tagGroup SexOffice Banter Ch. 03

Office Banter Ch. 03


Jen had spent the entire afternoon thinking about James staring at her chest in the lunchtime meeting. She didn't mind really, James was the office's most eligible bachelor and any attention from him was good by her! She was, however, surprised at how bold he had been. She was certain he hadn't paid any attention to the presentation, instead quite content to stare blatantly at her chest. She knew no one else noticed as they were sat at the very far end of the table. More than once she had glanced over at him and seen a look of lust in his eyes. She knew she had him. If she had known he was coming to the meeting she would have worn a lower cut top, but the thin material of her blouse seemed to have done the trick. She made sure not to wear her jacket.

Jen should have gone home hours ago, but she was so caught up in her work she hadn't noticed the time. Accounts had sent up a spreadsheet that her colleague had sent them. Sadly it was full of mistakes and it was her job to fix it. As she worked through the formulas she gradually forgot about James and his lust filled looks.

As she often did when she stayed late in the office she decided to have a wander around. She loved the silence of the big old office building. Each floor bathed in the gentle glow of the security lights. She would often let her mind wander and let her fantasies take over as she strolled from floor to floor, past empty office after empty office. She wondered how many people had managed to have sex in these offices. Or what dirty little secrets they held. Sexual harassment? The occasionally inappropriate arm brushing up against someone's breasts? More than once she had caught the mail boy staring at her ass. She was sure she wasn't the only one he enjoyed the view of!

She reached the executive floor and stopped. Her mind didn't normal wander as far as it had tonight. Usually she would have given up 3 or 4 floors ago and gone back to her office. Her swipe card gave her access to the floor. Her position did have some perks. However tonight she noticed that the door was ajar. She knew security weren't due up here for at least another 3 or 4 hours. She gingerly stepped forward and peered through the crack in the door. She could hear a couple of male voices, but not who they were. Curiosity got the better of her and she gently pushed the door open, eager to see who was still around at this late hour.

As Jen slid through the partially opened door she could hear the voices down the long plush hallway leading to the executive coffee room. She reached down and slid her high heel shoes from her feet -- not wanting to make any noise on the granite floor. She slowly edged her way down the hallway trying to stay hidden from the security lights guiding her way. She could hear the men's voices clearer now, but the talking had stopped. She stopped to listen, but her mind told her that she couldn't possibly be hearing what she was.

She quickened her pace as her heart rate increased. She knew the sounds she was hearing and was eager to see who the voices belonged to. She passed the last door before the coffee room and rushed quickly to the entrance. She had been in here previously for meetings and knew the layout well. The ante room held the coffee machines before opening up into the larger seated area. She moved quickly into the ante room surveying the area, making sure no one else was around.

Jen reached the large entrance way to the seated area and slowly peered around the corner. Her heart froze, and her breath caught in her mouth. Anyone watching would have seen her pupils enlarge as her brain tried to comprehend what she was seeing. Beyond the entrance way just past the first row of chairs were Richard and James. James was obviously cumming in Richard's mouth as he was thrusting forcibly into his mouth moaning loudly. Jen watched as James threw his head back as his orgasm took over his body. She felt her body tingle at the sight of him cumming in the other mans mouth.

Jen stood transfixed in the doorway not even breathing. She watched as James slowly pulled his semi-erect cock from Richard's mouth, and sat down in the other man's lap. James' head rolled from side to side in obvious bliss. As his head turned towards her, Jen quickly pulled her head back around the corner out of view. Her chest heaved heavily and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She stood for what felt like an hour as her mind tried to comprehend what she had just seen. Did she really just see 2 senior executives half naked and blowing each other?

Jen's mind was wrenched back to reality as she heard noise in the other room. Her heart raced with fear that she might get caught. However her fear couldn't hold her back from peering back around the corner. She slowly brought the room back into view as she quietly tried to look around the corner. She hadn't prepared herself for more surprises and her breath caught in her mouth once again.

Richard was holding James in a bent over position, one hand on his back pushing him down into the chair. James had both hands on the arms of the chair with his eyes closed. Jen looked closer and realised that Richard was slowly pushing his finger in and out of James' asshole. Jen watched as Richard slowed his probing finger. He lent closer and spit loudly into James' ass. James jerked slightly at the sudden force but did not try to get away.

It was at this point when Jen started to take in the scene a bit closer. Or rather she noticed what was hanging half erect between Richard's legs. He was leaning over slightly and Jen could clearly see one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. She was amazed as the cock slowly rose to its full size. Even across the room she could see that it was an impressive piece of meat. Jen felt her body start to flush and her temperature rise. The familiar tingle between her legs was getting stronger as she watched Richard finger fuck James.

Jen slowly reached up under her skirt and felt the damp patch covering her panties. She pushed gently against the sensitive bud of her clitoris and sighed as the pleasure coursed through her. Her other hand reached up and squeezed harshly on her breast. She knew she wouldn't be able to simply stand there and watch these two men... do what ever was next. She pushed harder on her clit through her panties and surprised herself when a sigh escaped her lips. Fearing she might have been herd she quickly ducked out of view once again.

Jen leaned back against the dark wood panelling of the ante room and sighed again as her finger worked gently over her clit. The feeling of her cotton panties causing a gentle friction against her soft flesh. Her other hand started to undo her blouse so she could get better access to her breasts. It didn't take long for her to have her hand under her bra pulling gently on her hard nipples. They responded quickly, hardening into small hard sensitive tips. She quivered as both her fingers worked over their sensitive buds. Her mind reeled thinking about Richard's hard cock just meters away from her.

With her hands gentle working away on her body Jen leaned back around the door way to see how the two men were progressing. She was not let down. Richard had moved his one hand off of James' back and was now gently stroking his hard cock. Jen was amazed to see that although not as big as Richard's cock James had a beautiful member in his own right. She could only see the purple engorged head from her position but the way that Richard was stroking it she new it was a decent size.

As she watched, Richard stopped and stood up. Jen should have pulled back around the corner but she was transfixed by the site of his mighty cock stood proudly out in front of him. She watched as Richard took off his jacket and shirt before removing his shoes and trousers. There was no haste to his movements, but nor did he disrobe slowly. It was the determined speed of a man who knew exactly what he was doing. James hardly seemed to move as he remained leant over the chair but still managed to remove his jacket and shirt. This was the first time that Jen realised that James was already naked from the waist down.

Once both the men were naked Jen's breath caught in her mouth as she watch Richard point his enormous cock towards James' ass. Her hands stopped mid-stroke as Richard pushed his cock between James' ass cheeks. Unconsciously Jen pushed harder into her clit and squeezed her nipple harder as she watched Richard rub his cock up and down between James' ass. James finally reached between his legs and took hold of the cock. As he pulled it between his legs, Richard stepped forward allowing himself to be pulled along by his cock.

Jen shivered violently as her fingers mounted increasing pressure on her nipple and clit, but she did not let up. James was now rubbing Richard's cock along his own, using his hand to stroke himself and Richard at the same time. Jen watched as the two cocks rubbed together and flexed powerfully between James' legs. Jen couldn't stand it any more and pulled herself back around the corner.

Her mind spun out of control as she removed her blouse and quickly tore her bra from her breasts. She shivered gently as the cool air of the ante room hit her sensitive nipples. In her mind she knew she had to be as naked as the men next door. She had to experience as much of this as she possible could. Her hand whipped the zipper down at the back of her skirt and she stepped out of it quickly as it fell to the ground. She already had her panties half way down her legs before she had stepped out of her skirt. She stood up and leaned against the wall feeling the cold wood against her naked body. She rubbed a finger down her stomach and into her hot pussy. Feeling for her clit she moved lower and felt what she already knew: she was soaking wet.

Boldly Jen moved so she stood fully in the door way. The small beads of sweat glistened in the soft glow of the coffee room's lights. Neither man noticed as she slowly stepped into the room. James was watching intently between his legs as he stroked both of their cocks eagerly. Richard had his eyes closed enjoying this new sensation. Jen had reached halfway across the room to them before the realised they weren't alone.

James stopped suddenly, the realisation that they weren't alone heightened his senses. He glanced to his side and saw Jen, naked, slowly approaching them. He smiled broadly at her and continued to stroke the cocks hanging between his legs. Richard felt James stopped and opened his eyes. He looked around the room to see a naked woman walking towards them. Her eyes filled with lust and need as she approached.

Jen's courage grew when she saw James acknowledge her. She moved forward as Richard opened his eyes. Immediately he pulled back from between James' legs and took a step back. He was lost for words as Jen approached him. James slowly stood up revealing his cock to Jen for the first time. Jen pulled her eyes from Richard's huge hard cock to take in the site of James' naked body. Her eyes went immediately to his cock. As she had thought, it wasn't as big as Richards, but it was perfectly shaped. The smooth skin stretched hard along its length to the large purple engorged head.

'Hello Jen.' James' words sounded deafening to them all in the silence of the room.

Jen stopped in her tracks as James spoke. So suddenly she stopped that her large breasts swayed gently as she steadied herself.

'What the hell is she doing here!' Richard's words were meant to be hard but they caught in his mouth as he took in the site before him for the first time. He didn't know Jen by name but he had seen her around the office. Or rather he had seen her breasts. She had one of the best bodies in the office and he had fantasised about her many times in the past. But here she was naked in front of him. Her breasts were even more impressive out in the open. They swayed gently in front of her as she stopped walking. He let his eyes wonder down her body. She had a slight bump in her stomach, like all woman her age did, but her waist was narrow and flared out gently to a sensuous set of hips. Her pussy was only partially covered with hair. A small triangle covered the top of her slit.

James broke them from their trance. 'Richard, this is Jen. She works down on the 4th floor.' His words were calm and even as his eyes roamed lustily over Jen's body. He had thought about this moment for months. And much like Richard, he couldn't believe how good her body actually was.

'Hello Richard.' Jen's words shook from her mouth as she stared blatantly at his cock. His cock flexed as it had before under James' watchful gaze.

'I take it from your state of undress that you've seen something you like?' James continued to watch Jen's breasts jiggle as she spoke.

'Oh yes' was Jen's only response and she quickly stepped forward and closed the gap between her and the two men. Before either of them could say a word more Jen was in front of them with a hand on each of their cocks. Jen was always surprised at how hot a man's cock was to the touch, and even now in the coolness of the room her hand gripped the hard hot meat. She had been staring intently at the men's cocks as she had approached them, but now she had them in her hand she looked up into Richard's face. His eyes had closed when her hand had wrapped around his cock -- although unable to get her fingers all the way around it, it was simply too big. She felt a hand on her breast and looked over to see James squeezing and pulling on her nipple. As she stroked these two magnificent cocks in her hands she felt Richard pull on her other nipple. Jen closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of both her nipples being pulled and pushed by two different sets of hands. The cocks in her hand jumped as she squeezed harder and stroked faster.

James grinned broadly as he finally had his hand on the best set of breasts in the company. They were large and firm, just the way he had always hoped they would be. There wasn't a force on earth that could stop him from squeezing and pulling on her beautiful naked form. His cock throbbed hard in Jen's hand as she worked her hand down to his balls and pulled them down gently. Her hand was like fire on his hard cock. He was surprised at how hard he was given that he had just come so much.

Jen couldn't take anymore. The weight of both of their balls in her hand told her they still had lots to give her, and she wanted it. Pulling regrettable from the two hands plying her breasts she quickly dropped to her knees. Not only did she have to see more of these beautiful cocks, but she had to taste them as well.

Richard looked down admiringly as Jen dropped to her knees, someone so beautiful and so eager for their cocks. As he watched Jen gently brought the two cocks she held closer to her mouth. His cock flexed heavily as her tongue lashed out across the sensitive head. As he watched he could feel as she pulled both of their hard cocks together and pressed the heads together licking madly around them both.

Jen was so eager to have these cocks in her mouth she was desperately trying to get them both in her mouth at the same time. She could just get the head of James' cock in but could only lick at Richard's at the same time. She could taste the remainder of their cum as her tongue probed into each of their piss holes.

James leaned his head back and closed his eyes as soon as Jen's mouth reached his cock. This was turning out to be the best day in the office for a very long time. Jen's mouth stopped working on his cock and he looked down to see why, it felt too good for him to have had enough of it. As he looked down he could see that she had her tongue out and was rubbing his cock over the head of Richard's and smearing her saliva across both of them. The sensation of his wet cock head rubbing against another mans cock was immense and his cock flexed hard in Jen's had, hard enough for her to almost lose her grip on him.

Jen smiled as she looked up to see the look of intense lust in both men's eyes. She let go of both cocks and reached between their legs to feel their balls. Both were heavy with cum and she knew she was going to have a good time. She felt Richard pushing his cock against her lips and she opened her mouth willingly. However he was so large that she could only manage to get the head in. He continued to push it forward trying to force more into her mouth. She grabbed his cock hard in her hand and forced herself back, lashing the head with her tongue.

James wanted more than he was getting. In fact he wanted it all. He reached down and grabbed Jen by the arm and pulled her to her feet. She released both their cocks and looked surprised as she was pulled up. James leaned in and pushed his mouth against hers, forcing his tongue past her teeth and into her mouth. No sooner had she started to kiss him back he pulled away and pushed her down in the chair next to her.

Richard looked on as the woman was pushed into the chair. He watched as James dropped to his knees and pushed her legs apart. It wasn't long before James had his head pushed between her legs. Watching her reaction he knew she loved what he was doing. However he was now being left out. He moved quickly to her head, and guided his cock to her mouth.

Jen opened her eyes when she felt the hard cock push against her mouth. She eagerly opened up as Richard started to fuck her mouth. James was doing wonders on her clit with his tongue and lips. She closed her eyes and just let the two men have their way with her. She pushed her hips up harder into James' mouth as he worked on her clit.

James roughly inserted two fingers into Jen's sopping pussy. He pushed them all the way into her in one hard push, her wetness causing no friction at all. He pumped them in and out as his tongue worked on her clit. He could tell her mouth was full as her muffled moans began to fill the room. He forced his fingers in as far as they would go and lifted them up inside her, as if trying to lift her off the chair. He heard her try and scream out as he sucked her clit into her mouth. Her body shook beneath him as he probed her insides and lashed her clit.

Richard's cock was forcibly removed from Jen's mouth as her orgasm took over her. She shook and screamed as James did what ever it was that he was doing. He watched as James kept on pushing her through her orgasm until she was pushing and shoving at his head to get him away. Richard had subconsciously started stroking himself as he watched her come down from her orgasm. Mainly he watched as her breasts swayed and jiggled as she thrashed around on the chair.

James slowly pulled away from Jen's pussy and using his dry hand wiped her juice from his face. He looked up to see her breasts heaving from her orgasm only inches away from Richard's cock as he jerked it in front of both of them. He quickly got on his knees and pushed himself between Jen's legs, intent on sinking his hard cock as far in her as he could get it. As he leaned forward and sank into her his face was directly in line with Richard's cock.

Jen's eye's opened wide as James slid hard into her. She yelled out as his cock stretched her sensitive pussy. She was still coming down from the intense orgasm and her pussy was still quivering as he forced himself into her. As her eyes focused she could see Richard stroking his cock and was surprised to see James open his mouth and take the head in. She watched amazed as his tongue tried to warp around Richard's enormous cock head. Richard simply kept jerking his cock into the other man's mouth.

James was in heaven. He watched as Jen's breasts bounced around with every inward thrust of his cock. The cock in his mouth was gently oozing pre-cum onto his tongue and he swirled it around the head urging more of it out. Richard was doing his best to help as he made long strokes up and down his shaft, coaxing more of the pre-cum onto James tongue. James found a good rhythm and as he pushed hard into Jen his mouth wrapped around the cock in his mouth, then as his cock pulled out of Jen, the cock slide out between his lips.

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