tagRomanceOff The Plane An In The Bed

Off The Plane An In The Bed


The couple eagerly embrace, having awaited this moment for quite some time. They lingered in each others arms for a moment, amazed they finally have the chance to meet and be together. A second passes before he pulls her closer gently kissing in the empty airport. They have a short bus ride to the hotel they will be staying at, she sits there, watching him, smiling. He looks handsome, even in the dim light offered by the bus interior. He looks her up and down, the expression on his face, unreadable. Smiling, he can see her nervousness, and pulls get closer in a one armed hug kissing her cheek. They start talking, discussing the mundane plane trip, weather and eventually turning conversation to each other. She comments on how much taller he is then she imagined, laughing because they both knew this was bound to be said by one or the other. She is slightly sleepy from the plane trip, and rests her head against his shoulder smiling.

Eventually the bus veers to the corner, stopping not far from the hotel. Exiting the bus he helps her with one of the small suitcases and they walk the few hundred meters to the hotel entrance, paying for the room they had booked in preparation for her stay, before the train trip to his home. They make their way to the room, chatting and occasionally embracing for a moment. They enter the room finally able to put the two suitcases against the wall and relax. By now its quite late and cold outside, the heating in the room had been turned on for the guests convenience prior to their arrival. She leaves to enter the bathroom, to change into something comfortable while he is left at the edge of the bed to change.

Returning a few moments later she wears nothing but a light silk nighty, knee-high and hanging limply from her form, the blue material is tight around her breasts, the slight chill she feels is obvious. He sits at the edge of the bed staring blankly for a moment before smiling and commenting on how gorgeous she looks. She blushes and denies his praise, but he wont have a lick of this. Moving quickly from the bed he wraps her in his arms, breasts pressing against his bare chest, kissing her deeply. Lips pressed firmly against one another, tongues dancing, her hands begin to explore his back, fingers running up his spine and through his hair as his hands make similar motions sliding beneath her nighty and traveling up her sides. She breaks from the kiss only to nibble his lip lightly as he massages the small of her back with his hands and draws her closer.

They stumble backwards towards the bed, holding her by the arms he rocks backward onto the bed pulling her on top of him in a sitting position. His hands grasp the nighty pulling it over her head and discarding it on the floor next to the bed. He stares at her now naked form for a few moments before kissing her again, moving slowly and deliberately, kissing her jawline, neck and moving to the first breast, kissing each one before taking a nipple delicately in his mouth while massaging the other, kneading it with his hands, teasing the nipple between his fingers. Still sucking and kissing the other, nibbling at the nipple between his teeth. She sits still running her hands through his hair and along his back running her nails lightly down his spine and across his shoulders.

She pushes him back on the bed, leaning in and kissing him deeply, running her hands down his chest, stomach and reaching further to his pants. She moves down further on the bed leaving him where he is and undoes his pants, undoing the button and unzipping him slowly, teasingly, making sure her hand brushes past the bulge. His pants come off with ease, and the briefs follow, her attention returned quickly to his thick manhood. His cock springing forward, at attention, hard and pulsing, begging for attention. Slowly she teases him with her tongue starting at the base of the shaft, running her warm tongue slowly up to the head and teasing the tip. letting her tongue dance there for a few moments. before slowly taking the head into her mouth and sucking gently. She hears him groan and takes him a little further into her mouth, using her lips and tongue to suck and trace lines along the shaft and head. Bobbing her head in a slow rhythm and sucking firmly, she takes him deeper into her mouth each time. His breath quickens as she goes. His hips move and he bucks as she speeds up the pace, he groans and breathes deeply as she takes him deeper still, licking, sucking harder and harder. His climax builds he thrusts and reaches forward, gently pushing her head down forcing all of himself into her mouth, and she sucks and licks bringing him over the edge. He cums as she continues, eventually slowing and licking his cock from base to tip.

He pulls her up close into his arms kissing her and pulling her tightly against him. His hands slither slowly downward to her warm slit, slightly wet to the touch. He slides one finger inside massaging and teasing her clit gently making circles, eventually sliding a finger deeply inside her entrance as she grinds into his hand. her hand moving down to his hardening cock. They spend a few minutes massaging and exploring each others bodies with their hands, grinding into each other, kissing each other deeply. When neither can take it much longer he grinds his head into her pussy and she grinds back.

She straddles him with her knees, they are hot and sweaty and breathing deeply, she sinks onto him Slipping slowly onto his waiting cock, it spreads her apart and she gasps at the sudden entrance, cringing at the sensation of being entered for the first time, she tries to ignore the pain as he meets resistance and plows through. She slides down slowly and his hips rise upward to meet hers. His hands reach upwards to massage and knead her breasts between his fingers as she begins rocking forward and back in a slow rhythm. Each movement bringing him deeper and deeper into her wet, tight pussy. She gasps and moans, as he thrusts beneath her. She speeds up grinding into him, his balls pressing against her. He rolls over and on top of her, pounding into her. She gasps and clings to his back, wild and moaning, dragging her teeth along his neck. He fucks her harder still as she locks her legs firmly around him, she squirms and gasps beneath him. Grunting and pounding into her he builds to another climax, kissing her neck and jaw line as he goes. His thrusts quicken as he cums deep inside her. His pace slows, chest heaving before he comes to a stop still inside her. He draws her close, telling her he loves her as he kisses her below the ear, tracing her jawline with his lips and hot breath, before kissing her deeply. He sees her eyes half closed.

Spent and exhausted they lie together in each others arms, tired and satisfied before falling asleep. Both knowing there is far more to come.

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