tagErotic CouplingsOff At College Ch. 11

Off At College Ch. 11


Chapter 11 – House Call

By 9:00 I had managed to get the studying that I needed to do for the next day done. This gave me some down time to watch my favorite television show, Lost, on Wednesday evening. During my first semester, my roommate, Julie, only stayed in one Wednesday, so my suitemate, Megan, and my best friend, Sandy, usually joined me in watching the show as they did this particular Wednesday.

Megan popped a batch of popcorn and we were sitting around my room chatting about the male half of the student enrollment and enjoying the show when the telephone rang. I answered the phone and it was Chris from the Gamma Delt house who I had met once or twice at various functions at the house.


"Yes?" came my reply. "Who are you looking for?"

"This is Chris from the Gamma Delt house. How is the hot co-ed?"

Sitting cross-legged on my bed clad just in a t-shirt and panties with the television blaring I blushed as I answered, "Watching Lost".

"We've got the regional veep here and he wants to get laid. Rick said that he would enjoy balling you. Would you come over to the house around quarter after ten?"

I was taken aback by his directness and I just sat there for a moment speechless. Recovering slightly, my first reaction was to tell Chris to take a hike because I was not that kind of girl. Then it dawned on me that given my behavior with the brothers the past three months, they considered me the house slut. "Make it 10:30 and I can be there," I countered.

"OK. I'm sure that Bill won't mind waiting an extra 15 minutes to get the best piece of ass on campus."

Quietly, I added, "Where should I meet him?"

"Just meet Rick and Bill in the TV room. You do know Rick, don't you?" Before I could respond, Chris resumed, "I'll be there too."

Just before hanging up, I responded, "See you then."

As I hung up, Sandy asked, "What was that all about?"

"Just someone from the Gamma Delt house asking me to come over and meet some regional officer."

With a wink, Megan chimed in, "And why do they want you to meet this guy?"

Clearing my throat, I started to stammer before Sandy interrupted me. "Don't deny that you are going to fuck whoever you are seeing. If you were being paid, that would make you a prostitute. Just admit it, Jen, you have become the slut of the GDI house."

"Don't ..." I tried to respond.

"...We're ... I'm not judging you. I'm just stating facts. If it doesn't bother you, it certainly doesn't bother me. Does it bother you, Meg?" Sandy continued, pausing only to look at Megan.

"Doesn't bother me what you do or who you do it with Jen. You are still my friend." Megan interjected.

Before I could get a word in edgewise, Sandy continued, "Jen, I still want to be your friend. Hell, if you want to come home with me for Thanksgiving, I don't have a problem with introducing you to my stuffy uptight parents. Seriously, if you hadn't introduced me to Hank, I might be the girl that got the call rather than you. Hank tells me that the house usually has at least one girl that sleeps with a good share of the house. All I'm asking is that you leave Hank alone." After a momentary pause, she added, "Of course you two had already done it before I was involved."

"Hey guys, I didn't realize what the Gamma Delts thought of me." Then looking at Sandy I added, "I wouldn't do anything now with Hank and I wouldn't knowingly fool around with any guy that I knew had a girlfriend ... at least on campus. Maybe I should just call Chris back and tell him that I can't come over tonight...."

With a big smile on her face Megan chirped in, "I'll go in your place. I finally got laid a couple of weeks ago and I'm already tired of my fingers again. Plus Jane is such a whiner when I do it."

"Seriously, Jen, what you do tonight won't change how the guys think of you. Are you ready to turn them all down ... including Kenny and, and Jerry or whoever else? If you are then call Chris but for gawd sakes don't volunteer Meg. Otherwise, just go and have a good time." Sandy responded with a straight face.

I pondered Sandy's advice for a few moments blankly staring at the television and then replied, "I guess you are right. But, would you talk with Hank about how I can get out of my situation while still seeing guys like Ken?"

As the credits began running, Sandy answered, "Sure." Then turning to Meg, she continued, "we better get going so you can get out of here." As the two walked out the door she added, "Fill me in on the details tomorrow."

Just as soon as the door closed, I scrambled off the bed, stripped my t-shirt and panties off, grabbed my shower kit and ducked into the bathroom for a quick shower. After a once over of my vital parts, I was out of the shower and drying off when my other suitemate, Jane, came into the bathroom to relieve herself. As she sat down on the toilet, she looked me over and then said reprovingly, "Jenny, Megan told me what you are going to do. I can't believe that you would let yourself be used like that."

I just gave her a look and muttered, "It's my life and I wouldn't do it if I didn't want to." With that I pivoted on my heel and returned to my room with a wiggle of my buns.

I finished toweling off, brushed my teeth and applied some light make-up. I slipped into a fresh pair of bikinis and encased my tits in my demi bra before stepping into a pair of low rise jeans. Finally I completed my outfit with a low cut t-shirt to display my cleavage. A few quick brush strokes to my brunette mane, stuffing a strip of condoms from the dresser and my college i.d. into my jeans pocket and stepping into my 4" pumps, I was ready to leave for the Gamma Delta Iota house. Glancing at the clock, I knew that I just had time to walk over to the house by 10:30.

Strolling into my destination I headed to the TV room where I assumed that the three guys were waiting for me. However, as I passed the kitchen I heard a male voice murmur, "In here, Jen."

Glancing over, I saw Rick standing there with a guy that I assumed was my intended partner for the evening. The guy stood about 5'9" and weighed probably 250 pounds, unfortunately not well distributed. I ducked into the kitchen and Rick said, "Jen, this is our regional vice president, Bill. He is here to inspect the house and assess the functions of the chapter and he wants to get laid."

I just looked at Bill and thought, "I'm sure he does. But what the hell, I'm here and he is a male. They all can't be built like Kenny or Jerry. As long as he doesn't crush me I'm sure his cock will feel like any other cock." Keeping my thoughts to myself I smiled and cooed, "Hi, sweetie. I'm Jenny."

As we were shaking hands, Rick motioned for us to follow him. "As the house president, I have a single. You two can use my room for as long as you like." We followed him through the kitchen to his room with Bill goosing my ass every few steps. Stepping into the room behind Rick, I noted that it had a double bed and what looked like a private bathroom. Bill followed me into the room and before Rick could leave, Bill said, "Thanks, brother. You guys certainly have good taste in ladies." Then turning to me and looking straight at my partially exposed breasts, he added, "Jenny, you have a nice rack." Turning back to Rick as he was leaving the room, Bill continued, "If you want a piece of this chick, feel free to stay."

However, Rick just kept on ambling out the door saying only, "Have a good time you two. I'll see you whenever." As Rick closed the door, Bill reached over and snapped the lock.

I stepped up to Bill and planted a chaste kiss on his lips. "How long have you been out of school Bill?"

Slipping his arms around my waist he answered, "I've been out three years but with this job, sometimes it seems like I've never left." With that he pulled me against his body and his tongue snaked past my lips and into my mouth. As we tongue wrestled, I reciprocated the hug by grabbing his buns and pulling his groin with his swelling manhood against my belly.

Breaking the kiss, Bill whispered in my ear, "Rick tells me you're something special."

I blushed as I stepped back to place a little distance between our bodies. "I aim to please," I cooed, reaching for the hem of my top. Pulling it up over my head, I added, "I felt something of interest down there just now." This caused Bill to grin at me and purse his lips to kiss me again. With my top off, I kicked off my pumps and stood before Bill as he eyed my demi bra covered tits. Kneeling down before him, I loosened his belt before I pulled down the zipper on his slacks.

Reaching into his boxers I pulled out his engorged male organ and commented, "My, my sweetie, what do we have here? Something for Jenny to enjoy?" With that I licked his crown cleaning it of the pre cum that had leaked out over the past few minutes. My tongue and lips began working on his rod and as I looked up into his eyes, I could tell that Bill was enjoying my talents.

Suddenly, he groaned, "Oh, shit, slut you are good. I've got to sit down." With that he took two or three shuffle steps backward to the bed and sat down spreading his legs for me to maintain access to his cock. As he stepped back I knee walked with him keeping his cock between my lips and bobbing up and down his shaft. After a couple of minutes I began to wonder how long Bill was going to be able to hold out, but I continued to fellate him. He reached behind me and unsnapped my bra setting my mammaries free.

I let my bra straps slip off my shoulders. Bill began to stroke my swaying tits and then manipulate my now swollen nipples between his fingers. Suddenly, he tensed up and squeezed my tits as his cock stiffened with the telltale signs of an impending cum shoot. "Where do you want it, cocksucker? Down your throat like a true cocksucker or over your boobies?" I did not respond verbally, I just continued to fellate him until I was rewarded with the first surges of his cum. The shots filled my mouth and when I opened my mouth his still spurting cock managed to dribble some cum on my chin and tits.

Standing up I stuck my cum covered tongue out for Bill's inspection before mumbling, "Want me to swallow?"

"Hell yes slut," came his reply. "That was the best head any broad his ever given me. Now go and clean up so I can suck those boobs."

I gulped down the load of Bill's spunk in my mouth before bringing my fingers to my jutting breasts and massaging Bill's cream into my exposed tits. "I aim to please," I cooed looking him in the eyes. With that I pivoted on my heel and strolled into the bathroom to wash my chest off. As I wiped myself clean I contemplated the rest of my time with Bill and figured that the blowjob had taken the edge off Bill's need for a quick release.

I wandered back into Rick's room and glanced at the bed where Bill was lying down. Approaching the bed, I looked down at Bill's upper half sprawled across the bed and his feet on the floor. As I bent over to get a rubber from my clutch on the floor, he looked up and remarked, "Glad to see that you washed off your boobs. It's gross for a guy to eat his own cum."

As I crawled onto the bed, Bill reached over and grabbed my dangling tits, kneading my nipples. Leaning back against the wall, I spread my thighs exposing my drenched crotch to Bill's gaze. Leering at the spot on my panties outside my oozing slit, he moaned, "Show me your cunt, slut."

Looking straight at his still soft cock, I ran my hands over my tits on my way down to the elastic on my bikinis. Lifting my ass in the air, I slowly slipped my panties down my hips and down around my ankles baring my hairy pussy to Bill's view. That caused him to swing his legs onto the bed as I leaned forward to present my breasts to his mouth. "Nice cunt. Hairy is sexy."

"Glad you like it," I responded in my sexiest voice thinking all the while that I had almost shaved my mons in the shower tonight. As I leaned forward Bill raised himself on one elbow and pulled my tits down toward his open mouth. Tiny shocks ran through my body as his tongue began licking my rapidly stiffening left nipple. Then I felt my left tit working its way past his teeth into Bill's gaping mouth where his tongue continued to tweak my sensitive nipple. I started to moan, "Yeah. That's it sweetie, suck my tits," as I reached for his now hardening cock.

He released my left mammary from his mouth and began sucking on my other one at the same time as he eased first one finger and then a second into my now well lubricated fuck hole. As Bill began sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy, my breathing became more labored and I moaned again, "Yeah, yeah! Feels go --- oood, sweetie. Finger fuck my pu ... cunt. Suck my tits."

While Bill was working me over, I opened and rolled the condom onto his now very hard cock. Removing his mouth from my tits, he pushed me back onto my back and pulled his fingers from my dripping cock receptacle. Shoving his fingers under my nose, he purred, "Like your scent slut?" With that I snaked my tongue out and tasted myself on his fingers.

As I fell back, Bill slid his hands under my spread thighs and pushed them up and out totally exposing my pussy lips to him. With my knees almost touching my flattened tits, I felt Bill's latex covered cock head rub against my slit. Suddenly my pussy felt full as he rammed his cock into my waiting pussy. "Take that slut."

As our groins met, I cooed, "Yeah, sweetie. Your cock feels great." Bill slowly withdrew almost the entire length of his shaft before thrusting back into my cock sheath. "Fuck Jenny. Fuck my cunt," I moaned as we started to establish a rhythm. On each in stroke our pubic hairs entwined and his balls slapped against my ass cheeks. He reached between us and tweaked and twisted my nipples driving me closer to the brink of a mind bending orgasm. "That's it, sweetie. Fu – fu – ck my cunt. Make Jenny cummm," I repeated and repeated until he suddenly withdrew his manhood from my pussy. "Don't stop ..."

"On your knees slut. I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch in heat you are." Although I subconsciously resented Bill's tone of voice, I scrambled to my hands and knees and presented my ass to him with spread thighs. As my pussy cream dripped from my open slit and ran down my inner thighs I lowered my upper body to the bed to give Bill a better angle to recommence his assault on my aching pussy.

As I felt the first penetration of my slot by his swollen rod, I moaned, "Yesss." It did not take long for us to reestablish our rhythm and this time I was better able to participate as I thrust my hips back to meet Bill's in strokes. It was not long before the telltale signs of my impending orgasm began to flood through my body. However, at just that moment, the door unlocked and a girl walked in.

I looked up from my position on the bed and saw that it was Keri. Before she could say or do anything Bill stammered, "wan – na jo – in us babe?"

All she said was as she walked to the bathroom was, "I gotta go potty." The door shut and the next thing I knew I heard the toilet flush and Keri walked out zipping up her jeans. "Sorry guys. I didn't know you were in here."

Unfortunately Keri had broken my concentration and as the room door closed I felt Bill's cock begin to swell up inside me. Bill's pace picked up as he panted, "I'm gonna cum. Yeah slut, I'm gonna fill that cunt of yours."

Sensing the inevitable, I responded by tightening my pussy muscles around his invading manhood. "Fill Jenny up. Make me a woman." After a couple of more strokes I added, "Cum for Jenny." Then as I felt his cock pulse in my pussy, I purred, "that's it, sweetie, fill my cunt. Cum inside me." Before he was finished I started to moan, "That feels good, sweetie. Yessss, I'm cumming too."

As his cock shrank inside my fuck canal, Bill eased his condom covered manhood out of my hole, exiting with a plop. I turned around and was met by his shriveled covered cock staring me the face. I quickly removed the used condom and leaned over to set it on the floor. Bill looked me in the eyes and stage whispered, "That was some fuck slut. I can see why most of the brothers have done you. You're the best cunt I've had in three years on this job."

"I aim to please," I intoned in response. I bent over slightly and eased my lips around Bill's cum covered cock. With a couple of quick licks I cleaned his cock of the residue of his recent ejaculation. "Oh, shit! You are one hot broad. Great tits and ass and loves cock, an unbeatable combination for a slut."

I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 11:45 so I rolled out of bed and found my clothes. I quickly pulled up my bikinis to my crotch and slipped my bra over my shoulders before reaching behind me to fasten my clasp. Just as quickly I finished dressing and went back to the bed. Bending over, I gave Bill one last look at my cleavage as I picked up the used condom and wrapped it in a tissue. "Bye sweetie. I enjoyed that." Then standing up I told a little fib, "You sure know how to please a girl."

As I reached the door, Bill replied, "Don't go yet. I'm not through with you."

Turning the knob, I answered in my most sultry voice, "Sorry sweetie, I'd love to stay and do you again, but I've got two classes tomorrow that I've got to prep for. Even sluts have to study sometime. If you get back to campus I'd love to see you again." With that I opened the door and stepped out into the hallway and out through the kitchen. Slipping on my jacket I stepped out into the November night ambled back to Smith.

Climbing the back stairs, I heard Julie call out to me, "Hey roomie, just get in? Wait for me."

As Julie caught up to me I answered, "I've been over at the Gamma Delt house." We strolled to our room and Julie let us in. "You're early."

"Yeah, Things were a little slow so I left early. I didn't know that you had a date tonight."

"I got a call from one of the guys that the regional vice president was at the house and wanted to see me. All I can say is that if I had many dates like that I would be celibate. I did him twice and I didn't get anything"

As we both finished stripping out of our clothes, Julie replied, "Sounds like my night." I slipped my nightie over my torso and climbed into my bed. Julie turned off the light and crawled under her sheets. "Well at least we've got our fingers."

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