tagNovels and NovellasOfelia Ch. 01 Pt. 01-03

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 01-03



Ofelia Silva liked to spend a lot of time by the pool at the apartment complex where she lived with her Mom and her brother. There were uncles and aunts who lived close by, and Ofelia had many cousins who liked to come over to visit her and her family. One such cousin was Geraldo, a young man of twenty whom everyone called Aldo, and a younger boy of nineteen who was named Diego but who won the nickname Diablo because he had already been in jail several times. Aldo and Diablo were visiting now and splashed around in the pool loudly. Aldo was overweight and not very handsome, although Diablo was fit and quite nice looking.

Ofelia had a fiance named Leonard but she didn't see him very much in the daytime because he worked the swing shift and was at work from the early afternoon until late evening, while Ofelia worked the morning shift and got home at the same time that Leonard was leaving. The most Ofelia would give Leonard at these meetings (they lived in the same apartment complex) was a kiss or two, although Leonard wanted much more. They were both in their early twenties and though they had been engaged officially for only two months they had been going out for over a year. But Ofelia had not put everything out for Leonard just yet, so to speak, though she allowed him certain liberties. Naturally the hard working young man couldn't wait to finally get married so he could lose his virginity once and for all. Ofelia was a virgin as well.

Ofelia acted very much like a lady most of the time but she could also be very playful. She was particularly playful with her younger brother Manuel and some of her cousins. Leonard knew of this because she would tell him about some of the things that went on, though it didn't bother him very much since Ofelia adamantly maintained that everything was just in fun, and that she was a good girl.

Manuel was four years Ofelia's junior and wasn't technically her brother. He was actually a cousin, the son of an unmarried aunt who had died in an automobile accident shortly after giving birth to him. The aunt was the youngest sister of Ofelia's Mom, Dominga, and Dominga had taken Manuel and raised him as her own. Even though they were not biologically brother-and-sister, Ofelia and Manuel were as close as any siblings could be; indeed, a great deal closer than most, as we shall see.

When Diablo came out of the water Ofelia put her cell phone down and furtively admired his slender physique. She was sitting back in a deck-chair with one of her bikini swimsuits on. Today her swimsuit was white and whenever Ofelia went swimming with it on she was sure to attract a good deal of attention. She was very slender and didn't have the body of a bikini model, but she was extremely attractive with her long legs, her long dark hair, and her big dark Latin eyes. Ofelia pretended not to be aware of how revealing her swimsuit was, which was oh so typical of Ofelia.

When she came out of the pool after a swim that afternoon her cousins made cat-calls and whistles, because her bikini was soaking wet and clinging to her delicate frame. You could see right through it when it was wet. You could see her nipples almost as if she wasn't wearing anything at all. They were large and dark, and because her breasts were quite small her nipples seemed even larger than they were; and since they were wet and cold with the wind blowing across them they stood up hard and pushed against the flimsy fabric of her top. Her breasts were small but soft and bottom-heavy, and their weight at the bottom caused them to sag somewhat, the way an older woman's does. Aldo and Diablo both admired her and thought what a lucky fool that Leonard was to be getting a wife like Ofelia.

"It's too bad she's got such a little ass." Aldo added, and he said it loud enough for Ofelia to hear, but she pretended not to.

She had her back to them while she stood there padding herself dry with her towel. It was true, she had a very small bottom, and though her bikini was full-backed it was clinging to her so wetly and was so easy to see through that she might just as well have been naked. She bent over to dry her legs and feet and the boys whistled to her again. They could see the crease of her behind and even the mound of her sex between her legs, covered with rich, black hair. Some of her pubic hair was showing out the sides of her bikini. Diablo had excellent vision and he told Ofelia later when he went to sit beside her on another deck-chair,

"You know," he said, " when you bend over, you show your pussy." He put extra emphasis on that last word, the English word for vagina which was usually reserved for boys who acted like girls.

Ofelia shook her head, "Diablo, you're so fresh! You shouldn't be looking at me there anyway. Sheeez."

Despite saying that Ofelia was sitting there with her knees up and her legs parted just enough to furnish the boy with a view between her legs. Diablo took his right hand and slid his fingers down the inside of Ofelia's leg until he got right between her thighs, and then pressed his fingertips into the warm, palpable flesh under her bikini. Ofelia let him do this for only a moment and then said softly,

"Calmate!", which was Spanish for 'chill-out', and limply pushed his hand away. "You're too fresh!" she scolded him.

"Let me see it." Diablo asked her. Aldo was still flailing away in the pool.

Ofelia pretended to be shocked. "Hello! I'm getting married in three months!" she said.

"Leonard is a lucky dog." Diablo said, and finally gave up.

A little while later Diablo's Mom came to pick him up. Ofelia waved at her Aunt Delia. On Sundays she went to church with her Aunt. Ofelia described herself as religious but not "crazy" religious. When the car sped away she went back into the pool and asked Aldo to hold a large inflatable turtle still so she could get up on it and paddle around the pool. It took her a few jumps until she made it up successfully, and Aldo watched her breasts bounce up and down. Her top clung so tightly and it was so wet her nipples were completely visible. He could even see the small ridges and bumps around the areolae, and the way the tips of her nipples were bent against the fabric.

Aldo was happy to push his cousin around on the inflatable turtle. The pool was shallow enough for him to walk, and the water was up to his large belly. He got the chance to look closely at Ofelia's backside. She didn't have a big bottom like some girls but it was delicate and shapely. Her legs were caramel-colored and quite long, slender but feminine. She giggled softly, and as she paddled along with her hands and feet the cheeks of her bottom jiggled.

"Hey, I hope you don't have to fart!" Aldo said playfully.

Ofelia snickered, "Aiy, guey!" she said over her shoulder.

Aldo said, "If you do, I'll smack your nalgas." and to add emphasis he took his right hand and patted Ofelia gently a few times on her backside. His hand made a wet squishy sound on the seat of her bikini. Ofelia kept paddling along and scolded him quite a few seconds after he had touched her,

"Hey, calmate!"

As if to see what he could get away with, Aldo gave Ofelia another soft pat on her behind. Ofelia just made an impatient little groan and didn't protest beyond that. With all her kicking about Ofelia's bikini had gone slightly askew between her slender legs, causing one side of her sex to become exposed. Aldo grabbed hold of Ofelia's tiny ankles and got up close behind her, as close as he could get, his fat belly up against the back of the floating turtle.

"Hey, I can't go now. You sneak!" Ofelia chastised him playfully, looking over her shoulder with her beautiful face bright and smiling.

Aldo was examining the brown flesh of her exposed outer labium, and the squiggly black pubic hairs that grew on it. Her bikini had become wedged between her smooth bottom so that most of her buttocks were showing. They were covered with tiny, almost imperceptible goose-bumps. Aldo smiled as Ofelia pretended to squirm, trying to paddle away; then he reached up and tried to hook his index finger under the side of her bikini to pull it to one side, but he was too slow and Ofelia swatted his hand away.

"Calmate! I'm going to tell Leo on you!"

Ofelia ended up turning a wide semi-circle and to Aldo's amazement and delight she was paddling back towards him. She had her knees drawn up now and was hunched over, her little rear-end sticking out behind her. Her pretty smile was in full bloom. When she got close enough Aldo realized he could see down her top. Her nipples were very big, he thought, for breasts so small; the areolae were puckered and hard. She stayed there in front of him for a moment, knowing that he was enjoying the chance to look at her breasts and to see her nipples.

Then she said, "Oh, I was only joking, Aldo. I won't tell Leo on you."

"Oh..." Aldo said, his eyes staring down her bikini top.

Finally Ofelia said, "Push me back to the ladder. I have to go and pee."

Aldo pushed Ofelia back. She sat on her heels, figuring he had already had ample time to enjoy gazing at her behind. She was a good girl, she knew, but she enjoyed being admired. She was a late bloomer and didn't start developing breasts until she was in her late teens. Only recently had she gained some weight and started to develop a somewhat shapely backside. When she was in high school the kids would call her a "carpenter's dream" and make jokes about how skinny she was. She enjoyed being admired and didn't think she was being a bad girl because of what she went through when she was in school.

Only during the last year did her breasts take on the shape they now had. Her nipples became larger, the areolae puffier and darker; and though her breasts were not full they became thicker and pudgier at the bottom. This caused them to sag a little, like an older woman's breasts, but the boys didn't seem to hold that against her. Her cousin Ana had told her that her breasts looked as if she had had a baby, because of how they drooped slightly and because of the very dark color of her areolae. Ana's breasts were very round and full and very firm, with nipples that sat right on top and pointed outwards rather than angle downwards like Ofelia's.

"You should just pee in the water." Aldo told Ofelia. "I do."

"Ewww, nasty!" Ofelia responded. She toweled herself dry and asked him, "Do you want to come upstairs and have something to eat?"

"Hell yes!" Aldo said, and finally, his brain switched onto another track. Ofelia laughed.


Before getting Aldo anything to eat Ofelia went across the living room towards the bathroom. "I have to pee first." she told him.

She closed the door of the bathroom but didn't lock it. Aldo went over to the bathroom and thought at first he'd just listen at the door for the sound of her peeing. He had listened to her peeing before. He heard the toilet seat clack down and in a moment he summoned up the nerve to open the door. Ofelia looked up from the toilet where she sat with her bikini bottom at her knees. Aldo could see her dark pubic hair in her groin, and felt his heart thump at the curve of her little bottom on the seat and the pretty way it joined her hips and the tops of her legs.

"Guey!" Ofelia scolded him, but with a slight smile. Her hand moved to cover her pubic hair, but she didn't cover it altogether. "Hello! I'm going pee!"

"I don't hear nothing." Aldo said, and stood there in the doorway adamantly.

"I didn't start yet!" Ofelia answered, and laughed. A few seconds after that Aldo heard a trickle of pee going into the water underneath her. "There. Believe me now?"

"I guess." Aldo said.

"You're being such a brat today." Ofelia scolded him again, and then made a shooing motion with her hand, "Go away! Sheeez!"

Finally the young man turned and left, closing the bathroom door behind him.

Ofelia made Aldo a tuna-fish sandwich and filled a glass bowl with tortilla chips. She also furnished him with two smaller wooden bowls of salsa and guacamole. She told him to sit on the sofa and placed the food on the coffee table in front of him. When she bent over Aldo looked down her bikini top and saw the soft flesh of her breasts and the top of her areolae. She wiped the table clean first and he enjoyed watching her breasts shimmy from side to side. Aldo thought to himself that it would be nice to have a wife who had breasts like that and who also gave you food. He envied Leonard something awful.

Ofelia went back to the kitchen and returned with two cans of Pepsi, one for her and one for Aldo. She opened the can for Aldo and set it down on a coaster with a picture of the map of Mexico on it. Then she told him to go ahead and eat and that she was going to change out of her bikini. She left him with a stern warning, however:

"Don't try to watch me changing, either. I know you will though, because you're being so fresh today."

Actually Aldo didn't go to try and spy on Ofelia, even though she was just down the hall and left her bedroom door ajar. He was too immersed in his sandwich and chips. She seemed to take a long time, and when she came back Aldo thought how pretty she looked. She had her hair combed out and was wearing a pale green tube top and a pair of very faded denim cut-offs. She had her hair-scrunchy around one of her delicate wrists. On her feet she wore high-heeled sandals. She smelled like clean laundry and chlorine blended together.

Perhaps she wasn't aware of it but her shorts were cut so high that sometimes Aldo could see her underpants showing underneath. They were clean and white. And because her shorts were so faded and since the pockets had been removed her panty-lines were clearly visible in back. For whatever reason, the idea of seeing Ofelia's panties was much more exciting than seeing her in a bikini, no matter how skimpy the bikini was. Her panties were supposed to be private whereas a bikini was something a girl wore out in public. Aldo thought for a moment that it would be nice to see Ofelia with nothing on but her panties.

But that was not to be, at least not for that day, because Ofelia's little brother Manuel came into the apartment. He was a slender young man of nineteen, not very handsome, but extremely smart. He wore a pair of glasses and always had a book with him. Everyone wondered why Ofelia was so beautiful and Manuel was so...ordinary. Only the immediate family, including Manuel and Ofelia themselves, knew that Manuel was actually Ofelia's cousin. The young man dropped his book on the kitchen table and said hi to Aldo:

"Hi Gordo." he said, insulting Aldo.

Then Manuel's eyes fell on his sister who was standing a few feet from the television flicking through the channels with a remote. She had her slight hips cocked at a girlish angle and because she wore her shorts high up over her waist her shapely behind looked bigger in them, especially with one side sticking out like that. Her high-heeled sandals helped to make her rear-end look fuller as well as her legs to appear even longer.

"Hey Pooper, I'm thirsty." He said, by way of greeting, and plopped down onto the couch. He, more than anyone else, wished Ofelia wasn't going to marry that dullard, Leonard. Ofelia glanced over her shoulder and smirked,

"Well go ahead and get something to drink, hello!" she said.

"Sure, you'll get Gordo a drink but not me, your own brother." Manuel complained.

Ofelia said, "He's a guest!"

Aldo didn't like Manuel very much so he decided to go home. He cast one final, longing glance at Ofelia and took his leave. Ofelia came to sit on the couch, putting a little distance between herself and her brother who she knew tended to be very grabby. Despite their sometimes pretended animosity the two were very close and in fact still shared the same bedroom even though there was a spare bedroom in the apartment.

Manuel believed that Ofelia only wanted to marry Leonard because she wanted to be married, plain and simple. He didn't think Ofelia even found him attractive. He went to church, held a job regularly, didn't drink or smoke, and therefore fit Ofelia's idea of a suitable husband. She had dated many young men. Leonard had been polite and long suffering, since Ofelia was determined to preserve her virginity until she was married.

Manuel moved over so that he was closer to Ofelia, and rather than look uncomfortable, Ofelia had to resist a smile. There was nothing she liked better than to know that a boy was attracted to her, even if that boy happened to be a blood relative. Manuel put his left hand on top of her leg and kept it in one spot for a while.

"Did you go down to the pool today after work?" he asked her.

"Yeah. Aldo and Diablo came too."

"Did they get fresh with you?" Manuel asked, although he knew the answer.

Ofelia giggled slightly, "Yeah, they did. But it was just in fun."

"Maybe to you, Pooper." Manuel told her. He moved his hand further up her leg. She let him go until his pinky finger contacted the fringe of her high-cut shorts, then scolded him softly,

"Calmate!" and moved his hand off of her.

Manuel made his usual grunt of disappointment, and then shifted so that he was facing towards her, his left arm now over the back of the couch. Ofelia's hair was still damp from the pool and he could smell its richness. Underneath that was her usual delicate scent, sort of tangy and sweet, almost like watermelon. His nostrils flared as he looked over the front of her tube top and saw the way her nipples were gently pushing up against it, the curve of her breasts sagging ever so slightly into the fabric. He reached with his right hand this time and put his fingertips under one of her breasts, the one nearest him, and lifted it, enjoying its dense weight pushing down to his touch. He gave it a little push upwards and let it fall, then did it again, pushing a little bit harder so that he could see it bounce back down.

Ofelia smirked and moved his hand away, "Stop!" she scolded him softly, staring at the television. Manuel waited only a matter of moments and then he reached for her breast again. This time he rubbed in a circling motion around the front of her breast, enjoying the feel of her large dark nipple through the slippery fabric. He could feel it swell and stiffen as he continued to rub it through her top, until it was as big as a thimble. Ofelia snickered impatiently and pushed Manny's hand off of her with a languid motion, and said,


"I was just seeing if you were wearing a bra." Manuel said, "You shouldn't go around dressed like you are in front of Aldo. He could see your chichis, and they wiggle too much when you don't put on a bra."

Ofelia looked at him, "Yeah, right Esse. Liar liar. You're just being bad today." she said, and kicked off her sandals.

She was so pretty when she smiled like that, she probably had no idea. She lifted her left leg, the leg farthest from him, and put her heel on the sofa. Her right leg she left where it was. Sitting that way caused the crotch of her shorts to bunch up between her legs and exposed her white panties a tiny bit out the sides. Manuel looked down there and he could see some of her pubic hairs squiggling out as well. He put his hand on Ofelia's leg and his fingers were on the inside of her thigh, where her skin was as smooth and soft as virgin silk. He slid his hand up and up until he was in contact with the crotch of her shorts, his forefinger on the outer seam of her panties. He moved from there to the middle and tried to cup her between her legs. Ofelia shook her head and gently removed her brother's hand,

"Stop it! What is it with you boys today?"

Manuel felt empty as Ofelia rose up from the couch and padded barefoot across the carpet, her arm swinging at her side in that way she had, so effortlessly sexy. He had a stiff erection and felt backed up and sore.

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