick call building. We walked in, and went straight to the injury section of the building. I signed in, and took a seat. John finally fell silent. Either I could sense my foul mood, or he was hoping I would remember some new fact.

We sat in silence for I don't know how long, and still nothing. I was about to talk through my story again when I heard from the door to the examination room...

"Next patient, Andrew..."

I had jumped up at the beginning of A, glad for some sort of distraction from my thinking. Once again though, my body protested to such quick movements. I managed to stay standing. John let a low chuckle, knowing full well why I had insisted on coming to sick call.

The voice at the door was Major Beckham. A short, full figured Asian woman, with one of the most beautiful faces I'd ever seen. Her hair was as black as onyx, and fell to her shoulders. She smiled, recognizing my face. Unfortunately, I'd been here more than a few times.

I managed to walk into the exam room without falling on my face, the whole time trying to pretend my ribs didn't bother, and smile at the Major. She smiled back, with a twinkle in her in, and I could tell she wanted to laugh. I sat down gingerly on the table, breathing out slowly as my ribs throbbed.

"Well Andrew, what have you done this time?" Danielle asked in her sultry voice. I wasn't supposed to know her first name, but through my many visits her, I had picked up it.

"Well to be honest I don't remember too well Major, but I do know my ribcage fu...messed up pretty bad." I said, trying to watch my language.

"Well then, lets not waste any time. You know the drill," She said, winking at me.

By rote I began rattling off my information for her to put in the computer. The whole time my mind mentally undressed her. I could see her wonderful form in my mind, every delicious inch of her body. My thoughts wandered to all the positions I wanted to have her in. I knew I could never have her, her being an officer and me just a Private. But I had my dreams.

As she typed in the last of my information, she undid the top button of her top, and squirmed in her seat. I nearly panicked, fearing she some how had discovered what I was thinking. I quickly discarded the idea, but my heart was still racing. After a second she stood and turned towards me.

"Alright, go ahead and strip down so I can get a look at you." And then she turned away.

I immediately began to strip down, having been through many such examinations. Danielle walked into the waiting room, and I heard her talking to someone. I was folding my clothes, when I heard the door shut. That was odd indeed. The door always stayed open, especially during an examination like this one. The only person in the waiting room was John.

I spun, unsure of what I would find, or what I would even be able to do in my condition. The only thing that I saw, was Danielle locking the door shut. My misgiving about the situation only grew, but I figured she had some reason for her actions. Still, I felt more aware of my nude state than I ever had before. The blood rushed to my cheeks, and I tried to think of some clever excuse to cover my blush.

Slowly Danielle turned and looked at me. Her eyes still shone, but a much different light. She walked towards me, swaying her hips in a most seductive manner. It was like watching a snake wriggle, the way her hips rocked from one side to the other. As she walked, she slowly undid her fatigue top, each button done as if she had all the time in the world.

Yet somehow in the few steps to where I stood, still naked, she managed to undo her top, and slide it from her body. Her wonderfully full breasts stood out proudly, her thin brown shirt not concealing her already hard nipples. I was transfixed, as her delicate hands grasped the bottom of her shirt, and in one swift movement, whisked it from her body.

I felt my cock become hard as I watch Danielle, a woman I had dreamed of for months, undress. In vain I tried to divert my thoughts from what I saw. Any chances of that ended when she reached behind her back, and with a slightly click, let her bra fall away.

She smiled that wonderfully sultry smile of hers as I lost my battle will self control and openly stared at her breasts. She took a step closer to me, and I tried to flee, but found myself back up against the examination table. My cock was now fully erect, and I spread my hands trying to cover it.

"Andrew, don't be shy, I've seen you like this plenty of times. You think I never noticed your cock get hard when I would examine you?" Danielle said, as she reached out and gently took my cock in her hands.

Her hands where so soft, like silk sliding across my cock. I put my hands back on the examination table. With slow firm strokes she began teasing my cock. I closed my eyes, letting the sensation wash over me. Without warning she planted the most passionate kiss of my life on me. Just as with her hands, her lips where soft, but firm. Her tongue danced across mine, quick and nimble.

When she finally released my mouth, a slight groan escape my lips. I leaned forward, trying to find her lips again. She giggled at my actions, all the while keeping her slow steady pace on my cock.

"My my, so eager. Has it really been that long?" She said as she giggled once more.

I blushed like the setting sun at that. It had been awhile since my last time with a woman. She pressed her finger to my lips, silencing that protest I had been about to make. With devilish grin, she kissed me again. Then she kissed the side of my next, my chest, my nipples, all the way to my stomach tell she was kneeling in front of me.

With her free hand she cupped my balls and gentle massaged them. I felt her hot breath moving up and down my cock, teasing me to the point of desperation, which wouldn't be far for me. She always kept her mouth just close enough that I could feel her every movement, her every breath. It made my knees weak.

"Please...stop teasing...me" I all but whimpered. I wanted to try and sound masculine, and in control, but it was all to obvious at this point that I was just along for the ride.

My words must have swayed her though, cause I felt her hot mouth finally touch the tip of my cock. Once again my knees nearly buckled. If I hadn't been holding on to the table, I would have joined Danielle on the floor. I watched as inch by inch my cock disappeared down her throat, until her nose brushed my public hair. Danielle looked up at me then, and I nearly blew my load right then from how erotica she looked.

With the same agonizingly slow motion, she moved back up my cock tell just the head was left in her mouth. Then it began again, just as slow. Her tongue swirled around my cock, teasing me to even more pleasure. I felt my balls tighten in her hands, and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I questioned if I should just cum now, or hold out.

Danielle must have sensed my approaching orgasm, and she made my decision for me. She popped my cock out of her mouth, and gripped the base in a firm hold. I felt my orgasm slowly died down. While she waited for me to come back from the brink, her hand slide into her pants.

"Why don't you let me do that for you?" I said, trying to regain some lost ground.

Danielle smiled, knowing what I was doing. She was willing to let me though. In a single fluid motion she stood, her hand still buried in her pants. She stepped towards me, pushing her tits against my chest, and whispered into my ear...

"If you think you can handle me..."

I grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss, matching the passion of the ones she had given me. With my other hand I cupped her breast, and teased her nipples. I pinched and twisted them, working them hard, and she moaned into my mouth. When I released her from our kiss, sliding my hand down to her fatigue bottoms. I quickly undid the buttons, and let her pants fall to her ankles.

I couldn't help but watch for a second as her hand continued to tease her pussy, her thong pushed to the side. It was my turn though, and I grabbed her wrist and slowly pulled it away from her pussy. With firm hands I pushed her stomach down on the examantion table, her ass stick out, displaying her pussy for me.

Without hesititation I knelt behind her. I blew air across her pussy lips, teasing her in the same way which she had teased me. My hands traveled up and down her inner thighs, never fully making it to her love mound. Her ass squirmed, trying to entice me to pleasure her.

When I decided she had been teased enough, I finally moved my tongue in for the kill. I greedily licked and sucked on her pussy and clit. She gasped, and then moaned loudly, and pressed her pussy back on my face. I quickly slide a finger inside her, still teasing her clit with my mouth and other hand. Another finger went in, and her moans increased.

I kept my attack on her constant. Always working her clit, my fingers, the whole deal. Her breathing sped up, and I felt her pussy start to tighten on fingers a second before she let out loud groan. Her whole body tensed up, and she shook like a leaf for a second.

When her orgasm passed, I started back to my rhythm.

"No, fuck me. Please fuck me," I heard her moan into the padding of the table.

Not to be one to disappoint, I stood up and positioned myself behind her. I placed the tip of my cock at her pussy and held it there. Danielle wiggled, trying to force more of my cock into her. I held her firmly though, not giving another inch to her. She moaned into the table.

"Please fuck me Andrew. I want you to fuck me like I'm your personal slut." She said in breathy voice.

With that, I slowly began sliding my cock into her. I heard her let out a long sigh as I filled her. When I was all the way inside her, grabbed her hips, and slowly pulled back out. Her feet shifted slightly, knowing what was about to happen.

Without warning I slammed the whole length of my cock into her pussy. She gasped, and her fingers tightened around the edge of the table. With sharp thrusts I started fucking her as best I could. Each thrust brought a twinge of pain from my chest, but it was easily ignored for the pleasure I was in.

I thought my thrusts where hard enough, but I was mistaken. Danielle kept pushing her ass back to meet me, speeding my pace up until the whole table shook with the force. Sweat started to bead on my chest, as I felt my coming orgasm, and I tried to hold it back.

Danielle must have felt it too.

"Mmmm, just a little longer baby, and we can cum together. I want to cum with you."

I wasn't sure if I could hold out to much longer, so I had to speed her up. My hand slid from her hips to her pussy, and starts circling her clit just as I had earlier. My arm was being mashed between her body and the table, but it was worth the bruises I would have later.

As soon as I touched her clit, Danielle didn't just gasp, she cried out, loud enough I feared John would hear her. But I kept my rhythm going. I felt my stomach start to clinch, knowing my orgasm was coming and very soon.

Danielle was moaning with abandon now, and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock.

"Cum for me baby! I want you to cum inside me!" She moaned as her orgasm hit her.

That sent me over the edge. One final thrust, and I buried my cock all the way inside her. My orgasm hit like a freight train. I felt my knee's start to get weak, so I leaned over Danielle, using her and the table as support. Hot streams of cum flooded her pussy, tell some actually dribbled out the side.

After my orgasm was spent, I had to rest for a second. My head was spinning and I felt like I'd just run two marathons back to back. Danielle seemed content to just rest there, basking in her afterglow. When I felt strong enough to move without falling, I pulled my quickly deflating cock from her. I heard her give a slight sigh of disappointment.

We dressed in no particular hurry, catching passionate kisses, and arousing feels of each other as we did. When we where both back in uniform, suddenly Danielle blushed like the setting sun. She pulled out a piece of paper and joted down something in such a hurried hand I wasn't sure if it was readable.

"This is your profile for your ribs. I'm giving two weeks of no duty, with a check up at the end of the two weeks." She said hurriedly.

I took the profile and put it into my pocket. Danielle was acting like something terrible had happened. While it was highly frowned upon, it wasn't illegal for Officers and privates to be intimate. I thanked her and turned towards the door. She grabbed my arm suddenly, and her had was shaking.

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