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Oedipus Mom


She emerged from the bathroom and found Vijay, her husband, sitting on the edge of the bed with a rather bored and tired look. She crawled over to him from the other side of the bed and straddled him from behind.

"What the???"

She covered his mouth with her hand and leaned forward, bringing her mouth to his ear. Wrapping her arms around his chest she whispered in his ear:

"Baby feeling down? What you need is a round of sex to begin your day..." and hugged him.

He felt her breasts squash against his rigid back. She caressed his chest, toyed with his nipples, whilst biting his shoulder. Her hands proceeded down to his manhood. He gasped. She licked the center of the back of his neck, while her hands fondled his dick. She felt him shiver. She massaged his dick through the cloth and then slipped her hands inside his shorts. She found his dick now in semi hardness and stroked it with her palm. She then enclosed the length of his cock between her palms stretched on either side. He was now hard. After a little massage, one of her palms cupped his balls and squeezed, while the other fisted his prick. She used both her hands to elevate the moment to a level of pleasure that he had never experienced before. She used her thighs to caress his thighs, rubbed her breasts on his back and simultaneously used her tongue to lick his bare skin. She used her hands to masturbate him, jacking his cock, pulling the skin of his cock back and forth, generating the required friction. His head dropped back against her shoulder while he moaned. She tightened her grip further, and began to stroke roughly, pumping him harder and faster, massaging his length. He moaned loudly, while she milked him dry, squeezing his cock. He shot his load, and she slowed down as his cock throbbed and he moaned in pleasure. She continued to mildly caress his cock till his breathing returned to normal.

"How was that for starting your day, love?"

"Really great darling. That was the best hand job I have ever had."

"Come evening I expect the favour returned."

"Sure honey."


Ranjana was relaxing on the sofa when her husband walked into the room.

"Hey there, how was your day?"

"Pretty much the usual."

"Remember your promise."

"Yes madam."

"Good. Come to me man and make me cum.."

He knelt between her legs and raised her sari, while she raised her hips to enable him to take the sari up to her waist and reveal her shaved pussy. He brought his face to her cunt. He put out his tongue. She flinched when his tongue touched her pussy. At first he licked her clit and thereafter began to eat her pussy in real earnest. She was hot and she covered his head by bringing the folds of her sari over his head. At the same time, with her right hand she held his head and pressed his face against her cunt. She drove her hips into his face. He placed his hands on her hips as he slurped at her pussy.

"Ohhhhh uhhhhhh!" She moaned.

She was in heat and was filled with delirious passion, when she noted a figure standing and watching.

By God! she thought. This must be her hubby's idea of allowing her to factually experience her fantasy.

She beckoned and the figure came nearer. She was oblivious of everything but the erection in his pants and her husband at her pussy. Sure looks hard and big, she murmured to herself.

She extended her left hand and the stranger took it. She motioned him towards the back of the sofa. When he was near enough, she grabbed his prick and squeezed it through the cloth. She tried to unzip his fly and release his organ. The stranger understood and brought his cock out in the open. In the meanwhile her husband under the cover of her sari was tongue fucking her. He devoured her pussy squeezing her thighs with his hands as he ate her cunt.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" she moaned.

The stranger by then, had climbed over the back of the sofa and with his legs on either side of her face, had his member straining at her mouth. She opened her mouth and he shoved it into her mouth. She nearly gagged, but he kept pushing till his entire length was inside her mouth and then removed it. After a few strokes she began to relish the fact of being fucked in both her mouth and pussy. He then directed his cock in an angle to poke the inside of her left cheek. He alternated then to the inside of her right cheek. But this guy did not last. In a few minutes she could tell that he was going to shoot his load and she tried to push him away. But he held her face with both his hands and thrust his rod deep into her mouth as he shot his cum straight on into her throat. She swallowed the sperm. He released her and raising his pants, slipped back over the sofa behind her. She was still being tongue fucked by her husband when she felt her breasts being squeezed by the stranger. She had a vague feeling that he had said thanks. Through a hazy blur she saw the person leave. Vijay now had three fingers up her cunt and her clit between his lips. His finger fucking increased in speed and she was on the very edge.

"Aeeeee!" she yelled as she began to come. Hot warm cum flooded out of her pussy all over her husbands face. She came right in his mouth. She shuddered in pleasure as she ejaculated in bursts and wave after wave of cum erupted from her hot belching volcano, "Ahhhhhgghhhhhhhhuuuuhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as she continued coming. Cum was dripping on the floor. She saw her husband stroking his cock. She pushed him and laid him on his back on the floor. She hurriedly pulled his hand away.

"You deserve a good fuck honey." She said huskily.

She straddled him and rocked her hips back and forth, just enough to allow his dick to sweep the lips of her pussy. He reached for her shoulders. Gently caressing her curves his hands found her breasts. He fondled her tits and used his fingers to scissor her nipples and pinched them. She moaned as she felt the sweet pain course from her nipples throughout her body. He suddenly let go of her breasts and latched onto her hips. He raised her slightly and pushed his hips up. She found herself impaled by his hard cock. Her back arched as he pounded into her. She moved in his rhythm using her hips to assist him in his thrusts. His hands were hard on her hips as he thrust deeper, and deeper. Then with a quick turnabout, he had her underneath him with his rod still in her cunt. He gunned into her and moments later came. Her pussy was drenched with his cumload and her juices. He collapsed upon her and she cradled him lovingly.

"Was it good for you darling?"

"Great baby, Great."

"Thanks for fulfilling my fantasy honey."

"Which one love."

"Being fucked in the mouth while you lick my pussy."

"Sure honey. We will do that one of these days."

She gasped. She said, "Stop fooling. You just got me throat fucked, while you were eating my pussy."

"Honey I don't know what you are talking about. You must have imagined whatever you have fantasized and it now makes you believe as if it really happened. Darling that is a case of auto suggestion."

"Oh God! It seemed so real."

Hours later she still could not get rid of an eerie feeling that she was not imagining things. She knew it was not her imagination and that she had been throat fucked.

For the record Ranjana was 19 years when she had married Vijay, who was then 36 years old. He was dashing and handsome and she had fallen in love with him at first sight. They had had a great marriage. Their only son would be celebrating his eighteenth birthday in the last week of the following month. She had no complaints. All in all it was great for her. She did miss their early sex romps. But then age and stress had taken a toll on Vijay. Their sex life was now once or twice a month. She however did not really mind. Vijay himself realized and understood her needs. That was when he began to eat her pussy, finger fuck her or use dildos to pleasure her. He had once asked her as to what her favorite fantasy was. She had after much coaxing, told him of her fantasy of being fucked in her mouth while he licked her cunt. Ranjana still had an excellent figure and could easily pass off as Mohan's sister, though she was his mother and he a 19 year old. Mohan, her son was in college and stayed in the hostel and came home only on the weekends. But he was not going to be home this Saturday as the college had some social gathering. She decided to surprise Vijay and prep up their sex life in the process.

She shopped around for lingerie to emphasize her body. She decided upon a see through lacy black tank top that showed off her fair skin and pink nipples, with matching g-string. She laid on the couch in such a position, that, Vijay on entering would be confronted with the sight of his half naked wife waiting for him to fuck her. She got excited as she imagined him and the likelihood of his strapping a dildo and fucking her. She closed her eyes as she heard the door open. After a minute, she sensed the silence and opened her eyes. She was shocked to see the figure of Mohan, her son looming large over her. She jumped up and tried to cover herself but it was apparently too late for that. His hung jaw and the amazement writ all over his face, was self-explanatory. She blushed as her gaze traveled to his groin and she saw the tent. She was embarrassed and without a word she turned and went to her room. The next day she was quite apprehensive and feared the thought of facing her son. He seemed unaffected by the previous night's spectacle. He was characteristically silent and hugged and kissed her goodbye as usual when he left for his hostel. Nothing eventful happened in the ensuing weeks and Ranjana began to relax. She was grateful to her son for having been so understanding and not embarrassing her. He in fact had behaved as if nothing had ever happened.

Several months later, her son had graduated and was home for summer. It had rained cats and dogs that eventful day. After dinner, they were all relaxing and watching the news. Vijay was sipping his cogniac. He felt woozy and thought that maybe he had had one too many. He dozed off. Ranjana asked Mohan whether he had garaged the car. He replied in the negative, and reminded her that Dad had said the car had conked off as he had entered their compound. They decided to physically push the car. He asked his mother to steer the car while he pushed the car. It took some time and a lot of strength, but they finally got the car into the garage. The intensity of the rain had by then increased and they were completely drenched by the time they were back inside the house. They entered the house and found Vijay fast asleep.

Mohan: I better carry him to the bed mom.

Ranjana: Okay son. Dry yourself and I'll get you a hot cup of chocolate.

Mohan: That'll be great mom.

He carried his father to their bedroom and gently laid him on the bed. While returning to the living room he removed his top, a Kurta and found his mother with a cup of chocolate as promised. She had not dried herself and her sari was plastered to her body, and he could not help but see her gentle curves. He could see that she was wearing a half cut black bra. As he stared at her, he thought he saw her nipples harden. He could make out that they were poking her bra, and her ample tits were thrusting out of her blouse. Ranjana now realized that she was practically naked and that her son was getting turned on. She could see the lust in his eyes and the erection of his member.

Ranjana broke the spell. "Come on son, take your cup. I am rushing to dry myself too, or I might come down with pneumonia."

With a giggle, she turned her back to him and proceeded towards her bedroom.

"Mom, Dad is not going to wake up for at least 8 hours. I slipped a micky into his drink."

Ranjana stopped in her tracks. "And why would you do something like that."

"Remember, Mom! On my birthday, you had asked me what I wanted as a present. I had said I would take a rain check on it then and claim it at a later date."

"Yes Mohan, I remember."

"Do you remember that you had promised that you would give me my present at any cost.

"Sure son, I do."

"I wanted my present and hence I slipped the micky into Dad's drink."

Ranjana was getting a whiff of the direction this conversation was heading towards.


"I want you mom."

"Son you already have me.."

"You know what I mean mom."

"That's enough Mohan. Go to your bedroom."

And she started climbing the stairs.

"Do you remember Mom, some months earlier, Dad was licking your pussy when you took a cock in your mouth. That was me who deep throated you mom."

By then she had reached the top of the stairs. She paused in her tracks as the full import of her son's words dawned on her. Even before she could gather her thoughts, he grabbed her and pushed her against the banister, his tongue probing past her lips, searching for hers.

She tried to push him away, but he was too strong for her.

"Mohan I am your mother. This is not right. This is incest. Please son, please don't do this. Let me go."

"It was incest even when I fucked your mouth. But it did not bother you then, as you did not know that the cock was mine. But you damn well knew the cock was not Dads as his face was buried in your cunt."

He squeezed her breasts. "It was incest even when I had squeezed your tits that evening. And don't deny it mom. You are even now getting aroused. Look at your eyes. Your entire body is screaming to be fucked. Come on mom, mate with me and enjoy it, coz, you like it or not, fuck you tonight, I will."

He crushed her in his arms and she realized that she was helpless. At the same time she remembered the rod that had choked her and yes, she was strangely beginning to enjoy this. Sensing her relaxing, he loosened his embrace. He kissed her face gently, tracing his lips from her forehead, to her cheeks, her nose and her chin, biting her earlobes gently. Gradually he brought his lips to her mouth and sucked her lower lip. He kept the pressure on and in moments she opened her mouth allowing his tongue to explore hers. She responded and forced her tongue into his mouth. Both their tongues met and they kissed passionately. Initially she had been overwhelmed by the suddenness of the event; but now as her passion built up she started enjoying the prolonged kissing and the exchange of their saliva. He lifted her in his arms and took her into his bedroom. He tore her clothes off and had her naked in minutes. They looked at each other.

The moment was over and he was upon her.

Lying upon her he said "Mom, say you want me to fuck you. Say it mom."

"Yes son. Fuck me. I want that cock inside me. Frankly, darling I dare you to impregnate me. Fuck me like a whore. Fuck me, and make me mother a bastard. Fuck me senseless. Oh God! Do I need a man or not? Fuck me, Fuck me Oedipus."

"Later mom. I want a blowjob. I want to shoot my load of cum into your mouth, and I want my cum in your belly where you carried me for nine months. I want it mom." He then brought up his erect penis towards her face. She saw that it was huge and throbbing.

"Better than Dad's mom."


He brought the head of his monstrosity to her slightly parted lips. She moaned and caressed the head lovingly. She began licking his rod up and down his entire length. Moaning with delight and passion she placed her mouth over the head of his cock and cupped his balls in her hands. Soon her grip on his balls increased and the frenzy of her mouth sucking his stiff cock increased! She increased her sucking and massaging of his cock till she felt his engorged cock throb. But he had apparently changed his mind. He drew himself out of her mouth.

"I want your pussy you bitch?"

And he slid his way down her body. She couldn't resist licking his cock till her tongue could maintain contact. Her tongue strained to catch every dribbling drop of his precum, as he moved to fuck her pussy. He spread her legs apart and lay on her. He kissed her mouth, her neck, and then her breasts. He used his fingers to pry her pussy lips open, and he carefully eased a loving finger inside. Her pussy was wet and he knew that she was ready for his dick. Just as the very tip of his cock head touched her puffed and swollen pussy, she spread her legs wider, in eager anticipation. His held his thick shaft, and guided it to her love hole. He pushed his rod into her hot cunt. He continued to plunge deeper until his manhood was finally buried all the way inside her. He pulled himself out completely and looking into her eyes, he thrust into her making her to raise her hands to the bedstead for support. He deep fucked her with his long thrusts, each time removing his rod completely out of her cunt and then burying it into her to the hilt with a powerful thrust. Because of the powerful pounding of her pussy, she found herself jackknifed, so that the upper half of her body was now resting on the bedstead and he was thrusting into her. After maybe ten deep thrusts he allowed his cock to remain inside her and increased the frequency of his thrusts. He kept pounding and as a result her legs were now on his shoulders. A few more rapid thrusts later, he pulled her back on the bed with his cock still inside her. He now returned his attention to her breasts and lips. He sucked her tits, bit them, and squeezed them brutally. Kissing, chewing, sucking and biting he rammed into her again and again, and then suddenly he stopped. She could feel his member throbbing and then it started. They came simultaneously. She had multiple orgasms while his lava erupted from his volcano into her cunt.

They slept in each other's arms. Early in the morning she disengaged herself from him and returned to her husbands bed. He was sleeping blissfully unaware that his son had fucked his wife/ mother. Ranjana looked at herself in the large size mirror. Her son had left his marks on her. His love bites and his torrid fucking were apparent from her lips, and teeth marks on her breasts. She decided to wash up and get dressed before Vijay awoke. As she stood under the shower, she felt that everything had changed in this night. She was not angry with her son. On the contrary she had enjoyed his taking her in the way he did. After a lapse of eight years she felt a sense of contentment. She had indeed been pleasured. Her body tingled as she reminisced the happenings of the earlier night. She fondly recollected her son attacking her on the stairs and later the few moments, when he had looked her in the eyes after he had stripped her, and the sudden attack by which he had her beneath him forcing the air out of her lungs. My God, I enjoyed it, she thought. She knew she was hooked and wanted her son to fuck her on a regular basis.

Ranjana dressed and headed for the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Vijay came in a few minutes later, dressed and ready for work. Then Mohan walked in, quietly. Mother and son looked at each other. As Vijay was busy with the front page of the newspaper, their eyes met. She was nonplussed. Mohan was his normal self, and behaved as if nothing had transpired between them. He is a damn good actor thought Ranjana. After breakfast Vijay left for his work. He asked Mohan to get the mechanic and get the car repaired.

"Right on Dad."

Vijay returned from his office, and within minutes thereafter Mohan also came. He informed his father that he had got the car repaired.

He glanced casually at Ranjana and said: "Hi Mom. You are looking great."

Vijay: "Mohan is right. You have changed honey. You are positively glowing."

Ranjana: "Maybe I am content, and who wouldn't be, with a wonderful husband and a strong healthy son."

Mohan whispered out of his fathers hearing range: "Satiated is probably the word you are looking for, Mom."


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