tagErotic CouplingsOff At College Ch. 05

Off At College Ch. 05


Chapter 5 – A Holiday at the Beach

I woke up needing to pee real bad. I threw back the sheet that was covering me, crawled out of bed and waddled into the john. While I was sitting on the pot peeing, I heard the telephone ring. I made a quick decision that who ever was calling us could just call back, emptying my bladder was much more important.

As I sat on the toilet peeing, I began to think about the day ahead. Although today was Labor Day and there were no classes at my college, I figured that I should probably spend the day studying even though I had put in a solid 6 to 7 hours each day on Saturday and Sunday. The only thing I was hoping for was that I could study outside and get some sun because the last two days had been rainy and generally miserable. Since everything was weather dependent, I decided to check on the weather before finalizing my study plans for the day.

Finishing my business in the bathroom, I wandered over to the window and opened the shade. To my surprise it was sunny outside which confirmed my plans to study outside. Looking at the clock, I noticed that it was 10:15, so I knew that I could not get any breakfast at the dining hall. Luckily, Julie and I had laid in a supply of bagels and orange juice, so I popped a bagel in Julie’s microwave and poured myself a glass of juice. Applying some jam to the bagel, I sat down on my bed.

Before I could finish my breakfast one of my friends, Sandy, came through the doorway wearing the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. “Hey, sleepy head, are you interested in going to the beach today? Hank and I are going and Ken just called to say he tried you but didn’t get an answer.”

Finishing the bit of bagel that was in my mouth, I replied, “I was in the john when the phone rang. I just couldn’t get to it.”

“Well, are you interested?” Then she continued, “It should be a good time. And Hank tells me that Ken really would like to get to know you better.”

“Sandy, I am interested. It would be good to get out of the room for a day; in fact I was planning on studying outside this afternoon.”

“I know for a fact that you have been studying all week-end. This should be a party weekend given that today is a holiday and classes just started. Hank and I have been having a good time all weekend. Let’s just say that I’m glad you introduced us at that frat party.”

I responded, “I don’t know your situation Sandy, but I’m here on a really full ride and I have to make grades. I want to have a good time just as much as any girl in this dorm, but I don’t want to end up at the state university back home where my whole high school class is. I like the freedom that I have here to have a good time, but I know that I have to work for it. Besides I don’t have a swimsuit I want to be seen in by any guys; all I’ve got is my old one piece. Hell, my tank suit for swim class is sexier than my own suit.”

“Don’t sweat the suit, both Ken and Hank know how sexy your body is.” As Sandy continued the telephone began ringing again. “That’s probably Ken now. Please say yes. I’m not sure Ken will go if you don’t, he was upset with Jim for horning in on you at the party.”

I answered the phone, “Julie and Jen’s den of pleasure, Jen speaking.”

“This is Ken from the Gamma Delt house. Would you like to go to the beach with me and Hank and Sandy today?”

“Ken, I’m thinking about it. Sandy has been here the last few minutes trying to convince me to go. I’ve got two problems: one is that I really should study today; and two, I don’t have a decent swimsuit.”

“All I can tell you about the first is that I’m driving and I don’t intend to be back real late since I have a full day of labs tomorrow. Second, don’t sweat the suit, I don’t care what you wear. I just want to spend some time with you. I enjoyed our date last week-end and I want to see you again.”

“Come on, Jen, don’t spoil it for me,” Sandy interjected. “Tell the guy yes.” Then she stage whispered to me, “Besides you haven’t been laid in at least two days.”

“Alright, you two convinced me. I’d love to get out of this dorm room for an afternoon.”

Ken replied, “Good Hank and I will be over to pick you girls up around 11:30. See you then.”

Before hanging up the phone, I said, “We’ll be ready. Thanks for asking me.” Then turning to Sandy, I continued, “I should finish my breakfast and take a quick shower. I’ll be ready to go in about a half hour.” With that Sandy turned to go back to her room. Looking at her swaying ass, I realized that she had been wearing that suit, or something skimpier, all summer since no tan lines were visible.

As Sandy got to the door, she asked, “I have an extra two piece if you are interested. Would you like me to bring it over?”

“I don’t think so Sandy. It would be obvious that I had been in a one piece all summer. But thanks for the offer. By the way, your suit looks devastating on you. I’m sure that Hank will have a hard on as soon as he sees it; probably Ken too.”

“Thanks to the compliment Jen. I’ll be back in a little while.” With that Sandy closed the door.

After Sandy left, I pulled off the t-shirt that I slept in and wandered over to the full- length mirror hanging on the bathroom door. I looked at my nude image in the mirror and noted the two tan lines on it, one just above my breasts and the other at the junction of my torso and my legs. I ran my hands from my hips over my soft untanned tummy to my proud white breasts with dark pink but soft areolas on the ends of my tits. However, merely cupping my tits caused my nipples to begin to harden. This made me realize that I fully expected to have sex with Ken sometime today. After fucking Bruce on Friday night I was coming to realize that every time I went out with a guy, I was going to let him inside of me.

I tweaked my nipples with my fingers before picking up my soap dish, shampoo and razor. Going into the bathroom, I turned on the shower and waited until it was the right temperature. I soaped up quickly and rinsed off before lathering my legs and underarms. Completing the hair removal process in these two areas, I considered shaving my mound, but decided against it since the light was not the right. A quick shampoo of my shoulder length brunette hair finished my business in the shower.

Turning the shower off, I grabbed my towel and started to dry myself off. Opening the bathroom door, I walked into my room naked and again looked at myself in the mirror. Even though I thought my tummy was a little on the paunchy side as I turned around and looked over my shoulder at my white ass with a deep crevice between the checks, I could see that my package could be attractive to a horny college guy. As I brushed my hair I noticed that my tits bounced with each brush stroke and when I bent over to brush my teeth I noted that they swayed with each stroke.

As I was finishing brushing my teeth, Sandy returned and slapped my ass. “Hey, Jen, you look hot. I’m sure that Kenny can hardly wait to be alone with you. I brought over a halter top two piece if you want to try it on.”

“I guess I will since we have some time until the guys get here.” With that Sandy handed me a suit. I stepped into the bottom and pulled it up. Next I slipped the halter over my head and adjusted the back. I looked at myself in the mirror and made a face.

“What’s the matter Jen? Don’t you like it?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it but I don’t feel comfortable in it. It makes it obvious I have never worn a two piece before with all the white showing and my tan legs and shoulders. Probably in the spring, I would like it.” With that I begin stripping it off and then I said, “Thanks Sandy for trying to help me out.”

I reached into my dresser and pulled out my white one piece. “See what is de rigueur for a nice girl in small town Iowa.” With my other hand, I grabbed my swimming class dark blue tank suit with a wavy pattern in it and added, “Or, is this one better?”

Sandy looked me in the eyes and replied, “Which one do you want Ken to see you in? Here, let me see them close up.” With that I handed both suits to Sandy. After a quick inspection she added, “I like the cut of yours better but it has way too much cover-up, especially in the boobs. You sure as hell don’t need the padding in the bra. I could fix it up with a little time, but really your tank suit will show your bod off better without any reworking.”

I stepped into the suit and pulled it up over my shoulders. I slipped my hands under the fabric and adjusted my tits into their proper place in the suit. I pulled an old shirt of my dad’s on as a cover-up and slipped my sandals on. Just as I started to sit down, the phone rang announcing that Ken and Hank were downstairs. We grabbed our totes and headed downstairs to meet the guys.

Sandy went straight to Hank and they entwined with a long deep kiss. When I got near Ken, her leaned down and planted a light kiss on my lips. Taking my hand, he led me out to his car. Ken opened the trunk and I tossed my tote into the back of the vehicle. Ken then opened the passenger side door for me and I got in. Noticing that the car had a bench seat, I slid over to the middle to be nearer Ken. Ken got in and we waited for Hank and Sandy to emerge from their torrid greeting.

While we were waiting we chatted a little bit about how our classes had gone the first week. Ken put his right arm around me and let his drop down to my right tit. Just as he was starting to massage it through my swim suit, our partners for the day emerged from the dorm wrapped around each other. Sandy tossed her tote into the trunk and closed it, and then she and Hank clamored into the backseat of Ken’s sedan.

As Ken pulled out of the parking lot he moved his hand from my tit and dropped it onto my bare upper thigh. He just rested it there while I snuggled up against him. As we were driving along, I glanced in the mirror and saw that Sandy and Hank were in a rather tight embrace again. Hank was kissing her neck and her shoulders from the back and it appeared that his hand was underneath her bikini top. Although I could not see what Sandy was doing, based upon my limited experience I assumed that her hands were busy playing was Hank’s male organ either inside or outside of his trunks.

I felt Ken’s hand lightly massaging my thigh and I said to him in a stage whisper, “Thank you for being such a gentleman.” Then I leaned over to him and said under my breath, “That feels good.”

Ken’s only response was, “I’m glad you like it.” Then we drove on in silence.

It wasn’t long until we reached the county park where the beach was. Ken found a parking spot and pulled in. We both got out on the driver’s side and walked around to the trunk to retrieve our accouterments for the afternoon at the beach, the cooler, the blankets and towels and the totes. Hank and Sandy tore themselves away from each other, got out of the car and came around back. Sandy and I took our totes, the blankets and the towels while the guys grabbed the cooler. As the guys carried the cooler ahead of us, Sandy and I walked together.

“I know that you are head over heels for Hank and that is fine because I really don’t have a continuing interest in him. However, all this public display is not helping me restrain my own urges. Seeing you and Hank busy in the backseat got me a little horny and I saw that Ken was affected too.”

Sandy turned a little red and then she replied, “I’m sorry if what we do bothers you…”

I cut her off. “Sandy, first it really doesn’t bother me what you and Hank do, certainly in private. It is just that when you are in public, it can make it awkward for those around you.” As we walked some more I added very quietly, “Sandy you may want to stop in the changing room because your top is not completely on.”

“Thanks Jen. I’m not mad at you, its just that Hank turns me on so much.” With that we ducked into the changing room. Putting her gear down, Sandy undid her bikini top momentarily exposing her tits to me. I noticed that the nipples were still swollen from the work out that Hank had given them in the car. As she rehooked her clasp, she said, “What did Hank think of your boobs that first night?”

“I honestly don’t recall that he said anything. I do remember him playing with them though.” As we walked out I added, “Don’t sweat about your breasts, you’ve got nice ones. Besides if Hank likes them, that’s what that matters.”

“Easy for you to say. Hell, your boobs are bigger than mine and you are what -- 4, 5 inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter.”

As we got to the spot were the guys had decided to set up, Hank asked, “What took you ladies so long to get here?”

I quickly replied, “Sandy had to make a stop to fix her top.” A big grin crossed Hank’s face. Then I set down the blankets and tote that I was carrying. Picking up the blanket I spread it out on the sand next to the cooler. I sat down on the blanket and removed my sandals and shirt cover up. “Time to get some sun and do a little reading.”

Ken also removed his sandals and t-shirt. Then he said, “Anyone up for a dip before lunch?”

With his shirt removed and wearing just a red Speedo, Ken looked hunkier than I had remembered him. Although he had an ever so tiny paunch to his belly, the Speedo hid none of his male equipment. Even though his cock was not aroused at all, I could trace the outline of his cock under his suit. When I said, “I’ll go with you, Ken,” Sandy chimed in “I’m game for a romp in the lake too.”

Before going down to the lake, Sandy spread out their blanket and Hank broke open four Cokes from the cooler. While she was doing that, I pulled the book that I was going to read out of my tote and set it on Ken’s blanket. With all the preliminaries out of the way, Ken and I skipped down to the edge of the lake hand in hand. At the same time, Hank and Sandy ambled down with their arms around each others waist (I think).

The four of us played in the water for a while. None of us did any real swimming. Our waterborne fun ended with me on Ken’s shoulders and Sandy riding Hank’s shoulders. We raced a short distance a couple of times with us winning both times since I was smaller than Sandy and Ken was bigger than Hank. We also jousted until Sandy knocked me off Ken’s shoulders and into the water with a big splash.

After that I headed back to shore followed by Sandy. The guys stayed out in the lake a little longer, but they followed us when Sandy hollered out something about lunch. The way Hank came charging out of the water, it seemed as if he thought Sandy and/or I were the lunch, not the sandwiches and chips in the cooler. Actually, I think that Sandy was his lunch because after they each had a quick bite to eat, Hank grabbed their blanket, took Sandy by the hand and headed off down the beach. We did not see them for well over two hours.

In the meantime, Ken and I lay down on our blanket to catch some sun. I pulled my sunscreen from my tote and asked Ken to apply it to my exposed skin. He was very eager to do this task. He carefully rubbed the sunscreen onto my calves and the backs of my thighs before applying some to my shoulders and neck. While he was doing this, he slipped my straps off my shoulders and rubbed the cream on without regard to the straps. I thanked him and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

As I picked up the book that I had to read for my frosh seminar, Ken gave me a look of “could you please put some sunscreen on my back?” Picking up on it I pulled my shoulder straps up my arms and sat up. I grasped the tube of sunscreen and crawled onto Ken’s ass. Facing his feet, I squirted some sunscreen on his legs and proceeded to massage it into his skin. I carefully managed to work some into his inner thighs up near the edge of his suit. I must have struck some erogenous spot because my fingers elicited a low moan from Ken’s throat. I turned around and sat back down on his Speedo covered buns. Before applying the lotion to his back, shoulders and neck, I bent over and gave his neck a wet kiss, intentionally running my covered tits over his back. Before Ken could react to my kiss, I sat up and squeezed some sunscreen on his back. Then with a little bouncing action I rubbed the lotion into the skin on his back, shoulders, neck and ears.

Rolling off Ken’s butt, I lay down beside him and began reading my book. Ken just lay beside me dozing in the warm early September sun. After a while, Ken woke up and reached into the cooler before asking me, “Jenny, would you like something to drink?”

“What you got?” I asked.

“Well, I have Coke and Diet …” and dropping his voice he added, “some pre-made vodkas and Cokes.”

Feeling just a little bit naughty, I sat up and whispered in Ken’s ear, “I’ll take the vodka and Coke, sweetie.” With that I put my book down and planted a chaste kiss on his cheek.

Ken pulled a partially filled 20 ounce bottle of Coke out of the cooler and handed it to me. He took a full bottle of Coke and mouthed, “Designated driver.”

I took a swig and sighed, “That tastes good. If you had told me two weeks ago that I would enjoy alcohol, I would have laughed.”

Ken looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Jen, don’t let yourself get dependent on the stuff. I have seen several guys – and a couple of girls, get fucked up with booze. Most of them were sharp as tacks before they let drinking get in the way of studying.” I pulled my straps up onto my shoulders and took another sip. Then Ken continued, “I know what you are going to tell me, that you will be careful and not let it happen to you. But guess what, that is what every one of the others said too.”

“Thanks, sweetie, for the warning. I have no intentions of letting booze, drugs or anything else control my life. I just want to make it out of here in four years with decent grades so I can get a decent job.” With that I took another sip from the bottle and then screwed the cap back on. “Would you care to put some sunscreen on my front now?”

“Sure, Jen.” Ken replied with a look of anticipation as he added, “If you’ll do me afterwards?”


I lay down on the blanket on my back. Ken took the tube of sunscreen and pressed some onto my legs before smoothing it on my shins and thighs. He repaid my earlier favor by working it into my inner thighs right up to the lower edge of my tank suit. He then applied some to the exposed parts of my chest above the suit although he managed to let his hand slip under the bodice and rubbed the inner slopes of my mammaries.

Ken finished doing me and I pushed him onto his back. I crawled over him and knelt over his crotch facing his feet. Even though I was kneeling over Ken’s covered crotch, I was careful not to make contact with my own crotch. As I was applying the lotion to his legs, I felt Ken’s hands wander over my ass cupping it and squeezing my cheeks. I jumped just a little when I sensed Ken’s fingers slip under the hem of my tank suit and stroke my ass cheeks. Without missing a beat I quickly finished applying the sunscreen to his legs and swung off of Ken’s crotch. “Naughty, naughty, sweetie.”

Ken looked at me chagrined but did not otherwise respond to my remark. I winked at him and then turned and faced me before resuming my kneeling position. This time I did not attempt to keeps our covered genital areas separated. I was rewarded with a hard ridge where his cock was caught in the Speedo. I bent over and lightly kissed him on the lips, but before Ken could return the kiss I sat up and began rubbing the sunscreen on his chest. “You are such a tease, girl.” I finished the job at hand; then reached over and uncapped my vodka and Coke and took a swig. Swallowing the alcohol, I leaned over and planted a sloppy wet probing kiss on his lips.

Ken responded by giving me a deep tongue kiss. Our tongues played with each other for a few moments before I broke the kiss and rolled off on to the blanket beside Ken. He started to moan, “Tease …”

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