tagFirst TimeOdette Ch. 01

Odette Ch. 01


Chapter One: Pre-Party Planning

I turn 18 in a week. My body has been prepping for my birthday since I started menstruating. For the past month I had been on different vitamins and pills to increase my libido. The doctors would keep me on these until I become pregnant. Due to the fertility treatments I should be able to get pregnant before the 6 months no problem. My boyfriend, Michael, and I have been going steady now for a year and we have talked about my birthday party plans. In this culture, it is customary for women at the 18th birthday party to finally experience and plan their first encounter any way they wanted. Since the libido drugs has been working for the past month, my thoughts, fantasies and dreams have been outrageous. I can't believe they are my own.

I have been working with my Planner, Fawn, for about 3 months now and she is the best. She has helped me with all the decisions, and calming me and my nerves. My parents are planning on going out to a business party for the 3 days of my birthday so that I can have some "Adult Freedom". This is what they have labeled my party. They have added to my birthday funds so that I will have not just one day but two days for my party. My mother has always wanted grandchildren and my parents are wanting me to be successful in getting pregnant as soon as possible. They like my boyfriend a lot and have already started a fund for when we get married. I'm not sure I'm fully ready for all of this but my body sure is.

"And where would you like the first day's party location to be?" Fawn asked me.

"I'm not entirely sure where it should be...somewhere sophisticated and beautiful....with....eghmm... lots of room." I replied with a blush. For some reason I keep blushing about what I have fantasized and would like to do for my Adult Party.

"Very nice, very nice. I'm thinking we can have the party here at your house for your two day event. It has plenty of room in the foyer and the stairs are made of white marble and the railings are made of cast iron dipped in gold, then twisted into glorious swirls. We will have lights and garland along the railings and the chandeliers will be lit up and have crystals dangling down. The sound system in this place is top of the line and we will have some caterers to serve drinks and hors d'oevres. Odette, are you listening?" Fawn asked.

"Yes of course I am. I'm just wondering how do we invite enough suitors, I don't even know a lot of people and let alone have many friends? Also, I'm wanting everything to be a surprise to me Fawn, so don't tell me too much about the decorations and such." I replied to Fawn.

"Don't worry about that I will invite them according to your likes and make sure they are clean. All that we have left for you to do is go and pick out your outfits for the parties. I'm thinking with the budget there should be enough for three. A first appearance dress, the night apparel, and then your present party attire for the day after. I guess we could do the Present Party first and then the Adult Freedom party the next day. After all your parent's gave you three days for the event, it is your choice for what order they are in." Fawn asked with her pen and paper ready to mark down what I was thinking and wanting to do.

"I'm thinking that the Gift Party, Adult Freedom Party, and then the last day will be for whatever I want to do I guess." I replied and I watched her pen scratching the notes down.

"Excellent choice dear. I will arrange for attire shopping for tomorrow. We will start at 8 AM and go until we find the perfect outfits. Then after that we will schedule the spa day and pampering and then you just enjoy the time before your parties." Fawn finished her notes and got up to leave in her grey pinstriped dress suit.

"Thank you so much Fawn, this will be gorgeous with you designing everything and I can't wait." I told her while escorting her into the foyer of my house. We hugged and she left with a see you tomorrow.

The next day I awoke to my alarm clock and was remembering one of my crazy dreams with a smile. These dreams of mine were giving me more ideas for the third day of my party. But that was enough thinking about those things. I had to get ready for shopping today.

I decided to get dressed in one of my strapless bras that had a deep back and a "v" front for formal dresses. This bra made my size C breasts look fabulous. I decided on a tank top with rhinestones and a swirled blue and while design that was my favorite and most comfortable. I then put on my white lace thong and a pair of cut off shorts that showed off my perfectly sculpted legs. One thing for sure was that the fertility treatment was making me dress a little more skimpy than usual and that was okay, just meant that I'm available for following the duties of PA. I then chose some matching blue and white flip-flops with rhinestone accents and then my purse.

I did a little bit of makeup and then did a messy bun. Trying on clothes was one of the most time consuming fun things a girl like me loved to do. I was ready to go and I see from my bathroom window that Fawn had pulled up in her convertible. I grabbed my sunglasses and ran down the stairs to get in and we were off.

My parents' house was one of the nicest in the neighborhood. After the Plague had wiped out much of the population, you could really choose whatever place you wanted as long as it was vacant. Since my parents work for the Order in the Medical division they are well off and could afford to keep the place up. For me, this meant a lot of "friends". I only had a few true friends but I was popular in school because of the wealth and status that surrounded my parents and I.

Before I knew it we were walking into the mall in the most expensive section for formal wear and lingerie. My funds pulled out all the stops for the party. With trying on the dresses and the lingerie my day was exhausting and also exhilarating. All this stuff was things I would wear frequently until I fulfilled my end of the PA and got pregnant. These were the items to help the men along on many of my journeys for however long this PA was in effect. I am one of the lucky ones. Most women only got one outfit. Here I am getting three!

The last stop of the day was the jewelry store. I got to choose anything to wear for the parties as rental Items that the store was having a special on for 18th birthdays. Then I would get to choose one of these pieces of jewelry to keep after the night was done for the Freedom party. I chose matching accessories for the outfits and I had until the jewelry was due back at the store to choose which one I would like to keep.

After getting home and hugging Fawn before going inside with the packages that the maids had brought in for me, it was time to decide what I was going to have done with my hair and makeup. Waiting inside the foyer was a man who made my jaw drop. He was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life.

"Hello, Odette my name is Ryan and I'm here to help you with relaxing after your day out and give you a massage to close out your day and help your muscles relax. Ms. Fawn has instructed me that I should ask you more detailed questions on what exactly you would like to do and learn before your parties." Ryan said with a sexy smile and my god his voice was husky and deep. His jawline was strong and he looked perfectly sculpted under his clothes.

"Ok let me just go have the maids start the bath water. I will have them show you to the library upstairs by my room and I will meet you there." I said with a smile and I couldn't believe that way I was acting so confident. I wanted to jump him right in the foyer and have him take me there and have him make me his. My boyfriend was cute but this man was downright sexy. These pills and treatments made me think of skipping the deadline of having to wait the next couple of days until my birthday.

I went up to my room and got undressed and took a quick bath to scrub off the sweat from trying on dozens of different outfits. I got out of the bath, blotted dry and decided on just wearing my red silk robe with black lace accents I had bought as an extra today in the shopping spree. My god, I looked in the mirror and it accentuated my slender waist and covered my legs to just below my sweet spot and if I bent over forward everything would show. I then decided to put on a pair of lace crotch-less panties, another splurge item from the shopping and decided that I looked damn sexy and felt that way too..

I felt like I was a goddess. My damp black hair was wavy now and I looked ready. My nerves were on end and I made my way to the library. Set up just inside the doors was a privacy screen with ivy leaves trailing down the canvas and I smelt the vanilla candles burning along with a touch of honeysuckle. The big lights were off and there was the glow of candle light coming through the cream colored canvas of the screen. I heard soft music playing in the library accented with the crackling of the fireplace. I took a deep breath and stepped around the privacy screen. Ryan was sitting in one of the chairs reading a book looking handsome it was almost criminal. I just stood there and looked at his gorgeous body, the way the candle light was playing with the contours of his sculpted face and body, his dark black hair perfectly cut in a messy way.

I cleared my throat to let him know I was here and ready for my calming massage and whatever else he was here to teach me or to answer any of my questions.

"Ah, good, Miss Odette please come take a seat beside me." He gestured towards the chair beside him. I obediently went to sit down and I felt his gaze sweep over my body. The deep v of my silk robe just showed a touch of my round breasts and my nipples were budding out and could be seen against the smooth fabric. He had a sly smile on his face as if he knew what I wanted. He had on a pair of silk pants that are black and a white flowing shirt with a V-neck that showed off tanned skin. His arms were muscled and tan also.

"So do you have any questions before we start the session?" He asked with his husky voice.

"How long do we have for the session?" I asked.

"As long as you need to be relaxed. Whenever you have a question just ask and I will be happy to answer it. Please let's begin, it is great that you decided to take a bath first. It will help your muscles relax." He said with a warm smile and his hand gestured to the massage table. Please take off your robe and lay down on your stomach with the towel covering you." He turned around to give me some privacy. I took off the red silk robe and laid down on the table with the towel over my butt and the lace panties.

"Okay, I'm ready." I replied.

He started with rubbing his hands together with oils that smelt like honeysuckle. "Please let me start with seeing how tense your muscles are." His hands started with my shoulders. Nice warm hands that are strong but gentle began to squeeze and move around. A groan left my lips and he started moving down my back and I moaned more with my eyes shut.

"Good, I can feel the tension releasing. Good...relax." Ryan said with his strong hands working the knots out of my shoulders and working his way down my back. "Is there anything you would like to know or have I do?"

"No just do whatever Fawn told you to do." I said in a shy voice. Low in my stomach I felt warm and tingling and was very moist.

"Odette, when you are ready for a more intense deep massage let me know when you are ready." He was breathing heavy whispering into my ear and I could feel his warm breath on my ear and neck. I nodded and he began to kiss my neck and then down my shoulders as he continued rubbing out the knots. I started to moan more and wanted more than kissing.

"Turn over Odette, let me show you what Fawn told me to show you and learn well." Ryan's kissing became more firm and his hands started to turn me over and I helped, eagerly wanting to know what it felt like to make love and also to know what to do for my party. "Fawn has had the Order grant you permission, this permit allows you to experience things before your birthday so you have the best chance at success. Of course, you say the word and we can keep things at just a massage or we can take things further." His pants were bulging and I nodded.

Ryan nodded and with a small grin moved closer to my face and turned my face to kiss my neck more. I moaned and felt him hard, pressing against the fabric of his pants...touching my inner thigh. His arms wrapped around me and I reached to take off his shirt. The white shirt hit the floor and he picked me up and told me to wrap my legs around him. He then took me to the couch and sat me down gently and leaned me back against the leather. His continued kissing me down my neck and to my firm nipples, flicking his tongue against them and I arched up to his mouth, his other hand moving down my body. Teasing my skin near my sweet spot, I tried moving my hips towards his hand but he moved his hand around my hip up to my waist. He continued kissing me...oh it felt like heaven. I wanting him right then and there, my moaning was getting louder and louder his hand disappeared from my skin and I heard the cloth of his pants rustle to the floor.

He looked into my eyes, "you want to stay here or move to the bed?" he asked with a gruff voice his dark brown eyes looking into my blue eyes.

"I don't see a bed and the doors are locked, don't really want to be seen by the maids either..." my voice trailed off and I see him glance and the Library office doors. With a smile he lifted me with ease and carried me to the doors. He pushes me up against the cold oak doors and starts to kiss me more while grabbing my ass, one hand left to open the door. His weight against me releases and I hear water flowing in a fountain from outside in the garden. A breeze comes through the windows, the red curtains moving in the light breeze of summer. He turns to close the door with his foot and I glance around the room. Everything has been changed. The giant oak desk was removed and in its place was a round bed with red silk sheets, a fur lined blanket was folded over the foot board, and there were lots of pillows propped up against the arched custom carved headboard. Candles were on the tables and nightstands. Fawn outdid herself. I thought with a smile stretching across my face.

"You are gorgeous when you smile, Odette." A blush swept across my face and I looked down at his eyes and went in for another warm sweet kiss. He moaned and walked me over to the bed and laid me down. Everything felt so right, my arms around his toned abdomen and my hands on his sculpted back, his weight pressing me into the silky sheets, cold at the first touch but now warming with the heat of our bodies. His hardness was pressing against me and rubbing against my wetness. I felt like I was throbbing down there, ready, wanting him inside me already.

His moaning was making me wetter, making my hips grind against him. "Odette, you feel so good and your skin is so soft. You're a natural, I don't think I will need to teach you anything." His mouth crushed into mine as he positioned himself at my opening.

"Thrust into me Ryan, I want you so bad, I'm ready." He groaned and I felt him guide himself into me, stretching me out and going slowly. His dick filling me up and I felt him throbbing inside me pushing deeper and deeper. He is so hard, moving at a steady pace inside me...I start to squeeze him while he is pushing inside me. We are both moaning. He keeps pushing inside me until his full 8 inches are in me.

"Damn, you're so tight. And that squeezing...ohh...yeah." He held himself inside me for a while and was kissing me as I started to grind against him. His moaning was deep and gruff. Ryan's cock started to slide out and I squeezed his cock again, he felt me squeezing tighter and pushed back into me. His balls slapping against me. Both of us moaning together, we fell into a rhythm. Me squeezing his cock every time he started to pull out of me, and him feeling it and slamming into me. He was groaning with me which made me wetter and I started to tighten up and squeeze his cock more with me getting closer and closer to cumming.

"Oh Ryan, I'm so close, cum inside me. I want to feel your cum. Oh, god I'm cumming!" I shouted out with my muscles rapidly squeezing his dick. He started thrusting into me faster and harder. "Yeah, you want me to cum inside your pussy?" I was clawing at his back as my body kept cumming around his hard dick. "Yes, cum in me, fill me up Ryan." I moaned his name loudly. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of me until the tip of his head was just touching my lips, then he thrust hard into me, "Odette!" he yelled my name out as he threw his head back and started cumming inside me, his dick coating me over and over with each throb of his dick. He laid on top of me for a while. The cum was finishing its' round of spraying, once he was done he pulled out of me and started kissing me from my neck down to my pussy, his hands massaging all over my body.

"That was amazing." I said with a grin on my face I looked down at him and seen how big a grin he had on his face.

"No you were amazing for your first time, you're a natural. You are going to have so much fun." Ryan said while flipping over to lay on his back. He let out a deep sigh and covered us up with the silk sheet and the fur lined blanket. "You can lay your head on me and rest awhile, the maids will make up another bath for you if you would like. It's up to you what we do now."

"I'm okay with just laying here for a while Ryan." I said with the grin still on my face. Our breathing returned to normal. And I got up the courage to ask, "how is it legal for me, I mean us to do this before my birthday in a few days?"

"Well Fawn found a condition within the Pregnancy Act that, depending on how you plan your party and what happens at your party, you can apply for a pre-party training. And since you have decided to go with a high rate of success with the details of your party, they are allowing this for you, in hopes that you get pregnant within the first month." Ryan said with a smile, his face registering that he knew the plans for my party. His cock was beginning to get hard again thinking about the arrangements of my party in three days.

"I think that I need to learn more. At least my body is saying that and so is yours." I replied to the news, happy and a little surprised that I was so willing to go for another round of steamy sex with a complete stranger. It must be the fertility treatment I am on. The fact that I didn't even think of my boyfriend was shocking me a little bit. "Ryan, I need to go clean up a little bit and then I will be back." I had a mix of his cum and mine running down my inner thigh and I thought that I should clean up a little.

"Take your time, but I will be waiting here for your return." Ryan said with a smile his cock under the sheets hard and ready for more. I smiled at him and went into the office's bathroom. After going to the bathroom and cleaning up the small trace of virgin's blood, I looked in the mirror at myself. I had somehow changed. I looked more like an adult, felt more like an adult. Knowing that I just had sex with the sexiest man I had ever seen, and didn't feel bad about it, made me feel bad about myself a little, because I had always thought it would have been with Michael, my boyfriend and probably my future husband.

My black hair was now dry and more in a sultry wave. I fixed it and parted it so my hair looked better. I put my hand on my stomach and knew that by the year's end, I would be pregnant. It was a feeling but somehow I knew in the pit of my stomach, I would be with child by then. After experiencing tonight I don't think I could ever go through with the Artificial Insemination. The real thing felt too damn good. I turned to go back into the room and seen Ryan laying on the bed and I decided I wanted to learn as much as possible before my Freedom Party and he was going to teach me.

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