tagNonHumanOf Gods and Women

Of Gods and Women


Europa found herself lonely as she wandered the empty halls of her fathers palace. She had lived here protected by guards and not allowed to see anyone but those her father approved. She never had a lover because of his protectiveness and all those she had sought for lovers had been cast of a cliff into the sea for their unluckiness to have been lusted after by the princess of Phoenicia. She knew she was beautiful for she was told to be more beautiful then her mother, who was considered the most wonderful woman in all the land. And still her beauty was worthless for she sat alone in her room and in the palace day and night. She returned to her room and lay down on her bed and fell into a deep sleep. As she slept a voice came to her in her dreams.

Over and over, softly whispering a voice said, "Come to me,". Finally awaking from her fitful sleep she arose. She felt herself drawn towards the garden. She followed the strange instinct down through the garden and the small gate which led to the kings beach. She found the guards standing watch could not see her as she continued to follow the calling of the stranger through the night. As her bare feet touched the cold sand and the evening breeze drew her light linen shift tight against her body she heard the calling grow stronger. As she rounded the final corner onto the beach she saw the thing which had drawn her from her bed and down to the beach.

A pure white bull larger then any she had ever seen stood near a large boulder in the center of the beach. She felt an irresistible urge to run to him and she gave into it. The closer to him she grew the greater feelings built up in her. First there was curiosity, then came the strongest and the one which would last for hours to come. Lust. It crept up her bare legs to her smooth thighs and to her maidenhood. There it stayed and built greater still. By the time she was in arms reach of the glowing white bull her thighs trembled and her maidenhood spasmed for lust. Her brown nipples stood out showing obviously through her thin white nightgown.

As soon as she could she clasped herself to it wrapping her small arms around its giant muscular body. She began to rub her body over its short fine hair enjoying the feeling of its warmth. Then she could resist herself and her lust no longer. She pulled her shift over her head and through it into the wind. She began to lick at the bulls mighty neck and pulled its head towards her. She opened her mouth and found that the bull had opened his also. She stuck her tongue in and savored the electric feeling the bulls tongue had when it touched to hers. Her tongue ran around it gripping and stabbing into the bulls mouth. Finally she lay against the rock knowing what was to come.

The bull placed its massive legs on either side of the rock supporting its weight. Underneath a massive piece of manhood had grown hard and erect. She spread her trembling thighs to allow it entrance. The bull arched its massive back driving him deep into her. She felt her maiden head give way to his thrust and she felt a sharp stabbing pain run through her. But it quickly passed as the bull began to thrust in and out of her. Europe found herself moaning as the bull thrust in and out driving her to new levels of pleasure she had never known existed.

She felt her cunt lips clench down on the hard cock and squeeze and try to draw more pleasure from it. She heard the bull emit a low groan as it fucked in and out of her cunt.

In her mind she heard it say, "I am Zeus, and you will be blessed for your sacrifice." She knew it must be the great god himself and once again began to work her body on his cock. She began to push up and down on it enjoying each little bit of friction and touch between their two bodies and organs. She felt him thrust deeper in her hot spasming cunt. She forced herself down on his massive godhood and felt his cock touch the back of her womb.

Still he thrust and still she responded. Her groans had grown to screams as she felt a strange feeling build up in her cunt. Finally she felt her body spasm and shake as a massive orgasm tortured her. Zeus apparently could no longer handle it either and the god erupted deep inside her, his hot cum immediately fertilizing her womb. Then he pulled out of her and invited her on his back. She climbed on and held onto him as they flew into the night sky.

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