Off base


Hackamore Army Base, Tupelo Georgia

July 27, 2003

Marty Sue,

Sorry I didn't write you sooner, but you have no idea how busy they keep us here at boot camp. Most guys would just fall into bed with their boots on in we didn't have an inspection just before lights out. What a downer. So, not much personal time. Like now I am cheating on 'lights out' and writing this under the covers. Boy, you sure were smart to give me this little notebook and this flat little penlight, and the pen, of course. All I need to write you a nice long letter, only I hope I don't fall asleep right while I am writing it.

Guess what I have in my other hand while I am writing this. Aw, I bet you don't have to guess. You don't call me your old horny goat for no reason at all. Well, hey, it gets mighty lonely with nothing but a bunch of other horny G.I.s in a place like this. Yes there are some women, too, but mostly they aren't so pretty in their camo and the sergeant makes them all get real short hair so they look like dykes even if they aren't and a lot of them are. (They tech us not to talk thataway here. Respect is the word and these gals is watching out for our asses iffn we ever gits to Eye rack.)

But that don't mean we don't do a bit a funnin'. Wait'll I tell you about our secret mission to the women's barracks. Oh, don't worry, they don't let you actually do anything around here. A guy name Devon and his girl Manda didn't figure on the so strict "no frat" rules. Like those two was real hot and heavy before they came here and figured they could just carry on the same. But no. Even if you are married you can't touch a person of the opposite sex that way, or even a person of the same sex, "don't ask, don't tell, certainly don't do." But Manda and Devon did the first weekend they was here out on the shooting range and they busted them bad.

Lotta noise when they rounded them up and then we all had to muster on the parade ground while they chewed those two down in front of all of us and they were half out of their underwear and standing there and just hugging themselves. And the next day they was gone. So that sent a big message so some who had been eying each other and kind of joking around.

But, like I say, that doesn't keep a guy from getting lonely and horny. Let me tell you this old barracks gets pretty weird nights, especially on the weekends like now. And you can just hear the creaking and shaking of the bunks, if you know what I mean. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is, like now when the lights is out. We kid the guys what are too loud. One guy, Dave, is always calling his girls name out and it's a funny name, Vonda. So when we are out on maneuvers or doing the obstacle course we are always screaming, "Vonda, Vonda, oh yes, give it to me Vonda!" Dave he just turns bright red. I mean bright red, like a tamater. It's the funniest thing.

So anyways I was gonna tell you about the thing with the women's barracks. It was the idea of Sparks, he's our com expert and that what they always call the guy what knows about all that stuff, except this dude is really sharp, he can put together amazing things. So he rigs up this little old microphone. He says it's the kind they use when a bunch of guys sit around a big table and want to talk to another bunch of guys somewheres else. So the thing is you can hear ev'body all to oncet. So when the women is out of their barracks we have this real little guy sneak in an put this thing under the bed in the middle of the room and actually bore a hole so we can run a cable away from it and out to this little box he has rigged up which is a kind of radio and then back in our barracks we got this receiver so we can hear everthing and he has it boosted up and run through a filter thing that makes it real clear.

So that night we just gather round after lights out and switch that sucker on and its like we was sittin right there in the middle of that barracks with all them gals. Let me tell you just hearin them giggling and cattin and carryin on it got all the guys seriously horny. So it was good it was dark because there was some serious stroking going on. An then it gets real quiet when their corporal says 'pipe down' and so most of the guys just head off to their bunks and do a little rockin and rollin. But that ends and I am just fallin asleep when I hear this voice like she was right next to me say, "I'm lonely, Sue. You wanna come in with me?" Y'see, Spark's bunk is right next to mine. So now I am wide awake as this other voice says, "Sure, me too. But we gotta be quiet."

Well, maybe they think they are quiet but damned if that mic didn't pick up every rustle and breath and giggle. An these two start talking real low about boys and girls and it comes out that both of them have been with both boys and girls and one of them with both boys and girls together! So they start talking about what they like about boys and about girls. An this one says she likes the way a boy just fills her up an its like she is talking about havin' a big steak dinner. An the other says she like the way a boy's hand kind of rough on her ass make her lose control. An the first one is sayin stuff about havin her guy's big dick in her mouth and how she like to lick it and chew on it. An I'm getting seriously riled about then. But they are only getting started cause both of them start sayin how they actually like women better, how women use a real soft, flirty touch and take their time and spend a lot of time on the nips. That's what they call them, the 'nips', an how they don't just go diving right away for the ol' snatch, and how you can give an git at the same time.

So one ol' gal says to the other, "Well, I sure am warmed up now. I ought ta get back to my bunk, we got a big day tomorra. An the other say, "yeah, you better do that." But I figure they don't really move because there is no creakin' or russlin'." But one says, "You want a kiss, goodnight, like I was your momma." An the other says, "That would be nice." And then there is this kiss sound, but it goes on for a while, sounds wet as hell and some little moans and grunts to go with it. An finally you hear this kind of panting, an' one gal says to the other, "I can bet your momma never kissed you like that, else she's a pretty weird momma." An the other says, "You might like my momma." An then they kiss again. An'then the kisses kind of change. Like you can still hear kissin' but also one gal is kind of panting with an open mouth like my ol huntin' bitch Soozy does on a hot day. An' that bunk is beginning to creak some.

Now it seems we got lucky cuz these gals just gotta tell everything they want t'other one to do and then tell her how's she doin'.'' So pretty soon the kissin' stops but this one gal with the husky voice says real clear, "Bite my nipple." Just like that. 'Bite'my nipple.' An' it seems t'other one is happy to oblige cuz we hear these lil puppy growlin' sounds and then the first one is sayin', "That's right, that's right, you bite it hard now. I don't care. Go ahead, hurt me. Harder. Harder."

Now we what is listenin' is getting' harder and harder and I can hear the hands goin' to the peckers around me. Meanwhile, the low voiced gal is sayin', "Suck the whole thing into yore mouth. Rub yore tongue on my nip hard. That's good." That old bed is creakin' like it was a freight train goin' over an ol' bridge, just yickety, yickety, yickety. Then the gal with the higher voice lets out with a little yelp, like a puppy at one of my ol' bitch's teats. An' we start hearin' squishy, squishy sounds. And the low voice gal say to t'other, "Yore a regular swamp down there. Are you always this wet?" An' t'other one, in this choked up voice says, "Don't umbarrass me." But the first gal likes it some and says so.

So this goes on a while, the high voice gal starting to do this 'oh, oh, oh' thing and the other one sayin' "Yeah, baby, you give me that. Oh, yore so hot and wet inside. I'm just going to churn you up somethin' evil." But then she let's out a little moan an' we figure the lil' gal has got a holt on her too, cuz we start hearin' like two butter churns goin'.

Now some of the fellas are getting' pretty stirred up theyselves and so our barracks is filled with thumpety thumps and creaks and grunts and even little moans that sounds a lot like those gals. We know we are in deep shit if the sergeant pulls a quick inspection or the corporal wakes up in the outer room. We figure we should stop but there is no way we can do that now.

Meanwhile, them gals is just friggin' they brains out and, guess what, we figure we can hear some other gals pattin' the bunny, too, cuz the mic is just murmurin' with all these funny sounds. At one point there is some loud creakin' around and then the gals voices are not so clear anymore. Oh, they're loud enuf, but it's like they was eatin' some big plate a ribs real thick with sauce. But we figure we know what kind of sloppy dinner it is. One of them gals is beginnin' to squeal like a piglet an' we cain't figure how their corporal hasn't busted them. But she goes on and on, and we are goin' crazy. Lotta dicks getting' sore as they rub away waitin' for them gals to freak first. But them gals got endurance.

Finally one starts moanin' to t'other. "Faster, faster1 Finish me off! Put two fingers in. Put three in!" All this is a big education to a lotta guys. They don't know gals can do theyselves or each other thisa way. So these two voices groan hard all together, like two calves was birthin' at the same time, an' then it's real quiet except for heavy pantin' like the dogs on the porch after they chase down a possom. All around us, guys is finishin' theyselves off, like soft firecrackers at the end of Fourth a July. We all fall asleep feelin' real happy.

Nobody's really up to muster the next day. We look at the gals and they is pretty hangdog. The drill sergeant is barkin' his head off, but we don't care. Ev'body's feelin' real mellow. Some guys let the kitty out of the bag after a while by squeakin' stuff they heard the girls say, "Put two fingers in. Now three." And like that. An' sure as shootin' fish in a barrel the gals get wise and we lose are lissnin' post. They even get payback a while later when they make holes in the lil' ol' hut we call the smokehouse cuz it has an ol' mattress and a buncha girlie mags the last set of fellers left there. An' the guys go there to smoke the meat, if you get my drift. The gals cut a hole in the wall and they get one of them green night goggle cameras...

But hell gal, that's another hole story and yore ol' horny goat has got to git his horns ready for the five mile hike tamarra. Hope you don't mind my tellin' you these things. But it ain't like I don't know you like a little sideways sports yerself. Now I'm stirred up just thinkin' what you will be doin' when you read this thing. Cain't wait to git outta basic so we can do it together.

Yore my onliest sweet piglet. Miles a kisses all over ya.


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