tagFetishOde To The Aquarius King: Broken

Ode To The Aquarius King: Broken


She has finally proven her dominance over the man she once called The Aquarius King. He was finally broken by his Scorpio Queen.

It was the sweetest of all feelings to her. She enjoyed torturing him both physically and sexually. She humiliated him to no end. Not only was it her way of getting revenge on him but, it was her sick way of telling him she ruled over all those who stood before her.

There he lay before her sleeping so soundly after being let out of his restraints. After all he had a very long humiliating night with his Queen. If there was anything this woman was known for it was being a master at getting the ultimate revenge.

For you see a week prior her so-called King had told her had a "special" surprise for her if you will. That surprise turned out to be this hazel-eyed 20 something year old brunette named Erin. He had the gall bring another woman into the Queen's domain.

Honey, she went off on him! She berated him for disrespecting her by bringing this young woman to her. He had tied his Queen to a chair and forced her to watch this "little girl" as she called her, fuck her king in front of her. It made her blood boil. No one and I mean no one fucks her King but her! Especially in the ass!

This man smirked as he let this young woman pound his ass good and hard. It pissed off the Queen even more that he turned around did to this young woman what she did to him. Just when she thought they were through they turned their attention to the Queen. Oh hell no! They were planning on forcing her into being fucked by them! They had lost their ever-loving minds I tell you! But sadly for The Queen it happened. She was fucked and humiliated by her King and this--this bimbo. Although it was a brilliant way of humiliation (she had to give credit where it was due) her King was a dead man walking.

The Queen's sweet revenge was going to be cold and callous! This man had no idea what it was he had coming to him at the hands of his Queen! She had him dangling from the ceiling with a ring gag in his mouth. While she on the other hand had a cane in her left hand and a cattle prod in her right hand.

She stood there glaring at him as he smirked and called her weak. That's when she set the cattle prod down and took the cane to his body. Relentlessly she caned his chest, back, rear end, dick and balls. His howls of pain only fueled her to cane him harder, making sure she left visible bruises on his body. The caning went on for two hours but her King was strong. Well he was strong enough to withstand the caning but not the cattle prod.

She took sick pleasure in hearing him scream as she burned his skin with the cattle prod. She used the device all over his body but she focused mainly on his dick and balls. His begging and pleading for her to stop fell on deaf ears. She cocked her head to the side and cackled at him. She asked him who the weak one was now. She finally put away the cattle prod but she was far from done with her torment of him.

She dragged a finger across his sore chest and gave him the coldest stare. This woman had ice in her veins. She fastened a ring gag into his mouth and locked his dick up in a chastity device. With a wicked smirk she told him that the fun had just begun.

Soon they both would hear footsteps of another person entering their dungeon. The door opened and there stood Adam. This 35yrold man is a beautiful green-eyed monster. His olive toned skin was absolutely delicious! Not to mention his sexy chiseled body. I mean after all the man is a fitness instructor; and a bull that enjoys humiliating black boyfriends and husbands in front of their women. The King was furious.

No man especially a white man was gonna touch his Queen. Nope! No way! No how! No Sir! But sadly the King was restrained and could not stop his Queen from having her fun with Adam. It disgusted him to watch his Queen make love to another man in front of him. He watched as Adam worshipped his Queen.

Adam was using his tongue to please her breasts and his fingers to please her pussy. As she was being pleased she berated her King. Telling him he could never please her like this all the while mocking his manhood. He watched Adam devour his Queen's pussy a privilege only he had in his mind. It sickened him to his stomach to watch his Queen fornicating with this white man while he was forced to watch.

Then she took Adam's dick in her ass! That was it! The King struggled to get free but alas he could not. She flashed her trademark evil grin as she took Adam from the back. She even let Adam cum in her mouth! A right she had only reserved for her King. Her King was seething with rage. He wanted to rip Adam apart because no one is allowed to please his Queen! Especially in front of him!

But the King needn't worry for Adam was far from finished. What he did next purely pissed off the King to no end! The King watched Adam lube up his toned olive ass so he could get on all fours and take his Queens' 12" dildo. He watched his Queen enter Adams' back door and go to town fucking his ass.

The sounds of their bodies crashing coupled with their lust filled moans drove her King insane. He utterly hated every minute of it! Dangling there with a ring gag in his mouth that was starting to hurt his jaw, and his dick locked in a chastity device, he was helpless. She pulled out of Adams' well fucked ass then turned her attention to her King. He went from having an enraged look on his face to a somewhat defeated look on his face.

That look was exactly the look she wanted him to have. Upon seeing the look on his face slapped him hard. She berated and belittled him some more and told him his torment was not over. That's when she got ballsy and not only spit on him but slapped him again as well. She told him he disgusted her so much that she decided to get a real man to fuck her referring to Adam. She also informed him that her real man was going to turn her into her bitch as well.

With that said she placed a chair in front of her King and bent him over it, she then lubed up his crinkled dark chocolate hole and proceeded to jam a broomstick up into his anal cavity.

Just as he was about to scream Adam took his white cock and jammed it into the Kings' mouth. Hearing his gags along with his muffled screams, cries, and whimpers turned her on like you wouldn't believe! She wanted to break him and that's exactly what she was doing. She pulled the broomstick out of her Kings' ass only to replace it with her strap-on. She unmercifully fucked her Kings' ass like there was no tomorrow.

While she abused his ass with her strap-on, Adam unloaded a boatload of cum into his mouth making him choke. Cum and drool dribbled out of her Kings' mouth as tried to catch his breath. She pulled out of her Kings' sore ass and removed his ring gag but she wasn't finished with him.

She another chair in front of him sat down in the chair and cackled as she shoved her in his mouth. As she did Adam shoved his entire dick into her Kings' ass. She watched as Adam fucked her King relentlessly. Adams' moans and her Kings' muffled screams of sheer pain made her pussy soaking wet. Adam was burying his cock deep into her Kings' ass and she loved every minute of it.

Adam howled for the second time that night as he emptied his balls into her Kings' viciously fucked ass. Adam finally pulled out and examined his work. Her Kings' beautifully fucked ass had cum oozing out of it. She was beyond satisfied with her conquest. She thanked Adam by giving him a blowjob and a wink before sending him on his merry way.

She soon returned to her King to finish him off. With him still bent over the chair she refastened his ring gag and took his ass one more time. When she pulled out of his ass her dildo was covered with shit. She held his head up and made him clean his shit off of her dildo. Before she left the room she cupped his chin and spit on him again. Realizing that he wasn't humiliated enough for her liking. She decided to be a royal bitch and piss in his mouth and if that wasn't bad enough she forced him to swallow it afterwards she turned off the lights and left the room.

She left the man she called her Aquarius King broken and defeated. Just like a true Scorpio Queen should.

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