tagSci-Fi & FantasyOf Monsters and Emotions

Of Monsters and Emotions


I shoot up out of bed, sweating from my nightmare.

The anniversary of hell is tomorrow. I don’t even remember what really happened.

I kept the video the police found in the camera from the scene of the Incident. I remember refusing to let them watch it until I was strong enough to find out what happened myself. I run my fingers through my sweat-soaked hair.

Watch it only when you’re ready. No need to push yourself.

My heart thunders as my eyes flick to the oak chest beside my dresser. Dark energy has been oozing from the thing for the past week, suffocating me in fear. I flop back on my pillow, trying to remember any small detail from that night, attempting to satisfy the need to watch whatever that tape held. I roll myself off the bed and stand in front of the chest. I unclasp the necklace from my neck and grip the skeleton key in my hand. I stand there, shaking like a leaf, frozen in fear of what pain I may remember. I blink as a burning sensation lights up from my hips and flushes through my body.

I slam my key down on the dresser and walk into my closet, pulling a tank top from a hanger. I strip the large brown DC shoes tee shirt off and pause, looking in the mirror at my scars. Four puncture wounds dug into the front of each of my hips, accented with one just above them on my back. I remember the pressure on them, and a rippling sensation raking the inside of my vagina. Juices leak down my legs as I stand staring at myself.

People told me I was gorgeous, with my long brown hair accenting my greenish blue eyes, and my curvy body. I used to be flattered. Now, every time I see these scars, I want to vomit. I turn throwing the brown shirt in the hamper and tug a pair of underwear on. I stand with my back to the mirror and look at the scars under my shoulder blades. I was told that a pair of hikers had found me hanging a foot off the ground by my wrists tied to a tree, with blood pouring from the punctures and from tears on my back where my skin couldn’t handle the pressure any longer. A small clicking noise pulls me from my day terror and I pull my tank top on and run back out to my room, only to find it empty. I walk around my bed, glancing at the oak box, and notice the chain dangling. The key. Was. In. The. Chest. I bolt over to it and turn, pushing the lid hard down as I try to lock it again, but the key doesn’t budge. I shake and quickly turn to sit on the box.

“I’m not ready, I’m not ready, I’m not ready..” I whimper, pulling my knees to my chest and closing my eyes.

Yes you are, a tiny voice in my head hisses. I suck air in, struggling to calm the spinning feeling suffocating me. My hand shoots out to land on the top of the chest, flicking it quickly open. I whimper, seeing the jump drive containing the video laying on top of evidence bags of my things, as well as photos of other items found at the crime scene. I hold the black jump drive, simultaneously wanting to throw it, and watch it. I pull the chest closer to my bed, grab my computer, and plug the jump drive in. I pull my blankets close to my chest as the file opens with movies. My breath hitches and I click on the first video.

"Hey, uh, today is July twenty fourth, twenty-fifteen. My name is Andrew Hart, and I'm making this video as scientific documentation of an unknown creature lurking these woods at night. These cameras will be set up for a series of two weeks in hopes that I may catch glimpses of this thing. Wish me luck." He repositions the camera then climbs back down the tree. The video cuts around through six other cameras, pointed at one large opening. I fast forward through the feed, watching deer, foxes, even a bear, wander through the opening, sniffing around at the last scent traces of this Andrew guy. A week passes without seeing anything strange. And then on July thirty-first, at three in the morning, the night mode catches something. A pale creature, on all fours, with impressively long arms and even more impressive fingers with black talons, almost looking human in form, crawls from the trees, tentatively watching the cameras and snarling. My stomach hits the floor as it scrambles away and I slowly begin to remember those horrible nights. October thirty-first comes around, and I see the top of my friends Jeep pull into the spot we begun to camp at.

I watch in horror as I wander through the clearing on the recording, stupidly oblivious to the horrors I had thought were just rumors. I watched as the creature peered down at me from the treetops, licking at its sharp canine-like teeth.I watch through our week long camping trip, remembering the howling noise we had heard one morning, learning it came from the creature. I watched its head bobbing through our camp various nights, disappearing over the bushes, moving into tents. And I watched as the last night we were to stay, It pulls me out of the tent and through the clearing, exposing the lengths of rope it had stolen wrapped tightly around my sleeping bag and I. I watched the thing kidnap me, dragging me through the clearing and far off camera.

My stomach churns and I pause the video to catch my breath. I pace my room, glancing at the windows, double checking locks. I wander back to the bed, pressing play. Days pass on the feed, watching police, friends, and family searching for me. I pull up the case file, scanning over it as I keep an eye on the empty feed.

The owner of the feed, Andrew, comes back into view.

"Due to increasing police surveillance, I have been forced to move my cameras." He plucks them up, cutting the feed. It resumes in a new location.

"I have been tracking my mystery animal, one I'm calling the Emberling, and I think it has been around this area based on how my dog is acting. Crossing my fingers that I catch something more than cops and snippets of what I hope is my animal."

After he signs off, nothing happens for two days, and then I see movement at three in the morning. The thing carefully drags an unconscious me into the area, sniffing around for movement, then carefully resting me on the ground.With the cameras closer, I peer at the creature, able to see a lot more features than I remember it having. Long thin white arms and legs, a toned muscular chest and stomach, massive thigh muscles, and an elk skull helmet on its head, complete with massive horns. It crouches and licks at my face with a long dark purple tongue, sparking memories of a trance inducing smell of honey and flowers, then unwraps me, tying the rope to trees, almost more expertly than a human, but carefully, like it was perfecting everything. It turns to paw at the ground, clearing away brush and unzipping me from my sleeping bag and carefully rolling me off and hanging my bag in a tree. Then, it picks me up quite easily, and ties me spread eagle in the clearing from four different points, leveling my torso with its. It chortles, almost like a purr as it wraps its long fingers around my body and rubs against me.

My heart thunders in my ears as I watch the one massive hand wander up my loose tee shirt and the other snake down my sweatpants as my body twitches I watch as it pulls my clothes off, carefully untying and retying me. I watch in horror as it kneels before me, lightly clawing down my sides, then tentatively sticks its tongue out, penetrating the folds between my legs as I moan softly on the recording. My crotch begins to burn, aching to be touched as I watch the thing pick up pace, slurping on me and clawing down my back, pulling the moans out of me. I whimper breathlessly as my own hand slowly wanders up my thigh and under my boyshorts, seeking the sloppy mess created from reliving memories I had no idea I had. It opens its mouth further, lightly scraping long fangs down my mound. I stare at the recording, mindlessly arching with my chest touching the bed and my butt in the air as I dig my fingers into myself, struggling to remember what the smooth looking tongue felt like, squirming against my insides. I moan in time with myself on the recording, edging up further and further, watching myself blankly wake up and watch the thing tongue fuck me senseless. The puncture wounds on my body ache as I drive my fingers faster, fighting to get myself off, but suddenly the creature stops and stands up, crawling behind me. I change cameras, and see a rather large purple limb snaking out from a slit between its legs, poking at my dripping sex.

I moan, tapping at my clit as I watch the head slide into me, entranced as I guess at least fifteen inches of slender purple dick slowly slides five inches into me. I quickly grab my toy laying on my floor and rip my underwear off, pushing the tip of it into me and laying on my side, stroking my walls with the thrusts if the animal. I whimper, watching my muscles tense in the video as I near my peak and I slam the dildo inside of me, moaning hard as my muscles twitch and pleasure prickles my skin. I toy with my clit as I watch the creature wrap a hand around my throat and suddenly I slam my hand down on the space bar, pausing the video.

"What just happened?!" I scream, pulling the toy from my body and shooting up to sit on my knees. I jump off my bed, pacing my room, trying to understand why I was overwhelmed and desperately aching between my thighs.

A scratching noise rips across my windows, like metal scraping glass. I cringe, collapsing as the noise makes my bones ache. I glance up at the window, and my heart hits the floor. The creature from the video cocks its head, pawing softly at the slightly-open window.

The smell of honey and flowers creeps into my room, and it softly chortles, seeming to ask permission. I swallow hard, standing up and walking across my bed to open the window. It nuzzles into my arm, and I shakily reach out to pet the bone mask.

"Please don't hurt me," I whisper. It responds with a purring noise. I look into its glowing purple eyes and I back up, allowing it to crawl in. My breaths shorten as the emberling crawls toward my discarded sex toy, its long tongue snaking out to lick at the juices. I bite my lip and exhale hard as I squeeze my legs together. My clit throbs, and I sigh, quietly. It looks over at me, and I squeak. It pads toward me on all fours, and it nuzzles into my stomach, licking at the scars it left on me. I moan out uncontrollably, and my knees shake. It pushes me to the bed, and I sit down, noticing the purple tip of its dick peeking out of its pale sheath. I whimper, and it tenderly licks between my legs.

"Harder-r-r," I whimper out, suddenly hating how badly I was dying to be abused by this creature. It stuffs its tongue deep inside me, and I groan happily, spreading my legs further and grabbing onto my tits through my shirt.

It tongue fucks me hard, and I pant, struggling to hold back an orgasm, and totally failing, squirting hard all over the tongue, happily satisfied at it being thicker and longer than my toy. The creature curls its tongue up, swirling across my G-spot, and I scream, continuing to squirt hard. It chortles from between my legs, and I blush, squirming away from its relentless tongue.

I sit on my knees, staring at it, struggling to keep my thoughts sane.

And as if on auto pilot, I turn my back to it, lowering my tits to the bed, and raising my ass. I bite my lip as it crawls up on the bed behind me, one powerful forelimb on each side of me. My slit drips, and I look behind me at the massive but slender member between its legs. It slowly moves foreward, the tip just grazing through my slit and against my clit. I look down, watching it creep foreward, reaching my bellybutton and twitching up to rub against my body. I moan, rubbing my wet pussy against it, and it pulls back, re-aligning itself behind me, resting just at the edge of my sloppy hole.

"Please fuck me-e-e," I groan, looking up at its jawline. It looks down, snorting in triumph, and slamming its cock deep inside of me. I squeal happily, crumbling into the bed as it slowly pulls out.

"Oh-h-h-h god, please fuck me hard."

It nuzzles its nose into me, licking up my spine as it slams its cock in me again. I groan happily, gripping the blankets as it slowly starts pile-driving me into the bed. I look between my legs, watching my dripping sex leak all over my bedding, and getting even wetter from the sight. It fucks me harder, grunting and panting, grabbing my hip and digging is claws in the same spots as my scars, and I orgasm, shaking hard, and screaming out, but it keeps going, slamming into me at a blinding speed. I squeal happily as it fucks me.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I whimper, my muscles gripping and throbbing on it. It groans, a deep throaty rumble, and I cum again, shaking. It picks up speed, and tears spill from my eyes as I ascend into a god tier orgasm. It slams in one final thrust and grunts, exploding hot liquid deep into me. I collapse to the bed, shuddering and whimpering. It slowly pushes deeper into me, forcing some of the hot semen out. I reach between my legs, scooping up some of the beautifully opalescent liquid, and mindlessly dripping it on my tongue.

"Holy fuck."

The creature looks at me, cocking its head in a questioning stance.

"It tastes like fucking honey," I purr, and it chortles. I scoop liquid gold into my mouth, slurping happily as I feel it slowly withdrawing from the depths of my pussy. I grind myself back on it, and it lets out a deep "Murrrrr", and pushes away from me, withdrawing completely. I whip around to suck up the juices leaked all over my bed, and then I grab its shrinking cock and wrap my lips around the tip, slurping down on the eight inches left poking out. The emberling groans, tracing its claws up my spine, and I suck harder. It pushes me off, nuzzling into me and pressing its boney forehead against mine.

"Next time, my dear, but for now I must go hunt and regain strength," it speaks through my mind.

"But.. but.."

"Hush, darling. That was only the beginning." It pulls back, looking deep into my eyes and it cocks its head playfully, then gracefully turns, exiting silently through my window, leaving me standing in a puddle of our juices, already wet for another rough fuck. The sheriff bursts through my bedroom door and I scream, grabbing a pillow to cover myself.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I got a call of screaming coming from your house and when you didn't answer, I had to enter to be sure you were safe," he explains, averting his eyes. He notices the box of my case evidence open, along with the trails of juices splattered across my bed and floor.

"Did, uh. Did you remember anything from your case?"

I look down at it, still clutching the pillow to cover my dripping cunt.

"Uh. No. I kinda got over it. I'd like to cancel the search for the.. guy.. who did this to me. It's only gonna rip old wounds open."

The sheriff looks up at me, glancing at the puddle at my feet.

"Well, okay. If thats what you truly want, we need you to come down to the station to fill out some paperwork." He turns to leave. "Oh, and by the way," he looks at me, then glances to the dildo on my bed, "consider buying a ball gag, or at least closing the window if you're a screamer with that thing."

He winks and exits my room. I pull a pair of shorts on and follow him out of my house.

"Thanks for worrying about me," I smile as he steps onto the porch. He smiles and nods.

"It's just my duty, miss. I'll see you at the station tomorrow."

"Okay," I smile. He walks away, and I collapse against the door, breathing out hard.

"Next time, my dear," the voice of the creature rumbles in my thoughts. I grin hard, running for my bedroom to stuff my pussy again.

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