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Odd Party


Enjoying the new outfit that Ava has chosen for the party, she takes one more look into the mirror and smiles to herself. The outfit does look much better without any undergarments on, and there are no wrinkles or lines to be seen. The honking of the horn downstairs informs her that she will be late if she doesn't get a move on. Ava rushes down to the car and hops in. Jason smiles at her and wishes her to put a seatbelt on before they take off. Laughing Ava obeys, and then she looks at Jason and places her left hand on his thigh as he shifts the car into gear. Jason tells her that if they plan to be on time for once in their lives she will have to wait to play until they are on their way home. Ava takes her hand back and looks out of the window, she sees the sun is slowly setting and all of the colors swirl like autumn leaves in the wind. Jason informs her that there is to be a full moon this very night and the dress that she is wearing is very nice for the party. Ava nods her head and thanks him for his compliment.

They arrive at the Hotel Del Orange on time and without any auguring for a change. At the door a tall woman, whose breasts are about to topple out of her very low cut dress, meets them. She takes their coats and instructs Jason to go to the study and Ava to go to the living room. They briefly kiss and depart to their designated rooms. As Ava enters the living room, she notices that it is filled with only women and they are all nervously chatting about what may or may not be happening in the "men's room". Ava sits down next to a rather plump woman who has her feet propped up on a chair and her dress hiked up above her knees. The woman introduces herself as the hostess, her name being Penelope. Ava shakes her hand and asks her about the nights festivities, but Penelope just mumbles that she is not sure, but wishes that what ever they be that they start soon. The room began to warm up quite a bit and most of the women looked like their makeup was going to run down their faces soon.

Ava stood up and moved over to the window and gazed out, absent-mindedly she began to stroke her left tit through her dress. Suddenly she heard a loud sound and turned to see a woman on the floor. Everyone seemed to ignore this poor woman, but Ava walked up to see if she could help. The woman mumbled something about not being able to breathe in her dress and that she would be fine in a few minutes. Ava moved the woman to one side and undid her dress so that she could breathe easier. The room seemed to be even hotter than when she had first entered it. Another woman spoke up and announced that she was too hot for her clothes and began to strip. Her large tits bounced as she lifted her dress clear over her head. Ava walked over to her and offered a glass of water to her, the woman took the glass of water and poured it all over her body. Soon every woman, except Ava and Penelope, were naked and pouring water over their bodies. Penelope just sat on the couch and smiled.

Ava asked her about why she was smiling and Penelope answered because she knew who was watching this and it was the husbands in their "study". One of the other wives had been looking through the chest on the floor behind the couch, when she started to giggle, Ava looked over the couch to see what was so funny and saw a chest load of sex toys. Ava could not resist the temptation to help her fellow wives feel better in all ways. She got up and walked around the couch to the chest and withdrew a rather large vibrator, and then she went and sat in front of Penelope on the floor. Penelope shrugged and hiked her dress up further to expose her pink swollen clit to Ava. Who in turn placed the vibrator directly onto Penelope's clit and turned it on. Penelope jumped, then widened her legs more for Ava to insert the vibrator further into her wet pussy.

Ava nodded and did just that, Penelope began to moan as Ava bent down and began to suck and nibble on her clit. Mrs. Richardson found this kind of entertainment appalling, even though her heart rate increased quite a bit by just watching Penelope's face. Another woman took a dildo out of the chest and it had two ends to it. She walked over to where Ava was and nudged her with one end. Ava gladly lifted her ass up off of the floor and allowed the double dildo to be inserted into her dripping pussy. Another woman crawled underneath Ava so that she could drink her pussy juices as the dildo went in and out. Then Ava felt a vibrating ass plug being inserted, already on, into her ass. This put her over the edge several times and Penelope's pussy was fucked hard with the vibrator that was in her pussy. All four women were moaning and gasping and enjoying each other to the fullest. Next thing Ava heard was the sounds of all ten women in the room moaning, screaming, and slurping to their content.

All of a sudden the room became quiet as the great doors to the living room opened and there stood their husbands with wicked looks on their faces. Penelope smiled a wide smile as her husband asked why the women started without them, as if she didn't know that this had been planned all along or that the men didn't just finish watching their wives getting it on together in the study where there is a large television set. Penelope just answered with a sorry we could not wait any longer in the heat of the room. Jason approached Ava, whose head was still between Penelope's legs, although she had stopped all forms of activity when the doors opened. He tapped her on the shoulder and she rose up onto her feet, head down, with both her pussy and ass still filled, she walked with her husband. All the women were instructed to follow suit. Soon every man had his disobedient wife standing naked next him with at least one toy still inserted into the hole of choice.

Each husband led their wives down a wide and twisty set of stairs to the "dungeon": where each was given a room to share with only their husbands. The host was the only one whose wife did not go down there with him. Now he walked down the corridor and looked in on each pair of guests, until he came to Jason and Ava's room. He knocked once and Jason told Ava to answer the door quickly. Instead she did the opposite and took her time, knowing full well that there would be consequences for her slowness. Sure enough as soon as the door was opened, the host, Jack, slapped her straight across the face, almost knocking her to the ground. Jason sat still right where he was and watched. Jack instructed Jason to bring Ava to the center room with all of the "devices" and then to return to this small room to await further instructions. Jason readily obeyed his instructions and took Ava to the "device" room.

Ava looked around and gasped at all of the strange "devices" that were in the room. A stretching rack was on one wall, a small cage hung from the ceiling, a case of sharp objects sat on three different tables. Jack walked up behind Ava and turned the ass plug up to full vibe, this made Ava jump, but she did not fall down. Jack took her by her left nipple and led her roughly over to the east wall. He then took a pair of nipple clamps and closed them tightly over each of her nipples, then he pulled on the chain that was connected to both clamps, until Ava was on her tip-toes and crying from the intense pain. Then Jack took Ava by the arms and hand cuffed each to the wall above her head. Her ankles were cuffed to a long wooden bar, this forced her to spread wider than thought possible for her to do. Jack then blindfolded her and left the room for a few minutes. Ava's body was convulsing from the pleasure in her ass to the pain slash pleasure on her nipples.

Jack soon returned with Jason, but Jason had a gag ball in his mouth and a cock and ball ring secured his erect cock and balls. Jack had instructed Jason to only do as he wished him to do to his own wife. Ava had no idea that Jason was even in the room with her and Jack. Jack then began to describe to Ava just what to enjoy and what to fear in the next several hours. Then the fun began, at least to Jack it did. Ava's nipple clamps were lowered slightly, but only so that hot wax could be poured over each one of them. Then as tears began to form in the corner of each eye, Ava felt the dildo being extracted from her pussy and a thick tube being inserted into her pussy. Then she felt a hot liquid enter her pussy, it stayed there for about 2 minutes before being sucked out. The tube was removed. Then she felt herself being carried off the floor, she felt the cold steel of a table under her ass and back. Her arms were now secured above her head and the bar between her ankles was raised up high, thus exposing her fully to Jack.

As instructed from earlier Jason took a large paddle from the drawer and began to give his wife a spanking that she would never forget. When he was done with the paddle, her ass was red and small welts had begun to form. Jack handed Jason a long slender cane and pointed to her pussy. Jason smacked Ava's pussy with the cane several time, and Ava cried out each time causing more smacks with the cane. Her clit became so swollen and hot that she began to squirt out some cum. Then Jack took the cane away from Jason and pushed his own face down into her pussy and forced Jason to watch as Jack ate Ava's pussy, causing her great orgasms. Then Ava heard muffled yelps as Jack struck Jason's erect cock with the cane.

Jack stopped and inserted a lit candle into Ava's pussy, she held it very still even though it was a fast burning candle and the wax that dripped off of it dripped right onto her clit and pussy lips. Then she heard grunting sounds and realized someone else was in the room. Jack had Jason spread eagle on a table that was propped up against a wall, with Jason's cock and balls fitting nicely into a hole in the table. His cock stood straight out through the hole and goat with no teeth was sucking hard on it. At the same time Jack was fucking Jason up the ass with his own cock. Then he took the condom off and replaced it with Ava's mouth. Jack fucked Ava's mouth until he shot his hot cum straight down her throat. Then Jack took some ice and inserted them one cube at a time into her pussy, then he pulled the ass plug out long enough to stuff a few ice cubes into her asshole, and then he replaced the ass vibe. He also smeared some peanut butter all over her pussy, Jack then whistled a long low whistle and his fully grown male St. Bernard came into the room and straight for Ava's pussy.

All Ava could do is feel the dog's long tongue licking and licking her. Then once in awhile he would try to bite her clit as he stuffed his face straight into her wide opened pussy lips. Ava began to moan and her body began to shake. Then Jack lowered the table and instructed her to be on all fours, Ava did as she was told. The dog then mounted her and his knot slipped in and out of her cunt, until it went in one last time and did not come back out. In fact she could feel the dog swell up inside her and she was terrified, but excited and nervous about being fucked doggie style by a real dog. As soon as the dog stopped pounding her, his knot dropped out and he dismounted. Then Jack stepped forward and began to fist fuck her for all he was worth. After all of the different kinds of fucking that Jack could think of, Jack released Jason from the table and finally allowed him to ass fuck Ava. His cock was so ready, but he did not expect that her ass was going to be as cold as ice, literally speaking. It was though and Jack told Jason to fuck her or move out of the way so he could do it. So Jason fucked his wife's asshole more than a few minutes, soon he came all over her back. Jack then untied, ungaged, and undid both husband and wife. He sent them to their room to rest. Then he got busy with the other couples.

In the morning, Ava and Jason were in one of the upstairs guest bedrooms and they felt quite relaxed. Ava told Jason that they certainly got their money's worth out of this therapy session. Jason agreed and then snuggled up with Ava before they had to leave. Ava told Jason that next time she wanted to be more in control of their fantasy therapy, he agreed.

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