tagGroup SexOde To Domina Scorpio: Revenge

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Revenge


Kiah H. is definitely not having the best of days. Right now, the tall and sexy, big beautiful young Black woman known as the Scorpio Queen lay in bed, bruised and broken at last. Standing over her was none other than Samuel X, the bisexual Black stud known far and wide as the King of Literotica, the Aquarius King and the Avatar of Lucifer in the online world. Samuel X rubbed his hands together, admiring his handiwork. You ask for it, and you got it, he thought. Stroking his thick Haitian cock, he sprayed Kiah's face with a powerful jet of urine. American woman, he thought, you just can't stay away from me. Kiah shrieked as her Master's powerful fluid sprayed her face, slipping into her open mouth and leaking all over her big sexy brown body. She looked at the Aquarius King with venom in her eyes, and the tall, dark-skinned Trickster smirked at her. Victory is mine, he whispered.

Samuel smiled to himself as he thought about all the mean and sexy things which he did to Kiah H., the Maryland-born curvaceous African-American diva who called herself his number one fan and his personal devilish angel. She brought this upon herself, he told himself as he discarded the bloody whip with which he beat her within an inch of her life. With a nod, he summoned his helper, a certain tall and sexy, blonde-haired and blue-eyed English lady named Jessica, to his side. As Kiah looked on helplessly, Samuel X kissed Jessica passionately on the lips. Ah, the sight of a good-looking Black man locking lips with a blonde-haired White woman. Black women get madder than Ku Klux Klan members when they see that, for real.

Samuel grabbed Jessica's big and round White ass and gave it a squeeze as he kissed her, then he smiled at her. Holding Jessica's beautiful face in his hands, he cast a sidelong glance at the big Black woman bound on his bed, and amazingly, he winked at her. Rage caused Kiah's body to tremble like a volcano about to erupt, but the thick steel chains binding her hands and feet held her in place. Yes indeed, men can cuckold women with other women. And Samuel X just did the unthinkable. He cuckolded a Black woman with a White woman. Reverse cuckold interracial with a gender twist thrown in. How about that? It's sick, and twisted, and absolutely the sort of thing one has come to expect from Samuel X, the undisputed King of Literotica. As Kiah looked on helplessly, Samuel and Jessica did an encore performance right in front of her.

Kiah H. of Maryland, the woman known as the Scorpio Queen trembled with impotent rage as she watched her gorgeous Aquarius King fuck a White woman right in front of her...again. She knew this was coming, for the Aquarius King was a true sadist and not the kind of man to sit by idly when a challenger to his throne called him out. Samuel X is a tall and strong, beautiful Black man who has been known to take women and men of various races and backgrounds to his bed. From hijab-wearing Somali girls to blonde-haired mature White women, hunky Latino guys and even a nerdy Asian gal once. Samuel X does not discriminate when it comes to sex. A hole is a hole, doesn't matter if the hole in question is a woman's pussy, a woman's asshole or a man's rectal cavity. If they let him, he will stick his thick uncircumcised Haitian-American cock in it and the owner of said hole had better hang on for dear life.

Jessica winked at Kiah as she sucked on Samuel X's thick Caribbean dick, and stroked his balls. This filled Kiah with rage. Some things are just not fucking right, and a Black woman being forced to watch while her favorite Black man, her Black King, made love/fucked a White bitch was one of them. It wounded her deep inside, within the core of her Black womanhood. And Samuel was enjoying her supreme discomfort like the sadist he was. Now he had Jessica on all fours, face down and ass up. He slammed his cock into the White slut's cunt, and she squealed in delight while Kiah closed her eyes, with tears flowing down like a river. Samuel picked up the whip and lashed out at her, striking her across her big floppy tits and leaving a nice bruise them on them. Kiah yelped, and Samuel snickered, telling her to keep her eyes open if she knew what was good for her.

Kiah glared at Samuel X murderously, and if looks ccould kill he would have died instantly but instead, he gave her the middle finger and continued pounding Jessica's cunt with his thick ebony cock, all the while extolling the virtues and wonders of White pussy. Samuel X smiled to himself as he continued pounding Jessica. He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and, locking eyes with Kiah, he kissed Jessica's hair and went on and on about how smooth and NATURAL her hair was, stating his preference for White women's natural hair over the weaves worn by a distressing majority of Black women. A shudder passed through Kiah H. when she heard that, and she lowered her head in defeat. All the wicked things the Aquarius King had done to her sexually, psychologically and physically paled in comparison to the hurt she felt deep within the core of her being when he said what he just said.

Earlier in the evening, he hung her upside down in the basement, alternately whipping her, flogging her and poking her buttocks and thighs with a hot poker. He shoved his thick Haitian-American cock in her pussy and asshole, fucking her roughly. He was wise enough to avoid having his dick anywhere near her mouth while tormenting her. All the free health care in his new home of Ontario, Canada, couldn't replace his Johnson if he was foolish enough to lose it. After pounding her asshole with his cock until she bled, Samuel filled her pussy with Tobasco sauce and watched her squirm. He held a flame thrower five inches from her pussy after lighting it up, keeping it too far to burn her but close enough for her to feel the heat...warming up the Tobasco sauce floating around inside her pussy and causing her to squeal that much more.

For Kiah H/The Scorpio Queen's final humiliation, Samuel X/The Aquarius King brought in the Black woman's natural enemy....the stealer of Black men's hearts, bodies and minds, the blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian woman. And he fucked Jessica repeatedly in front of Kiah, all the while praising her golden White femininity and loveliness. It was too much for Kiah H. At last, the Scorpio Queen lowered her head in defeat, and The Aquarius King smiled from ear to ear. Victory is mine, he told himself. Finally, he paid the Scorpio Queen back for all the twisted things she did to him. Vengeance is sweet. The Aquarius King always wins, because he's the unconquerable wise man at the end of the day. May his reign be long and fruitful.

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