tagIncest/TabooOf Dreams and Reality Ch. 02

Of Dreams and Reality Ch. 02


Chapter Two: The Reality

Several days passed, while I avoided Darlene. I just couldn't bear to look at her, knowing the dream I had about her, being a voyeur watching her every move and then fucking my sister. If Darlene entered a room I chose to leave for, any one of, dozens of contrived reasons, always polite but leaving as quickly as I could.

It wasn't long before I noticed the hurt look in Darlene's eyes and knew I was the reason. We had been very close, until I had the dream, and Darlene's face told me she had no idea why that had changed.

Nearly two weeks later, I stood in the kitchen, washing dishes. Mom and dad had left for a weekend get a way and Darlene went to her room, or so I thought. Finishing the last of the supper dishes, I felt Darlene's arms slip under my shirt and around my chest. With her breasts crushed into my back she whispered in my ear,

"I don't know why you're avoiding me Mike, but I do know it hurts like hell." And her hands tighten on my tits.

"Dar, I'm not avoiding you." I responded, as her touch took my breath away.

"What's wrong? Why won't you look at me or touch me any more?"

"Look, Darlene, I had a dream a couple of weeks ago. A dream about you and me and in the dream, we had fucked each other."

"I just couldn't bear to look at you after that. I felt sick and ashamed at having had such a dream. Can you understand?" I added.

"It was no dream Mike. You did fuck me, my ass anyway and shared your cum with me too. I'll never forget it and I want you to know I'm in lust with you, as much as you are with me. You just won't accept what happened on the beach that day, will you?" Darlene said, as she began to massage my chest, her hands dropping lower and lower.

"Darlene, what are you saying? It wasn't a dream? We had sex and you loved it?' I said, almost mumbling.

"Yes brother, you had a dream alright, but it was about our day, something that was very much real and wonderful. If anyone else knew about us, they'd put us away, but they don't know how good you feel and how wet I get every time I think about you, now do they?" she responded back, and in that same soft tone, adding,

"Mom and dad are gone for the weekend. Remember my last words to you that day? I want you in me Mike. I want you deep in my pussy this time and want your cum to run out of me. I told you I want you to take my virginity, remember?"

I slowly turned to face Darlene, as she reached up and encircled my neck with her arms. Hungrily she sought my lips and slipped her tongue in to explore my mouth, pushing me back against the sink. Pulling away slightly, in between kisses she said huskily,

"We have all weekend babe. I want you. I want you in me. I want you deep inside me. I want you as many times as I can get you. I want that big cock of yours."

"Who's room?" I asked, in between her kisses and mouth licks.

"Mine, of course. I want our cum on my sheets, OK?" She said, sliding her hand inside my jeans, grabbing my fast rising cock.

"Come on brother, your love sister needs you." She added, removing her hand, and turned to head off for her room.

Astounded, I quickly turned off the kitchen lights and followed Darlene, my cock throbbing at her touch and my loins aching to release my load. I heard the soft music as I approached her door, now half open. Gently I pushed the door open to find Darlene dancing to the music and starting a slow strip tease.

I sat on her changing chair and watched as she danced over to me, arms swaying, hips rotating and breasts jiggling. She bent and unzipped my jeans and, reaching in, pulled my hard cock from its confinement. Her eyes twinkled as she stroked my penis and slowly moved away to continue dancing for me.

With smoldering eyes and pouted lips, Darlene looked me straight in the eyes, as she started to undress, first unbuttoning her blouse. Dropping one sleeve at a time, she momentarily held her arms under her tits and lifted, creating a wonderfully large cleavage between them. Finally releasing her breasts, she dropped her blouse to the floor and reached to lower her bra straps, again one at a time, slowly, as I gasped and felt my cock stiffen even more than I thought possible.

Moving towards me again, my sister, reached around and unsnapped her bra, but didn't shed it until she stood directly in front of me. Bending slightly she lowered her bra releasing her breasts in my face and wiggled them, placing her nipples on my lips so I could suck them, as she danced. I held fast to one nipple, as she started to stand and back away, causing it to stretch out and finally pull out of my lip lock. I heard Darlene moan and then saw her smile warmly at me, holding her index finger in the air and wiggling it at me, as if to say, "Not yet!"

With hips undulating, she began pushing her shorts down, little by little, exposing her firm ass. Reaching the half way point, she danced her way backwards to stand, once again, within arms reach of me. She reached backwards with her arms and gestured for my hands.

Reaching out Darlene grabbed them and placed them on her hips, just above her dropped shorts, as she began swaying more and finished pushing her shorts down. Bending over to step from her shorts, she presented me her ass, in all its glory and a perfect camel toe vision of her pussy.

I moved my hands down and in, slightly, spread her butt cheeks and leaned forward to lick her rectum, as she continued to rotate her hips. Her quick gasp for breath told me she liked my tongue and she stayed a few moments while I enjoyed flicking my tongue in and out of her ass.

Finally, Darlene rose and turned towards me, showing me her beautiful shaved pussy. Moving her hands up and down her body, she paused to spread her labia and give her clitoris a brief rub. I watched as she moved her hands up her torso and capture her breasts, squeezing and rolling her nipples, now hard with lust. My cock was aching for her and showing she must have been aware, Darlene motioned for me to stand and she began undressing me.

Dropping to her knees she unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down, as she caught my cock in her mouth, sucking and licking. Holding my jeans, Darlene pulled at one leg and then the other, motioning me to step out, but never releasing my cock. Rising, she left my cock wet, slippery and rock hard, as she reached up to strip away my shirt. As my shirt hit the floor, Darlene pushed me back gently into the chair, and resumed dancing.

Several turns later she was backed up to me again, doing half squats to the music, she lowered herself onto my lap and began sliding up and down my cock. Wiggling, her ass, she made sure I was firmly trapped between her ass cheeks, as she slid back and when she raised, that my cock head would spread her labia as she pushed in and down on me.

The lap dance was incredible and I reached to massage her gorgeous breasts as she worked my cock. Darlene was moaning constantly now and grabbing my hands that held her breasts she said,

"Jesus, you make me so horny Michael. I'm so damn wet right now and your cock feels hot, I'm about ready. What about you?"

"Baby sister, my nuts are just aching to unload in you! Hell yes, I'm ready!" I said, between short breaths.

"Ok lover, let's go to my bed. I want you to lie down and let me get on top of you. I heard this hurts some and I want to take my time, understand?" Darlene whispered, as we walked over to the bed.

We strip away the covers and as requested I lied on the bed, waiting for Darlene to climb on and position herself. Darlene climbed over me and spread her legs. Rising, she placed one knee on the bed and with legs spread, balanced herself on the foot of her other leg, resting her hands on my belly.

"Ok babe, grab your cock and hold it up so I can slid onto it slowly."

Holding my cock upright, I watched as Darlene bent to peer between her legs and line up her pussy with my cock head. Slowly she lowered her pussy and swallowed the tip of my cock. Satisfied she was positioned right, she looked up, pursed her lips, closed her eyes and started to impale herself.

There was some pain, obviously, as two or three times Darlene rose quickly, shouting out,

"Damn Michael, you're so big. This hurts more than I thought!"

"Hey, we can stop you know." I said, trying to be gentle, adding,

"I don't want to hurt you sis."

"No fucking way! Your cock is in me and it's staying there!" Darlene shouted, as she bore down and screamed out in pain as she broke threw her maidenhead.

"Oh my God, that was a trip. Jesus that hurt, but I think the worst is over. We did it Michael!" Darlene beamed at me, happy she no longer was a virgin.

I rose to look, as Darlene bent her head, seeing the blood running down my shaft and onto the sheets. Satisfied, Darlene slid her foot out and dropped fully to her knees. Lowering herself more, she slid her hands up my belly and onto my chest and began rubbing her tits on me as she road up and down my shaft.

I reached under her belly and found her clit and massaged it as she worked the last of the pain from her vagina, becoming more and more excited and nearing her climax. Suddenly, Darlene sat bolt upright and drove my cock in as far as it would go and began to rock her hips.

I could feel her uterus as she worked her hips and saw in her face that the added depth and contact was bringing her rapidly to that point of cumming, when I too felt the deep urge to let go.

"I'm so close Dar, are you?" I gasped, trying to maintain long enough for Darlene to catch up.

"Christ, I'm there!" She screamed out, wildly thrusting her hips into me.

As her words faded in my ears, I felt the first of several hard pulses go through my cock, as I shot my hot cum inside Darlene. Darlene's vagina muscles clamped down on me, just as my first load shot out and intensified the remaining explosions. I thought the head of my cock was going to blow off.

"God damn, fuck me Michael, fuck me hard, fill me up! Jesus I love your big cock, keep it cumming! She screamed out, rocking fast and furious on my cock.

I felt the shudders coming from deep inside Darlene, as her legs shook with the intensity of cumming, sweat pouring from our bodies, as we entered the final stages, spent and exhausted.

"You want me to pull out, babe?" I asked, between labored breathes.

"No, please leave it in. I want to feel it more. This has been the most intense experience of my life and I have you and that wonderful cock of your to thank." Darlene mumbled, as she dropped down on my belly and chest, resting her head.

We lie there for what seemed like hours, cuddling, talking low and sweet to one another. Darlene looked up, cupped my face with her hands and planted a slow, long, deep kiss on my lips and said,

"Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Michael. You were and are the best!"

"I love you sister. I love you more than anyone I know." I responded back, as Darlene started to rise and slowly pull my cock from her pussy.

We watched as more blood, followed by an enormous amount of cum oozed from her and on to my belly. Darlene rolled to one side and snuggled into my armpit, her head resting on my chest. When we woke, we were in the same position, neither of us had moved from the night before. Darlene's first words to me that morning were,

"My pussy hurts, it hurts so damn good!"

With that positive morning note, I smiled at my sister and rising grabbed her hand and led her to the shower. It was the longest shower either of us had ever taken and it felt more than wonderful.

We languished over the soaping and washing we gave one another and Darlene was surprised at how sensitive her pussy still was, laughing about it. Laughing until she felt my cock stiffening in her grasp and then changed quickly, giving me that "My God, you don't want to fuck right now, do you?" look.

"Michael, I don't think my pussy could take you right now!" She said quickly, with a worried look.

"Not now sis, how about tonight?" I asked, with a wide grin on my face.

"God, you are such a Letcher, you know that?" Darlene said laughing, and then pulled my hard cock.

Darlene rose up, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. When we finished, she shut off the shower, telling me,

"You got a date, but if I'm still sore I wouldn't mind you cumming in my ass. I might need a day or two for another pussy shot. That OK with you? I mean the last time you were in my ass, you pulled out early, remember?"

I nodded, recalling our first time together that I couldn't acknowledge as real.

"Ok then, big boy, get your cute ass out of my shower and get dressed, before I forget I'm sore and want to really hurt myself!" Dar demanded, slapping my ass and laughing.

I serviced Darlene's ass that night, turning my sister into a real anal sex lover. With mom and dad's return we were forced to get creative and were nearly caught two or three times, adding to the excitement of our having sex.

My call to arms came and I thought Darlene was going to loose it. She cried for days, in fact, just looking at me sent her into tears. The day I left Dar grabbed me as I passed the women's restroom and pulled me inside.

"God damn you, Mike, you aren't leaving without fucking me!" She screamed, as she quickly locked the door.

I started to protest, but Darlene was already on me, undoing my pants. She grabbed my cock and began sucking me hard and fast. It was a hopeless protest, she knew she had me the minute my cock slipped between her lips. I grew hard at her urgent sucking.

Knowing I was ready, Darlene stood, pulled up her dress to reveal her nude pussy, wet and waiting. She jumped into my arms and as I held my cock she lowered herself sliding her, sweet, tight pussy on my shaft.

Wildly she pumped me, with her legs and hips, forcing me deeper than I had ever been and screamed out,

"Fuck me Michael, fuck me hard! I want to remember your cock in me long after you're gone!"

It was the wildest and most intense sexual explosion we had ever had, fueled by burning passion and raging fear over never seeing one another again.

I left Darlene, crying, but I knew she would always be mine.

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