tagFetishOde to The Aquarius King

Ode to The Aquarius King


There he was. There was her Aquarius King. Her Haitian Dream. He was chained to her bedpost with his ass facing her. His nipples, ass and thick dark chocolate dick were exposed for her eyes to see. A smile came across her lips as she stared at his beautiful Haitian skin. It glowed in the moonlight. He was excited by this woman.

She stood 5 feet 9 inches tall, had caramel skin, and was thick in all the right places. He loved looking at her. She walked towards him, her naked body glistening in the moonlight.

He was hungry for her touch. But she denied him the pleasure. Instead she grabbed his head and kissed his neck softly while stroking his dick. He let out a soft moan as she pleased him. She soon let him go, stepped back, marveled at his tight ass and then put on her thick 8 1/2 strap-on.

She wanted to take him right then and there but she decided not to do that. Instead she spread his ass cheeks and rammed two fingers into his crinkled asshole. He howled as she invaded his ass. She laughed as he did. It was intoxicating to hear him howl. He moved his ass to match the thrusts of her fingers.

She soon pulled her fingers out of his ass, then proceeded to stuff her tongue in his ass. He was shocked and turned on by her doing this. This new sensation caused his knees to grow weak. He was loving how she pleased his ass.

She soon stopped which caused him to groan in protest. She sucked her teeth before slapping his ass. He squealed with delight as she did. She traced a finger up his back sending shivers down his spine. He was in frenzy and wanted her badly. But yet again, she denied him the pleasure. Tonight she was going to do two things: tease and torture. She loved playing games with him.

She sat on the bed in front of him, showing him her bare breasts. He was starving for her body and she could see it in his eyes. So, to appease him for she fed him her breasts. He opened his mouth to accept her giant caramel breasts. He suckled on her nipples and listened to her moans of approval. She smothered his face with her breast and he loved it.

Once she was satisfied with him slobbering on her ladies, she pushed his mouth off of her. She licked her lips then kissed him hard and passionately. They both let out a collective moan as their lips locked and intertwined with one another. They kissed like this for several minutes, savoring each others tongues. She stopped long enough to gaze into his eyes and stroke his face. He was her Aquarius King. She was his Scorpio Queen.

She decided it was time to let him out of his binds. Once he was released from his confinement, she ordered him on the bed laying on his back with his legs spread wide. She surveyed his body as she stood in front of him. She then got as hungry for his dick as he was for her pussy. She dove straight for it. Her mouth engulfed his throbbing member like a fire does a house. She sucked him off something proper. Hearing her slurping, while her head went up and down drove him crazy.

Just as he was about to cum she stopped. He had once again groaned in protest only this time he'd wish he hadn't. Because as soon as he did, she slapped him clear across his face. She was the one who was in charge that night so protesting wasn't allowed. She rose an eyebrow then proceeded smother him with her soaking wet pussy.

His head swam as he inhaled her female scent. He attacked her pussy with all his might. Her moans filled the air as she rode his face. He groped her soft ass as he ate her out. She knew she would be at her peak but she wasn't ready to cum yet. She ordered him to stop and told him to eat her ass. He did what he was told. He rammed his thick tongue into her ass, causing her to cry out in pleasure. She bounced her ass on his tongue.

She knew it was time to fuck and fuck hard. She hopped off his tongue and mounted him. She took one final look at him before she crammed her strap-on into his ass. She pounded his tight sexy Haitian ass hard and fast. His moans quickly filled the air as she fucked him. Their bodies slapped together as she fucked his ass while pumping his dick. She soon wanted to feel him inside her.

She ordered him to fuck her like the king he was. He was more than happy to oblige. He grabbed her, threw her on the bed, put on a condom, spread her luscious legs and shoved his harder than a rock dick into her. She moaned loudly as he took his beautiful queen.

He was fucking her with reckless abandon. He was a man possessed. He knew she liked it. He wanted her so badly and she wanted him too. She told him to fuck her from the back. He was happy to do just that. He flipped her over and fucked her ass from the back. She was in total ecstasy. She then demanded to ride him. He was excited at the thought that his queen wanted to ride him. He laid down on his back; his mind was filled with anticipation.

She impaled herself with his hungry dick, as she did he let out a groan of pleasure. When she began to ride him, he closed his eyes and grabbed her hips to make her bounces harder and faster. Her pussy wrapped around his hard shaft like a glove fits a hand. He was appeasing his queen just like she had appeased him. They fucked in this position until they collectively reached their peaks and cum gushed everywhere.

Their night of teasing and fucking had finally come to an end. The Scorpio Queen and The Aquarius King laid there locked in a lovers' embrace as they drifted off to sleep.

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