tagGroup SexOffice Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party


I hope everyone has as much fun this year at the office Christmas party as this threesome does. Enjoy.

I was wandering through our office Christmas party with a drink in hand looking for someone (anyone) other than the dull group that I worked with on a daily basis. They were nice enough people and all very good at what they did, but they were all very married and wrapped up in their home life. Since I was the only single person in the group, I really didn't think they were going to liven up my evening with a discussion of their children's hockey league and their problems getting baby sitters. Not my cup of tea. If they wanted to talk about their sex lives, well that might have been interesting, but it was not likely.

After a bit of wandering I struck up a conversation with a woman from the sales department I had met briefly once before. She was short and busty with a well defined waist and nicely rounded ass tightly encased in her party dress. Like everyone at the party she was dressed up—a bright red dress that stopped several inches above her knees with a plunging neckline exposing a good deal of cleavage I had never realized she had in our prior encounter at the office. She had long blonde hair that was done up in a knot behind her head with a bit of mistletoe tied in it. I am sure it was improper, but I couldn't resist looking down the front of her dress at her tasty looking tits. I thought I was really in trouble when she interrupted our conversation to say, "Enjoying the view?"

I turned red and stammered some lame response. Her response was to laugh at me and say, "Relax, if I didn't want men to look at my boobs, why would I have worn a dress like this?"

"Oh. Well, I never thought of it that way," I said with a good deal of relief. "You know though, you may just have spoiled one of my favorite guilty pleasures."

She laughed at me and responded, "Some how I don't think so."

I smiled and said, "Yeah, probably not," as I continued to stare at her ample breasts.

"You know," she said, "at the office we can't do this, so I dress very conservatively. Tonight, I figure the rules are a good deal more relaxed as long as you don't try to seduce the wrong person, like the spouse of some vice president or something."

"Well I am not married to a VP or anyone else for that matter," I said.

"Good. Neither am I," she said. "So just go ahead and enjoy ogling my tits because it's a definite turn on for me."

"By the way, my name is Chloe."

"Kris," I responded, "as in Kris Kringle."

"Hmm. You don't look like Santa Clause to me."

I smiled my best sexy smile. "Well I am tonight, and I'm looking for a girl that is both naughty and nice."

"Well, I'm your girl," she responded with a smile.

As we had been talking we had been wandering towards the back corner of the big hotel ballroom where the party was being held. Chloe took my drink and set it and hers on a nearby tray and then pulled me into a hallway. She wrapped her arms around my neck and mashed her ample chest against mine as she pulled my head down for a kiss. At first it was a bit chaste, but I pushed against her lips with my tongue and she readily opened her mouth and sucked my tongue in. As our tongues dueled I slid my hands down her back until they cupped her cute little round ass. When I pulled her tight against me my upright and hardened dick was pressed firmly against her belly. Chloe moaned quietly in response, "Mmmmmmm."

Just then we heard the speaker system announce that it was time to gather for dinner. Chloe held our passionate kiss for a moment longer and then pushed me away saying, "We have to go. My friend Terri is getting an award tonight, and I promised I would be there."

We walked into the ballroom again just as her friend Terri arrived. Terri was the antithesis of Chloe, tall and lean, about 5-9 with short dark hair clipped in kind of a pixy cut. Very attractive. She had on a classic little black cocktail dress that, like Chloe's, stopped several inches above the knee. Unlike Chloe's, the knit top of Terri's dress went all of the way to her neck and there was no large bust hidden under it. Terri had a classic runner's build, firm well muscled legs, which looked very sexy in the tall heels she was wearing, small but nicely rounded hips, and tits that were there, but just barely. The neat thing about Terri's dress was that it was painted on her. When she walked you could see the muscles of her buttocks flexing and it was pretty clear that there was no bra under the tight black top. There wasn't much in the way of tits, less than a handful between the two, but her nipples were making the nicest pointy little tents under the dress.

"Terri, this is my new friend Kris," Chloe said by way of introduction. "He likes to look at ladies' tits."

Before I could protest Terri said, "Well it's a good thing you found him first because he wouldn't have noticed me."

"Oh don't be so sure about that," I said, as I looked pointedly at her delicious looking little nipples.

"But I think we've met before," she said, "and I'm pretty sure your name was Steve on that occasion? How's that work?"

"Not tonight," I responded. "Tonight, I'm Kris Kringle."

"He's looking for girls that are naughty and nice," Chloe said.

"Hmm," Terri said. "Well, you don't have a beard . . . but why let details get in the way. Chloe and I may be just what you are looking for."

Then, changing the subject, I asked about her award.

Terri explained that it was a regional sales award. "They give out a lot of them. That's why this dinner will take so long."

Chloe said, "You're right. Lets get a table in the back so we can sneak out after you get your award."

We grabbed a table in the back and I sat between the two girls. Once dinner was completed the speeches began.

"This is really boring." Terri said.

"Shit yes." agreed Chloe.

"I think I can fix that," I said. "Slide your chairs close to mine."

They quickly complied and I put a hand on each girl's knee and then began to slide it up the inside of her thigh.

"Mmmm, much more interesting" said Terri, offering no resistance.

"I agree," responded Chloe.

I continued to slide my hand higher on their thighs and each girl adjusted her dress so I could continue the upward slide of my hand. I noticed that Terri's nipples had gotten harder and were making a pair of small sharp tents in her dress. I took turns between ogling Terri's nipples and looking down the front of Chloe's dress.

"You are right Chloe, he does like to stare at tits."

"Does it make you horny when I stare at those sexy little tits of yours?" I asked Terri.

"Very, and what you are doing with your hand doesn't hurt either."

By this time I had reached each girls crotch with my hand. To my surprise I discovered that Terri wasn't wearing any panties, although given the way her dress fit, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. At this point both girls had their dresses pulled up above their waist, but the white tablecloth covered their laps.

"Chloe, did you know that Terri is naked under her dress?" I asked.

"Blabbermouth," responded Terri.

"Mmmm, that's sexy," said Chloe. "Let me pull my panties off. I don't want to be left out."

Chloe squirmed around for a minute and slid her panties off, kicking them under the table.

"That will give the cleanup crew a thrill," Terri said.

I think Chloe would have laughed at that, but it was the moment when I chose to slide two fingers into her dripping wet pussy, so all she did was gasp.

Once she got her composure back, she said, "That won't be the first pair of panties I've left behind at an office party."

"What did you do to her?" Terri asked me.

"This." I responded as I slipped two fingers of my other hand into Terri's pussy.

"Oh!" . . . "Oh shit, that feels good!"

I just let my fingers sit in each girl without a lot of movement. Kind of a tease, but I didn't want them to have a screaming orgasm during the CEO's speech.

We sat like that most of the way through his speech, although toward the end Terri began to discretely rub her rock hard nipples.

"Don't let her do that," Chloe warned. "She will make herself cum and she makes a lot of noise."

I quickly pulled my fingers out of Terri's cunt and she relented with her tits.

I leaned over to Terri and ran my tongue around her ear and whispered, "Are you going to be a good girl now? If you promise not to make yourself cum like that, I will put my fingers back in your snatch."

"Okay, okay," she said. "I just wanted to get off so I would be halfway coherent in my acceptance speech."

"Oh you can do it. I'm sure you can," I responded as I slid two fingers back into her pussy. Then I flicked her clit with my thumb.

Terri sucked in a gulp of air in response and then swore, "You son of a bitch."

"Do you want me to take my fingers out?"

"Oh fuck no! Don't do that."

Chloe was giggling at the whole exchange.

So we sat with the girls' dresses up around their waists and my fingers in their pussies through the rest of the CEO's speech and the first ten or so awards. It was a good thing that no one else was sitting at our table. I kept my fingers still, but the girls kept squirming to create some friction between my fingers and their cunts.

Then it was Terri's turn to go up for her award. I pulled my fingers out of her and she wiggled her dress back down where it belonged. As she walked up to the podium Chloe leaned over and whispered into my ear, "I think she is tottering a bit don't you?"

"Wouldn't you?" I asked in response. Before she could respond, I flicked her clit with my thumb as I had Terri's.

Her response was a gasp followed by, "You are a son of a bitch. Did you do that to Terri?" I started to pull my fingers out of her cunt and she said, with a small whimper, "No, no. Don't do that."

By this time, Terri had tottered up to the podium and the CEO gave her the award with a bit of a speech about her accomplishments. Terri responded with a somewhat garbled statement about how she couldn't have done it without her team and beat a hasty retreat to our table. She collapsed into a vacant seat next to Chloe and said, "OK, I made it. Now lets sneak down that hall where you two were necking and go over to my apartment across the street."

"Do we get to take Kris with us?" Chloe inquired.

"I don't care as long as I can get some relief. I am so fucking horny I can't stand it."

"Ready to go, Kris?" Chloe asked me.

"Sure. There isn't going to be another speech as interesting as Terri's. Lets get out of here."

We discretely got up and went down the hall, out the back door of the hotel and across the street to the high rise where Terri's apartment was located.

The apartment was spectacular. Many floors up, it afforded a view of the whole city through its floor to ceiling glass walls. All of the furnishings and fixtures were very modern and very expensive looking. There was art on the walls some of which bordered on pornographic.

As we walked in Terri spoke to me over her shoulder, saying with a wave of her hand pointing vaguely toward the kitchen, "Kris, be a sweetheart and make us each a martini."

"As a former bartender, I would be pleased to do so," I responded. "Any specific instructions from either of you?"

"Very light on the vermouth."

"Ditto," chimed in Chloe.

"Got it."

It took me a few minutes of browsing through the kitchen to find the materials, but everything needed was available and after about five minutes I returned to the living room bearing a tray with three very dry Tanqueray martinis. To my surprise (why?) I found the two girls on a large couch wound around each other engaged in a passionate kiss. Their dresses were pushed up around their waists and each had a finger or two in the other's pussy. I won't say I was shocked, because, well other people's sexual preferences and practices rarely shock me. A better word would be disappointed. I had been sporting about half an erection for a couple of hours and I was really looking forward to fucking both of these ladies before the evening was out.

The girls were oblivious to my entrance and I decided the discrete thing to do was to set the drinks on a table across from the couch they were sprawled on and leave. Maybe I could still go back to the party and find someone else to spend the evening with. I set the drinks on the table very quietly, but I hated to see the third martini go to waste so I picked it up and took a long drink from it as I started towards the door.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?"

I turned to see that Chloe had heard me slurp the martini and had pulled back from Terri just enough to be able to speak. She was still finger fucking Terri and Terri looked more or less incapable of anything other than spreading her legs and pressing Chloe's hand further into her cunt.

"Well, it looked like I was going to be a bit of a third wheel, so I thought I would go back to the party and see who else I could find for the evening."

"No fucking way. You sat there and got both of us so horny we couldn't see straight and now you think you are going to sneak out without finishing what you started?"

"Yeah. You can't do that!" joined in Terri who had somehow been miraculously aroused. "I really need you to fuck me. Just not right now. First I want Chloe to eat me, and I want that martini you promised."

Being the gentleman I am, I picked up the tray and brought the martinis to the girls. Each took a martini and I took remaining martini to the chair opposing the couch they were on.

The girls had untangled themselves and were now focused on their drinks, but their dresses were still above their waist and each one's legs were spread wide enough so I had a good view of her wet pussy. My prick moved from 2/3 erect to fully erect and I had move it around in my trousers for comfort.

"Let me see your tits," I said to no one in particular or perhaps to everyone in the room.

"See, I told you he likes tits," said Chloe.

Terri stood up and pulled her dress over her head so she was naked except for the sexy looking heels she was wearing. She flopped down in her chair and pulled on both of her nipples so that they were rock hard and then said with a smile, "Are these what you are looking for?" Then she took another sip of her martini as she sat there naked with her legs spread.

"Not to be outdone Chloe stood and walked over to me. She turned so her cute little ass was pointed directly at my face and said, "Can you help me with the zipper?"

As I stood to help her, she pushed her ass back so it was rubbing my thighs and I obligingly lowered my stance so her ass was rubbing my crotch. She sipped her martini as she dragged the globes of her ass back and forth over my erection.

I grabbed Chloe's hips and pulled her ass tighter against my crotch, only to be reminded by Terri, "Zipper Kris, zipper. Your mission is to help her with the zipper. You can't fuck her through the dress, so undo the zipper."

Chloe said, "You might be wrong Terri. He is so fucking hard that he might be able to poke his dick right through this dress."

I decided that Terri's advice made a bit more sense than Chloe's optimistic view, although I was admittedly rapidly loosing my capacity for rational thought, and I really didn't care. But, responding to Terri's sound advice, I took both hands off Chloe's hips (which she kept glued to my crotch without my help) and released the zipper on the back of her dress. While I was at it, I released the catch on her bra, slid my hands around to her chest and wrapped one around each of her delicious tits. Chloe pulled back from my crotch just enough so her dress could fall to the floor and shrugged her shoulders forward to let her bra fall away from her chest as her bra straps slid down her arms. Then she pushed her naked ass back against my crotch and ground it in circles against my hard cock while I continued to fondle her tits.

We were both staring at Terri who had her long lean muscular legs spread wide and two or three fingers shoved up her cunt. "One of you is grossly over dressed," she said. "Chloe, take his clothes off. I want to watch you fuck him while I masturbate."

Chloe pulled away from me and sunk to her knees as she turned. She quickly undid my belt and zipper and fished my cock out of my boxers. Always accommodating, I stripped off my jacket, tie, and shirt as my trousers and boxers fell in a puddle around my ankles. Chloe pushed me back into the chair and sucked my cock into her mouth. The sensation was fantastic. At first she was swirling her tongue around the head of my cock while she stroked the rest of my cock with one had and fondled my balls with the other. Then she sank her head down on the shaft until I felt the tip hit the back of her throat. She closed her lips and mouth on my cock and slowly pulled herself back until only the head remained in her mouth, sucking like a Hoover the whole time. This was followed by more work on the head with her tongue while her hand stroked the now slippery wet shaft. Then she repeated the whole process again and again, until I was sure I was going to blow my load.

Terri was watching closely and continuing to finger fuck herself with a slow leisurely stroke. "Don't let him cum Chloe. I want to watch to the two of you fuck," she said.

Chloe finished her last round of sucking and then raised her head and looked back at Terri. "Okay. He just has such a beautiful hard cock. I'm really into sucking him."

Chloe stood and then turned her back towards me and sat down on my lap with her legs on either side of mine. Then she grabbed my cock as she leaned forward and slipped it into her hot slippery pussy. I grabbed her hips and pumped my cock as far into her cunt as I could get it. She didn't start fucking immediately. She just sat there with my rock hard cock rammed up into her pussy as far as it would go.

"Is that what you wanted to see?" she asked Terri. "Did you want to see that big hard beautiful cock of his shoved all the way up my pussy so that his balls are pushed right up against me? Is that what you wanted you horny slut?"

"Ummmm. Yes. That is just what I wanted to see," responded Terri, who was now finger fucking herself with a good deal more energy than before. "Kris, is her pussy slippery and wet? Is it hot and tight?"

"Fuck yes," I responded as Chloe began using her legs to raise and lower herself on my cock. I was reciprocating with my own thrusts timed to match hers. It was so good. I had been wanting it all evening.

"How long can you last until you cum?" Terri asked.

"Not long," Chloe and I responded in unison.

"Kris, play with her tits." Terri instructed. In response I reached around Chloe and grabbed a hand full of tit in each hand. I fondled and mauled them for a while and then I began to stroke each of her boobs with a finger in ever tightening circles until I reached her nipples. I pinched each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pulled them away from her tit. As I did this I noticed that Terri had again increased the pace of her masturbation, and she was pulling on the nipple of one of her tiny tits with the free hand.

Meanwhile Chloe had begun to ride my cock at an ever-increasing pace. "You are going to make me cum if you keep that up." I said.

"Fuck. You started it with the way you are playing with my tits."

"That was Terri's idea," I said defensively, as I continued to pull on her nipples.

At this point both girls passed beyond coherent speech. Each was moaning and crying in her own special way. Terri moved quickly to obscenities. "Oh fuck this good . . . fuck it is good watching the two of you . . . it is so fucking hot . . . fuck, fuck, fuck!" all punctuated with a great deal of moaning and crying.

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