tagFetishOde To Domina Scorpio: Punish

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Punish


Samuel X. the infamous online erotica writer known as the Aquarius King smiled to himself as he looked at his sexy submissive Kiah, also known as Domina Scorpio. The sexy, tall and curvy young Black woman looked simply amazing while naked. The Haitian-born and self-style 'prince of perverts' gently palmed the ample bottom of his sexy submissive. Tonight, he was turning the tables on her. Let her find out what it's like to get dominated for a change. Although he called himself a switch, Samuel was more submissive than dominant if he were to be honest with himself. However, tonight, he was in full 'dominant master' mode. And he loved it. It was a refreshing change of pace.

Kiah/Domina Scorpio looked at Samuel X as he smiled that infamous lopsided grin of his. Clad in a Black T-shirt featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Black jeans, the big and tall bisexual Haitian man looked real good. And he knew it. She could see his cock bulging in his pants. Samuel admired Kiah's nice-looking piece of chocolate ass. Ah, the things he wanted to do that ass. In all his time as a writer of the most creative, daring and disturbing erotic stories in the world, Samuel had never met anyone like him. Until he came across Kiah, the sexy African-American mama whom he affectionately called 'the Maryland Woman'. This gal was tall, fine and thick, just the way he liked his women. After leaving his hometown of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, and growing up in Brockton, Massachusetts, Samuel had a thing for African-American girls. And Kiah was one of the best. And also the only person out there he felt was as twisted as he was.

Oh, he was fond of Kiah, his foxy Scorpio Domina. Their long conversations at night were nothing short of stimulating. Living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, after leaving behind his beloved hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts left him a bit dazed and disoriented. He came to Canada for a better life because things simply weren't working for him in New England. The Canadians were an okay people, some good and some bad. Just like people everywhere. None of them were very interesting, though. Among them, he felt like a fish out of water. He loved the NBA and the NFL, most specifically the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots. Kiah considered herself a Red Skins fan as far as football was concerned but Samuel forgave her for not seeing the genius of New England Patriots quarterback and living legend Tom Brady. She was a sweet gal, after all. Yeah, he felt out of place in Ottawa. He wasn't a hockey fan, though he did cheer the Boston Bruins on when they smashed the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL finals a while back. Just like he cheered the doomed efforts of the U.S. Men's and Women's Olympic Hockey Teams back in 2010 in Vancouver.

When he met Kiah, Samuel was thrilled. At first he thought she was just a fellow erotica writer and BDSM fanatic. He never thought he'd find a kindred spirit in her. Now he looked forward to talking to her daily. She was on his Facebook and everything. And he called her fairly often. Still, there was something so damn spank-worthy and punishable about the sexy curvy Black lady from Maryland. Oh, she liked a lot of the same things he did. Erotic fiction. Professional wrestling. Action movies. And she was turned on by male bisexuality. Hot damn. Why hadn't he met her while he still lived in Massachusetts? He would have gone down to Maryland to see her for sure. Now he was in Ontario, studying Law at Carleton University. And he had his job with Bell Canada which he couldn't leave, not if he wanted to pay his rent and keep his life, well, interesting.

While in the City of Ottawa, he'd had a few encounters with the local women. Although he loved his chocolate sisters, some of the ones in the capital of Canada were downright problematic. A lot of Black women from Muslim areas of Africa weren't interested in hooking up with a Black Christian guy from the Caribbean. Oh, Samuel did have his share of Somali pussy. A lot of the conservatively dressed and hijab-wearing Black Muslim ladies from Somaliland were freaks behind closed doors. By and large, most of them were prudes, though. He encountered a similar problem among Black women from Christian areas of Africa such as Cameroonian ladies and Ethiopian ladies. African women were so damn annoying with their restrictions!

African Christian women were just as restrictive in their dating policies as African Muslim women. Most of them African Christian ladies were only interested in dating men from their own backgrounds. When they did date men of other backgrounds, they tended to go for white men. And that was honestly unfortunate. After chasing chocolate booty during his first few months in Canada, Samuel decided to diversify a bit. He went for some of the white women. Well, they turned out to be fun. He recalled a steamy hook up with Amy, a blonde-haired and blue-eyed nineteen-year-old chick who lived in his neighborhood. He also had a lot of fun with a mature blonde dominatrix named Lynn in the Kanata area of Ottawa. She had a mean strap-on dildo and knew how to use it. Yeah, he had his share of fun with ladies of all shades in the City of Ottawa. Some of the local guys, such as this Chinese dude named Andrew, also showed an interest in him. Although Samuel considered himself bisexual, he was far more picky with guys than with girls. So he remained only friends with Andrew the horny Chinese guy.

Yeah, Samuel had his fun and continued to do well in his classes at Carleton University. He got promoted at Bell Canada, which was cool. Still, something was missing. He spent a lot of time alone these days. And he was frequently bored. And then along came Kiah, the sexy Black woman from Maryland. The fine sister he referred to as Domina Scorpio. The very same woman he had bound and gagged in his basement in the Donald area of Ottawa, Ontario. He looked out the window. It was dark. Smiling, he took the leather whip. With it, he administered some sound whacks on Kiah's sexy buttocks. He also whipped her back, shoulders and thighs. Kiah yelped as he whipped her, then shouted a challenge. She asked him if this was all he had. Samuel smiled. One of the things he liked about her was her fiery spirit. The gal could dish it out and she could take it as well. This was going to be a lot of fun.

Samuel raised the whip again, and whipped Kiah/Domina Scorpio some more. This time, he flipped her on her back. He whipped her breasts, her round belly, her ample thighs, and even her hairless mound. Kiah yelped. But not loudly enough for Samuel's taste. Finally, he got a truly sadistic idea. He spread her thighs, and thrust a finger into her pussy. Nice. Real nice. Kiah watched with nervous eyes as Samuel smiled nastily. He took a bottle of hot sauce, Mexican style, and gently let it drip on her belly. Kiah watched as the hot sauce flowed downward from her belly. He spread her thighs further, and Kiah squirmed as the hot sauce inexorably made its way to her pelvic region. Samuel laughed gleefully as the hot sauce began dripping into Kiah's pussy. The curvy young Black woman desperately tried closing her legs, but Samuel pried them open. Laughing, he looked into Kiah's panicked eyes as the hot sauce filled her pussy. He knew it had to hurt. Hot sauce inside oneself is seldom fun, especially the super spicy Mexican version. Kiah screamed as her pussy felt like it was on fire. Samuel pinched her nipples, smacked her face and watched her squirm.

Kiah howled as the Mexican hot sauce burned inside her pussy. Her screams turned him so much that Samuel took out his average-length but quite THICK, uncircumcised Black dick. He stroked himself to full hardness, then helped himself to his proper spoils as dominant master. Looking into Kiah's eyes, he asked her if she wanted relief. She nodded. He asked her what she was willing to do to get it. Glaring at him with eyes full of anger and pain, Kiah/Domina Scorpio told him he would get her ASS in return. Samuel smiled, and poured some cold water on Kiah's burning hot pussy. The young woman sighed in relief. Moments later he was prying her ass cheeks wide open as he slid his cock into her asshole...after dropping some lube in there of course. Samuel smiled to himself as he eased his cock into Domina Scorpio's tight asshole. At last, he was getting what he wanted and she was getting what she deserved. Her asshole was awfully tight but he liked them like that. With a song in his heart, he worked his cock up her ass.

Kiah shuddered as Samuel X slammed his cock mercilessly into her asshole. And he did so with a beatific look on his handsome face. Smiling snidely, he smacked her face and pinched her tits while fucking her in the ass. How she yearned to return the favor with her strap-on dildo! As if reading her mind, Samuel dangled her strap-on dildo in front of her. Laughing, he told her that tonight, she wasn't the foxy mistress Domina Scorpio anymore. Tonight, she was his own personal bitch. To do with as he pleased. To illustrate his point, he dangled the strap-on dildo inches from her face. As if filled with inspiration, he opened her mouth and thrust the tip of the dildo in there. She kind of gagged on it. Samuel smiled and ordered her to suck it. As Kiah reluctantly did as she was told, Samuel closed his eyes...and came inside her asshole. Yep, the meanie flooded her asshole with his manly cum. Kiah's screams could have woken up the dead. Samuel pulled out of her, removed her bindings and asked her how she felt. She smiled and told him she felt great. Then she began cooking up her revenge....

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