tagErotic CouplingsOff At College Ch. 09

Off At College Ch. 09


Chapter 9 – Birthday Party

About 8:55 Tuesday morning, as I did four days a week, I wandered into the lecture hall where my introductory poli sci class was held. Finding a seat on the right aisle near the front, I took my jacket off. I then plunked my denim-covered ass in the seat and pulled my poli sci notebook from my backpack.

Just before the professor began lecturing one of the guys from the Gamma Delta Iota house that I had screwed on Saturday night sat down behind me. "Is that you Jenny?"

I glanced back over my shoulder as I said, "Yep, its me, Jay." With that the professor launched into a detailed dissertation about the practical political ramifications of the advise and consent clause of the United States Constitution. Although I already knew the basics, I busily began taking notes so that I would be able to ace the professor's examination.

When the professor took a short break, Jay Mac, the Gamma Delt sitting behind me, leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "You look sexy this morning."

I did not reply because the professor took up where he left off and I returned to intently taking notes.

As the class ended, I stuffed my notebook into my backpack and stood up. Grabbing my jacket, I turned to begin walking to my composition class which was upstairs in the same building. In turning I bumped into Jay Mac who said, "Sorry, we didn't get much of a chance to talk Saturday night."

As I bounced off of him, I replied, "Me too." Then I quietly added, "You were fun," even though I really did not remember anything about our time together.

As I started up the aisle, he added, "Wanna go get a coffee?"

"Sorry Jay, but I have a 10 o'clock," I replied as I continued walking up the aisle.

"Well, at least let me walk you to your class." With that Jay joined me in walking up the aisle. As we walked out of the lecture room, I could feel his eyes checking me out, but he did not say anything about Saturday night which was a relief to me. Then as we started up the stairs, Jay asked, "Are you all caught up with your reading for Zingleman?"

"Why do you ask?" I replied.

"Oh – you seem like the type – that mmm – tries to stay ahead of the prof," was his unconvincing answer. Then he added, "Jenny – I was just trying to make conversation."

"I'm ahead with Zingleman, but I have another essay due in my seminar on Thursday."

As we started climbing to the third floor, Jay uttered a one word response, "Thanks." Once we were at the third floor we ambled to my classroom. Just as we reached the doorway, he touched my arm and said, "Would you like to come to a small birthday party at the house tonight? About 7 o'clock?"

"I'll haveta see ..." With that I turned to go through the doorway.

"...Jerry would appreciate it if you could come. I'll call you after lunch. When's your next class?"

"I've got swimming at one; call me at the room about 12:15." I found a vacant seat and sat down and pulled my composition notebook out of my backpack. While I attempted to listen to the instructor, my mind kept replaying Jay's invitation to me. What kind of birthday party? Would there be drinking? Did my invitation have something to do with what happened on Saturday night?

Finally the class ended and I gathered up my materials before heading to the cafeteria for lunch with my friend Sandy. Since Sandy was still going out with Hank, my introduction to the Gamma Delt house, I figured that I might be able to get a handle on what was planned for tonight.

I was hoping that it would just be Sandy and me, but my suitemate, Megan, was also there when I got to the table in the cafeteria. After a little bit of chitchat, I asked Sandy, "You're over at the GDI house regularly; who is Jerry?"

"Why do you ask?" came the reply. "Have you been asked out?"

In a low tone I answered, "Well, sort of. A guy I met at the party Saturday night asked me to a birthday party for him for tonight."

Sandy looked me straight in the eye and said, "I thought you were with Jesse on Saturday night?" Then adding a touch of reproof to her voice she continued, "Oh, you were the girl who all the guys without dates were visiting. Well – I guess someone had fun at the party."

At bit defensively I replied, "I sure did have fun. Of course, if I had a stud like Hank on a regular basis I wouldn't be looking, now would I?"

Blushing Sandy responded, "Jealous are we? Let's get back to your original question." After a slight pause, she continued, "The only Jerry that I know of in the house lives in the room next to Hank. I think he is a junior and he is a big sports freak. I think that he plays on the basketball team and although I haven't met him I think I have seen him around the house. He is probably about 6'6" and pretty well built."

Megan chimed in, "Sounds like my kind of guy."

"Anything else," I added taking another bite of my grilled cheese sandwich.

"Yeah, I think that he has a girlfriend but she goes to school on the other side of the state. I saw him with a girl that I haven't seen on campus a couple weekends ago, but I haven't seen her since."

"Well maybe that means the party is not what I was thinking it was."

Sandy took her last bite of salad and then responded, "I wouldn't bet on it. Since the girlfriend is out of town I suspect that the brothers are planning some sort of treat for him. My hunch is that you are the intended treat."

"Lucky girl," Megan interjected. "I wish I had gone to that party, I hear that the three of you were hot."

Before I could respond, Sandy continued, "Want me to check with Hank?"

"That's not necessary. If I do it, I don't want to make a big deal out of it and if I don't go, I don't want to embarrass Jay. What do you think I should do?"

Megan answered my question. "Some girls get all the luck and then there is me. One lousy date in eight weeks, almost nine now. And I didn't get laid either."

Sandy then responded. "It's hard for me to say because I'm not in your shoes, Jen. I know that the house seems to think that you – well, how do I say this nicely, oh, what the hell, there is no nice way to say it – the guys think you are the house slut." I tensed and the look on my face must have been one of shock, because Sandy resumed by adding, "Let's face it, Jen, you have done quite a few of the guys and have you ever noticed that it is always a different guy that asks you out. About the only Gamma Delt that has gone out with you more than once is Kenny..."

"My god, Sandy, you're right. It is always a different guy, other than Bruce or Ken. I just hadn't thought about it." Then looking Sandy in the eye, I popped the question, "What should I do about tonight?"

"Jen, it's your call. I don't know what I would do if I were you because Hank and I hit it off right away so I have not been in your shoes. But I think what whether you do or don't do won't affect your relations with the Gamma Delts."

I watched Megan finish her lunch so I changed the topic. "Let's go. I told Jay to call me about 12:15." With that we put our trays away and headed back our rooms in Smith Hall chatting about a variety of topics.

When we got back to the floor we all went to our own rooms to do our own thing; mine was to get ready for my afternoon classes and to wait for Jay's phone call. I quickly packed my backpack with my freshman seminar notebook, our current discussion book, Karen's Life, and my swimsuit. I tried to read some of my material for geology class, but I could not concentrate on the pages.

After a few minutes, I got up and pulled my swimsuit out of my pack. I quickly pulled my top and jeans off and stood before the mirror looking at myself in my white bra and white bikini panties. After a quick study of my partially clothed body, I reached behind my back to unclasp my bra. Letting it slip off my tits, I noticed that my nipples with stiffening so I stoked my breasts while watching myself in the mirror. At that moment as tingles started coursing through my body, I made up my mind that if Jay called me for tonight that I would accept.

I continued to caress my tits letting my fingers toy with my swollen nipples until the phone rang. Answering it I heard Jay's voice ask, "Jenny?"

I answered, "Hi, is this Jay?"

"Jenny, have you had a chance to think about the party tonight?"

By this time my breathing was slightly labored from the fondling of my breasts. "Sweetie, I would love to come. What time? And where is the party? And who is picking me up?

"Jen, I'm glad you want to come to the party. You should enjoy yourself. It's a surprise party starting at 7:00 in Jerry's room at the house which's next to Hank's room; which I think you know where it is. Just show up ready for a gooood time..." Then before I could say anything, he added, "...see you around," and he hung up.

As I hung up, I thought to myself as my free hand slipped into my panties, "I can't let this interfere with my seminar paper." I stood in front of the mirror for a moment before my mind jerked back into gear and I knew that I had to finish getting ready for swim class. I pulled my panties off and stepped out of them before stepping into my swimsuit and pulling it up. Picking up my bra and panties off the floor I tossed them into my backpack and pulled my jeans and top over my swimsuit for the walk to the pool.

I got through my two afternoon classes without giving the evening much thought, but as soon as I was out of my seminar class, I headed back to Smith to prepare for the evening. When I got back to the room, Julie was lounging on her bed watching some game show on television. "Hi, roomie. Hear that you are going to have some fun tonight."

"And where the, the, the hell did you hear that?" Came my shocked reply. All I could think was that some frat guy was running his mouth about tonight.

Before I could express my concern, though, she rejoined, "Easy girl. Meg just left and told me about your invite. She was quite jealous of you; claimed that she hasn't had a guy all semester."

"I'm supposed to be there at seven. What do you think that I should wear?"

"Jen, you've got plenty of time to get ready. It's only 4:25. We'll go to dinner early so you can come back and shower and then get ready. As to what you should wear, you've got some clothes that any birthday boy would enjoy seeing you in. I think that white tank top would look good and your new jeans would be awesome. You've also got that red mini, but the advantage of the jeans is that you will not look like a slut going over to the fraternity."

What Julie said startled me and I replied, "Do you think that I am a slut?"

"It doesn't matter if I think you are a slut, Jen. Or if the rest of the campus thinks you are one. What really matters is if you think you are one – do you?" Before I could answer, Julie stood up and walked to her closet, saying, "Would you like a drink?"

"No thanks, tomorrow is a class day." With that Julie pulled a vodka bottle out of her closet and began to pour herself a screwdriver. I continued, "I don't feel that I am a slut; I certainly try not to act like one."

"Then how come then you are always dating a different guy every week-end?" Julie responded as she added orange juice from the refrigerator to her drink. "Has there been a guy you've gone out with that you haven't done it with?"

Almost in tears I answered, "You – you're right I do let every gu – guy I go out with fool around – get intimate with me. It always seems so natural and feels so good."

"That's ok roomie, just as long as you feel comfortable with yourself," Julie replied taking a sip of her screwdriver. "I'm certainly not going to throw stones; I've done my share of guys over the past couple of years. Why do you think that I am so much of a fanatic when it comes to using protection?" Before I could answer, she continued the monologue, "I'm not worried about getting pg because I'm on the pill just like you; it's just that I don't want to catch anything from the guys."

I wiped my eyes with my t-shirt and then asked, "I don't dress like a slut do I?"

"Of course not."

"Do I act like a slut? I've never let a guy do me up the ass. Do the girls think I am one? Do they worry about me with their guys?"

"Jenny, far be it from me to judge you. But, and this is my opinion, you do not act like a slut, your not going around trying to get guys to be with you, if you know what I mean. In fact, I don't think that the girls in this dorm think that you are a slut. Hell, they probably don't even realize that you date different guys every weekend. Now, Bob tells me that your rep in the guy's dorm is on the loose side – that you will put out for them."

I just stood there as she paused to take another sip of her screwdriver. "Now based upon this last week-end, I'm sure that the GDI house thinks of you as a slut. But what the hell, if it weren't for them we wouldn't be having this discussion. Has Bruce ever said anything?"

"No," was my meek reply.

"OK, roomie, enough of this conversation. Let's get Sandy and Meg and go to dinner. You have a hot date tonight." With that Julie drained her glass, set it down on the dresser and grabbed her jacket.

The four of us went to dinner and Julie carefully steered the conversation away from my upcoming evening encounter even though Meg seemed to want to talk about it. Although we were eating early, we did not linger over our meals. Returning to the room, I peeled off my top and jeans and just stood in front of the mirror looking at myself in my bra and panties, thinking how I had changed since coming to college. While my lingerie was not Victoria's Secret, it was not the small town minister's daughter's frumpy bra and panties that I had come to college in either. Without any further hesitation, I reached behind me and unclasped my bra freeing my breasts. I slipped my hands down to my panties and pulled them down to my ankles before kicking them onto the pile of discarded clothes. Grabbing my towel and shower basket I ducked into the bathroom.

Turning on the shower, I selected my washcloth, perfumed soaped, shampoo, razor and shaving gel; and then stepped into the shower. After lathering up my body, I carefully washed my proud mounds including underneath and between them. I took a couple of minutes to gently stroke my breasts in anticipation of the role that they were going to play in a couple of hours. I also carefully washed my brunette bush and the crack of my ass even though I did not intend to let Jerry violate my still virgin ass. In rinsing off, I allowed my fingers to explore the parameters of the hairy triangle between my legs.

After washing my matching head of hair, I contemplated copying Julie and shaving my mound bare but decided against it. I did decide, however, to trim the edges with my razor since I did not want any stray hairs poking out of the bikini panties that I planned to wear this evening. I carefully applied my shaving gel to my legs and underarms before performing a routine shave on those parts of my body. Then I applied the gel to the edges of my bush and cautiously trimmed the edges of my lower pelt.

Quickly rinsing off, I stepped out of the shower, turned it off and dried off. Returning to the room, I noted the time as being 5:55. Since it was approximately a ten

minute walk to the Gamma Delt house, I knew that I had approximately 45 minutes to finish getting ready. Standing in front of the sink in the room, I used Julie's blow dryer to dry my shoulder length mane and fluff my newly trimmed mound.

"Getting serious are we?" Julie chirped from her bed where she was again watching television. As I walked over to our dresser I saw Julie's eyes staring at my body and I felt my tits jiggle a little. "Going commando tonight?"

Reaching into my dresser, I pulled out my new black demi-bra and bikini panty set. "I don't think so. Even though I know it'll be off shortly after I get there I think guys like to watch us take them off."

"Well, girl, I don't know about that but I do know that you've got a nice set of boobs and a great ass." She continued to stare at my mound as she added, "You got a pair of stockings? If you don't; I've got a pair of charcoal thigh highs that you can borrow." My face must have given away that I had never worn stockings before, only pantyhose, because she added, "You need stockings if you're wearing a skirt."

As I walked towards my bed, I replied, "I still haven't decided if I'm wearing a skirt or jeans. What do you think roomie?"

"I vote for the red mini and the white "v" top. That will show off your boobs, your belly and your legs. Oh, by the way, what to you know about the birthday boy?"

I sat down naked on my bed and replied, "Well, I know his name is Jerry and he plays on the varsity basketball team and that he has a girlfriend at another school." I eased the straps of the bra over my shoulders and adjusted the cups to my breasts before reaching behind me to hook the bra up. "Hell, I'm not even sure that he is going to want me."

"Don't sweat that. You're hot. I doubt that any Gamma Delt would turn you down." With that I stood up and pulled my panties up to my crotch. I was glad that I had trimmed my patch since my panties barely covered my bush.

I choose to follow Julie's advice about my outfit. I pulled the top on and adjusted it. I then stepped into the skirt and zipped it up. As I was stepping into the skirt, Julie got up and went over to the dresser where she pulled out a pair of thigh highs and handed them to me.

Looking in the mirror, I noticed that not only were tops of my feminine mounds exposed, my bra straps were visible on my shoulders and my bra showed through the material of my top. As I sat down on my bed again, I pulled the hem of my skirt up around my waist to allow me to put Julie's stockings on. After situating the stockings on my thighs, I got up to look for a pair of shoes. While I was contemplating a pair of flats, Julie chimed in, "Heels, girl, heels. There is something about a pair of pumps that just reeks of sex."

"OK," was my simple answer as I bent over to pull out my one pair of pumps. "Do you think that these will make me look slutty?"

"No. But bending over like that is not ladylike. Your panties are showing." I gave my ass a little wiggle and grinned to myself. "Hell, girl, you have one nice ass and from what I saw Saturday night, you sure know how to use it."

Without standing up, I replied, "Roomie, say what you want, I'll take your body any day and so will most of the guys." With that I stood up and stepped into my pumps.

"Don't be too sure about that." I walked over to the mirror and studied myself before stepping out of my shoes and walking over to the sink to apply my make-up. I lightly applied some eyeliner and lipstick and then wandered over to my bed. Looking at my alarm clock, I commented, "I've got about ten minutes before I have to leave."

"Ready yet?"

"No," I replied matter of factly. I slipped my pumps back on and picked up the same clutch purse that I had carried Saturday night. Adding my room key and college ID to my purse, I asked Julie, "Got any condoms I can borrow? I didn't get to the store today."

Laughing Julie responded, "I don't loan 'em 'cause I don't want the used ones back. But feel free to take a few from my box. Just buy a package in the next couple of days to replace them."

With that I snatched a couple from her dresser and dropped them in my clutch. Then Julie added, "Would you like a ride over to the house? It's probably not any faster but walking in those heels will be a pain in the derrière."

As I reached for my jacket, I responded, "Thanks but you don't have to. Does this jacket ruin the outfit?"

"No it doesn't." With that I slipped the jacket over my outfit. "Actually, it's probably a good idea since it will make you less conspicuous on your way to the room. But I insist on driving you. You haven't worn those pumps more than once or twice since you've been here and – I don't think you should walk that far in them." As she finished, Julie got off the bed, grabbed her keys and started walking out the door. I followed her down the stairs with some difficulty since this was only the third or fourth time I had worn heels this high.

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