tagNovels and NovellasOfelia Ch. 02 Pt. 07

Ofelia Ch. 02 Pt. 07


vii (conclusion)

Daniel showed Ofelia around his modest apartment, explaining to her that he was saving his money to buy a house. He could tell she was not paying much attention to him. He had never seen a girl behaving quite this way. She kicked her shoes off as soon as they were in the door and hovered about him, smiling and giggling. She circled him, hugged him from behind, tugged his arm, then walked backwards in front of him.

He was showing her his stereo and explaining to her that men attached their ego to machines; therefore, if she paid no attention to his machines she was paying no attention to him. Ofelia bit her pinky finger and blinked her eyes slowly as he put in a CD and played around with the volume and EQ. It was the first time Daniel realized he had never seen her with nail polish.

Ofelia made a face at the music that was coming out of the speakers, like she had bitten into a lemon.

"Yeah, well," Daniel said to her, "Zeppelin's kind of an acquired taste." He turned it down and laughed. "You aren't the least bit interested in my stuff, are you?"

"Nope." Ofelia answered. She walked up to him, took his hands, and pulled him forward as she back-pedaled, until she judged she was fairly near his couch, at which point she turned him about and pushed him down, then promptly straddled him. She had to hoist her skirt up in order to get her legs around his waist, giving him a glimpse of her tiny red lace panties before making herself comfortable. "There." she said, "Now I got you."

"Jesus." Daniel said.

"No, O - fel - ia."

"Are you drunk?" he asked, and playfully sniffed the air. He put his hands on her slender waist, felt her ribs with his thumbs. A leather skirt didn't conduce well to grabbing a girl's ass, so he slid his hands down the sides of her skirt until he found her legs.

"I told you, Mister, I don't drink." she said, and now she was working at the top button of his silk shirt. She had it undone and shortly unfastened the next one down, until she could get at those hairs on his chest which had been fascinating her for months. None of the young men she had ever been with had hair on their chests. A few of the older ones did, but they were not attractive to her. Daniel wasn't very hairy. He had just enough for it to be sexy to Ofelia and not too much for it to turn her off.

"God, you're so beautiful." he told her. Her fingers were pulling the hairs on his upper chest, under his collarbone, gently and playfully. She was biting her lower lip, her eyes darting from this hair to that.

"So are you." she answered, not looking into his eyes, but working on the next button now, because she wanted to see more. She wanted to touch and explore him all over.

"No, I'm not."

"You are to me." Ofelia said, and this time she looked at him. "You have pretty eyes, and I like your lips." Daniel smiled when she said *leeps*. "When you first started talking to me, I used to imagine kissing you."

"Wow." Daniel said. It was all he could manage.

"If you want to know, I think about that a lot when a man is talking to me. I think, would it be nice to kiss him or not? But, I don't think about it a lot when I talk to a man who is very proud of himself because of the way he looks, you know, because it's like, I don't know how to explain it...it's like, it wouldn't be special because he probably kissed too many girls..."

"It's not hard to explain, Ofelia. And you explained it very well. It's about something being rare or common; valuable or cheap."

Ofelia rolled her eyes back and put her finger to her chin, "Si. That's it."

Daniel didn't think Ofelia would want to pursue this thread of conversation, seeing as it would inevitably lead back to herself and necessitate a self-judgment she was probably unwilling to make. He did see a flicker of this knowledge pass through her eyes, but it was gone before it had time to settle in. By this time she had undone enough buttons that she could open his shirt all the way, down to his belt. His slightly rounded belly didn't bother her, nor the whiteness of his skin. She smiled and put her fingertips on his pink nipples, which were bigger than Manuel's. She liked them, and played with them. Then she slid her hands along his chest, around the sides, enjoying the feel of his muscles underneath their thin layer of fat. He wasn't as well built as Manuel, or even Leonard, but he wasn't corpulent, or even what one would call overweight: He was just slightly padded. But she didn't care. She liked it.

"Sweetie." Daniel said, "Your skirt is bothering me. Will you take it off?"

"Yes." Ofelia replied. She got up and did as he asked. She looked striking in her red tiara, her red lace panties, and her red halter which covered her to just above her tiny navel. She stood there for a moment, knowing full well that men were visual creatures whose eyes were their primary sex organ. It was her knowledge of this that fed her own inexhaustible appetite for being looked at. Not only fed it, but created it. She linked her fingers behind her back and stood perfectly straight, letting Daniel drink in the sight of every curve, line, peak, and hollow her scantly-dressed figure offered. Daniel asked her to back up a few feet, that she was too close for him to be able to take in the full view. Ofelia shimmied back a ways, like a model following directions, and faced him again.

Daniel sat forward on the couch, and took his time looking at her. He knew that she enjoyed seeing his eyes wander up and down. "I like your belly. It's so flat." he told her. "You should get one of those belly-rings, you know, those jewel-things the girls are wearing nowadays?"

"If you want me to I will." Ofelia said. She swallowed the need to tell him that she thought piercings and tattoos were nasty. She imagined herself dressed like a harum girl, wiggling around with bells on her feet and rings coming out of her nose and eyebrows.

Once again, it was as if Daniel was reading her mind. "You pierce your ears, right?"


"So what's wrong with piercing your bellybutton, or anywhere else for that matter?"

"Nothing, I guess. I didn't say anything!" she said, cheerfully defending herself, her fingers still linked behind her back. But she twisted her hips a little, and she was obviously getting anxious.

Daniel said, "No, but I could see it in your face." He sat there looking at her for a while longer, watching her sexy little pelvis twist and twist, ever so slightly, making her wait. Then he said, "Anyway. Would you mind taking your blouse off?"


Ofelia was happy to remove her halter. In doing so she craftily moved a few inches forward. Now she stood before him with only her bra and panties, her stockings, and her tiara. Daniel saw the way her belly rose and fell that she was breathing faster. Her skin was slightly flushed. Her nostrils had more of a flare to them. She was getting more and more excited. A part of her wanted to leap on top of him, but a stronger side of her wanted to stay right where she was, to let him stare at her.

Daniel said, "Does your fiance like to see you in those?" He indicated her panties.

Ofelia answered, looking down "He's never seen me in them. I mean, when we do stuff, it's dark. Not like, totally dark, but."

"Can I see how they look from behind?"


Ofelia turned around and now she linked her fingers in front of her. Her little bottom was tensed inside her panties, so much so that Daniel could actually see her flesh twitch. Her legs were close together now, whereas when she was facing him she had kept a little room between them.

"Did you ever think of becoming a model?" Daniel asked, when Ofelia turned back around.

"I'm too small! Hello!" she answered, but was pleased with the compliment. Again she twisted her hips, like she had to go to the bathroom.

"Seriously, why not? I don't mean like a runway model, some sixty pound brat with ugly clothes on. There are all types of models, all kinds of modeling work." Daniel said, and Ofelia began to make her way back to him. She took the tiara out of her hair and fluffed it out. She straddled him again, and this time his hands went directly to her bottom. She smiled and stared at him while he squeezed, then squeezed harder. Her lips curled up at one side.

"A model huh?" she said.

"You could make a lot of money." Daniel said, then added, "To save for nursing school." He slid his hands down the back of her panties, held her bare bottom for the first time. His heart beat faster.

"I wouldn't know how to do it." Ofelia said, in that way she had of seeming oblivious to what his hands were doing. "Like, where to go, who to call."

"There are agencies all over. You contact them, send a resume. You need to get some professional photos taken, I think, first. Like in a studio, or something." Daniel was telling her, while his fingers went into the crease between her cheeks, touched the hard, tightly drawn folds of muscle he found there, and lower still, to the soft posterior of her vulva, the flesh-cloves that opened to another, more slippery pair, warmer, more secret. She was blinking slowly and pretending to think about what he had been telling her. She put her finger to her chin, turned the side of her mouth up even more, and rolled her black eyes up towards the ceiling, while she felt his finger slip inside her.

Ofelia arched her back and leaned against him, her bra inches from him. She moved her knees a little bit farther apart. He took his finger out of her and rubbed her with it, then two fingers, up and down the pink slit, and finally her eyes rolled over white and she moaned softly, in a delicate, breathy soprano. She opened her mouth and her fingers clawed into Daniel's couch. He wanted to get at her breasts but didn't want to let go of her ass or her gorgeous invisible cunt. His cock was hard, and when she had lifted her ass slightly in order to arch her back and open herself up to him more, he felt her wetness. It had sopped through her panties onto his own clothes.

She was falling further and further back behind her eyes, her breasts rising up and down faster, her narrow, girlish hips grinding, her tiny ass hard and urgent in his palms.

"Ofelia, Jesus, take your bra off for me...I don't want to let you go..."

Ofelia had to pull herself back from wherever she was, and she was drowsy-eyed, drunk looking, as she did as he told her. He had never seen a girl with such a look. He had never had quite this affect on a woman before. Her nipples stuck out like little black stilettos from her puckered areolae. Daniel opened his mouth and she leaned in to feed them to him. It was so different than it was with Manuel. It was the little Mamacita in her, the gentle and maternal side of her complex nature, that put her breasts in her brother's mouth. With her lover, it was the sexual animal in her, the sleek jaguar, the swaggering lioness with her tail raised up. Her eyes blazed as she watched Daniel suck and bite her nipples, tug them in his hairy lips. She gasped as she felt his whiskers poke the tender skin of her tits. She put one hand on the back of his head and grabbed his hair, pulled her nipple out teasingly, rubbed it all over against his tongue, then fed it to him again.

Her pussy was hot and licked-candy -wet. The small hole that took cock was gripping his finger, then a second finger. She felt a bright shock of pain that was quickly subsumed, strangled in exquisite pleasure. She felt he might tear her open. He was sucking her other tit now, biting and tugging her nipple. She was gasping and moaning uncontrollably, and suddenly she felt the floodgates open wide and she climaxed powerfully, much more powerfully than she had with Manuel. Her fingernails dug into his scalp, and her pussy bathed his hand in its teeming fluid.

Daniel had heard of women who literally spunked but he had never experienced it, at least not anything quite like this. A few of the women he had bedded became very wet during orgasm, but Ofelia let loose in such a way he thought she might be peeing. He had read that what some thought was female ejaculation was in actuality the girl urinating. But this wasn't urine. Her pussy became a saturated mess, and it seemed to push against his fingers. It lasted a good while, and as he kept rubbing her, his fingers deep inside her, she came again, harder, louder, with even more of an issue. He pressed the index finger of his left hand against her asshole, and she yelled into his ear. It wasn't a yell of protest.

After a while Daniel took her panties off and had her lying on his couch. With her legs open wide, she was the most exquisite thing he had ever seen. Her pussy was the greatest testament to God's handiwork the Daniel had ever witnessed. He cupped her little bottom and feasted from her. He buried his face in that punky juice and felt it sting his nasal passages, felt it burn through them like some toxic chemical. He relished her taste and smell as he licked and kissed her pussy, his knees on the carpet, her legs far and wide, her hands digging in his hair. He had her in his beard and mustache, all over his hands too. Ofelia's pussy was all over him.

Daniel held her ass like a bowl and fed from her pussy, her ass, her clit. He gently licked her clit, sucked it softly, licked her tiny inner lips, the tiny hole where he would put his cock. She was baby-pink inside. Her pussy was a cinnamon-brown when it was closed but she was a wild, girlish baby-pink inside. He sucked her pussy and Ofelia opened her legs as wide as she could. She took her hands from his head and put them under her knees so that she could stay wide open for him. Daniel pulled her bony waist and slid her forward, so that her head slid down off the armrest of the couch. He grabbed her little naked bottom and held her so that she was practically upside down, her chin to her collar. He licked her asshole and pussy together, in big wet runs. When his tongue touched her asshole she opened her mouth and yelled, "Uuuuhhhhhhhh..."

He took the tip of his tongue and licked the very center of her asshole where the dark gave way to tender pink. Again she yelled, "UUUUhh..hhhhhhh!" He looked at her and her eyes were on fire.

Finally Daniel pulled himself away from her and began to undress. Ofelia managed to get up, "No, wait, mi vida, por favor! Please!"

He realized she wanted to do it. He stood still and let her take off his belt. She was so eager to get at him her fingers were clumsy, and she fumbled with the button of his slacks. She licked her lips. When she had them down she waited anxiously until he kicked them from his feet. She carefully pulled his briefs down, careful not to hurt the precious thing that was crammed inside them. It sprang out at her, bouncing and painfully alert.

She smiled and bared her teeth, and slid off the couch so that she was kneeling in front of him. She didn't think it was bigger than Manuel's, but it was big. She was so happy to see it she looked up at him and giggled, and she took it in her hands. She aimed it upwards and looked at the head, the slits in it, and all the veins popping out all over his cock's impressive trunk. It had a slight curve in it, to the right. She didn't mind. She looked up at him and licked the head, tasting the salty fluid that glistened there. He gasped. She licked under the opening, at that touchy spot right in the front. Her hand went under and she cupped his balls. They were heavy and full, all tight and bursting with that wonderful white broth.

Ofelia took the head of his cock in her mouth and made it very wet, working up a tongueful of mucus-thickened saliva and coating his cock with it. Her lips slid back and forth. She raised herself high enough so that she was looking straight ahead, her head going back and forth. It seemed more correct that way, more obsequious, more subservient, which is how she felt. With Manuel it was affectionate, curious, gentle, loving; with Daniel, she wanted to suck his cock as his lover, as his Cunt. She slid her wet lips back and forth, sucking his cock, relishing her service to his cock as his Cunt. Daniel's Cunt -

Those trashy words danced in her mind the way a song that you hate dances in your mind. She didn't like those words, least of all the word cunt. It was an ugly word, an ugly word that ugly people used. Cock was a little better, but not by much. The former had a filthy, scummy sound to it. If anyone had ever called her a cunt she would have slapped them in the face, no matter who they were. Unless they were Daniel, because she wanted to be Daniel's cunt. At least for now, right here, right now.

"Ahh, good girl..." Daniel said softly. "You're such a good girl..." He pet her and stroked her hair. Ofelia liked what she heard and responded in kind, wanting to please him more. She let her lips go down further, as far as she could. She would have gone further were it not for the fear of throwing up. "Atta girl..." Daniel said, like he always said when he patted her on the ass at work, right in front of all those other people. Ofelia felt herself welling up with pleasure, a boiling excitement. She wanted to be insulted again by being told that she was a good girl. It was so degrading, so demeaning, it made her belly swim with butterflies, made her feel the need to visit the bathroom. She wished he could reach over her far enough to give her a good sound smack on the ass every time he told her what a good girl she was -

Ofelia let the head of his cock pop out of her mouth so she could lick it again, lick it some more, taste the salty oil she was squeezing from the fat purple fruit that bobbed in front of her, puffy and ripe. She swirled her tongue all over it, underneath, licked the big vein that carried the cockmilk, fresh and hot and clean, that pushed it squirting white and happy and joyful through the air. She tickled his balls with her fingernails, rubbed the fat eggs inside, cupped them in their hairy sac, her lovers big balls. She tipped his cock upwards and sucked his balls, first one then the other, and Daniel pet her hair, "Good girl....that's my good girl..."

Ofelia moaned from deep in her throat and felt herself trickling down her legs. She ran her hands around and palmed his smooth rump, his nalgas, his hairless ass. She squeezed them and they were firm, but soft, as if she were squeezing the naked bottom of a girl. That thought made her stomach burn, and she begged Daniel, literally begged him, to sit on the couch so she could come over him from the side, so she could stick her naked ass up in the air behind her -

"Por favor, mi vida, sit down. Please, please, I want to do it another way...por favor..."

Daniel sat down and Ofelia came over him from the left. She swept her hair behind her ears. She shimmied and put her knees apart as wide as she could on the cushion of the sofa, and curved her lower spine inward so that she could stick her ass up for him. She wished there was someone behind her who could see her that way. Maybe he had a window open?

Ofelia licked Daniel's tumescent cock, softly, teasingly, her sweet breath swirling over his legs. She licked the slippery diamond-water beading at the tip, tasted it, got drunk with it, pulled the foreskin back, licked around under the helmet-rim of the cobra cock-head, kissed it, then swallowed it into her mouth, her lips open wide, and she was so glad because it was good and long and thick, just the way she wanted it, not boyish like Leonard's, and so glad that he was going to fuck her with it, stick it inside her and fuck her with it -

Daniel was afraid he was going to come. He pulled gently on her head, "Easy...slow down..."

"Si, yes. Yes." The girl answered, taking control of herself.

She wiggled her bottom to get him to see it and hopefully he would put his hand on it and maybe he would smack it. Daniel slid his hand down the valley of her back and up the tiny heart-shape of her ass. Her cheeks felt so small, he felt a stab of guilt. It was too small. It was the naked ass of a girl, not a young lady. He rubbed her between her cheeks, her stubbly girlfruit, hanging there between the sleek branches of her legs: ripe, over-ripe, fat and redolent. His fingers slipped into the burst peach, split it down the middle, opened the oozing gap and plunged into its pinkheart -

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