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Of Anna 333


Of Anna 333 – A Love Triangle For A New Age

It is only natural that end of the relationship left a hollow place in Cal's heart. Yet how strange that the elegant device he found in the shop of the Recycler should come to fill it up again.

A simple 333 model, Anna had been in domestic service for a long while before ending up here. Reconditioned, and with all memory of her previous life swept clean, she awaited reactivation like an artificial sleeping beauty.

He never expected the sight of her in that tube to affect him the way it did. Having originally entered the Recycler's shop out of pure curiosity and boredom, he ran through the number of available excuses he could give himself for purchasing the lovely android.

His apartment was not terribly large, but having an extra hand to watch over the place and clean up properly would certainly be of help. More than anything, though, he thought that having Anna around would make the apartment feel a lot less lonely. She could be a pretty face to talk to, even if she wasn't capable of understanding.

Cal had never owned a robot before. At first, he spoke and treated her as if she were a real person. He'd apologize for leaving a mess that she'd work to clean up, and often refrain from asking her any favors. She'd always just smile at him and continue to perform her duties. After a short time he adjusted, and grew to enjoy the level of control he had over his docile maidservant.

For him, Anna was the personification of pure beauty. No doubt, this was what drew him to her stasis tube in the first place. Even while she performed her daily functions, Cal loved to watch her. He could dress her however he wished -from a sexy leather miniskirt to a demure dress, or even a pair of dark nylon stockings and nothing else. Anna was his personal paper doll, and she didn't flinch at any of his suggestions.

The progression of their relationship was almost inevitable, since the only thing holding it back was Cal's own reticence. Anna could have no opinion one way or the other. She did as she was told. While dressing her up one afternoon, he became bold and kissed her. He pressed his lips to hers and embraced her. He groped her. He held her tight, and whispered tawdry things in her ear.

In the evenings, Cal could undress her at his leisure, and roam and explore every well-crafted curve of her figure. Her skin was the most perfect shade of ivory, completely smooth to the touch. Her hair was a perfect match for human, silky and soft. There were no restrictions on how he could enact his desires upon her. He could even tie her in chains, Anna's body displayed for his pleasure in any possible position for any length of time. He was never overtly cruel, even though it was impossible for her to feel pain. But he reveled in the level of control he had over this living plastic beauty.

All of this, she endured with the infinite patience of her artificial nature. She had no way of understanding exactly why he would embrace her so, pressing his bare naked skin against hers. She didn't entirely know the purpose behind the things he had her do to his penile organ, whether it was with her hands, her mouth or other parts of her body. And even when the climax of his desire splattered wetly against her upturned cheek, Anna's only reaction to this soiling was of puzzlement and a concern that she had performed to his satisfaction. In time, She came to know the connection and learned just what it took to make him happy.

Their tryst was Cal's secret, a private pleasure no differently taken than the man who masturbates to photographic images. At least, this is what he told himself. He was certain he understood the difference between love and lust –but the line was starting to blur.

Tanya, the young woman who shared Cal's affection before Anna, had not fallen entirely out of the story. The period of their separation had been difficult for her too, but she hadn't found solace in the arms of another. She continued, day by day, feeling more and more that she had made a dire mistake.

She had seen them walking together one afternoon, Cal and Anna. Naturally, she was curious about the woman hanging off her previous lover's arm, and wanted to observe without being seen. At first she thought this strange new girl might be Asian, but it didn't take too long to note the telltale seams, and the carefully orchestrated movements of her body.

Tanya felt a rush of relief, knowing that this woman wasn't a woman at all, but just an appliance. Perhaps they were simply running an errand together. It was only after she caught them stealing a long kiss during a secluded moment that her heart froze, and she realized just exactly what was going on between them.

It was a kick in the gut to discover that she had been so quickly replaced in his affections –and by no less than a machine. It was heartbreaking on two levels. For one, she really did miss him terribly, and even still loved him. But to have her place in his life now taken by that lifeless doll...

Where once one only had to compete with the idealized visions of beauty found in magazines, films and television; now, those images of perfection had been given three-dimensional life and walked among the living. Created to serve, to fulfill the lesser domestic chores once designated to housewives and laborers in another era, more than a few became the playmates of their masters.

How could one compete with that? Those artificial creations would never age, never lose their beauty, never assert their will or make demands. She could try and hate Cal for falling in love with a beast like that; but who could blame him, or anyone?

She detested herself for it, but she couldn't forget about Cal, and resolved to try and win him back. She knew there was at least one thing that she could do that Anna never could -love him.

And so Tanya swallowed her pride, and returned to Cal, intending to offer herself as she had never done before. It was awkward, arriving on his doorstep out of the blue as she did that evening, dressed to kill (or so she hoped). He welcomed her in, but was clearly embarrassed, probably because his little android pet was sitting, waiting on his couch. Tanya felt a lump in her throat on seeing the dark haired 333 model, but Cal had Anna sit in the corner to enter recharge mode so that they could be alone.

The two, who had gone out together for many months prior, now talked as nervously as if on a first date. Cal, to his credit, was as sweet and earnest as Tanya remembered him, despite this sudden intrusion on his private life. He offered drinks, and tried not to stare too hard at Tanya's lanky long legs.

When he took a momentary leave for the bathroom, Tanya quickly listed her options. She had hoped to seduce him in some fashion, but she wasn't very clear on how, and he didn't seem overly tempted so far. Now that he had Anna, Cal was probably able to satisfy his lusts anyway he wanted to already. Maybe he even hoped Tanya would soon leave so he could get back to playing with his accursed animated doll again.

In the end, she slipped into Cal's small bedroom and swiftly shed her clothes. This was an extremely crude way of achieving her goal, she knew, but at least it left no ambiguity. When he would find her naked on his bed, he'd get the message. Still, she felt uncertain and fidgeted with the bed sheets, her legs self-consciously crossed to avoid appearing lewd. Throwing herself at a man like this was not like her at all. Against Anna, though, she had to fight fire with fire. Tonight, she would be his doll.

When she heard the water running, she tensed up, her instincts telling her to run. She wasn't a child anymore, she reminded herself. This fear of the physical side of a relationship was part of what drove them apart in the first place. If she really loved him as she did, than she shouldn't have any reservations. When the bathroom door opened, she put on a red-lipped smile and called for him to have a look.

To say Cal was shocked would be something of the proverbial understatement. Not merely for the unexpected sight of a naked woman waiting on his bed, but because this was Tanya of all people. When they were a couple, they had kissed, they had fondled, but little else. She had never let him see her fully undressed, and she was almost always squeamish whenever things got too hot and heavy. Despite the unapologetic affair with his 333 android, the memories of what Tanya and he had together came back to Cal, as well as the pain of her leaving. This scene was exactly what he'd wished for so many times back then, and knowing that Anna could do nothing but forgive him, he gave in to his amorous impulses. Cal's clothes joined Tanya's on the floor within a matter of moments.

He explored her body with the voraciousness of a starving man at a banquet. Tanya had never been ravished in such a way before, but determined to endure with stoic grace. However, the intensity of the experience soon carried her away, and she savored every sloppy kiss and rough caress.

After the smooth and unyielding surface of Anna, Tanya's flesh, with all its imperfections, felt wonderfully exotic now. His hands went everywhere, welcome or not. Where Anna had no scent at all, Tanya's body was alive with the flavor of flesh, sweat and cuntal must. Such earthy smells might have turned him off before, but he relished the novelty, and tasted her without hesitation.

Having always found the general notion of female genitals more arousing than the hairy, sweaty reality, he hadn't missed that feature in his Anna at all. But now, with the moist petals of Tanya's cunt parting beneath his fingertips, he didn't feel the slightest revulsion. In fact, he brazenly parted those tight blonde curls or hair and slathered his tongue over the noticeable rise of her clitoris. Tanya threw her head back, eyes closed, her body responding to his heated, unfettered cunnilingus.

Far too soon, the eager and excited young man quit his oral assault to mount Tanya's supine form. Cal's rigid prick bore down on her soaking cunt and slid full length in a single thrust.

This was fucking of the most primordial kind. Cal, whose lovemaking with Anna had become a precise and carefully timed art, reverted to an inherently bestial state. He jabbed into her with short sharp strokes, over and over. Sloppy, organic noises accompanied their heated copulation. Tanya, eyes shut, couldn't keep the groans and grunts from escaping her lips. He was going too fast, too hard, but it all still felt incredible. He knees rose of their own accord, her skin flushed with rising excitement.

In making plans for this evening, Tanya knew there was something else she could do that no machine could match. It was a calculated gamble, a risk she had no way of knowing would pay off for weeks to come as Cal's semen ejaculated thickly into her waiting womb. Dark and unseen in the late hours after their lovemaking, the spark of new life took root, binding the two together in an irrevocable way.

Anna, despite Tanya's most fervent private wishes, was not scrapped or sold off. She wanted to tell Cal her feelings on the matter, but admitting she was jealous of a machine was not something she was willing to do. It was galling though, especially the way the doll would almost never talk, and then only to Cal. Once you lived in close contact with these machines for a while, it was easy to start thinking of them as human.

That at least was the only explanation Tanya could think of when she came to Cal's apartment during the day. He was still at work, but Tanya wanted to surprise him with the news. Anna was there, of course, looking very prim and proper and doing the dusting.

Stepping up to Anna with an evil grin, she held up the thin plastic rod and waved it before her eyes.

"See this," Tanya taunted. "You know what those lines mean?"

Anna shook her head.

"It means Cal and I are going to have a baby. It means I win and you lose. You could never give him the gift I'm going to. We'll always be together now."

Anna blinked for a silent moment and then gave a smile of her own.

"You believe you've 'won'," Anna said, her first words ever to Tanya. "Where do you think he will turn when the years go by? When you lose your youth, your beauty? When you gain weight from the children you want to give him? What then?

"Your victory is temporary, like all things of the flesh. At the end of the day, I will still be here, to give him everything he wants, to be everything he desires. I will always be."

Incredulous, Tanya sank to her knees, shaking her head.

"How? How can you say that? You're just a machine!"

"Anything that lives is capable of love," Anna told her. "And I assure you, I live."


Art and story by Akito01

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