tagFetishOde to Domina Scorpio: Anal

Ode to Domina Scorpio: Anal


The internationally infamous man who calls himself Samuel X came home that night after a long day at Carleton University and an even tougher shift than usual at Bell Canada where he worked. Seriously, what was wrong with people in Ottawa these days? The Canadian capital had always struck him as a covertly racist, two-faced and dull environment. For the life of him he couldn't figure out why Canadians didn't make the bigger and more prosperous City of Toronto their capital. To him, beautiful and racially diverse Toronto deserved to be far more than a provincial capital. It deserved to be a national capital because it represented the best that Canada had to offer. Oh, well. Still, he was puzzled by all the assholes and bitches he'd been running into lately.

First that psychotic middle-aged white chick at the Western Union near Saint Laurent Mall then that crazy, drunken white dude with the sunglasses at Hurdman Station. A guy who wanted to fight him for no reason other than he thought Samuel X was looking at him. Samuel X, a big and tall Black man, wasn't the type to back down to anyone though he was level-headed, even-tempered and as law abiding as they come. Still, if it hadn't been for that off-duty military officer who stepped between Samuel X and the racist interloper, the incident might have taken a life of its own. The military man, a stocky white guy in his forties, argued with the sunglasses-wearing drunkard and told him to leave 'that young man' alone. Eventually the guy walked away. Samuel X thanked his benefactor and got on the bus, where he ran into his friend Fatima, a Gambian girl whom he met in his Psychology II class during the first semester.

The two of them caught up, and Samuel X learned that his former study buddy's father passed away the week before. Samuel X was deeply saddened to hear that. He hadn't seen his own father since that fateful day in 2000 when the old man left him and his sister in the care of their uncle and aunt in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. Fast forward twelve years and Samuel X was now residing in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, and studying Law at Carleton University. Life was okay. He still volunteered for worthwhile causes when he could. He still wrote and published the erotic stories for which he was both praised and reviled. The twenty-something Haitian man had grown accustomed to being both admired and hated for his uniquely creative way of mixing sex with race, religion and culture and coming up with mind-boggling, often shocking but always entertaining stories. In that regard, among all online fiction authors, the one called Samuel X was Mr. Unique.

Samuel X had a lot on his mind. That's why he didn't notice certain things as he entered his apartment overlooking the park in the Vanier section of metropolitan Ottawa, Ontario. Samuel's nose picked up a familiar scent, though one he couldn't place. The scent of a familiar...and feminine, fragrance. He followed his nose, and it led him to the bedroom. Where he gasped in shock at what he found. There was someone in his bed. A vision of African beauty and magnificence. Lying naked on Samuel X's bed was a tall, thick and sexy young Black woman. His friend, fan and admirer Kiah, also known as Domina Scorpio. Samuel X smiled. Well, well. Domina Scorpio grinned and gestured for him to come to her. As if he needed any prompting. The sight of a sexy woman on his bed, butt-ass naked, definitely wasn't something any red-blooded male would object to. And Samuel X's blood was definitely red, though most of it was filling his groin at the moment.

Domina Scorpio smiled enticingly at Samuel X as he took off his Black leather jacket, followed by his long-sleeved gray T-shirt featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. When he got to his dark gray jeans, she asked him to slow down. Samuel grinned. Looks like the lady wanted a strip tease. That was more than okay by him. A little foreplay served to whet both her appetite, and HIS. He slowly unzipped his pants, then let them drop to his ankles. Proving once and for all that big and tall men could move swiftly and gracefully, Samuel stepped out of his now fallen pants...and vaulted on the sturdy king-sized bed wearing nothing but his dark blue boxers...and his white socks of course. He pulled Domina Scorpio into his arms and gently kissed her. Hmmm. That big sexy African-American chick was a vision of loveliness. And she had thick, juicy lips that were meant to be kissed. And so he kissed her passionately, fondling her sexy breasts and cupping her big round booty, though not at the same time.

The two sexy lovers rolled around on the bed. Samuel looked into the lovely dark brown eyes and lovely, round face of the only woman who ever understood him. The only woman who 'got him'. He smiled at her, and reminded her of their first conversation on the phone, which lasted almost six hours. He called her from the Province of Ontario, Canada, and she answered from her home State of Maryland in the U.S. And it was as if time and distance didn't matter when he was speaking to her. Finally, he was speaking to a woman whose intelligence, charm and wit, and kink, matched or even surpassed his own. And the most amazing thing about her, other than the fact that she was so into him? The gal was hot, and she barely seemed aware of it. In his eyes, Domina Scorpio wasn't just KINKY. She was a BEAUTIFUL woman. Tall, busty, wide-hipped, dark-skinned and big-bottomed. How many female characters had he thus described in the nearly two thousand stories he penned online since the mid-2000s? He wrote these hot, kinky Black ladies and wove them into his tales because that's what he liked. Samuel X was forthrightly bisexual and liked his fun with curvy ladies and the occasional brother, but the sisters were his bread and butter. Nothing like a beautiful Black woman in his eyes.

That's why he began making love to her gently. He kissed her all over, eliciting giggles from her. Gently he spread her thighs, and went to give her sweet pussy the licking it deserved. Samuel X loved eating pussy. A lot of men considered it a preliminary before the main event. Not Samuel X. He simply loved going down on a female and hearing her moan in pleasure. He loved making women lose control using his tongue and fingers. That's when he felt like he "had" them. Samuel thrust two fingers inside Domina Scorpio's juicy pussy and continued licking. The big and sexy Black woman moaned in pleasure, urging him to keep going. She once told him that only a strong Aquarius King like him could put out her Scorpio fire. Well, he was certainly going to live up to the title she bestowed upon him. You had better believe the brother licked that pussy like his life depended on it. Until Domina Scorpio's squeals of delight filled the apartment. Samuel was pretty sure that everyone living on Donald Street could hear Domina Scorpio's orgasmic screams but he didn't care and from the look of things, neither did she. He held his sexy lady in his arms and kissed her while she cried out in pleasure. Hey, that's why he's the King.

Next, Domina Scorpio found herself on all fours. Samuel caressed her big beautiful ass, then spread her cheeks. He began licking and fingering her asshole, darting that tongue of his deep inside. His tongue delighted her during their first telephone conversation together, and she found his Boston accent charming as hell. He laughed back then, for he thought his Boston accent long gone after two years in Ottawa. Nope, according to the lady he referred to as his Maryland Woman, his accent was still there. Now he was putting that tongue to good use, licking her ass. Once he deemed her ready, he applied lubricant all over her anus. Maple syrup. Hey, when in Canada, do as the Canadians do. Samuel caressed Domina Scorpio's big sexy ass and asked her if she was ready for him. Domina Scorpio laughed that throaty, sexy laugh of hers and told him to DO it. Well, Samuel didn't need to be told twice.

Gently, Samuel pressed his dick against Domina Scorpio's backdoor. The big beautiful Black woman urged the man she called her Aquarius King to bang her ass. Samuel hadn't done anal in ages. And you had better believe the brother wanted to make up for lost time. Gently, he eased his cock inside her asshole. Domina Scorpio's hungry asshole clamped down on Samuel's thick cock like a vise. Holding her hips firmly, he began fucking her hard and fast, just the way she said she liked it in their conversations. The bed shook as he hammered her. Domina Scorpio rubbed her pussy, which was wet as a puddle, while Samuel slammed his dick into her ass. He fucked that big ass of hers like a man possessed. They went at it for a long time, until he finally came. Domina Scorpio rolled over, and kissed Samuel gently on the lips. Then she reached into her purse for her shiny blue strap-on dildo. She was a firm believer in gender equality and felt that givers should always receive. Samuel smiled, and assumed the position happily. She got behind him, mounted him and shoved her plastic cock inside of him. And suddenly, he was the one doing the screaming!

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