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Office Betrayal


Warning! Read my bio before continuing if you are not familiar with my type of stories. My stories are along the same lines as fellow Literotica authors Temptanddestroy, Wannabeboytoy and en_exstace. With that in mind there shouldn't be any negative comments or feedback from readers who hated the story concept to begin with. Enjoy!


Here he was again in a tight spot. Greg White is one of the top executives in a company. And he got there by being the nice guy, by playing it all fair. So fair in fact that he proved it when his wife, Sherry, was up for a promotion once before but he didn't promote her since there was someone else more qualified. Showing that conviction to the company and not his marriage helped him get a promotion himself. Sherry got over it quickly when the big money started rolling in. It was actually the real reason he had passed her so that they would promote him because of this.

Sherry and Greg met twenty years ago while working for the same company. She was his secretary initially and they grew close after getting to know one another and working late. And they have steadily moved up the corporate ladder and in their relationship since. Greg leaped ahead a couple of times though, including the promotion. They've been married 15 years and have two kids, a boy and a girl. It was true love.

The current situation was a similar one. Greg was the man chosen to select someone from within the company for a position under him. After filtering through quite a few people it had turned out that Sherry was the leading candidate for the position. She was being threatened though by a young up-and-coming lady whose accent in the company was really surprising a lot of people but she seemed like a hard worker and a good leader. Her name was Denise.

Greg's position was almost the same as the last time. He had to think. If he did it the same way he had last time and passed on his wife again and gave the position to Denise then the company would likely promote him to partner! But this time his wife was obviously more deserving.

There was another issue. Sherry and Denise knew each other. They despised one another and did not work well together coming from separate departments. Greg had actually heard quite a few stories from his wife about Denise including a few rumors that Denise was promiscuous and that was how she got ahead in the company. They were direct rivals now.

"Come on, Honey. Where am I at? Don't hold out on me." Sherry quizzed her husband. She was implying about where she was on the scale for the promotion.

"You know I can't tell you anything. It wouldn't be proper etiquette." Greg smiled. Sherry smiled too. It was one of the reason's she loved him. He was so professional.

"Baby, don't make me go through this again." She pleaded with a pout. But she was serious and Greg could see it.

He sighed. "If I were you I wouldn't worry about it." He admitted. Sherry jumped forward and hugged her spouse.

From a distance neither of them could see her. Denise was watching. She sneered. She knew that Sherry hadn't gotten the job yet.

Denise stared at the happily married couple and at Sherry. She laughed at Sherry's physique. Sherry was thin like a twig. Her breasts were a B cup and that was only because she had kids. She had no hips and a flat ass. Denise ran her hands over her younger body. Her body was much more succulent and lustful. She had hips that completed an hourglass frame and a perfect heart-shaped ass that her lovers loved to grab. But her best features were her large DD cup tits. She had all the men at the office eating out of the palm of her hand thanks to those puppies.

Denise spoke to herself. "You may have his heart, Sherry... But I... will have his cock." She licked her lips, laughed wickedly and her pussy grew wet in anticipation.

Later that day was the interview process. The company trusted Greg and he would have the final say, but policy dictated that he could not interview his wife. However, he would interview Denise.

The interviews took place at the same time. Greg kissed his wife before her meeting. "Good luck." He told her.

"With you I don't need any. You give me all the strength I need." She said back. Greg felt like telling her he loved her for that compliment but he knew it would be inappropriate and he had already kissed her at work. She left with smile still and was full of confidence. Sherry passed Denise on the way as Denise was heading to Greg's office. Denise looked at Sherry an evil smile. Sherry didn't like the look in Denise's eyes. She knew that Denise was planning something. But she headed for her meeting.

Denise walked into Greg's office with a sexy strut in her walk. He noticed. Greg had to admit to himself that Denise was a walking fantasy. She sat down and crossed her legs. The interview began. It went as Greg expected. She had some good ideas but he knew that his wife had more and better ones. Sherry was a lock. The interview was over and Greg dismissed her.

But she didn't get up.

"Oh no, this interview is not over." Denise said.

"Excuse me?" Greg responded.

"Does Sherry really please you... in bed?" Denise asked as she raised her skirt to expose her bare pussy, no underwear. As delicious her pussy looked to any man, Greg kept his composure.

"Denise this is highly inappropriate..." Greg said. "Please lower your skirt." He looked into her eyes hoping that she would not continue any further and it helped him resist staring at her wet and succulent pussy.

"You didn't answer my question. Does your wife really please you sexually?" Denise repeated and stood up this time with her skirt bunched at her waist her bare twat was in the open and it was dripping wet now. She began to walk around the desk towards Greg.

"Denise, stop this now! Do you have any idea of the repercussions of what you're doing?" Greg tried to stop her without using force but it seemed that he would have to get physical as she approached his chair.

Denise grabbed his hand from the desk and put it onto her soaking mound. "Feel how wet I am, Mr. White... I bet your wife's pussy has never been this juicy..." She coaxed him but he yanked his hand away. The idea of having someone else's sex juice on his hands other than Sherry's made him nauseous and he grabbed at tissue to wipe it off. Denise took advantage. Taking her fingers from deep inside her cunt she leaned in and stuck them into Greg's mouth. "Don't I taste better?"

Greg pulled her hand out of his mouth. "What is wrong with you?! I told you no!" he nearly yelled. Her other hand went down to his groin and grabbed his penis. It was rock hard at full staff.

"Your cock wants my cunt even if you don't and I'm going to give it what it wants!" Denise sneered, dropped to her knees and both of her hands went for Greg's pants. She immediately began fishing his hard cock out with expert speed and almost had it freed when he swiped her hands away and pulled her up. "Ooooo, you have a big cock, Mr. White. We're going to have lots of fun."

"Get out..." Greg said with presence. He was proving how he was a leader and a faithful husband.

"So forceful, Mr. White... That grip is gonna leave some marks on my wrists and that will raise some questions here..." Denise had calculated. Greg hesitated then released her. "That's better... Now you don't really want me to have to play dirty do you?"

Greg looked at her with anger and questions in his eyes. 'How far would she really go?'

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I mean what would everyone think if I run out of here disheveled and with bruises... screaming...?" she put it to him.

Greg grinned and it unnerved her. "Denise, you truly are a manipulative bitch. But guess what... That's exactly what you'll have to do cause I won't play along. It will be your word against mine and even if I did lose my job I'd rather lose my job than cheat on Sherry and risk my marriage." He stated and surprised Denise. She sneered.

"You still never answered my question, Mr. ..." she started.

"About whether my wife pleases me in bed? The answer is 'Yes' she more than gives me pleasure." Greg made it clear to her.

"But she can't please you like I can... Sherry can't make your dick hard like my young body can... Like my big tits do... Your wife can't make you cum like my tight cunt will..." Denise finished by grabbing the back of his head, pulling him to her then kissing Greg on the lips and shoving her tongue into his mouth. She had one hand behind his head holding him in place. While Greg struggled to pull her apart without responding to her kiss her other hand went back down to his pants and finished bringing his cock out. She started to stroke him with one hand. Slow and sensual her hand controlled him and she continued to kiss him. Multi-tasking wasn't Greg best talent, trying not to kiss her and push her away while she fondled his hard-on. Now he would try and move her hand away from his dick but his hands grew weaker while his cock was under her power. He groaned.

"Stop... please... Denise... Stop..." he said weakly and sounding out of breath. She didn't listen and continued as he grew weaker.

Greg's lips were no longer closed and Denise's tongue invaded his mouth without any resistance. His hands travelled down to her stroking to put a stop to her seduction but with her now free hand she stopped his. Taking a hold of his hands, one by one, she put one on her ass and one on her heaving breast, their breathing picking up pace. She helped him squeeze until he was the one doing the squeezing. He started to respond to her kiss as well, their tongues twisting around one another, sloppily.

Her hand free once more she gently pushed him back down into his seat. Denise fell to her knees in front of him. Before he could think of objecting she took his hard cock into her mouth.

"Oh my... God!" Greg moaned as she expertly manipulated his member with her lips and tongue.

"You like how I suck your married cock, Mr. White?" Denise stopped to say before resuming.

"Married... I... I'm... married..." Greg said out loud to himself, trying to wake his conscience up. Denise giggled evilly as her tongue licked his balls then his shaft from bottom to the top in one lick. Her tongue coated the sides of his cock with spit as she was anything but neat with her blowjob.

"Do I suck your cock better than Sherry? Hmmm? Aren't I better than your wife?" she said, and she started to deep throat him. Greg hardly heard her as he was in ecstasy from Denise's mouth.

"Can't... can't think..." Greg said, Denise giggled again. It wasn't the first time she had reduced a man to a mindless sex tool. He grabbed her head instinctively as he was near eruption. But she pulled his hand away and stopped sucking him. "Wait... I... I was..."

She knew it was a risk to stop giving him pleasure as he may come to his senses again. But it would have been worse if she only blew him. He needed to feel her pussy if he would completely be hers. Denise started to climb up onto the chair with him. Before he could protest she kissed him again and resumed her fondling on his penis, also positioning his cock-head at her pussy entrance, only a matter of time now.

"Wait, wait... No... This can't... happen... I love... I love..." Greg feebly tried to stop her.

Denise cackled as she unbuttoned her suit jacket and pulled it apart. She wasn't wearing a shirt or bra underneath. Her big boobs were there for Greg to see for the first time. Whatever breath he had left to say 'no' was taken away by the sight of her magnificent tits. He was hers for the taking.

The office slut wasted no more time as she sat down on him, completely impaling her cunt on his married cock.

"Oh God... This... this can't... be happening..." Greg said in horror. He had succumbed to Denise and her seductive body. He was cheating on his wife, his family and his company, betraying his wedding vows. But it felt so good. "Ughhh..." Denise started to ride him slowly.

"That's it, Mr. White. Enjoy... it... ugh... Feel my... tight... pussy... cunt... wrapped... oh... around... your... cock! Uhhhhhh!" Denise nearly yelled as she came from the knowledge of having seduced another husband in her office, Greg being her biggest challenge. Her pussy clamped down on Greg's shaft like a vise grip as it soaked him too. His pants were wet now. "Whew! Thank you, Mr. White. I needed that cum... Don't feel guilty. You didn't have a chance against this body. And now that that's out of the way, I can really fuck you!"

Denise started riding Greg with amazing speed, just giving him an example of the kind of pleasure that she can give him. She changed pace and began gyrating slowly on top of him, deliberately milking his penis. She took his hands and ran them over her body. He gripped her ass, felt her smooth legs and grabbed her tits like a man possessed.

"So, tell me, Mr. White... does your wife please you in bed?" She held his face in her seductive gaze and clutched his dick with her pussy again. Greg struggled. All of his thoughts of Sherry had been gone during their fuck session till now. But all he could think was how much better at sex Denise was than his wife.

"No... no... she won't... anymore." He said without feeling any guilt. Greg was lost.

"Only I can please you now, isn't that right?" she asked.

"Yes... ugh... only you... Denise!" Greg moaned, near the edge.

"And your wife doesn't get the promotion..." Denise made her demands.

"No... she doesn't..." Greg agreed.

"I do. I get the promotion. Don't I, Mr. White?"

"Yes! You do! Ugh... You're hired!" Greg stammered. Denise cackled at her victory. Sherry did have his heart but she had his cock and through his cock his true heart was.

"We make a great team, Mr. White. And we'll make an even better team once I have that position..." Denise told him. Her pussy and his cock were making loud squishing noises that filled the office.

"Yes!... Oh yes!" Greg moaned in agreement and excitement at the idea of fucking Denise every chance he got. He reached up and played with her big tits.

"You're mine now, aren't you, Mr. White?" Denise continued to conquer him.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" Greg was close. He grabbed her perfect ass and prepared to blow his load inside her.

"I'm a jealous woman and I don't want Sherry laying a hand on my cock..." Denise sneered. She grabbed his cock at the base. Then she gripped his balls lovingly. "The cum in these balls is mine and mine alone... Ugh... If you want me as your lover then you must not make love to your wife..."

"Anything... Anything for you, Denise! I'm yours! I'll never touch Sherry again!" Greg groaned. Denise and her body had completely corrupted him. He was a real cheating basterd now.

"Ooooo... I can get anything I want with this body!" Denise thought out loud.

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum!" Greg grunted, spasmed, jerked and erupted inside of Denise's cunt.

"God yes!" Denise yelled and came again herself as he filled her full of his sperm. Greg's arms fell at his sides. He was expecting a feeling of guilt to wash over him. But when he looked at Denise's big tits and her cunt leaking his cum he felt no remorse whatsoever. Instead he remained hard as she dismounted him and he grabbed her breasts again. "Ohhh, my baby wants more?" Denise asked in a perverse motherly tone. Greg nodded like a child wanting candy. "Very well... Mommy will give you more..."

They fucked again, this time Greg took her over his desk. Then he rammed it into her ass from behind. Greg had incredible staying power, something that Denise was really pleased with. When he was ready to cum again she moved to her knees and aimed him at first towards her bare tits. But after the first two jets splashed on her cleavage she pointed his cock at the picture frames on his desk. He finished cumming all over the pictures of his wife and children. "Don't clean them." Denise giggled.

After adjusting their clothes back over their private parts they formalized their new relationship with a nasty kiss. "When will you be announcing the promotion?" Denise asked.

"At the banquet, next week." Greg responded in between kisses.

"Don't tell your wife yet. Lead her on... make her think that she has the job. I want to see her heart break when my name is called and not hers... Make Mommy happy..." Denise sneered and then smiled evilly at the thought of defeating her rival.

Denise walked out of Greg's office with a wicked smile on her face, one of arrogance and she kept it as she walked past Sherry who was looking at her quizzically. Denise loved the feeling of Sherry's husband's cum running out of her pussy and down her legs and his semen drying on her concealed tits with his wife so close.

Sherry questioned her husband that night if she got it. But he stayed 'professional' and would not tell her. However, he did what Denise ordered; he led his wife to believe that she had it locked up similar to how he basically told her that she had it before Denise fucked him.

Over a week later the banquet had arrived. Members of the company wore their nicest dress clothes to the event. Many awards were being given out as well as the impending announcement of who got the big promotion which was the main event.

Sherry was beaming, even though her husband had been acting peculiar since the interviews and hadn't been paying her much attention, this was her night. She was convinced. Little did she know that Denise had been fucking Greg even further into submission. He had grown to worship her body and her big tits. They were his whole world now. He was hers to command.

Mrs. White had worn a nice dress that would make any man attracted to her. But once Denise showed up all of the men's eyes were on her voluptuous frame. She wore a long tight black dress with gaping cleavage and slits on the sides that showed off her long smooth legs. Sherry was jealous, not just because she looked sexier but because Denise was also drawing her husband's attention. She noticed too, when Denise got up from her table and left the banquet hall and Greg got up and seemed to follow her. But she just stomached her suspicions. Greg was her husband and loved her. He would never cheat on her and his children. She never could have had a nightmare close to what Denise was doing with her husband at that moment.

"I want your sperm inside me when you announce it!" Denise moaned while riding her love-slave in the bathroom stall reverse cowgirl. The bottom of her dress was bunched at her waist while Greg's cock was buried in her to the hilt. He grunted his approval of her devious plan. Denise looked back over her shoulder at her lover and grinned evilly. "I'm ovulating, Mr. White. Cum inside me and give me your baby! I want your seed impregnating me while your wife watches me crush her dreams and all her hard work. Knock me up!"

Greg grinned wickedly at his lover's idea and then... Sploorch!

The time had come. Greg took his place at the podium, full of confidence and command. After a short speech he was ready to make the announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen... Your new Vice President of Marketing... Miss Denise Bell!"

Everyone could hear Sherry crying over the applause as Denise strutted up to the stage, shaking her ass for all to see.

After the banquet, before he left, Greg was told by his superiors that he had once again demonstrated his commitment to the company by not letting bias get in the way and that he would be promoted with a salary increase near double what he was making.

Then before he could get away and face his wife, Denise pulled him aside in a secluded room. "I came when I heard your wife crying... I want to do more..." Denise whispered into his ear what her plan was and then sucked him off till she swallowed his load.

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