tagIncest/TabooOf Candy Canes and Pinewood Embrace

Of Candy Canes and Pinewood Embrace


"Of all the times that bitch could show up. It's the captain of the team we face in the state finals. Her name's Natalie Skaggs. I've been lucky never to meet her before. I can't believe people say we look alike."

Skaggs? That was the last name of Natasha's beloved grandmother, god rest her soul. The last thing Natasha's grandmother did was design for Natasha a wedding dress, which Natasha indeed wore at that wedding. I looked at my beautiful daughter Nicole. Some thirty minutes ago we had completed our first sexual experience together. She was my first sex partner, other than my right hand, in over seventeen years, when my wife Natasha took Nicole's identical twin sister Natalie with her. Could this Natalie Skaggs be MY Natalie? I began to get up.

"NO! Daddy! What if she peers in and sees you naked?" Nicole threw one of the afghans we had on the couch over me, and then proceeded to open the door.

"What are you doing here?"

"Coach said that the team captains should meet. I don't know why I should have to deal with someone as untalented as you. Your team must be pretty pathetic if you are their star player."

"Get the hell off my property."

Her property? It reminded me of something author Marc MacYoung once said that men's homes are not their castles; they are just tolerated there. Even though I am the father and the fourth generation to live in the house, somehow the female, even if the fifth generation, thinks she runs it. Then again, Nicole always had me wrapped around her finger, so she vey well may run it.

Upon the slamming of the door I stood up to peer outside, using the afghan to cover my nakedness in case the unforeseen occurred. Nicole had some of my old temper (old age has tempered my temper, as it were). Save for the hairstyle and difference in color of clothes, they were much alike. They were the same height, the same long legs, the same perky breasts, and the same perfect butt. I understood Nicole's feelings over a rival showing up at the worst of times, but I started to cry. This could be my missing Natalie, at one time only seconds away, and here she is forced by Nicole to leave on the motorcycle she rode on. Wait a minute. A motorcycle? If that was indeed my Natalie, why in the hell would Natasha let a young girl have her own motorcycle?

"Daddy, I told you to stay put. What if she saw you?"

"She'd think you have a kept man, even if he's older than you."

Nicole gave me a face that only a teenager who couldn't believe what her father just said could give. "Go to bed, daddy. I'll fix supper. I hope you have your antacids, old man; I'm fixing my variation of Granny's old chili recipe." She noticed that tears had run over my cheeks. "What's wrong, daddy?"

I came up with a half-truth. "I was just thinking how wonderful that day of November 18, 1990, was to me."

As she left for the kitchen she gave an innocent butterfly kiss to my cheek, then a second later did a not so innocent caress of my testicles with the back of her hand. "You're sweet, daddy."

Two days passed quickly, and to misquote Charles Dickens, it was my best and worst of my times. It was the best due to having a pretty girl sleeping naked with me two nights in a row, with the benefits of being next to a pretty girl in bed who loved me coming to me. However, it was the worst as I came so close to reconnecting with my missing daughter, only for it to be snapped from me.

It was the night of the state championship. Seeing twelve young girls in fierce athletic competition in tight shorts that did little to hide their athletic legs must be the main reason all the men in the gymnasium were there. But for me there were only two girls I looked at. They had different team uniforms, but with their hair kept back as the norm for volleyball players the different uniforms were the only difference. Being the father of the star player of the home team had its perks, as it meant I sat with the team on their bleacher. Seeing both Nicole's and Natalie's movements side by side I had little doubt that Natalie was my daughter as well. They both had the best bumps, sets, and spikes of their respective teams. At the times they were directly across from each other I feared they would kill each other with their spikes. They hadn't met in over seventeen years, and as far as they knew they had never met each other, but their obvious hatred for each other was tremendous. They were near equals on the floor. How I was able to restrain myself whenever Natalie did a killer move I'll never know. However, as good as my girls were, Nicole's team was better. They had more experience. I joined in the celebration of the home team's victory, but after turning my head to see Natalie's look of frustration killed me inside.

"Daddy, we won." Nicole exclaimed as she jumped in my arms.

"Yes, honey, you did."

The festivities lasted an hour. I was delayed in leaving the building by receiving congratulations from other parents on how well my Nicole played. Walking out of the building I heard a ruckus.



I ran to the scene. Even through the area was filled with onlookers, I saw what the problem was. Someone vandalized Natalie's motorcycle, and she was understandably pissed. She blamed her rival Nicole, and those fierce tempers scared even the adult supervisors away. I sighed, reflecting on how both girls had my old temper. I saw that I would have to be the one to quell both of the tall tempestuous titian-haired amazons.

"BOTH OF YOU, CALM DOWN!" I quickly had to devise a solution. "Nicole, hun, go celebrate with your team. Natalie, hun, some of the other men will help me put your bike into my trunk, and I will take you home."

Nicole screamed, "WHY WOULD YOU CALL HER 'HUN'?"

Oops, I slipped. I guess it was possible Natalie wasn't my missing daughter, but I doubted it. "Nicole, go celebrate."

The bike was too big for the trunk, but one of the fathers nearby was a mechanic, so I told him to take it to his shop and I would guarantee payment. I guided Natalie to my Malibu, opened the door for her, then got into the car myself, and drove off.

"Mister Meux, why are you doing this for me."

"Because, I feel we should know each other better."

As I said it, I realized I creeped her out. I saw her cringe as far as she could away from me. "Sorry, that came out wrong." I thought of another tactic. "I knew you mother. You must look like an odd pairing, what with her being 5'2" and you 5'11. You have her green eyes."

Natalie was stunned. "How do you know how tall my mom is? How do you know her eye color, and that it matches mine? How did you know my mother?"

"In the biblical sense."

Natalie gasped. "I thought she was always a committed lesbian."

"Then how do you explain your existence?"

"I assumed artificial insemination." I gave a brief laugh. It brought back a memory of when I first met Natasha, but that is a story for another time. We turned into the driveway. "I thought by home you meant my home. This isn't my home."

"Yes, it is. It was the home of your great grandparents, and of your grandmother. More importantly, it is mine...and yours as well." She was wide eyed. "There is a reason why you resemble your most hated rival, which must drive you as nuts as it does Nicole." An anime heroine couldn't have larger eyes. "You were born at 5:43 am on November 18, 1990."

"How did you know..."

"Nicole was born at 5:46 am that very same day."

"You mean..."

"Nat, to paraphrase one Anakin Skywalker," I began, "I...am...your...father."

"Is that even possible..."

"That peony on your mother's left breast, hidden from public view, was my idea. It's my favorite flower."

That removed all doubt from Natalie's mind. Now, she was a simply a young girl that had always craved a father's love, but thought it was impossible. I had just left the car when her urges got the best of her. She jumped out of the car, closing it harshly, and then practically tackling me onto the stairs, embracing me.


At that moment seventeen years of lost emotion came forth. Seventeen years of affection between a loving daughter and a loving father, seventeen years of tears, seventeen years of many things; all of these came to bear at once.

"Let's get inside OUR home." I opened the front door and carried her inside. The Christmas tree was unlit, but its pine smell embraced the living room and embraced us as we continued our hug. We fell onto the couch, and began to kiss. But, without a father for most of her life, Natalie had no idea how to butterfly kiss; her kisses were that of a lover.

"Daddy! Daddy! I always wished..."

"Your wish has come true."

Her body did its best to cover me. My hands were on her athletic rear end, her lips were upon mine, her breasts trying to crush my torso. My penis came alive, aware that a pretty woman I loved was atop.

"Daddy, why do you have a hard on?"

"Hun, didn't your Mom ever instruct you that penises have no conscious. All it knows is that a pretty woman I love is crushing me." I had sex with Nicole, not Natalie, so I knew I would have to alleviate the situation. I started to move.

"No, daddy. I actually love the feel of it. Mom always encouraged me to be a lesbian, but I knew deep down I was hetero. Thanks to her I never had sex with a boy, although I have given blow jobs." She grinned. "Let me show you how well I can stimulate a dick."

"But, you only blew boys. You are now blowing a man."

"Not just any man, daddy. MY MAN. MY DADDY!!! Fuck what Nicole thinks."

With that, she pulled off my pants, freeing my dick as it plopped right on her nose. She gave me a devilish smile, and then proceeded to devour it. I placed her left hand onto my balls. Nicole was a better ballhandler, as it were, but Natalie gave me the best blow job I ever had. She expertly knew how to keep my foreskin out of the way as she licked the head of my penis, occasionally trying to deep throat, but realizing that her lips and tongue could do more for my pleasure than her tonsils could.

"All the boys I've blown would've come by now."

"But I am not one of those boys; I am your father. Your lips are to only blow me from now on, understand?"

"Understood." With that she quickly shoved a finger up my rectum. I started to protest, as men are to be penetrators, not the penetrated, but then my cum, the same cum that created this lovely being almost nineteen years ago, roared out of my penis. Like my first cumming for her sister, my sperm landed partially in her mouth, and partially on her face.

As I did with my other angel, I took my finger and scraped my cum into Natalie's pretty mouth. "You must learn to finish your dessert, hun," I said, smiling at the thought that I said the same thing to her sister some two nights before. Once again, like the aforementioned two nights prior, the living room smelled of sperm and pinewood.

"Yummy, daddy. Daddy sperm taste so much better than other sperm."

I lowered her onto the floor, and placed her by the Christmas tree. I took off her jersey, and then her pants. She was stunned as I expertly removed her bra and panties. Like Nicole, she was so lovely in her natural pink state. However, I looked down and saw she hadn't shaved; her mother's influence, I guess. Another difference between her and Nicole in hair style, but this difference would not remain.

"Stay there." As I instructed Natalie, I quickly dashed for the restroom and brought back the hair clippers and a wash cloth. I got back on the floor. "My little girls must have proper hygiene." She was in a trance as I did my best to cut off her small bush, then immediately took the wash cloth to cool her skin down. I don't use razors, and I had no idea how well an electric razor would do, so the clippers would have to do...for now.

Making sure that none of my sperm remained on her face, I proceed to kiss her forehead, like a daddy should. Then I proceeded to kiss the tip her nose, and then both cheeks. That was the end of the innocent kisses. I proceeded to French kiss her as lovers do, to which she eagerly responded. I looked into her eyes, and with my right hand started caressing her torso two inches above her clit. She was getting revved up. I kissed her chin and then dined on her neck, moving my hand over onto her pussy. Her pussy was so wet. I inserted a finger. Her pussy tried to strangle my digit, as tight as it was. My finger managed to find her g-spot, causing an instant reaction.

"Ooh, my god, ooh my god, OH GOD!"

I so loved hearing a woman squeal in sexual pleasure. She had all the same sensitive areas her sister has. Then I remembered, her mother had the same spots. Nine inches in height difference between mother and daughters, yet their erogenous zones were exactly the same. I realized that I already had a FAQ on how to please my daughters because of this. I left my finger in her pussy as my lips proceeded down her body.

My lips next destination was her right nipple. I lightly began to suckle her breasts, listening to her purrs in response. My right hand may have been happily occupied, but not my left. My left arm briefly picked Natalie up and then bended so my left hand could caress her perky left breast as I suckled her right.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooooooh!"

I temporarily left her right breast, and went back to her lips with my lips, my left hand still tweaking her left breasts and my right index finger into her tight, soaking pussy.

"You are no longer your mother's; like Nicole, you are mine." I rolled her atop of me, removing my finger from her pussy. I looked into her eyes, and saw only undying love.

"Just lay there and enjoy, daddy." She stood up, with the artificial lights of the Christmas tree lighting her. Her breasts and pussy were glistening. She began to sit down again atop of me, grasping my penis at the last moment. Although a virgin, like an expert she guided the penis that created her straight to her pussy.

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!" I felt her cherry pop; her sister's was already lost when I ended Nicole's virginity, but Natalie until that moment had managed to keep hers. "FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME!!!"

My penis was once again choked by an offspring of mine. For seventeen years our hearts were denied from each other. Unlike Nicole, I never got to push Natalie in a swing. I never got to take Natalie to Disney World. I never got to see her blow out candles from a birthday cake. But through the connection of penis and pussy our hearts were no longer denied each other.



Once again, under that same Christmas tree my sperm exit my body like a freight train. It was like the wind was knocked out of me. Natalie had orgasmed as well, and room smelled of sweet pussy, sperm, and the now-ever-present pinewood smell that embraced us. We were both taking deep breaths.

"Daddy, that was wonderful."

"You are wonderful."

We kissed again. She stood up, and then helped me to stand. I'm an old man, after all, and in two days of each took the virginities of two tight athletic babes that I sired into their mother's womb almost nineteen years ago. We both stumbled into my bedroom, falling onto my bed. Within a minute or two we both fell asleep. I no longer had any concept of time, when in the middle of the night I was suddenly, brutally awakened.


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