Office Betrayal


As Sherry made her way to the room she had hoped that Greg would apologize and have an explanation as to how it slipped away. Someone must have gone over his head. She thought that maybe Denise could have fucked one of his superiors.


It was four months later. Greg was in a much bigger office and had Denise working in the office close by. He resented what he had to endure today. Greg would be eating lunch with his wife. For the past four months he had obeyed Denise and not done anything sexual with Sherry. And he had to endure a lot of whining from his wife because of it. She never understood why he was always so tired and limp, never knowing that Denise was fucking him daily.

Sherry knocked on his door and he called her in. Before they left, she took notice of his desk. He still had the photo of her and their children. But it was completely covered in some kind of goo. In truth, whenever he and Denise fucked in his office and he wouldn't cum inside her or on her he would cum on the picture over and over again.

Lunch was bland. Greg was distant as he had been lately. Sherry started to wonder if they would really stay together for the rest of their lives.

The next day was the day that Denise had been planning for a long time. This was it. She knew she would never cum harder. Greg was going to divorce Sherry. It was inevitable. The real victory was that whatever happened in the divorce would not matter to Greg as he was sitting pretty at the top of the company now.

Greg sent for his wife, Sherry, to come to his office. Sherry opened the door to see Greg being ridden by the office slut, Denise. She was still in her suit but it was obvious that they were fucking. Denise turned her head around and smiled evilly at Sherry. She came seeing her heartbreak once more and she wasn't done.

"See you dumb cow? I own your husband." She told her, getting up off his cock. It was obvious that he had just cum inside her pussy.

"Greg? How could you?" Sherry cried. She needed an explanation.

"It's simple, Bitch..." Denise replied for him. "I'm younger and hotter than you. I please him more than you can dream. I fucked him during the interview so he gave me your job... and that's not all he gave me..." Denise smiled a wicked triumphant smile as she parted her suit to display the small bulge in her belly. She was four months pregnant with Greg's child. Denise ran her hands lovingly over her pregnant stomach "Say hello to Greg Jr." Denise laughed. "Your husband gave me his baby. And he wants me to have the rest of his children. You can keep your kids, he doesn't want them anymore. Since I have the better body we know that I'll have the better offspring." All the while Denise said this Greg had a contented grin on his face.

"You Bitch! You Basterd!" Sherry yelled with tears streaming down her face. She turned about to leave.

"Not so fast, Cow. Your husband has something to say to you..." Denise stopped her.

Greg stood up from his chair. "Sherry... you're fired!"

Denise cackled as her rival ran from the office. "Now that we have some more alone time..." she turned back towards Greg.

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