Ofelia Ch. 04 Pt. 01-03


Ofelia shut Kenneth up with her lips. She kissed his jaw again, and she liked the way it looked so much he felt her teeth give him a stinging little bite. "Make this go back." she told him. She was making noisy kisses all over his throat and upper chest, leaving tiny wet puddles on his skin that felt the heat of her breath on them. It's nice, she thought to herself, kissing this smooth skin, this gold-sand- colored skin, with not a single hair on it. It's like kissing a girl.

When that thought passed through her brain Ofelia made a raspy squeal, like a hyena tearing into a freshly killed gazelle. She kept feeling the stick shift, on her leg, on her arm. She wondered what Kenneth would do if she took her shorts off and sat on it, sat right on it and fucked it right in front of him? "Make this go back!" she said, more urgently, and her fingers were at the top of his trunks, trying to get them down.

"The seat!" she finally yelled, and rubbed the stiffness she felt under Kenneth's trunks. It didn't feel too big but she didn't particularly care at the moment. As long as it was hard, and hot.

"God...hold on..." Ken said, "Let's go som...."

"Put the seat back and let me get your shorts down." Ofelia said, and let up off of him only long enough for him to find the lever along the left side of the driver's seat. She realized the car was still running. Ken had the seat back a short ways and lifted his butt so that Ofelia could drag his still damp swim trunks down his narrow hips. In doing this she caught the top of his erect penis and pulled it down also, so that when the trunks came far enough away his cock sprang back almost comically. It was fairly small but it was pretty, Ofelia thought, and she was very happy to take it into her mouth. His balls were all knotted up, as if he were close to coming already. She was able to run her lips all the way down until his short hairs were tickling her nose. Kenneth swept his hand down her braid, down her back, and enjoyed himself. He would let himself feel guilty later.

Ofelia sucked his cock with more reserve after the first few minutes. She licked it, rolled her tongue over the head, over the sweet spot, up and down that big vein running along its belly, up and down, up and down, enjoying the new taste, the fresh cock flavor. She could taste his pre-cum and she relished it. It was salty and tangy, like brine, like sea-water. She raised her eyes up to him, cramped over him, half on her seat and half off it. "You want to finish in my mouth?" she asked him, "Hm? You want to?"


""Go on and come in my mouth." Ofelia told him, swirling her tongue all over the head of his cock, her hand milking him up and down. "Come in my mouth..."


Ofelia felt him getting closer and closer. She milked his cock with just her hand for a moment, letting him watch her doing it, her eyes staring at the slits in its pretty pink head, then she gobbled it up into her mouth, sucked it all the way down to his groin, cupped his balls and scratched their soft velvet sac with her fingernails. She laid his cock down in her left hand, let it rest while she swept her tongue up and down its sleek, taut belly, like a mama lion cleaning one of her cubs, cleaning the little pink baby, washing it clean with her tongue. She let her breath swirl over it, over the head, over his balls. She gathered his balls in her right hand and pushed them gently up, seeing the toad-skin go shiny and smooth, and then she licked him there, warming the big babymakers inside, the funny boy-eggs, warming them up like a pretty mama lion.

When she knew he was coming she stood his cock back up and took it into her mouth. She sucked just right there, right at the top, tapping her tongue right on the tiny little openings while her hand milked his cock and caressed his balls. She wanted to get every little drop. She wanted to feel it spray up into her mouth, her mama's mouth, warm and wet, and she wanted to feel it coming with force, not a violent force, but a happy, joyful jumping leap of life and strength. She moaned happily when it did just that, when she felt him fill her mouth with his little swimming kingdom of tiny muchachos pushing, punching, fighting, kicking.

"Oh my God..." Kenneth said, and muttered a few things in Japanese. Ofelia took her time and emptied him completely. She swallowed his come gratefully, letting it slide down her throat, sucking him gently now at the tender tip, sucking each and every drop, every sweet pearl, tasting it, letting it stay on her tongue. She let the pink cub come out of her mouth and she lifted her tube top out of the way, letting her breasts fall free, and she held it gently against her breasts and rolled it still hard across her nipples.

It was nearly dark now and a few cars had passed by. Kenneth was weak as he fixed his seat and drove off down the road, though he had no idea where they were going, and Ofelia curled up against him but she wasn't tired or drunk. She told him in his ear, urgently sober and silver-tongued, "You are so beautiful, Senior. Your skin is beautiful. Your cock is beautiful."


They eventually made their way to Kenneth's house. Ofelia couldn't imagine one person living in such a mansion. Kenneth explained that it was actually his parents' house, or at least that they owned it. And he wasn't by himself, he told her.

"My sister lives here, too, but she's hardly ever home. Her name is Conny. She's a dancer. She works on music videos, travels all over the place. You think I'm something to look at? Wait till you see her."

"She must be like a goddess!" Ofelia gasped. Kenneth had driven to the house with no shirt on, and he remained that way as he showed Ofelia around. The kitchen was bigger than her whole apartment, with a big island in the middle, cabinets all over the place, two giant refrigerator/freezers. They went on into the living room, which had a little step going down into it which took Ofelia by surprise and caused her to lose her balance. Kenneth grabbed her skinny arm and steadied her. He wasn't bulky, but he was very fit and she could feel his strength. There was a colossal television that made Tio Ruperto's look small. One entire wall made up the room's home-theater system, which Kenneth had installed himself.

"Don't get the wrong idea." He told her, seeing her amazement. "I do okay, but it's my parents money that funded most everything you see here. I don't like to try and fool people, least of all a lady."

"Your parents must be very rich." Ofelia said, looking around at the oil paintings on the walls, the luxurious furniture. She was afraid to touch anything.

"Yup. You got that right." Kenneth responded, "But the truly scary thing? Most of my father's clients could buy and sell him a hundred times over. Let's get out of here." Ofelia happily let him lead her out of the room. She liked holding his hand. She was pleasantly surprised that Kenneth wasn't going to stand there and brag about his machines in a crazy language she couldn't grasp a word of. She was hoping he was taking her to the bedroom. If not, there was going to be a problem.

She found herself laughing as Kenneth pulled her along, up this staircase, down this hallway, down that staircase, through this room, through another room. She would get lost for sure if he let her go. Somehow, someway, he had turned on only the lights that he needed when he had come into the house. At one point they passed by a pair of sliding glass doors that opened up to a big raised porch where there was a pool. Ofelia was exhilarated, and terribly excited. She thought about Daniel, she thought about Leonard, and she thought about Manuel. At this very moment, she felt that she sincerely, honestly, loved all of them.

Kenneth slept in a small room that was actually intended for guests. It had its own bathroom with a big open shower, a skylight, and a little tree growing smack dab in the middle. Kenneth explained to Ofelia that it was a fake ficus tree. It looked quite real to Ofelia. Out through a second door in the bedroom was a small anteroom, and beyond that, a sauna.

"Ever been in a sauna?"


"Wanna try it?"


Ofelia whisked Kenneth over to his bed and wanted him to sit facing her. Unfortunately, all he did was sink down and flop back, bobbing spread-eagle on the wavy bed which was covered with a black sheet. He laughed when he saw her surprised expression.

"Oh, I wanted to get one of these!" Ofelia exclaimed, and jumped onto the water-bed after kicking her sandals across the room. She rolled around like a kid, giggling and squealing, and finally wound up on her back, enjoying the sensation of bobbing atop the water without actually touching it. Kenneth came over top of her and she pulled him down. He was a lot lighter than Daniel. They kissed and she let her hands explore his body, parts which she hadn't been able to reach in his car: his back and shoulders, his hard rump. She said, "Oooooooh..." when she cupped the latter through his trunks and squeezed. She slipped her fingers under the seat of his trunks and took a firm hold of each naked cheek. And she said again, even louder, her lips pursed, "Ooooooooh!"

"Impressed?" Kenneth asked her.

"Mmmm-hmmmm." she answered.

Ofelia pushed and pushed at his trunks until she managed to get them down far enough to where she could reach up with her foot and use her toes to pull them the rest of the way down. Kenneth raised his eyebrows, impressed with her ingenuity. She smiled brightly and enjoyed the feel of his cock hardening against her.

"You sure you want to do this?" he asked her, as she kissed him all over his face and neck. He slid off of her onto his side.

"Si, senior." Ofelia said, "I do."


"Give me your hand." Ofelia said, cutting him off, "Aqui." She took his hand and straightened his fingers, then pulled them up under the bottom of her shorts. She wasn't wearing panties, but that didn't surprise Kenneth. He felt how smooth she was, and shortly discovered how wet. He touched her intimately, slipping his fingers between her moist lips. He kissed her again, and Ofelia cupped the back of his neck, relishing his mouth. Then she took her hand and pulled her tube top down. He kissed downwards, stopping briefly at the hollow beneath her adam's apple, then went further until he was kissing her breasts and nipples. He kissed and sucked them until they were hard and shiny wet. Then he took her shorts off.

Ofelia tilted her head on the black sheet and felt the tip of his tongue playing at the top of her pussy. It almost tickled. He licked very softly all over, on the thick outer lips, up and down in the fleshy pink center of it, then he pushed her thighs farther apart and opened her up with his tongue, pursed his lips at her smaller lips, pulled and sucked them gingerly. Ofelia loved how he worked. There was only one problem: it was quite dim in his bedroom. She wanted him to see everything, every tiny groove in her skin, every follicle of stubble making its miniscule way out. She wanted him to see her inside, where he would put his cock, that pink cub she had only just bathed with her tongue and mouth.

Not only that, but she wanted to see him as well. She wanted to see that pretty face kissing her between her legs. She closed her eyes and let the motion of the water work in concert with the way he used his tongue and his fingers. He rolled his tongue over her clit, making her gasp and push upwards. He had a finger all the way inside her and he was swirling his tongue on her little fleshbud, making it slippery and hot and wet, and within a short time she was coming. It crept up on her slowly and deliciously. She moved her tense little bare butt and her girlish hips around and around. He kept his tongue in one place and let her paint her pleasure around it. The idea of it brought her to a whole new level. She added to that by suddenly seeing a beautiful girl down there with him, a goddess who had Kenneth's eyes and lips, his jet-black hair, his sandy golden skin. She didn't remember imagining that on purpose. It just happened.


That was almost too much and she cried out. A brother and sister? Two beautiful mouths kissing her together, and kissing each other? Oh, she thought, that would be too much. Surely her body would burst open, her heart shatter like a tiny porcelain teacup.

Kenneth was kissing her belly then, her navel, the bottom of her ribs poking through her glazed skin. She opened her legs wide and anticipated that wonderful feeling of having a man enter her. But when he was right there he stopped and cursed softly.



"Are you using anything?"


"Protection, Ofelia. Pill, something else?"

"Oh. No. No. But."


One thing she hated was that absence, that drawing away of the other. It made her feel empty and cold, impatient and irritable. Even long before Manuel and she had been sexually intimate, Ofelia disliked it when he would get out of their bed in the morning. When they slept there was usually not much space between them, there was always some kind of contact. Sometimes when they woke they would be holding each other, and they would either joke about it or pretend they hadn't noticed.

"Oh, I don't want to feel one of those things..." Ofelia whined, seeing him with one of those revolting foil wrappers.

"Well, what do you suggest?" He asked her, showing a great deal more cahoots than Daniel, who had just told her to be quiet. He came over and lay beside her.

"I don't know...I hate those things. I hate them!" Ofelia said.

"I could pull out." Kenneth said, and flopped onto his back. "Only thing is, that's not fail-safe, not by a long shot, and it's only useful in preventing pregnancy."

"You sound like a doctor." Ofelia said, rolling the 'r' sexily, like a purr. She rolled over and took his member in hand, milked it to keep it from getting soft.

"Is there some reason you don't use the pill?" he asked her. "Just wondering. You don't have to tell me."

"Well, no, there's no reason. You won't believe me but, I was a virgin up until not too long ago." She looked down at him.

Kenneth smiled, "You're right, I don't believe you."




"Wow. That's amazing. And you're what, twenty-four?"

"Twenty-three. My birthday is in two months." Ofelia said, and she cut him off before he got another word out, "Okay, no more talking!"

She swung her leg over Kenneth and lifted his penis up, placed it against her. "There, now I got you." she said, lowering herself onto his body, feeling him fill her up inside, a sensation she was fast developing an addiction to. She closed her eyes and her sense of humor vanished. Her tiny butt tightened as she started to move against him. She realized almost at once that his cock was shaped perfectly for her: whereas Daniel's curved to one side, Kenneth's curved upwards. With almost no effort at all she was rocking herself and stimulating that place inside her that turned every nerve throughout her body into a firecracker. Kenneth squeezed her breasts, then had his hand firmly around the cheeks of her bottom. Suddenly she dropped her jaw and moaned and Kenneth felt his groin get wet, almost as if she had had an accident. Her vagina squeezed and pushed his cock. She came for what seemed like an unusually long time and then bent over him, kissing him, not so much passionately as gratefully.

Kenneth had his hands all over her bare butt, and she was wet there too. He touched her tucked-in rear exit, felt it retract like the pupil of an eye in a flashlight's beam, then open back up, like a petite flower on film, unfolding in time-lapse. But while he couldn't see it, he knew that, despite its simple and mundane function, it was a thousand times more beautiful than any flower. He pushed his cock deep inside her, pulled her down against him hard. She moaned. He did it again, and she opened her mouth against his mouth like she was trying to swallow him. A few more minutes of that and he had her coming all over him again. She broke off his kiss so she could yell.

Damn, Kenneth thought to himself.

Then he had her on all fours. He didn't ask her, she simply told him to move and positioned herself that way. She wagged her naked bottom at him playfully. If she had possessed a tail, it would have been standing straight up, twitching. What a sight she was, with her long legs, her smooth-shaved mound, her asshole tensely-drawn, enticing but inviolate. Kenneth mounted her lustfully, happy to clasp those little cheeks and drive his cock into her pussy, up to the hilt. As he enjoyed her she went down to put her face in the sheet, then came back up. She locked her elbows and kept her butt nice and steady, letting him push into her with all the force he could muster. She told him over her shoulder, "Come on my ass." Her blunt words had gaps in them, because of the way he was shoving himself into her, moving his athletic rump faster and faster.

"Ah, God..."

"Go on, come on my ass." Ofelia told him. "I want you to. I want to feel it."


"Come on my ass. Por favor. Please, you're so beautiful. Spray it all over me."

He did, after a bit of work. He pulled out of her and felt slightly awkward, like he was doing a scene in a porn film. He pulled only slightly, and squeezed himself hard right at the front of his cock. He squirted up into the air and Ofelia felt it hit her braid, between her shoulders. "Shit." Kenneth said, splattering the rest of his nuts onto Ofelia's lower back and bottom. Ofelia was wiggling her butt again as he milked himself dry, and she felt it pool right on top of her most private opening and then trickle down over the other. She giggled when she pulled her long braid around and saw its new pearl ornament. It didn't bother her in the least.

"Sorry." Kenneth said, panting. He was already moving off to get something to clean her off with.

"Oh, why? No way..."

She wagged her tail even as Kenneth cleaned her up with a paper towel he'd fetched from the bathroom sink. How erotic it was, wiping between her dark cheeks, up the middle of her smooth pussy. Her strong, rich smell was in his nose. A lot of girls would have moved already, but Ofelia stayed there, even curving her spine inwards to spread her bottom out more, wagging it from side to side like an excited puppy. He cleaned his seed off of her braid, and Ofelia made a pouty face.

"You're really something." He told her, when they were lying together.

Out of nowhere, Ofelia asked him, "Do you and your sister, ever..."

"Ever what?"

"You know."

"Oh God, no. Never. What in the world made you ask me that?"

Ofelia felt her belly flutter as she decided to go with what she was thinking. "Before, when you were kissing me, down there, I imagined a beautiful girl was with you. I didn't think of it on purpose, but like, there she was."

"Oh my gracious!" Kenneth answered, and laughed. "You really know what to say to a guy, don't you!"

"Sorry." Ofelia said, and played with his small dark nipple.

"Oh, no, no. You realize, of course, that almost every man's biggest fantasy is to be with two girls?"


"Oh, Come on now."

"You come on, Ese." Ofelia countered playfully. She sat up. Kenneth admired her breasts. She turned her attention to his balls, lifting them up, rolling them around, thumbing at all those mysterious vessels in there. She giggled when she picked up his penis, which was small and wrinkled. "Did I break him?"

"Yes, you did as a matter of fact."

Kenneth asked her, after a short silence. "Have you ever been with another girl?"

"Nope." Ofelia answered. She had him put his legs apart so she could explore him. "But, I think about it sometimes. I think it might be nice to kiss a girl, I mean, if she was pretty, if she was sweet."

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