tagRomanceOf Roses and Lace

Of Roses and Lace


Today was just another ordinary day summer day for Leigh Tracey, hot, no work since she was a teacher she had the summer off to enjoy doing whatever she pleased. Her beloved rose bushes had been trimmed and watered, her washing of panties, bras and sheets hung on her line. Exhausted, she sat in the shade of her prized cherry tree and watched as the crisp white fabric fluttered in the cool breeze. Laying back in the soothing grass she closed her eyes. As the grass tickled he bare legs, she sighed and drifted off into a lazy half sleep.

Knowing the day would be muggy and uncomfortably warm, Leigh had slipped into some loose cotton shorts and a bikini top and one of her summery linen blouses. Her mane of wavy honey coloured hair was back in a clip, high on her head. Allowing her delicate neck to be cooled by the shade. The twenty five year old felt peace at that moment, and even found herself feeling a little horny. She hadn't felt a mans hands grace her curvy body and soft creamy skin for so long. Not that she'd felt much desire for one, no thanks to Douglas, her ex. Just a fool she had been, it took her until he was drunk and gave her that black eye to realize he was a loser.

Richard Greyson who had just moved in, heard them fighting that winter morning last year and later that day saw her sporting the bruise just under her left eyebrow. Reliving that day, the look on Ricks face when he saw what Doug had done to her. He went livid with loathing for the man who was supposed to be her husband. He busted through the door and went over to the sleeping, hung-over Doug and picked him up, punched him in the gut and then phoned for the police. And now they were divorced, Doug in prison hopefully sobering up and getting help, and she could get on with rebuilding her life. It was at that moment that she began to see her friendly older neighbor in a new light. Not the just the nice gentle retired man with the smiling eyes that waved to her. But as a man, a sexy, loving, and spiritual soulmate, though she knew he was far too old for her. Still a girls heart could dream, couldn't it?

At once, a noise from next door made her turn her head, squinting at the sunbaked yard of Ricky, the handsome older man that she secretly loved with all her heart. It was laundry day for him too. Her glittering blue eyes followed their target as he bent over his basket, drifting her gaze from his bare feet, up his long, lean slightly hairy legs to his zipper. God she could only guess at the wondrous organ that was encased in that tan fabric. Leigh longed to reach for the reddish grey ponytail that kept falling forward onto his collarbone, and he with a toss of his head flung it back behind his elegant frame. Daringly, and forgetting she was outside in full view of other windows, her hand went to her breast. Her desire was reawakening at last, and it was not going to go away.

"My knight," she whispered to herself, "how I dream of having you beside me." her hands roaming down her torso, flattening on the slight sexy paunch of her belly, fingers reaching but not yet touching.

Leigh found herself fascinated by the everyday activities of this man, whom she had known for just over a year now. and knew him to be friendly, eager to brighten her mood. He was open hearted, kind. He had sparkling green eyes, long reddish hair usually in a ponytail and he used to be a teacher himself. Taught geography and always instilling a love for the planet and her treasures in anyone he met. And always,always whistling some country or sixties tune when ever he was outside. Leigh was drawn to his mature yet hippyish charm.

She rose from her seat slowly, making sure she was able to be seen if he should turn around. The oversized shirt fell down her bare arms and she was left in only her shorts and string top. She pretended not to see him, stretching and arching her massive tits high, her backside round and wide thrusting back, pulling those sexy shorts tight against her soft curves. Her skin in the sun, glowed, catching the diamonds of sweat beads that clung to her like fairy dust. He spoke at last, finally getting the nerve to make his presence known.

" Oh hey there, Leigh, didn't see ya sittin'. Else I woulda said hello sooner!" he cleared his throat, happy to have her company but for some reason also embarrassed at seeing her there, in her practically nothing on state. If she could read his thoughts now she would know how his cock stirred inside the special underwear he loved so much. Sometimes the tightness helped save him from embarrassment. They barely caged the sexy older mans erection at the best of times. But seeing this lovely woman did something more to him, for his heart stirred as much as his manhood.

She wondered if Rick had been spying on her, she had deliberately parked herself at the rose bush that his kitchen window over looked. Hoping her skimpy clothing was teasing enough for him to notice as she pushed and arched her large womanly bottom out, tending to her colorful blooms.

Leigh noticed something in his basket as he bent to lift more shirts onto his line. It was pink and lacey. Could he have a pair of womens panties in there? God it was panties, Leighs heart sank as she realized he might have a girlfriend.

"Hey Ricky,"she smiled back," Yeah, just been trying to stay cool, sure is a hot one today." "Yep sure is," Grabbing a pair of jeans, he was too late to stop them, the panties Leigh has been eyeing fell to the ground.

The two neighbors just stared at them, unable to speak for what must have been thirty seconds. Ricky broke the silence.

" I know what this looks like, I wont hide anything from you Leigh. I like you a lot and maybe its better if you knew the truth about me." The young womans head snapped up, she thought he had said something smart ass like they were his and he wore ladies panties, but the words that came to her mind were very different.

" You're seeing someone? I had no idea."

"Leigh, did you hear me?" he picked the panties up and walked over to the fence, he was trembling. He gazed at her, oh hell yes, he had been in love with her ever since she moved in two years ago. This will ruin everything now. Did she honestly think he had another woman around?

"Oh very funny Rick, you wear them yourself? Pink lace panties?" she feigned a laugh. His expression was soft and his cheeks blushing but still looking, searching her blue eyes for some sort of acceptance.

"No I am not seeing or marrying anyone, you know my wife died ten years ago. I'd never bothered to look for anyone else. I wear these panties because they make me feel good. They belonged to Lorna, I can't bear to throw them away. I hope you can understand, and I hope you don't think I'm some sick pervert. It's just the way I am." Not married was all she needed to hear, her breath finally released and she felt her heart flutter. And oddly, something else began to flutter as well, upon his revelation that he enjoyed womens underwear.

"Oh no Ricky, I'm sorry. I don't think you are sick in anyway. You must miss your wife so much. It's only natural to want to keep a memory of her alive." Her deep breaths made her chest rise and fall, once again drawing attention to her large fleshy mounds. Rick gazed down, mesmerised by her loveliness and sexuality. And she shook so badly, he wanted nothing more than to just hold her , calm her, anything to get his arms around and show her some comfort.

"So, you are not with anyone? Really?" Leigh blinked back tears, Rick saw them.

"No Leigh, I am not. Oh god damn, I may as well say it and hope you don't think me a stupid old man. I'm not with anyone because the only one I can ever think about being with is you." Jesus, he was tearing up now.

Leigh said nothing more. Instead her arms found their way around his neck. He reached down, scooped her buns into his palms and effortlessly lifted her over the fence and kissed her. The wind, in her mind at least, whipped past them like a typhoon, no hearing, no seeing, just feeling. His searing hands at last on her body, branding her flesh. Her lips touching his, their tongues dancing. He kept whispering hoarsely into her ear. I want you now, I must take you. Leigh I've dreamt of this moment ever since I moved in here. The wetness in her own panties gave her true feelings away, he saw and smelled her moisture vaporizing through her clothing. He had to have her, she sensed his need even before she felt his need, poking impatiently into her tummy.

"Rick I have too, and you know what? I think....that...oh God, ...... I'm incredibly turned on knowing your fetish for.....erm, womens lace. I have to know more. I want to see you in these ladies things."

Having pulled the now panting women to her feet, they soon raced into the house where his bedroom lay at the end of the hall. All at once, the lusty mans shorts came down and with his cute buttocks facing her she licked her pouting, coral tinted lips at the sight of the pretty lacey edge. Sort of a pale peachy pink color, nearly the same paleness as his own skin. He was by far a beautiful man. Reaching out, mouth open a little, eyes wide and wondering, she touched a tentative finger to Ricks tight smooth ass. Hearing him shiver as she ran her nail along the lace, drove them both mad with bliss. Her hand now cupped his bubble butt, rubbing him through the scratchy material. So sexy and so surprising, as Leigh knew he would be.

The clearly willing girl was laid out on his huge kingsized bed , her shorts yanked down her supple legs and his hips were between his loves thighs as soon as they opened for him. Ricks lips were upon Leighs, he began to rub his panties into the cotton thong that sheathed the pussy he was eagerly targetting with his manhood. He pulled at the ties hold her top on and they fell away. Her stunning tits bobbing and her nipples springing to life, his face sinking in their feminine softness. She moaned and sighed as his mouth clamped over a bright rusty colored rose bud. Damn those thighs, hands drifted to them, touched them, teased her into a melting pocket of juices. The silkiness of her, the warmth of her body under his own. He was in heaven, this women he loved and lusted for, was to be his at last.

"Leigh, my sweet rose, I must take you ," he tugged her waist band and her sensibly sexy underwear slid effortlessly down her legs

She was at last naked, in his bed and ready for him. God she was soaked. Rough masculine fingers carefully tickled and caressed her candy pink labia, smiling at her when she made her pleasure very vocal with a sighing moan. The sound drifting in Rick's ears like the air through a dandelion.

Biting her lip, Leigh cupped her hand around Ricks straining penis. Seeing his hardness wrapped in such dainty panties made the fire in her belly blaze like a furnace. And this man was the coal that fueled it.. It was capped in a dark halo of curly, slightly graying hair, and she could tell he was thankfully uncut, maybe about seven inches and oooh so thick. So perfect.

" Get those knickers off right now, you dirty old man, "she grinned at him," You want me, you take me like a man."

Finally, the handsome mans panties were pulled down by the pretty woman. Her soft hands kneading and pulling her lovers cheeks apart, urging his arousal to its highest level. Now, his cock was free, throbbing, veins popping and pointed towards her dripping hungry pussy.

The mans triumphant growl filled the house, as his rod ridged with fat blue blood vessels, slid deep into her silky tight vagina. The snugness allowed the gasping girl to feel every bump, every crease that made her lovers cock fit like a hand in a glove with in her. Leigh and Ricky were at last one.

Slender legs suddenly twisted like vines around Ricks lean well muscled body, arms held him close to his sweet roses writhing body. And so he began to love her gently, making her feel everything. He lay over her, kissing her mouth as she moaned. Leigh loved how his breath felt on her bare neck, the shivers prickling down to her toes. Velvet lips would catch hold of her earlobe and gently tease and bite. Her hands and finger raked at the back of the man she was at last able to have for herself and no one else. Her long nails left pink trails, they drove Rick even more into a helpless state of wild lust.

His penis made lovely wet sucking noises as he pulled and pushed inside her pussy. Leigh was then spun round so she was on top, and she rose high, riding his cock, raising and lowering her ass, slowly, gripping his dick with her body. It was now sticky and slick with her nectar. The lovers began to fuck fast, holding her buttock in his hand Rick drove deep into her body. Her fleshy titties bounced and jiggled, as did most of her delicious curves. Groaning with the feeling of her on top of him, he grabbed and squeezed her breasts hard, trapping her perky nipples in his thumb and forefinger. Rick pulled on them, like reigns, snapping them to urge her to go faster.

He reared up, grabbed her hips, pinning them to his pelvis. Thrusting harder, picking her whole body up causing her to bend back, her breasts tumbled and tossed about her chest. God damn she was gorgeous. And with her head back, they made wild love. He rocked her, slammed her body with his. She was building up, he could feel the quiver of her cunt muscles. They grasped his dick, he was not going to last much longer.

"Hold on lovely Leigh, hold on tight. Ol' Ricky's gonna finally have you the way he's always been dreamin' of. Do you like the way I fuck your cunt my rose? Take my fat rod, I'm going fuck you harder babe!" And he did. Throwing her legs over his shoulders, pushing her back down on the bed, he took her once again. The bed rocked and creaked with their frenzied fucking.

"Yeeeeeeaaahhhh, ooooh Fuck me Rickieeeee, Fuck my pussy......... Gaawwwdd yeeaahhh.. Huuuunnnhhhhh.!!" His balls were now slapping Leighs ass, her cheeks splayed open her thighs invaded, nothing left unexplored, untouched . Rick took that moment to cup her cheek in his large hand, slapping it a little. At once, the mans thick fore finger found its way between her cheeks to her tiny bud. As soon as it teased and tickled her puckered anus, she let out a shrill cry and began to wash over with sheer bliss.

"Hhuuunnhh....oh my knight. Thats so fucking great, Im cumming all over your dick now loveeeeee. Don't stop, fuck me harder Rick yes, yess yes."

Obligingly, he pumped as hard as he could, slamming into her body with his, over and over fucking her wet drooling cunt hole. Many times ....... and at last he roared his own climax and began to empty his creamy load deep inside her womb. As Leigh came violently, her vagina squeezing the life out of his shooting meat, milking his sperm. It was hungry for every drop it could devour greedily.

"Jeeeeeeeessuuuuuuuuss, fuuuuuuuuuuck. My rose Im cumming too baby. Love to fuck you so hard my sweet Leigh, yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssaaaahhhh!" His stream of cum flooded with Leighs own secretions, mixing into a love cocktail, a few drips escaping the tight union of cock and pussy. He didn't pull out yet though, she was still reeling with orgasm, every movement made her pussy clamp down onto his softening cock. The glorious sensation left him unable to move. They rode her climax out, and both lay, skin sticking wih their perspiration, utterly spent, satisfied

When they panted for breath and his now soft penis, slipped reluctantly from her pink swollen, slit, the stunned silent couple fell back to the bed, beading and slick skinned with sticky sweat. Leighs head lay on his chest, his hands caressing the damp skin on her back.

Yes it had sure been a hot day, he smiled at her and slipped back into the panties. Not his own this time, but Leighs. So tight on him, his balls and scrotum overflowed out the sides. They both ohhed and ahhed at the sight of him. And in turn Leigh got to wear the pretty lace ones. Fitting just right around her wide hips and large womanly backside. Which were cupped and massage eagerly by a more then pleased Ricky. He spoke first as he climbed back into the bed and cuddle with her, kissing her lazily.

"I have at long last got you out of your knickers my sweet rose," he grinned, nuzzling her shoulder, "And into mine."

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