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Offering My Wife To A Friend


Hi, I am Sanjay 34 a first time writer but an ardent fan of literotica, I am married to Nita who is 30 very beautiful and sexy, we married two years back.

My fantasy recently became real, a couple of months back when I received a e-mail from my college mate Sunil. Sunil was the class Casanova and all girls were after him, his charm was such that he could get any girl and made the best use. He had a monster cock and he had screwed most of class girls, many behind their boyfriend’s backs, he even screwed some teachers. I knew this being his closest friend. My fantasy was to see my wife getting fucked by another guy and this was the opportunity.

Nita knew about Sunil exploits, I now told her that he was visiting us and would stay with us, I then teased her that Sunil would charm her and she would end up in bed with him willingly. I also told her that I would not mind her getting fucked by him; in fact I would like it. She was against the idea but I sweet-talked her into accepting it, assuring her that I would not mind.

Nita finally agreed saying, “Lets see how things go ”

Sunil arrived and I could see Nita was indeed charmed by his looks and cheerful nature; we made him comfortable in the guest room. I again told Nita that I would like her to sleep with him and she blushed, I was excited.

In the evening we had settled on the terrace on a thick mat with cushions having drinks, Sunil was telling me about his recent exploits and Nita came out with the snacks. Sunil continued talking in direct language about how he fucked two sisters unaffected by Nita’s presence. Nita put the snacks down and sat between us listening intently.

Sunil then praised Nita’s beauty and said, “Your wife has beautiful breasts.” Nita blushed, pleased with the praise.

“How can you say without seeing them?” I asked.

Taking the opportunity Sunil said, “Lets see them then.”

I looked at my wife, asking her to show her boobs and she removed her shirt and bra. Without any hesitation Sunil reached out and started to fondle and lick them.

He then asked my wife “Is it true that you enjoy giving blow jobs but Sanjay doesn’t enjoy them?” Nita admitted that it was true.

I then asked Nita “Why don’t you show Sunil how good you are at sucking cock”

Sunil helped Nita remove his manhood and she was indeed amazed and filled her mouth with it, Sunil just sat back enjoying my wife suck his cock and urging her to go on right in front of her husband. Nita shamelessly used her mouth to pleasure him till he exploded in her mouth, he held her down forcing her to swallow his juice.

I was excited, watching my beautiful wife suck my friend. Sunil pushed my wife down, on the mat, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and buried his head into her pussy, she was moaning away and came real hard. After this Sunil took her panties and put them in his pocket and she remained topless for the rest of the evening with Sunil kissing and fondling her at every opportunity while I watched. I then told them that I was tired and asked Nita to spend the night with Sunil and surprisingly Nita never objected. She definitely wanted his big cock in her cunt. Sunil asked me to join him for a threesome, but I did not agree, as I wanted to watch him fuck her. I wished them good night and walked to my bedroom.

They walked to the bedroom kissing each other, leaving the door open Sunil started off licking my wife’s boobs and getting down to her pussy, he then made her suck him before spreading her legs wide to push his massive cock into my wife’s cunt as I watched from a distance. There seemed to be some initial pain, which soon turned to pleasure as he continued to pump into her. Seeing him fuck my wife I had my cock out and jacking off. My wife came and I shot my load but Sunil continued and Nita had another massive orgasm.

During the next two days of Sunil’s stay Nita remained nude for most of the time and Sunil fingered and fucked her without any inhibitions right in my presence, they showered together, He would sometimes make her lie on the dining table spread her legs wide and fuck there. Once on Nita’s request I opened her pussy lips and offered her cunt to him and he pushed his cock into her.

As soon as Sunil left my wife jumped on me and we had the wildest fuck.

My wife now wants to invite her friend Shruti over, who is bombshell, she shared a flat with my wife and they even shared guys, besides this Shruti is bi and on a few occasions have made love to… my wife. My wife knows my fantasy to see two girls make love so she now says,

“Wait for Shruti to come, we’ll put up a great show for you and after I make you fuck her I’ll lick your juices off her pussy”

I am waiting for Shruti to come and I hope you will wait for me to write about it.

My special thanks to the Volunteer Editor Chat_Wizardess for editing my story in record time.

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by Anonymous03/05/18

Be careful once your wife has now sampled a big cock she will find more then yours will not touch the sides as she will get stretched out.
I still don't get a husband wanting another man to fuck his wifemore...

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