tagRomanceOdette's Night

Odette's Night


Odette went to the club to find her lover that night but something changed. She found herself attracted to the man that looked at her with Ember eyes. She felt her heart leap to her throat as she stared at him taking a sip of his beer.

She stood up and walked toward him. He stood up when she reached him. He was so tall, she thought. His gazes was looking up and down her body. She forgot that her strapless dress showed her off so well. She looked up into his eyes.

He smiled. "Well, Hello there," he said, his voice was so seductive and sexy. He looked up and down her body again. "I'm Drake."

"I'm Odette," she said, as she blushed a little. He looked hot and sexy, she thought. He put a hand on her shoulder and smiled again with sparkles in his eyes.

"Why don't we get out of here?" he said, as he pulled her against him. She could feel his cock grow against her stomach. She gasped and looked at him.

Something in his eyes made her want to see his body naked along with hers. She cleared her throat. "Sure, I think we can do that," she said in a soft voice.

Thoses were the words he wanted to hear from her lips. He took her out of the club and they walked down the street arm in arm. She looked so beauty and her body is so hot and sexy, he thought.

For all they know, they wanted each other really bad. She didn't care where she was with him as long as she was with him always. Maybe, They could be lovers for life or something. She didn't know how it worked but she heard his breath and it was soft and quiet as they walked.

Soon as they were at the hotel, he took her into his arms and kissed her passionately. She was shocked but kissed him back and closed her eyes. She heard him groan and pulled back to take a breath.

He looked at her. "We'll go upstairs to my penthouse," he said quietly. He took her into the hotel and went to the elevator. He exit the elevator when they were at the penthouse. He pulled her hard against him and took her lips again. This time she moaned and groaned into his mouth.

He carried her in his arms to the bed and laid her down. She was heated with passion and wanted him more and more. She pulled her dress up over her head and exposed her naked body to him. He looked up and down her naked body and smiled.

He leaned over her and cupped her breast. She gasped and arched her back and pressed her breast into his hands. He leaned forward and kissed her again. She pushed him back and pinched her nipples making them hard.

His cock was hard in his pants just watching her and he moved her hands away from her nipples.

She stared at him. He bent his head and sucked her breast in his mouth and flicked his tongue across her nipple. She closed her eyes and tilt her head back. She moaned and run her fingers through his hair.

He pulled back and kissed down to her pussy. He sucked her in his mouth nice and hard. She cries out with pleasure and thrust her hips up into his mouth. He groaned and moved his tongue in and out of her pussy. She was getting wetter and wetter with each moment.

He pulled back and slipped two fingers into her and finger fuck her. She moaned and her juices were on his hand. He smiled as he looked at her panting as he fingered her fast and hard. She cries out hard and come to an orgasm. He bent forward and licked her pussy clean from her cum.

Once he was done, he pulled back and took off his clothes. He rised over her and stick his hard cock into her tight pussy. She arched her back again and high. She gasped, "OH MY FUCKING GOD." She come again when he was inside her. He smiled and moved in and out of her slowly.

She wrapped her legs and arms around him. She felt him inside her and screamed out with pleasure and his name. He loved hearing his name off her lips. It sent more pleasure through his body and he fucked her hard and fast. He bulided his cum as he kept moving in and out of her wet pussy.

He wanted her to come one more time before he came in her pussy. His cock was throbbing in her pussy. He moved faster and harder now. She scream more and more with each thrust she felt from him.

God, she didn't know that it could be this amazing. She moaned and when he thrust again into her. She screamed out his name and came to her third orgasm. He thrust into her a couple more times and came in her pussy. He collasped on top of her as he unload his cum in her pussy.

She was a good lover. He was a good lover, they both thought. He stayed inside her and she wrapped her arms around him. She held him close. "That was amazing, Drake,"she said breathlessly.

He agreed and kissed her breast and neck. They fall asleep sometime later.

The End.

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