tagGroup SexOffice Antics Ch. 05

Office Antics Ch. 05


After a few weeks of speculation and discussion, the day had finally arrived for the handing out of the secret Santa gifts. It was an unofficial company tradition and Lizzie was quite excited not knowing who would be buying her gift and what to expect, having only been at the company a few months. She had spent the whole of the previous Saturday afternoon shopping for her recipient.

The office was a buzz as the name was being drawn for the "Santa" of the day. Lizzie had been told that usually at this time of year they were not busy and Mr Williams allowed them 25 minutes to open the gifts, but this year they had a major job to complete before the Christmas break. So they were to be opened when the individuals had a few spare minutes.

At 10.05 Gary came over with a box of presents.

"Here you go Lizzie." He smiled at her, as he handed her a small box.

"Oh don't you do the ho ho ho merry Christmas?" she asked.

"Not this year I've got to be back at my desk in 3 minutes.....it's bionic Santa this year." He laughed as he headed off in the direction of Tony.

She put the package on the pile of files she had to return to the store room, as she decided that would be her best opportunity to open it. She picked up the files and headed towards the lift. As she waited for the lift, she kept looking at the present trying to guess what it might be. It was a box about 8 cm by 10cm by 2cm. It was nicely wrapped, with ribbon tied around it. The name tag was typed so she could not deduce whom it was from.

The first thing she did when she got into the store room, having put the files down was to quickly rip off the paper. She was still like a little kid when it came to Christmas. Inside there was another layer of wrapping which had a note stuck to it. The note was also typed and stated.

I know you will enjoy the enclosed. I want you to slip in into your tight little pussy straight away and leave it there all day. T xx

She tore off the second layer of paper, revealing a little white box. She opened the box and upended the contents onto her hand. Enclosed was half of a remote control Egg, and it wasn't the control bit! She felt herself flush even though she was alone and was grateful for once for the level of work in the office.

Although there were three people in the office with the initial 'T', she automatically thought of Tony following what had happened back in May this year.

She smiled as she remembered that evening. The way it had started with Helen undressing her and going down on her. The way it had ended with Tony fucking her on the board room table. She had hoped it would lead to more, but was not sure with whom...whether with Helen or Tony. So she had pursued neither.

It now appeared that Tony wanted to play games. She thought to herself that it could be fun and realised that she was already getting turned on. She pulled her knickers aside and slipped the Egg into her damp pussy. She then went about her task of sorting the files and returning them to their correct places. She then took the stairs down to the office.

As soon as she walked through the door she felt a slight buzz in her pussy as the Egg started to vibrate. It caught her by surprise and she let out an involuntary moan.

"You ok Lizzie?" Claire asked from her desk.

"Err yes." She stammered, "Just a case of deja vue." She continued surprising herself with her inventiveness.

The pulse changed on the Egg, giving a slightly higher vibration. She chewed her lip to prevent herself from moaning again. She sat at her desk and lifted the first piece of work off the pile. Below it was another typed note it said:

At 11am go to the ladies and remove your knickers. Put them in the egg box and leave under the tree. T xx

She folded the note and slipped into her pocket with the other one, as she looked about the office. No one was looking her way and all seemed hard at work. She looked at her watch, it was 10.47. The pulse changed yet again, this time it was an escalating pulse. She leant forward in her chair to reach across her desk, her change in position resulted in an intense surge against the wall of her pussy, close to her G spot. She felt so horny and although it was still a few minutes before 11 she went off to the ladies.

Once in the cubicle, she removed her red silk french knickers. She put the toilet seat down and slipped her foot out of her shoe and rested it on the lid. She then began to caress her clit as the pulse in her pussy changed again. This time it was so intense a moan escaped her lips. She leant back against the cubicle side as she bought herself off, using her knickers, the feel of the silk against her pussy lips and clit fuelling her excitement. Having reached an orgasm, which seemed to continue due to the Egg still vibrating away in her pussy, she folded her sodden knickers and slipped them into the box. She smiled to herself as she thought of the look on his face when he took them out of the box. She left the cubicle, straightened her hair and dropped the box under the tree as she walked past.

Then suddenly the Egg stopped. She was a little pleased as she knew she would not have been able to concentrate if it had continued, but then again she was disappointed. She typed up the documents, which took her well into the lunch hour, as her mind kept wandering.

When she had finished, she had to drop them off in Mr. Williams' office. It was then she realised his name was Terrance. No it couldn't be she thought as she headed towards his office. As she approached Tony, she noticed he had his hands in his pockets as he stood talking to Pete. They both looked at her and smiled, at exactly the same moment the Egg pulsed back into life. She felt her face flush as she smiled back.

"Are you alright?" Pete asked as a look of concern crossed his face. "You look a bit flustered."

"Yeah I'm ok Pete." She replied then looking at Tony "It's just all this work to get through before I can have any fun."

"You and me, both." Tony replied "Saying which I'd best get back to the grind stone if I hope to get out of here at a reasonable time today. You take it easy Lizzie."

"I'd best get this stuff to Mr. Williams." She continued to his office. The door was open and fortunately the room was empty. She did not want to think that Mr. Williams took part in the secret Santa.

She returned to her desk and took out her lunch. As she sat there, her mind went back to the time with Helen and Tony, as it had many times over the past few months. She had heard a rumour that some activities had been caught on the closed circuit cameras.

She remembered the way Helen had undressed her, teasing her nipples, turning her on, and the way she used her fingers and tongue. Then as they undressed Tony, she had been amazed at the throbbing of his prick. She watched as he had fucked Helen from behind over the table, before lifting herself onto the table and gently easing his hard prick into her virginal pussy before fucking her to a second orgasm that evening.

She was lost in her thoughts with the Egg still vibrating. She had counted the changes and there were eight different modes, starting with a low gentle buzz working up to one that pulsed at different rates.

"Hey Lizzie, you with us?" A voice asked close to her, bringing her out of her reverie with a start. "Come on, Mr. Williams has called us all to the board room."

The voice belonged to Pete. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. He linked his arm through hers and guided her towards the board room.

"You've been very distracted today. Are you sure you are ok?" He asked her again. "Come on you can tell Uncle Pete." He grinned at her.

"Its just I got an unusual Christmas gift and it has come with a couple of notes. I'm just trying to figure out who sent it."

"Oh pray do tell...all I got was a reindeer thong and some oats." She laughed at him as he continued. "I've told most of the office that I'll give them a show at the office party if they play their cards right."

"Oh no you'd be swapped with offers and never get out alive if Mary got to you."

"Now that's more like you. So what you get given?"

She did not have time to answer as they were bustled into the board room. He still had hold of her arm and she was aware of his fingers idly brushing the fine hairs on her arm. Her whole body felt sensitive to a touch, she had never felt so aroused for such a length of time. Mr. Williams was not yet in the room, but Helen came through the connecting door from her office.

"Ok people calm down; Mr. Williams is just on his way down." She spoke over the mutterings of the gathered staff, as she did so they all quietened down. A few whispered conversations continued, until Mr. Williams came through the door. When all erupted into laughter as the usually very strait laced man had donned a Santa outfit, complete with beard. Even Helen had to stifle a giggle.

"Ho Ho Ho," he bellowed over the giggles, silencing the staff. "Ok boys and girls, you have all worked really well this year. I bring glad tidings the function room at The Moat House has been booked for the rest of the day. There is food drink music and even transport home, all paid for.....so get your asses out of here and enjoy."

The office erupted into cheers and catcalls, as Mr Williams waved them all out. In response to the cheers the Egg progressed to its most intense mode. Lizzie was searching the faces of those present to see if she could tell who had the controller.

"Come on let's get out of here and get you drunk. I really want to see you in that thong." Claire laughed as she took hold of Pete's free hand.

"Oh but he's saving himself for Mary." Lizzie said as the three of them left the office, laughing.

They grabbed their coats and as they passed the Christmas tree, Lizzie noticed that the box had gone. When they reached the lift, the doors were just opening and they joined Tony, Gary and Tania in the lift. The three of them were talking about their secret Santa gifts and she hoped they would not ask her. The doors closed and as the lift started to move, someone behind her started to caress her buttocks. She again chewed her bottom lip, as the continuing vibrations and her wandering mind had left her feeling really horny. She wished she had had time to go and bring herself off in the toilets again before going over to the pub. She wriggled her ass against the hand and was rewarded with a surge from the Egg as it moved against her pussy walls.

As they piled out of the lift, Tony took her arm.

"So Lizzie, what did Santa bring you?" He asked. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at him. She stood on her toes and put her hand around the back of his neck. Whilst caressing his short cropped hair she pulled him towards her.

"As if you didn't already know" She whispered in his ear. Then with a sudden movement she planted her lips squarely on his, her tongue exploring his mouth as her body pushed in close to him. He responded to her kiss in more ways than one, she could feel his prick getting hard as she continued the kiss.

"Wow" Tony sighed as she stepped back from him. It was echoed by the others who had stood watching.

"I didn't get that response when I asked her the same question," Pete moaned as he pouted, then smiled. Lizzie walked across to him and kissed him on the lips.

She then took hold of his arm and walked across the road to the pub, leaving Tony standing aghast at her reaction.

"Wow." He sighed again as Tania took his arm.

"Come on lover boy, let's get to the party." She said as they too crossed the road to the pub.

The function room was decked with all the trimmings and mistletoe had been hung from one of the beams. There was a large tree in the corner, under which were piled presents. There was an area of floor, uncarpeted and used for dancing; set up next to this was 'Dave's Disco'. He was already playing a good range of dance music. Tania gyrated her way across the floor to join the others at the bar. She arrived just in time to hear Lizzie asking the way to the ladies.

"Oh I'll come with you," she said as she took hold of Lizzie's arm. "Have we got our girlie stuff and lippy?"

Lizzie nodded and they headed off to the toilets together.

"That was some kiss you gave Tony. What did he do to deserve that?" Tania asked as she held the door open. Having followed Lizzie through, she let the door close and stood leaning against it.

"He has been playing games with me all morning." Lizzie replied, as she turned and leant against the vanity unit.

Tania moved towards her.

"Oh why what's he been up to this time?" She asked as she stopped in front of Lizzie. "I felt very jealous when you kissed him. I love the red silk knickers and so wet as well....."

She trailed off as one hand slid up under Lizzie's skirt, whilst the other pulled Lizzie forward into a kiss. Lizzie did not pull away but responded, her tongue exploring Tania's mouth, as her hands started to caress Tania's breasts. As they separated, Tania produced the remote control to the Egg and started to change the modes. At the same time her fingers were caressing Lizzie's hard little clit. As the vibration hit the escalating mode, Lizzie moaned.

"Oh you like that one don't you?" Tania asked as she stroked Lizzie's clit harder and faster. All Lizzie could do was nod. It was then that they heard voices coming along the corridor to the ladies. Lizzie pushed Tania backwards into one of the cubicles and bolted the door.

She then lifted the other girl's skirt and sought out her pussy with her fingers. Tania moaned loudly, but was silenced by a deep kiss from Lizzie as the outer door opened and a couple of women came in chattering. They could tell from the voices that it was no one from their office. Lizzie took the control from Tania and turned the vibrator off. She then pocketed the control before her hands went to her own pussy and pulled the Egg out.

"Now it's your turn....." She whispered close to Tania's ear, her lips brushing against the others neck as she leant forward.

She pulled Tania's thong aside and slipped the Egg, still wet from her own juices, into the others pussy. She then pulled out the control and turned it on. Having been subject to the whims of Tania and the constant changes in vibration, she knew exactly how many times to push the button to get what she felt the best mode. On the sixth press of the button Tania moaned loudly and the conversation outside the cubicle stopped for a brief moment. Both women in the cubicle stifled a laugh.

The other two women left the room, as they did so Lizzie moved past Tania and sat on the dropped toilet seat. She then eased Tania towards her and again lifted her skirt. She then pulled Tania's thong aside and licked along her pussy, tasting the other girl's juices as she sought out her clit. As she continued to lick and suck Tania's pussy and clit, she changed the modes on the Egg several times.

She looked up at Tania as her fingers replaced her tongue, watching her face as she inserted two fingers into her pussy with the Egg. Tania's eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. She had one hand over her mouth to prevent any sounds escaping. She realised that in a few moments the girl standing would reach an orgasm. She stepped up the pace of her fingers in and out of Tania's pussy, whilst still changing the modes on the Egg. Suddenly despite the hand over her mouth Tania left out a squeal of pleasure as she reached her orgasm.

Lizzie withdrew her fingers but left the Egg in place, although she did turn it off. Tania leant forward and kissed Lizzie.

"Where the fuck did you learn to do that?" She asked still breathing heavily.

"An experienced woman took me in hand one day." Lizzie replied getting up off the toilet.

"Oh you must tell me more but I think we should be getting back now." She turned and opened the door.

"I think I owe Tony an apology....I thought it was him." Lizzie mumbled as she followed Tania out of the toilets.

"Well I have an idea as he did swap secret Santa with me." Tania confided as they walked back to the function room arm in arm. The three guys, Gary, Tony and Pete looked in their direction as they returned.

"I know women take an age in the toilets, but what have you two been doing out there. We were just about to send out the search party." Pete said, offering them both drinks.

They took the proffered drinks, clinked the bottles.

"Cheers." They chorused and the guys joined in too.

"Oh I love this song." Lizzie exclaimed as she jumped up from the seat and grabbed Tony's hand. "Come and dance with me"

He got to his feet as she almost dragged him to the floor. She put her arms around his neck and moved her body sensually against his. Her hips rubbed against his groin. His prick responded to her cat like movements. She loosened his tie and undid the top three buttons of his shirt. She was singing along to the words of the song, her breath hot against his bared flesh. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her even closer against his burgeoning erection.

He was so hard and really wanted to have her. The urge increased as she stopped singing and whispered up to him.

"I keep thinking about you fucking me like you did back in May."

He was about to respond when her mobile bleeped at her. She smiled at him as she pulled away and put her hands into her pockets.

"Can you hold this for me?" She asked as she handed him the control to the Egg.

"What's......?" He started but as he looked at what he held he finished. "Oh."

She read the message on her phone and again pocketed it.

"Oh?" she queried as she tilted her head to one side. She poked her tongue out at him and grabbed his hand again. "Come with me."

He looked about him but everyone else appeared to be engrossed in the usual party activities...eating drinking and making merry. He let himself be led across the dance floor towards the toilets. She took him straight into the gents and towards the end cubicle. She pushed the door open and they were greeted by the sight of Tania sitting on the cistern with her skirt hitched up around her ass.

"Wow." Tony sighed as he looked from one to the other. He still held the controller in his hand, he experimentally pushed the buttons. Tania sighed heavily. He looked between the two girls again. "But I thought....."

"We swapped a little earlier." Lizzie stated as she pushed Tony into the tiny cubicle. "I thought Tania should have a taste of her own medicine."

She unzipped his trousers and let them drop to the floor. She then slid her hand in the front of his boxers and around his throbbing prick. She eased it out and lowered her head to lick the tip. She then took the whole length into her mouth. He shivered as he felt her hot mouth encircle his entire length.

"Oh, not fair." Tania whined. "I want a taste too."

She leant right forward and as he stepped towards her, she took his prick in her hand and stroked it. She then licked the head as Lizzie had done and lightly ran her teeth down his length. She then released his prick and Lizzie took hold again. She gently caressed him, fuck he thought I'll have to remember her doing this the next time I wank. She edged her way past him, so that she now stood between him and Tania. As she released her hold on his prick, she turned her back to him. Then she lifted her skirt to reveal her tight naked little ass.

"I want you to fuck me like you did Helen." She said as she bent forward and wriggled her ass at him.

He ran his hands all over her ass and down between the cheeks, towards her very wet pussy. She sighed as his fingers found her hard little clit.

"Oh yes" he moaned as he guided his prick into her waiting pussy.

He entered her slowly at first, and as he watched she fastened her mouth to Tania's swollen pussy lips. The latter sighed as Lizzie sucked and licked and probed her tongue deep into Tania's pussy. He grabbed her hips and withdrew slowly before pounding hard into her. He fucked her hard and fast, thrusting his cock fully in to her pussy with each stroke. She pushed back against him; wriggling her ass as though she wanted more of him. She soon had Tania writhing on her tongue, as she continued to flick her tongue over the seated girl's clit. A squeal escaped her lips as she came.

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