tagGroup SexOf Course

Of Course

byAlgonquin Twit©

Of course she was wrong. Gloriously Claire was wrong and while she and six other men and women worked furiously to prove her wrong, Allison was on her back with a cock sliding in and out of her pussy while one woman, who was getting fucked doggie style, ran her tongue hungrily over her clit. Trying to get there, Allison looked at the bodies moving around her.

Claire, her best friend was the one taking it doggie style as she worked Allison's clit, coming up for air only to ask, "Are you there yet?"

All Allison could do was reply honestly, "I'm getting closer, just a little bit more I think."

Glancing to the side she saw a woman sliding her mouth over a monstrous cock while she diddled with her own clit. The man with the cock had a strained look on his face as he lowered his mouth and began sucking one of Allison's nipples.

On the other side of her a man was on his back with a large woman sliding up and down on his cock. Her juices poured down over his balls as the woman whispered, "Come on Allison, you can do it." She then closed her mouth over her Allison's other nipple and gently bit it.

The pressure was on her and she didn't want to let her seven friends down, but wait, yes, yes, she screamed out, "Yes Claire, just like that, just like that." She felt it, yes really felt it now. "Please Claire, don't stop, keep doing that."

Pleasure was building step by step, the tongue deliciously sliding over her clit just as Matt, or was it Jack? Just as he pushed his cock deep and wiggled his hips and then, oh god, oh god, Marie biting her nipple, yes, yes.

She lifted her head and gazed down seeing a wet tongue slide over her left nipple as a woman's large mouth covered her nipple and she felt a light bite. Her clit seemed to quiver beneath Claire's expert tongue and yes, it was Matt, his huge cock glistening as he made one last thrust. "I'm coming," she screamed and let her head fall back onto the bed.

As her pussy began to quake, squeezing Matt's cock and filling her with pleasure she heard the other voices, "Yes, yes now." "Oh god, yes." "I'm coming, I'm coming." Glancing around she saw seven other faces showing a combination of relief and intense pleasure as moans, spurting semen and sweat splashed across the room.

It was Claire who took roll. "Matt?"

"Of course," he answered.


"Didn't you feel it? Hell it's dripping out of you now."


"Oh yes, thank you everyone, thank you, thank you."


"Yes, and Mike here did too, I could feel it."

Claire looked at Mike who nodded and then pulled Marie down on top of him burying his face in her huge breasts.

Claire finished confirming the last few participants also came. "There you have it and once again I was wrong."

"Of course you were wrong," Marie replied, rolling onto her back.

"I wasn't sure there for a while. Allison, I though you never..."

"I haven't, never before. That was my first..." Allison gasped.

"You're first orgasm? And to think it was me who did it," Matt exclaimed. "Of course I knew I could do it."

"What?" Marie cried out. "You weren't alone there stud."

"Yeah, I think it was what I was doing to her nipple," Jack said.

"Actually, when I really began to feel it all was when Claire began..." Allison started.

"Look, to be honest, I think it was all of us. All eight of us working together to help Allison finally come. Of course besides her coming, we also did something wonderful... we experienced an eight-way simultaneous orgasm."

"That's got to be a record," Marie replied.

"Wait, I'll look it up," Charlie said, pulling his cock out of Claire and walking over to the computer.

"Where you going to look it up? Guinness doesn't list that kind of stuff."

"I'm Googling. Wait, wait... well there's nothing really about an eight way. There is some stuff about simultaneous orgasms but they make it all seem so, well, like it's luck or something. They don't mention anything about more than two people."

"Well there it is, we set a record."

"It's not a record until we record it," Mike said.

"Record it?"

"Yeah, it has to be documented," Mike replied.

"Just how do we do that?"

"Well, I do have a remote control video recorder with tripod."

"Yeah, Mike's been dying to do some home made porn, I just won't let him," Claire replied.

"Come on Claire, let's give it a go," Charlie kicked in.

"Oh I don't know," she replied.

"Let's do it hun," Mike urged.

"Well, okay, we can record it, but there is no way we can do that again."

"You think so?"

"I'm sure of it."

Of course she was wrong... again.

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